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  1. absolutely terrible..... that woman had a horrible life. Rip Anna Nicole Smith...... Lets hope the tabloids leave her alone, which we all know they wont.
  2. Nope Perezhogin. I really hope the Habs (top two lines) did not play well yesterday because they were looking ahead to tonight.
  3. Sorry AFL but Hasek would not have helped this team very much. Huet and Aebischer have played well for most of the season, even Hasek has had some off nights but the Wings are the best shut down team in the league not only do they keep most of the shots to the outside but they limit this shot count below 30 pretty much every night and on occasion they allow fewer than 20. Koivu and Kovalev must produce.
  4. I was there today at the game, and well I truly think that a lot of these players need to start acting like they care or they are in big trouble. Koivu and Kovalev were invisible today and they have the talent and cabability to do a lot more then they accomplished today..which is nothing. Souray is my favorite player, I think he is an amazing hockey player in every way.. and if you watched him today.. you would not think so. He gave up a VERY important goal, that eventually cost them the game. Plekanec played unreal, he is a work horse. Komiserak another unbelievable player and just like JMMR stated in his previous post... why is he not getting more ice time? and lastly Radek Bonk wow in the beginning I truly believed he was useless and every game he is proving to me that he is an outstanding hockey player. These guys need to wake up and start acting like they want to be there, and they will have that opportunity tommorow against the pens... GO HABS GO!
  5. ahhaha i always knew he did haha ovechkin is a babe BAHAHA
  6. Kovalev has potential to be a very amazing hockey player. I dont think he seems like he really cares a lot of the time. He has opportunity and talent to get wayyy more goals then he does....... he just doesnt look like he wants it. He frusterates me because i know he can do a lot better...i have a love HATE relationship with him.
  7. no .. its ovechkin and kim john il... hahaah its really funny!!!
  8. http://www.dancesisterdance.com/myvid/inde...v=fd283598a2a54
  9. haha i sound like a girl? well thats a good thing because i ammmm a girl! haha and i think souray is the hottest man alive
  10. From what I have seen Kovalev is not providing the Canadiens with what he used to last year and that is opportune scoring. Last year I remember him scoring so many goals or creating so many chances in tight games this was just another game where he failed to impress me or bring me out of my seat even once. Please Kovalev bring me some excitement tomorrow.
  11. I believe Souray will win the hardest shot win the competition recording a shot of 107 MPH. Afterall he is the hottest player on the team.....scratch that the league....scratch that the PLANET.
  12. I have a couple non habs faves...... Ovechkin because hes just unbelievable and i love watching him play hockey he also might be the funniest person to listen to speak in the entire world. Richard Zednik I know.... he has always been my favorite and i miss him haha.... and Jerome Iginla.. I think hes so talented.
  13. Darcy Tucker, Joe Thorton, Eric Lindros, Kyle Wellwood, Ty Domi (although he doesnt play anymore i still hated him the most out of ANYONE.. a complete asshole), Chad kilger.. haha ya im sure i have more on the hatred list but i'll leave it at that for now.
  14. I love you JMMR!!!!!!! almost four years!!! ...... and we both are HABS FANS!!!!!!!! :hlogo:
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