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  1. So... Looks like Nygren went a bit racist and violent with a citizen... Looks like he published an excuse video on Farjestads BK's website.
  2. The only return I'd want for Galchenyuk is John Tavares. Period.
  3. Now, if they want to try the Ovechkin way with Chucky, I'd not be against that. Pax - Danault - Radu Lehkonen - Shaw - Chucky Byron - Plekanec - Gallagher
  4. Injury

    I have him too and fighting for the 3rd position in mine. (last spot for money)
  5. The problem with this is that he does it from right circle. It's much more difficult to get there when you play LW than when you play C. If you do reach that spot on the ice, you better make sure that, for some reason, the RW is now playing LW during the shift... You won't see that one timer happen with Chucky on LW.
  6. Hope that Sheehan won't score tonight. He now owns the records for 1) the player who played the most minutes into a season without scoring and 2) the most shots on goal into a season without scoring. Pathetic stuff.
  7. ???? Ste-Catherine and Atwater is a quite shitty location if you ask any Montrealer...
  8. Exactly why we needed to ride Price back to back vs the Sens. Once we clinch, there will be plenty of good matchups for Montoya.
  9. Not especially a tough one for Price too.
  10. GDT

    Yeah Totally agree with this. I thought too. Maybe they want to try something else...
  11. GDT

    I don't hate Byron as the puck moving dman on 1st wave. With Radu and Chucky, he's pretty much the only one capable of entering the zone with puck possession using his awesome speed.
  12. Of course I do. Assuming that the owner cares about his wallet, Moslon probably told Bergevin at the deadline that it was important in his eyes that the team : 1) makes the playoffs 2) gets home advantage 3) makes it as deep as possible into the playoffs Moves were made by the GM to ensure that. Then, the message keeps moving down the depth chart. Next in line, the coach. What is the best way to ensure #1 and #2 ? Playing your best goalie as much as you can. When #1 and #2 are achieved, move to #3. Time to rest Price.
  13. Who's the Montreal Canadiens' boss ? That's right, Geoff Moslon. Ask him if home advantage for Playoffs means anything to his wallet.
  14. March 18th vs Ottawa : Carey March 19th vs Ottawa : Carey March 21st vs Detroit : Montoya March 23rd vs Carolina : Carey March 25th vs Ottawa : Carey March 28th vs Dallas : Carey March 30th vs Florida : Montoya