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  1. Ok for Rackell. Simon Després missed the whole season and the other injury on the Ducks is Clayton Stoner. A toss up ?!?!?!?!
  2. Ryan Ellis is the reason why I want the Habs to protect Beaulieu over Benn.
  3. Who else should/could be any bot's favourite Habs ? Well, I may only speak for myself, but if I was a bot, my favourite Habs would be The Rocket as well.
  4. You said you would rather pay for a young RFA than an old UFA. Tavares is not a UFA.
  5. Yah. But thing is : you don't have to give away 4 first rounders to overpay an old UFA...
  6. same
  7. Performances during this tournament are not totally relevant IMO. His points production is inflated by the fact that he would never play that much and get that quality icetime with Malkin and Ovechkin on the team.
  8. The big question here is : What about Draisaitl's leadership ? Anyone took a peek at his warmup habits ?
  9. Not really. Ontario, sure, but not Alberta.
  10. Benoit Groulx would be my pick. Pascal Vincent second.
  11. TVA Sports are saying that Ray Shero agreed to sign and trade Kovalchuk to any team who would reach an agreement with him before July 1st so he could sign his contract on July 1st...
  12. You're thinking Price + ___ for Talbot + Draisaitl ?
  13. I agree. I don't give a damn about the captaincy. The son of Mark Messier and Joan of Arc wouldn't have taken them any further without any scoring.