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  1. Honestly, I see Dubois vs Danault and Drouin as a downgrade.
  2. I believe that our 6 dmen would crack Ottawa's top 3. Dead last, easily.
  3. Glad we didn't wait to long to find good ways to lose a game. Puck over the board on the PK + hitting the ref just by our net. Great work.
  4. Caufield should have taken the shot on the 2 on 1. Damn.
  5. Kind of move that makes me believe Bergevin might be laundering money for Molson.
  6. Like Galchenyuk, I believe Drouin is a type of player that must play with a similar player to have success in this league. A player who thinks like him on the ice, who sees the opportunities and the plays develop as he sees it himself. In my mind, this player is Suzuki, not KK. I would definitely keep Suzuki and Drouin together to maximize Drouin's potential. And to have these 2 make the great plays to create prime scoring chances, they will need space. Anderson can provide that + finish the plays as well. But Anderson could very well be a great asset alon
  7. yes, the amount of cap space on LTIR is calculated on a daily basis.
  8. Brian will probably have a much better input, but I was Under the impression that those players do count against the cap, but since they are on LTIR, if the team busts the cap, this amount can be spent on another player. Like, I thought LTIR "cap relief" was only kinda kicking in when the team actually went over the cap. Otherwise, it's not such a big deal. Maybe I'm 100% wrong also. BRIAN !!!! WE NEED YOU !!!
  9. HAHAHAHA Truly bizarre thing to say coming from a fanbase writer whose team used to pay a 1st pick for Vesa Tosakala and Tukka Rask for Andrew Raycroft.
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