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  1. Well, like chris said in the post above, Tanguay will be the best winger Koivu has ever had. I'm hoping that us Habs fans will get to see somewhat of a career year from the guy. Geez it's about time that Koivu gets some quality players around him. He's bound to have a great year. We deserve it and so does He! GO KOIVU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I think we'll be fine this year, but remember boys. The league is fairly equal these days. One little slip and the season is kaput's! We are young, will Kovalev show up? Will the kids step up another notch? What kind of season will Koivu have? Is Carey Price ready to take on #1 role? Lot's of question marks on this team. Last year had we not swept Boston we would have been in about 12th overall. It doesn't take much to look shlt in this nhl. Anyways, those forecasts are complete bull. I believe the Habs will have a great year but it doesn't surprise me some don't feel the same way. It's o.k. If we really knew the answer watching wouldn't be as much fun ...right. My big ? this season is Carey and Kovalev. If they show up everyone else will follow.
  3. I don't know how this topic can really even be debated. It's too early for anyone to make any kind of prediction. Price showed me last year that he has the potential to be the best goalie in the league for 10-12 years, but he also showed me he can be really, really bad for the next 10-15 years. Both sides of the fence can be directly related to his age and experience. Let's hope he becomes the best, that would be great for us Habs fans. I still remain in the chair I've been sitting in for a long while and feel that there will be a time during this season where Halak will be the go to guy and this forum will be calling for Gainey to trade the number 5 pick for a bag of pucks. Hey Walmsley! go back to your vacation and save your energy for the season. You are probably going to develop carpal tunnel from all the typing you will be doing in defense of our young netminder. We should actually refrain from opinions on Price for two seasons because it's going to get out of control. New rule. If you even mention Carey Price this season you will be banned until his career is over. Now can we get back to attcking Saku please? It's been a while. * as I duck under the table*
  4. Well boys, sad to say but anyone who remembers my beer cap post.........well, I have not been doing so well. Oh well. I give up, I'm today officially moving on and I like the team we have. I'm starting to wonder if Mats comes to Montreal, will he challenge the team or will they become dependent on him. I could just see January threads........."Does this team rely on Sundin too much?" Sheesh
  5. Well, at the end of the day when contracts are being thrown around point totals are what counts, not streaks and mental attitudes unless of course it was a salary arbitration hearing. He hit payday. Good for him. All I know is if I was putting together a team I wouldn't want him on it. The habs are my team so I don't need to explain. Gainey is not losing sleep on this one that is for sure. Has Sundin decided yet? Now that's what I'm talking about. Although I'm starting to feel like it should only be a 1yr deal at this point. Screw 2 years. We have too many players to sign next summer and if we sign Sundin for 2 and he decides to do this all over again next year that will royally f**ck Gainey in the ass up untill September '09. No Thanks!!!!
  6. I hate the Leafs probably more then anyone in this thread. With that said........ it doesn't matter how crap they will be this season, even if they only win 6 games this season I'll bet those six wins will be against the habs. :puke:
  7. Let me guess...............hmmmmmmmmm................ummmmmmmmmm................EK?
  8. True or not, I tend to believe it was something of this nature that would cause a stolen purse incident to go down like it did. Maybe it wasn't a blow job in a bathroom but it must have been something the players did not want leaked. I doubt it was as simple as just stealing a purse for 20 bucks. Besides who steals a purse and than plays with the stolen cell phone outside, while the cops show up. Aren't you supposed to just take the valuables, ditch everything else and run as fast as you can? oh well
  9. whoa, whoa whoa, wait a minute. Please do tell. This is the first I've heard of this juicy rumour. When did all that start? I think Ribs was good in Montreal. He lead our team in scoring. There were moments where he even dominated in a smallish tricky forward kind of way. But never did he seem like a franchise player that would lead the way through play-offs and a cup. Too many faults in his game and attitude. Ribs will always put up points but I can't say 1. That I would want him back either. and 2. That he deserves the contract he signed. So at the end of the day we are exactly where we should be. Fine without him and looking for greener pastures. As for Dallas? I think it was a mistake to pay him so much.
  10. Let's just say that Theo has an amazing season this year and leads the Caps to the cup final or the conference finals. Do we then consider the Theo-Abby trade a SNAFU. I will never judge Gainey on those trades even if the players end up becoming hall of famers. At the time of those trades it was obvious Ribs and Theo had to go......bottom line. And guess what? there weren't any takers. Besides, if Ribs was still in Montreal making 5 million the fans would be burning down the city and using his salary as an excuse on why we can't afford Mats Sundin. Would that have been a Gainey SNAFU? Oh my, what a tangled web weave......... I consider the Ribs move brilliant!!!!!
