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  1. I really agree with this as both players probably not overly happy with their new team and situation. Kind of a short term fix for both. However, Columbus gets short term help which they want and can easily trade Laine in the next few years if he still isn't happy. If Dubois really wants to come to Montreal he can in less than 4 years i believe.
  2. But it would set the tone for future games this season. Pick on their best guys
  3. I agree that a fight with Myers may not happen, but what i would like to see is the Habs pound on Hughes and Pettersson every chance they get and if the opportunity arises with the score not in doubt, i wouldn't mind some bordeline dirty payback. Abuse their top players as payback and maybe the Nucks will think twice about what they do!!
  4. Would have been nice to add a big young center to the lineup but i glad we didn't give up Suzuki, KK, or Romanov. If KK was the main piece Habs would have to include salary plus a top prospect and high pick as well IMO. I like the way KK is looking and he could turn out to be a better player then PLD. Had no problem if Danault was the centerpiece going back but knew it was unlikely being much older and a year away from being UFA. No way they take Drouin as the main piece as well. Habs have lotsa futures they coulda sent, but probably not enough without the top 3 guys
  5. Been a rough year to watch, but nice to see some good contributions from some of the youngsters tonite. However, I don't wanna see too many W's to end the year. Saw the Shaw hit on Pateryn and was listening to Pateryn's post game comments. After watching to replay a few times, all I can say is the I will be the first one giving some high fives when Pateryn finally gets knocked out!! Can't wait to see that. Stupid comments and if I remember back when he was a Hab, his idiot wife was spewing off as well. Didn't see much wrong with Shaw's hit, just a bad outcome and it
  6. I would rather see Beaulieu instead of the train wreck BooBoo!!!!
  7. Big win for the Habs tonite!!!! Woo hoo. Solid game for Price tonite. But man the D seems slow and turnover prone. Just about threw up when I saw Bouillon had almost 9 minutes of icetime in the 1st period. Not saying I want Murray taking those minutes tho. We will see if Bouillon is sat next game after his terrible turnover on the 2nd leafs goal. I also would rather see Tinordi and Beauleau in the lineup over Murray and Bouillon. Really don't know why Beaulieu is not up with the big club cause I thought he was playing really well before the all star break.
  8. I hate both teams, but i love the Rome hit. I just wish it was that Lucic gettin knocked out. Horton pulled a Lindros and deserved to be sitting on his ass. Stop admiring the pass. Too funny.
  9. God, does Spacek look just terrible out there.
  10. Wow. The Habs barely had the puck in the 1st period. Better get it goin soon. Pretty weak call on Eller.
  11. I as from Recchi's hometown and always had lotsa respect for him, but would be pretty funny if that did actually happen tonite. Karma. lol Stupid comments from Recchi.
  12. Bout time the Habs paid the price for their sloppy play. What the hell was Sopel thinkin. Whenever they have a lead it's like they just hang on for dear life. Whatta joke.
  13. Geez,the Habs are sure lucky to be up 2-0. The Thrashers have most of the play and and Habs barely have the puck. Good thing they have Price as they sure do not look very good.
  14. The Habs getting too many men penalties is just ridiculous. Someone's gotta be accountable. There are now excuses when it happens over and over.
  15. Exactly what i was thinking when he tied it up. Sure playing with confidence and using his speed and big body very well.
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