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  1. Carey Price Blog

    The whole thing feels like extra homework to the bad kid in class...I'd know.
  2. Help TBRC Watch Habs Games This Season

    Christ save you, pity given.
  3. RDS for everyone!

    After spending a week in Ottawa, I was surprised at how many habs fans there were - far more visibility than Sens 'fans' (understandable of course). Now in Vancouver, the lack of us is depressing. This seems to be a natural step in evolution. Hope they make the games available to all around the planet.
  4. Brisebois doesn't go gentle into that good night

    You got it: KHL! KHL! Better than expected with drastically lowered expectations...make way for the new guard
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Prospal, my god no..."The horror...the horror..." Fernandez and Sanford, so when do we move Halak? For the Marleau trade? On another note, it is great to be back in Canada...and beautiful to be back in Montreal! Have to change my handle I guess
  6. <div align='centre'>Plex is a fine centre,</div> <div align='centre'> but Lapierre is a fine centre.</div> by the way, the 'centre' alingment doesn't seem to work. Maybe it should be a 'centre' alingment?
  7. Plekanec signs for 2.75 million

    Yeah, what a cheap deal...for a cheap return. I'm hoping above all that he bounces back for us and posts a great year, establishes himself. I always hope - frequently against all odds - that a player wearing our shirt does well for us. The blind repeat the mantra of '20 goals...20 goals...' hoping that they'll convince themselves. But did any of the 'spinners' see him play in the playoffs last season? Last season? Last playoffs? Beyond unacceptable, and that more or less in his own words. An OK 3rd-liine ctr who doesn't have the grit to be a 3rd line ctr. His defense is based 100% on speed and more than often ineffective. But he's there for offense, which he doesn't deliver either consistently (oh wait, I forgot those game-chaging 20 goals) or at crunch time, ever (even stats will back that up, though memory serves a better judge). Anyway, with that raise for that performance, he's already traded in the 'Halak package deal', no doubt.
  8. 09-10 Habs Schedule

    Oct. 22 NY Islanders Home 7:00 PM Oct. 24 NY Rangers Home 7:00 PM Oct. 26 NY Islanders Home 7:30 PM Is someone in the league scheduling dept. taking the p*ss?
  9. 09-10 Habs Schedule

    Yes. Next?
  10. Ah, but now Gomez is clear, he was the first part of the puzzle. At the time I was shocked and horrified, but it is all making sense. Tanguay is hardly garbage. If he had been healthy...oh well Alex, enjoy the desert / south beach / wherever!
  11. Habs vs Caps at the big "O" in November

    Regrettably, the Big O is still, er, the Big O. Maybe time to tear the roof off the mutha'?
  12. New Habs numbers

    High-end numbers look wank. Anything above 40, except for goalies (and #s 99 and 66), sucks. 75 and 91, fer crissakes...oh well, I guess if I was making 2to 5 million a year, I'd pick any number I wanted. Any other people with 'cursed' numbers? As in, is there a number worn by a bad player you can't get out of your head? #8, despite Komisarek, screams Alfie Turcotte for me.
  13. "Glorious Habs now ordinary"

    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz........ What a tosser. I met a Sens 'fan' the other day who, when talking smack about us, referred to his team's '11 Stanley Cups'. Kid you not. Montreal still sends its sewage water down the valley it seems.
  14. Chipchura signed

    Colin brilliant.