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  1. How many times per day do you check online if Markov signed ? I'd say about 3 to 4 times a day here.
  2. hahaha wow. I wouldn't be that surprised if there were two Craig Smith, but two Sébastian Aho !?!?!
  3. Marcus Johansson had a 58 pts season cuz he played for Washington. He's no better than Pax, Galchenyuk or Drouin. Therefore, he's not top line material and we don't need that kind of player.
  4. Yes, but we're not fixing any of our holes sending only picks back. There is no #1C/RW (depending where Drouin and Galchenyuk play) or Top Pair dman coming in this way. All that matters is actually turning this cap space into WEAPONS !!! (read : not Hemsky/Vrbata type players)
  5. My point exactly.
  6. Yeah. It's all true... but... cap space never won any SC.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I don't understand where Bergevin is heading. At all. Edit : It seems to me that Dark Fearie had more logic behind his/her team building than Bergevin has right now.
  8. LTIR material right there.
  9. hehehehe It's funny cuz it's true.
  10. Man... if Radu is back, Plekanec has got to go.
  11. I would have kept Costa Concordia's Captain in place before Sylvain Lefebvre.
  12. Pens just made the demonstration that you can win a SC with a defense that goes Cole-Schultz Maata-Daley Dumoulin-Hainsey
  13. Bergevin didn't build through the draft. At all.
  14. Done deal as per HFboards Hawks section.
  15. Hjalmarsson to Phoenix Dauphin and Murphy to Chicago