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  1. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Could have saved a lot of time by just asking me about this conclusion.
  2. The Official CFL Thread

    hahahahaha What the actual #### ?!?!?!
  3. Personaly, when I see a post who's been downvoted but did not include any personal attack or very lame comment, I upvote it to try to even that out.
  4. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Totally agree. I'd love to see that as well. We already know about the Louis Leblanc pick. And I will never believe that Tinordi was Timmins' guy. IMO, this pick was made to compete with the Boston Bruins who, back in the days, were built with this type of dmen (Chara, McQuaid, Boychuck, etc.) I'm convinced that the GM ordered Timmins to pick the biggest dman out there that had the best chance of making the NHL.
  5. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I never voiced my opinion on the offer but here it is : I would have been 100% down with giving the next level 2x 1st, 1x2nd an 1x3rd for Aho. However, there is NO WAY that I'd have given the 4x1st picks for him. I'm pretty sure that Aho could worth it in the end, but it's not garanteed either. He's very good, but not a generational talent. What I trully believe is that Bergevin was not offering ANYONE the 4x1st rounder and was even relcutant to give away 2x1st. He probably just decided to give a shot in the dark at Aho given that the owner had to spend A LOT this year and could potentially be in trouble with his liquidity. He offered the minimum package that involved a first pick in compensation and that's it. I don't expect him offersheeting anybody else. EDIT : In other words, I don't believe that Bergevin's plan was to get Aho by overpaying. It looks like it was to throw a line in the water totally knowing that it had a very low % of chance of success.
  6. CHIAROT signed

    Should be able to keep a top 6 that includes 3 great dmen that make more money + couple Kulak's or Rielly at 1M$-2M$ + one good dman on ELC. I'm no GM, but in todays NHL, that would be one of my top priorities (if not my #1 priority).
  7. CHIAROT signed

    I believe that you are missing my point. I was using your quote as to where I'm drawing the line about what I'd like on our dsquad. I'm just saying that I don't want any dman in the red category. Each and every one of them should be the blue category (like Chiarot and Weber) or above. At the MINIMUM, they are able to skate a little bit and drive some offense when it's appropriate. Basically, no more Jordie Benn. (sorry Jordie)
  8. CHIAROT signed

    Exactly what I'm saying. Red = not today's NHL level players IMO Blue = minimum required in today's NHL level Better than blue are the Subban, Karlsson, Seth Jones, Klingberg, Letang, etc. I don't want to see red on our Def Squad anymore. Not even our 7th dman.
  9. CHIAROT signed

    Please. I'm trying to forget and forgive.
  10. CHIAROT signed

    Weber has a good 1st pass. He rarely creates icings throwing the puck across the board. There is no one in this league who is really great defensively while being useless in the possession of the puck, so yeah, I don't want any more Jordie Benn on our team. Forever.
  11. CHIAROT signed

    In todays NHL, I believe that we should have on our roster a maximum of ZERO defenseman that doesn't have a good first pass.
  12. CHIAROT signed

    I find it a bit funny when we come up with "a good first pass" as a quality for a dman. Guys who don't make a good 1st pass are not NHL level players IMHO.
  13. Free Agent Frenzy

    My bad, I thought you were saying that he was waiting after Montreal.
  14. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. But without sending a good prospect. Otherwise, #### it. There is probably something in the rules that prevent trading a 1st pick vs a 7th pick for no reason though.
  15. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Alright, so I read something else. That any trade between the two teams would be impossible until the situation is resolved. And that Aho couldn't be dealt for one year after he signs. Only the last part seems true. So, nothing would prevent Bergevin to propose a deal that would make the Canes not match the offersheet ? For example : IN ADDITION to 1st-2nd-3rd in 2020, offer MTL 2021 1st pick + another MTL 2020 3rd rounder for some sorts of 5th round pick or a bad contract (if they have any) AND the obligation to not match the offersheet. An offer that is bigger than 1st-2nd-3rd but less than 4 x 1st picks, with the same salary structure.