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  1. Nothing wrong with back to back games, it's the same teams playing. Back to back games are BS when it's an ambush thing: One team plays, gets on a plane, flys to new city where fresh team is waiting to ambush them. If anything this situation favours the habs since they have more youth.
  2. The L'orielle song sucks, just a zombie nation ripoff, I prefer vertigo (and I dont even really like U2)
  3. Sens playing the puck carrier super agressive for their PK, especially at point to neutralize markov/streit setups. If they could get it low, some cross crease setups could be easy.
  4. That backhand deke Higgins tried doesnt work unless you can reliably roof it on the backhand. Only the best scorers (Koivu and Kovalev, but Koivu has better moves) can, remember how many times Ryder tried it last year in shootout?
  5. So that was a nice 20 minute PK drill, is it the habs' turn now?
  6. Just wait 10-20 years, this shouldnt even be debated now.
  7. Lapierre blew that one, right by the loose puck and does some weak lil 1 hand poke at it.
  8. The game is for the habs' to take. Buffalo threw everything at Price, and could only come up with one garbage goal. They played yesterday, and just ended their two fierce periods with a turnaround goal in the last minute. If the habs come out flying, Buffalo will really be hard pressed, and Miller ain't no Price this season.
  9. Great period, they stuck to the plan: Get it deep, put pressure on the sens D (who are a pretty mediocre bunch), and take it to Gerber (who we know the habs can own).
  10. As I said in the other game thread...for the love of god call up an AHL D-man!! It's gonna be an ugly 3 weeks if they need to rely on briesbois and streit, especially in the playoffs.
  11. Id rather the habs call up a guy like Biron or Cote than play Briesbois. THere's a reason the habs are .500 with him in the lineup, he stinks.
  12. Up now. Check the right hand side. Zone Video. http://www.rds.ca/video/visionneuse.html Awesome Kovalev!
  13. Damn I missed Kovalev's goals, just caught the 3rd. Hurry up and get your highlights up RDS!!!
  14. They had their chances... Those two 2 v 1 where they tried the double pass instead of trying to bury shoots where the had a lot of net. I think Kovalev was one, forget the other. Lots of hart, top corner shots by Kovalev, Markov, A. Kostytsin that missed net. Hell even in the shootout, Koivu had Legacy twisted in a knot and a wide open net, put it on the post. Habs couldn't bury those, Blues played a gutsy, hard forechecking game, blocked passing, and pulled off the extra point. Ok game, a bit frustrating, bank the point and be psyched for the big bad bruins.
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