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  1. Who would you rather have in game 7, Ward or Luongo? Geez Luongo sure has some shitty playoff stats, only 5 wins and 7 losses and only one playoff run that guy is terrible. Wow Ward is god he has won a cup! Sure he hasn't done much of anything since but if Whammer thinks its a good choice do it up. WHOOPTEE DO Whammer I am not gonna get back into the same boring argument with you if your just going to forget the whole thing again like an alzheimers patient. And Tokyo ofcourse there is an exception to every rule, but if you want to get technical how many cups were decidedly won with a
  2. Only Gainey and the habs have to "try hard" for a player like Nagy. Ryder for Nagy straight up, anything more is highway robbery.
  3. I can never resist when you cry and play the victim. Are you really going to make me read through your long and monotonous posts full of stats that as soon as they go against you that you instantly throw out your favourite line "you know stats can say whatever you want them to". Where you are from and your personal information is completely irrelevant and if all I am saying is nonsense why would you feel embarrassed? I must have struck a cord, maybe it is the man crush thing you have for little carey that bothered you. I have already explained why Theodore and Ward are flashes in the p
  4. Whats this have to do with the flyers? I could go into it but you would probably still whine and moan and throw out a bunch of useless stats and it would go on forever. Then you would have some lame jabs at me being mean and so on and so forth. Maybe we are just having a failure to communicate, I say Huet is a fine #1, better then most other goalies in the league. You seem to run Huet down on his inexperience every chance you get while touting a completely unproven prospect. I think he is worth 4 million max, maybe 3.5 max. Price "will" be better maybe. You have no idea so that is really w
  5. Watching S.Kostitsyn get beat up by Redden made me mad. Why don't we have a damn fighter to lay a beat down against the Ottawas and Philadelphias of the league? We get blown out and then to top it off one of our youngest players get beaten like a ragdoll by that piece of rat excrement Redden. I don't mind losing, hell I don't even mind watching this team not show up but I do mind both of these things happening and not seeing the team punish the opposition in the last period for ever daring to beat us when we dont show up. Who is in the system that enjoys throwing the knuckles and can ac
  6. The point is it isn't the goalie that gets you into the playoffs or wins rounds it is the other 20 or so players. By your own reasoning Luongo was a mediocre goalie until he finally made the playoffs last year. I wouldnt want to pay Huet 4-5 million either but he is a top 10 goalie and it's about time you realized that or back off other peoples opinion. The guy can lead the league in save% and wamsley will still be here pouting about how he isn't Roy. I bet you would love to say goodbye and put price in there but he hasn't proven a damn thing yet that would let him be anymore than a backup
  7. I forgot the team was called the Montreal Huets! I guess that is what the CH really stands for hey?
  8. Take out Vokoun, Hasek, Bryzgalov, Lehtonen and Dipietro. He is in the same league as those if not better. So he is guaranteed in the top 15 and in the top 5-10 depending on the week. Any team would love to have him at his current price and we got him for next to nothing. When Price actually proves something in the NHL other then his ability to be fawned over by grown men and his bad taste in mask design then we can talk.
  9. Terrible pick up by Gainey, he is a skating, talking and breathing turnover. I know people said he would be good now that he isn't being heavily relied upon like he was back in the old days but he is 10X worse now.
  10. I am sure the whole Draper incident pretty much ruined his image.
  11. When they start to lose I always get the feeling they will finally make that big trade so either way I am pleased. I know they never make big trades but I am a bit optimistic.
  12. Oh yeah well he might not have predicted it but he posted his like minutes (30 or so) after TSN did so yeah maybe his sources didn't get back to him or maybe his dog had to go outside to pee and he was waiting for verification! It's a wonder how his kids can take him seriously.
  13. More spare parts aren't going to help this team, we need a 1st line player, not a bunch of role players..oh and I almost forgot.... I'll see you in hell for that one....
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