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  1. Yes. I was always too poor sharpen my skates...(or too much of cheapskate lol) I only sharpen them once in a blue moon and they never asked me for the oil add on. They have those auto skate sharpeners but I never trust them...now that I have no skates and I am not so much a cheapskate lol I will buy new skates and keep them sharp. I will even try some oils lol and will report back here
  2. if water acts as a lubricant for your skates to make you skate faster, can we use other oil or water based lubricants on the blade to increase skating speed?
  3. Few trades are done in the "My New NHL 2" Habs are unlikely to trade I think...only MAYBE...ufa ryder...at deadline?
  4. He was going through the camp (Semi) injured no?
  5. Was I serious about future road trips? Yes I would love to go on road trips to see the habs, im a massive habs fan and would love to go see the habs away from home, it all would be a wonderful experience...
  6. Thanks a lot JMMR, I think I may have seen that goal in the tsn broadband highlights...
  7. Angelo Esposito is not french. He is Canadian..and an Anglophone...who happens to speak french as well...
  8. Ahhh yes thank you, but they will show the games live? AND archive them ?
  9. Hey guys I read somewhere that, rds was gonna show all the habs games free online? I might have misread or misunderstood (long day) can anyone confirm? Secondly google had a section where it would upload all the hockey games from all the nhl teams it would be a few games delay but you could always watch the games and it would all archived...I can not seem to find that anymore...even my old bookmark to it takes me to just simple google video...whats up? Thanks in advance guys for any info...
  10. I watched it too...I am a junkie for habs news like that So I guess it was not soo bad for me after all...
  11. Um...It is possible he will mostly play forward or have a fringe role as a utility player? We have a lot of depth on D and a lot of up and coming prospects at both D and the forward positions...can Streit really handle all that internal competition...I for one as a habs fan hope that the internal competition Gainey is doing for this club will make players strive for their top production etc
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