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  1. Oh trust me, I'm not one of those. I'm definitely tired of the half ass plan of MB. "I'm not willing to pay, I'm not willing to sell either, all I'm willing to do is 1 for 1 barter hoping for good results".
  2. Yo, this is not a winning team, that's a ####in' powerhouse !
  3. I'm 100% for Holland with the first wave of wins, until 2002 when he built a strong team with Chelios, Shanahan, Yzerman, etc. But I'm questionning the 2nd wave, 2005 until the rebuild. Well, if there are proof that Holland even knew who were Datsyuk and Zetterberg before draft day, then I'll give him some credit other than trusting his Euro scout an hour before leaving the draft table and hit the bar/restaurant. If HE KNEW that they'd be alone on Datsyuk and Zett and played the game, trying to draft other guys with 1 to 5 rounders, and THEN picking these two (and on 2 different draft years), then he's a Genius. Otherwise, I call him lucky as #### that they both developped into Hall of Famers. Because if you take Zett and Datsyuk out of the equation, his teams were quite weak if you ask me.
  4. Yeah. Hopefully he will be able to lock Alex Chiasson, Juhar Khaira, Josh Archibald and Kris Russel with NTC or NMC contracts like he did in Detroit. Ken Holland is OVERRATED AF. Change my mind.
  5. Sure, 2 years later we can say that. But still, Bergevin traded 1:1 and got the best of this trade while he (maybe) could have paid more to get more than Domi back in the days. Now, I don't have anything against Domi, I like him a lot and want him to stick around part of the next Habs generation for sure.
  6. Pretty sure all I said what that Drouin could possible pull some of the moves McDavid does when he skates out of the offensive zone during a PP and comes back full speed.
  7. Not that I Believe he has McDavid's skills at all, but I could see Drouin pulling some of these moves.
  8. Hope whoever runs the PP in Montréal had a look at McDavid last night. The way he gets out of the offensive zone while his team has the puck, just to re-enter the zone at 75% speed, receive a pass, bring 1 or 2 defenders near him and then making a move or a pass. It resulted in RNH's goal and it was pretty slick. Not saying that we should do that on every PP, but maybe juggle with strategies instead of always being static and passing the puck along the board until Weber gets opened for a point shot. I know the PP has been good this this season, but we're still to easy to read, IMO.
  9. Any good links for Advanced stats explanations ? (xg, Corsi, Fenwick, etc ?)
  10. Yeah. that's probably the main reason of why we're loaded with grinders. And of course, we had Galchenyuk but he failed to adapt his skilled game to the NHL (so far) and we traded him for more of a grinder player in a lateral move instead of paying extra picks and prospects to really improve him and get skills in return.
  11. It's because our team is 90% built with hard workers and 10% skills. Let's be honest, the only above average players in terms of skills with the puck / beautiful and creative plays / serious treats with the puck are Drouin and Suzuki. Then you have your Tatar and Domi (and a bit of Kovalchuk yeah) and Kotkaniemi who's not top 6 ready. But that's it. Danault, Gallagher, Armia, etc are more grinders with some skills. Weber, Petry, Mete have one power skill (Shot or skating) but are not all around skilled players. So when Drouin falls down, that's pretty much our only real NHL established skilled player here. Problem is : other teams generally have more skilled players while they are also hard workers. On most nights, hard work WITH talent will beat hard work alone.
  12. Don't know where to post that, but exactly 4 years ago (Facebook memories), Commandant wrote this about Lars Eller : If I want to spend a night watching someone not score... i can take my friends to the bar." Still one of HW's epic quotes.
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