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  1. Even though the asking price is too high right now, I'd still go with Duchene.
  2. Le Embelishment Whisperer.
  3. I must say that I despise Claude Julien, the man. All the bullshit and the baby crying he did in Boston, all the stupid things he said about his opponents. In my book, he's an idiot. Hope he doesn't have friends or relatives on this board.
  4. In fact, they should try to package JVR and a 1st pick for a stud blueliner, not give away one of their young forwards.
  5. I know. Instead of clicking on the button for last unread post, I clicked on the thread title and it brought me on page 1. Read a few of them...
  6. hahahahahahaha Best post ever.
  7. So, how much for Carey ? I got mocked about a year ago in this thread for entertaining the idea of trading Price for a less expensive G + 5M$ forward, but now...
  8. About a week ago, during a game, Marc Denis (color guy for RDS), asked questions to Kirk Muller in English. Muller answered in French to one of those questions. Just sayin'...
  9. GDT

    Yep. No offside on this play. But man... The Price is wrong right now.
  10. I believe that Dumoulin is a bit underrated. IMO, he's a very reliable #4.
  11. Recchi has been our best players for years after that trade. If it wins us a SC, I don't care what goes the other way. See Nieuwendyk vs Iginla.
  12. I predict that Emelin will not finish the game tonight. Edit : I almost want to predict that someone will try a hip check on one of our forwards tonight, just for the sake of it. Hope I'm wrong on both predictions.
  13. He'll be alright in the Playoffs when the whistle will be m.i.a.