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  1. League has become a joke a midget scores two goals in an elimination game, when he slashed a top player in the ribs and hooked a guy in the face the game before in a playoff game. Seems to be zero heart or pride left
  2. I just hope it doesn't spiral so out of control that players like price, PK or gally start asking to leave town
  3. I think we are going to get slapped around physically tonight
  4. Pretty pathetic Why the two biggest players on the team aren't dressed at home against a big team is mystery. Surely Parros could have at least punched some out in the 3 minutes of ice that bournival has had so far. And at least Murray would sit a few people down around the net
  5. Briere is here for the dressing room, and his playoff performances. Whatever else he provides is a bonus. He will come up with some timely goals guaranteed
  6. You can be knocked out without receiving a concussion.
  7. Looked like Prust was trying to draw the penalty there. Some how even with 6 leafs on the ice they still got the power play Hope Parros is ok. Was nice to see the team play tough for once. Looked like a clean knock out for the ice, maybe no concussion Kids looked good. Might take the older guys a few games to get going
  8. Good pick up. Now Prust can go back to stirring things up and beating middle weights. Also means Moen and White don't have to fight out of their class. Unlike Laraque, Parros will attack someone for mistreatment of a teammate
  9. There's other players out there to bolster our size. Fact of the matter is, if you want to compete you need to pay. The team as it sits right now is going to get slapped around. There aren't many clarkson, clowe and iginlas out there. You want them you pay for them
  10. How come every other hockey person in the world other than Montreal GMs can see that this team is small and soft. Gets at least one major embarrassing ass kicking a year and continually has players injured. But yet year after year we get smaller and softer. Our one tough player isn't even big.
  11. We have better talent than the leafs. But when push came to shove we got our asses handed to us. There was no response to eller leaving on a stretcher. They got dusted in a line brawl. Our skilled rookies got bullied and we got beat badly when it mattered. Bottom line is the team is soft. Skilled and soft. Works in Europe. Not here
  12. A couple more big mean bodies is what we need. To punish opposing D and wreak havoc in front of the net. Another big physical D man to help emelin and we are good. 2 or 3 more guys who can drop the gloves and win gives help to prust and moen can fight in his class and let's our young talented guys put the puck in the net with no fear. I hate to say it but with the small and young talented players we have, a set up like the leafs have would help. Dress 2 goons and prust. No one steps out of line with us
  13. At least subban appears pissed off to lose.
  14. Terrible 3rd period. Should have stayed on the gas pedal. Unbelievable screw job by the officials.
  15. What an embarrassment. Our softness exposed once again. How many years has it been since we had a team that could defend themselves? This team can't play a series like this. Ottawa isn't even a tough team
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