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  1. Anthems

    Anthems should be banned anyway.
  2. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Where did you get that ? it's not on NHL, TSN nor Rotoworld.
  3. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Yeah. Leaf's system is called "we have big players up front". Habs' system is the "we ain't got none" one.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Definitely not a good season to 1) give away picks and 2) boost our lineup.
  5. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    I don't take offense at all, mainly because I believe this as well. I always thought (and still think) that the Drouin trade was a crowd pleaser move.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Or Lindgren, Scherbak and an 2nd.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Alright, new season so that means we must find a new " Halak, Ryder and a 2nd" package to offer. What's in line this season ?
  8. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    He was doing just that in Tampa Bay and MB traded for him anyway. Same with drafting Galchenyuk. Don't know what they expect. He hires coaches that despise fancy plays and East-West hockey and then trade for and draft exactly this type of players.
  9. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Typical Marchand against Lars Eller last night. What an idiot.
  10. HW Monthly Schedule Wallpapers

  11. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Even though I picked Toronto (the team), Andersen and Rielly in my fantasy pool, GO HABS GO !!!
  12. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    38-33-6-5 87 points 6th place in the Atlantic 11th in the Conference 222 goals scored
  13. Shea Weber named Captain

    It's not the amount of penalties, it's the penalties themselves. It's always some BS goalie interference before/during scrums around the net. Half of the penalties he took last season were definitely not blatant penalties. And among these, I suspect that guys like Tavares or Weber would have avoided like 75% of them.
  14. Shea Weber named Captain

    Out of thin air, but based on the number of calls that he gets and that guys like Tavares wouldn't.
  15. Shea Weber named Captain

    No surprise here. 90% of the refs around the league hate Gallagher...