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  1. I kinda agree with hockeyrealist on this one. Only thing, like you, I'm not convinced that Weber is a bonified #1 anymore. He's probably more a #1B dman at this point. Where I meet Realist, is that I too believe that we should be riding another #1B with Weber. Doing so would greatly improve our chances to see a better Weber. And Mete is not #1B and will most likely never be. Just like what McAvoy provides with Chara, allowing him to do his thing.
  2. Is Haydn Fleury (Cale's brother) the new "recordman" with 95 games without a goal ?
  3. One thing I know, is that I won't buy a Suzuki or Poehling jersey anytime soon. If Bergevin tells the truth about doing all he can to get a #2 LD, one of them is going away.
  4. He shoooots. He SCOOOOORES !!!!!
  5. Even with Malkin, I picture the Pens out of the playoffs this season.
  6. I had a lot of fun last night. And I only caught the last 5 minutes + OT and Shootout.
  7. Bump. I go with October 10th vs Detroit.
  8. Can't really say that we have an easy Schedule in October. Toronto 2x St-Louis 2x The Sharks, the Knights, Tampa Bay... Even our home ice opener is the 2nd of a back to back.
  9. I did picked them in my fantasy pool as my #2 team (we have to pick 2). But I'm a bit concerned with Justin Williams' departure. I thought he made a pretty impressive job of bringing this team together last season as his only one as Captain.
  10. hahaha especially for someone who, I believe, was never involved in HWL sub-forums. (Eastside Hockey Manager game).
  11. Damn. Thought we finished with 99 points last season. Should have checked on NHL.com. Edit : Anyway, I believe that the Atlantic will mostly roll over half of the league this season, so I'll stick with those numbers
  12. a) 46-28-4-4 for 100 pts b) 5th in the Atlantic c) 9th in the East d) 257 goals including SO wins
  13. I would definitely recommand the Habs to hire you to run their ECHL like you did run your farm in HWL back in the days.
  14. https://twitter.com/TonyMarinaro/status/1176955563957264384
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