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  1. Definitely a 30 to 40 years old guy. Where the hell is Mario ???
  2. What sucks here in Quebec is that the March Break was March 2nd to March 6th. It was generally 16th to 20th for other provinces. Lot of people from Quebec were travelling out of Canada.
  3. 1. Patrick Roy 2. Shayne Corson 3. Paul Kariya 4. Mario Lemieux 5. Joe Sakic (loved to hate him, what a player)
  4. How is your province or state doing in regards to social distancing, closing businesses, etc ? Here in Québec, I must admit that they're very proactive and tight.
  5. Anyone here has been infected ?
  6. Is Tatar just Day to Day or it's more serious ?
  7. Anyway, my point is that in the NFL, draft is a quick way to fill rosters needs and teams use it a lot. In the NHL, draft is not a quick way to fill needs unless you're picking 1st OA in a draft year that includes a Crosby/McDavid/Matthews. Otherwise, it's a 2-3 years plan and things will change within 2-3 years. What MB is doing, building through the draft, gets in total contradiction with the main assets he possesses : 30+ yo Price and Weber, who are set to win now. That's why I blame MB for our lack of defense, more than I blame CJ. Even if I also blame CJ for coaching to win 2-1 when they have an early lead instead of keep going and trying to end the game with, in the end, just more goals than the other team.
  8. 2019 : Browns traded their 1st for Odell. Miami and Buffalo went with a defensive tackle, Bengals did draft an OLine who missed the whole season though. 2018 : Browns drafted a QB and a CB (and Nick Chubb in the 2nd), Buffalo a QB and a Linebacker while Bengals did draft a Center. Among teams you listed, only the Bengals did try to draft high-end talent on their OLine the past 2 years in round #1. Anyway, my point is that in the NFL, the quickest way to fix a glaring hole in your roster is to draft by position instead of BPA and NFL teams do that a lot, as opposed as the NHL. Because in the NHL, only a few players jump from the juniors to the big league and it's alright, because they're still kids while NFL rookies are older. What's left in the NHL : Free agents and trades. That's where you (try to) fix your roster real quick. And for 2 years now, MB has failed to bring top talent at defense to boost his all-star goalie.
  9. I still can't believe that we're paying one of the best goalie in the game 10M$ a year and keep surrounding him with that crappy unit. If you identifiy your Goalie as your main weapon, god damn give him something to work with !!! You want to win games 2-1 or 3-2 using the best goalie ? Then you betta make sure that your team reduces substancially the number of AAA scoring chances it allows. BRING TOP QUALITY DMEN !!!! Don't ship them out of town. In the NFL, when a team want to ride a good QB that is not that good at escaping pressure and doesn't have the quickest realease, you see them drafting Offensive Line players with first and 2nd rounders for 2-3 straight drafts. They bring the support to the piece they identify as their #1 weapon.
  10. Just a quick research. https://www.habsworld.net/2009/06/2009-mock-draft-comparison/ Half of them have Leblanc over Krieder. Outside of the top 4, it was anybody's guess. Ryan Ellis was everywhere between 10 and 19, Kulikov between 6 and 16. It was all mixed up.
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