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  1. Same as Trizz, can't watch anything on TV anymore with a 2yo and a 1 month old. It's Netflix all the way. I just started Bojack Horseman. 2 épisodes in so far. I laughed just enough to keep going for a few more episodes to see if I'll go the whole way with this show.
  2. Nice bump. Yes, we see some KBS in LCBO in Ontario. But here in Qc, Founders are nowhere to be seen. I'm not into stout at all though. I don't appreciate the taste of coffee to begin with. Only a few breweries outside of Québec bought a special selling license to allow them to sell in here. Trailways from New-Brunswick is the latest. Beau's and Colliective Art are also on the shelves here.
  3. I had myself lost all respect for Tremblay a 7-0 during that game. Didn't care how Roy lacked respect on that day.
  4. Even at his salary, losing an asset like Price for nothing in return would be some kind of very very awful management.
  5. a draft pick for the insurance to pick W. Karlson instead of Josh Anderson in the expansion draft (yes, Karlsson went on and pot 40 goals that season for the Knights…)
  6. fawk off, Expose Price and make a deal à la Josh Anderson.
  7. Anyway, here is what we should do : 1. Offersheet Sergachev at a hight, but still matchable price. 2. Throw the real offersheet to Cirelli couple days later.
  8. Pionk had to go to get Trouba. Mete will have to go to get #1 LD. That's how I see it.
  9. Well at least Andreychuck played long enough to rank like 15 all time for goals and 29 all time for points. Was also a team captain and a SC winner. He's not THAT out of place in the HoF, IMHO.
  10. My thoughts exactly. + Domi will not finish this contract with the Habs.
  11. One Year. 700k in the NHL, 70k in the AHL. 26 years old, never drafted. Last 6 years in KHL.
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