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  1. I tells a lot on how CJ wants to avoid Reilly at all cost.
  2. They got Rantanen back a few days ago. But we got Sarah back a few days ago.
  3. If they are for real about trying for the playoffs, then I want a Jordan Bennington kind of spark. From whoever it will come. But now, if the goal is to ride Price until Kinkaid gets some game action in the minors, fine. But Price is deep into a slump right now.
  4. So why would he have interest in adding Taylor Hall. Hall was described as a mini version of Subban a few seasons back in Edmonton. (aka "not a team player", plays for himself, etc) I highly doubt that Bergevin is entertaining the idea of trading for Hall at all.
  5. As per RDS.ca and TSN.ca https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-waive-keith-kinkaid-victor-mete-out-2-weeks-1.1406835 Primeau is probably coming up, no ?
  6. As if we, the fans, are able to tell what he's done precisely.
  7. I gave them a chance to come out of the slump without her help, but now I understand that she's the only option we have.
  8. One more time, you prove that you TOTALLY don't understand the matter at stakes. I'm done explaining the difference between black face 12 years ago vs using the N word 12 years ago. Stay right there in your soft racist zone with your privileged entourage.
  9. Bill Peters is out in Calgary. Good news for them is : there is one other bad human being who happens to coach hockey and being available. Say hello to Mike Babcock !
  10. I disagree on many levels. I disagree that playing Cousins an extra 3 mins makes him THAT less efficient. He's not 34 years old about to retire. I disagree that giving the extra 2 mins on the PP to Kotkaniemi makes him run out of gas at what, 19 years old. I disagree that giving an extra 2 mins on the PK to Suzuki makes him run out of gas at what, 19 years old. Most of the mental break downs I've seen this past week concernent defensemen anyway. Bad pinching. TONS of bad pinching.
  11. KK basically took Drouin's minutes on the PP. (why Weal is still getting 1st PP minutes is beyond me though) You have Weal and Hudon full time instead of Drouin and Byron. And then you have Cousins playing 3 more minutes/game than what he used to when Drouin and Byron were on the ice. And Suzuki with some PK time to replace Byron's. I Don't think that #1 and #4 are a big deal, although Weal on the PP is killing me. #2 hurts a lot. It's a HUGE drop of talent. #3, meh. He's not a big problem IMO.
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