  11. THE SPORTING NEWS (VIA KUKLA'S KORNER): Craig Custanced reports LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi has given fair warning to rival GMs thinking of signing away Anze Kopitar or Jack Johnson next summer with offer sheets."We're not only going to match any offer sheet, we'll have enough space to go after your guys. Go ahead and make our day. If you sign our guy, we're coming back with both barrels firing. You'd better be damn straight that you have the cap space and all your guys are signed." SPECTOR'S NOTE: Tough talk from Lombardi, but as we saw last summer when Ducks GM Brian Burke tried to subtly scare away potential suitors for Dustin Penner, tough talk ain't enough. The best way for the Kings to prevent those two getting offer sheets would be to re-sign them between now and June 30th, 2009. hahahahahahaha!!!!! Both barrels loaded........what a dumb a$$. Now why would he go and bring all the attention to the situation a year in advance. I bet I know exactly what's going to happen. Spector has it best by saying sign them now and don't worry about it .....MORON!
  12. I will believe that when you can show me a link that proves number thirteen never hit the ice in those years the number was assigned. To do that you would have to get a spread sheet like the ones on NHL.com that show TOI in minutes for every game in those years and it would have to show he never played, or easier maybe, the starting line-ups for everyone of those games. I doubt those records are available. If you can find that I'll be a monkey's uncle. O.k........So I do see your point. I'm sure that they exist somewhere but what I don't believe is that JMMR actually went through them and then posted here on Habsworld. It was a "ya right how would you really know that" *with a chuckle* who wants a beer? kind of comment, but i guess they could be found if you really needed to know from what your saying.
  13. Teams still trade during the season?
  14. How in the world could you know that? Well, unless you went through actual line-ups during every single game that the team played during all those guys careers. I'm pretty sure you didn't, or if you could even do that, considering records from 1912-13-21-22 are probably hard to find. Do they even exist?
  15. Even better news...... All during last season as I would crack my beers during games I would fling my beer cap into the trash. Almost always nailing it with confidence and a loud ching as it settled in the bottom. The gaame I remember most was the comeback against NYR. During the play-offs my aim went to the shlTs much like our offense did. I was having trouble during the Boston series and I couldn't even hit the garbage can during the phili series. Well boys.....last weekend and all of last week I was on fire. I even started saying SUNDIN as I shot. One cap even hit an edge and bounced up about a foot and a half hit the wall and dropped into the garbage like a trick shot I meant to happen. If this trend continues this week Sundin will be a habs by next week. Cheers Boom! nailed it again!
  16. I actually like the fact Sundin talks about Toronto and Vancouver in these interviews a lot and not so much Montreal. To me that means he's leaning this way. It's almost like he has already decided but he's playing the media right now and subconsciously leaves Montreal out of the conversation because he in fact is going to sign here. Well, that makes my day a little better.
  17. Anybody check out TSN video- " Not so easy Ryder". Whoa Nelly! In a southern drawl " Nice Boy, kinda dumb!" It's an interview with Ryders brother and him looking to Mike for motivation. Seems like he is hung over.
  18. I too wish I had a choice. Living in Nashville my habs and hockey feeds come from centre ice. 8 out of 10 Habs games feed comes from the team they are playing. I don't need to tell you that most announcers around the league blow chunks. Real amateur and unprofessional compared to Canadian. feeds. Anyways, this one game last season the announcers were cut off for pretty much the entire second period, but the mics in the arena were still on. You could hear everything except the play by play. I tell you I really enjoyed it, entirely different world. I wish we had a choice on turning play by play on or off just like ESPN.
  19. I'm with you, I guess you can say I'm just welcoming that idea so when and if it happens it won't be so hard. Anyways .....like you all I don't check EK often but he does have a swedish translated interview with Mats up.....says he'll have an answer by the end of the month or early august
  20. Beautiful mountain scenery, Snow caps, Ocean, etc......there is a lot to love about Vancouver, and yes the Olympics will be right there. Oh right!!!!! 20 mill, the small little fortune the team is offering. Many many many reasons to believe this will be Sundin's choice. I wouldn't blame him. The one and only thing I'm hanging on to is whenever something gets this much hype in the media usually turns out to be bullshite, and the guy ends up doing what is unexpected. In this case Mats would sign with the Leafs(unexpected) but since the Montreal media is so damn calm I feel a sense of " we just might get the guy"..............Vancouver has definitely stepped up to the plate cash wise and unfortunately money talks. We shall see soon enough.
  21. I was not aware we denied Dumont. My bad. Glad you understand my point anyway, that's all I was really trying to get at and not make up facts along the way. For some reason I remembered we as fans wanting Dumont but he signed with Nashville. Thank-you for correcting me.
  22. Man oh Man........ Mcgratton is gone from Ottawa and Neil is asking to be traded. BUMMER!!!!!!!!! I was really hoping we would get to see big George pound those dudes on a regular basis. This three way trade looks to be very interesting should it happen. Mostly because Chicago looks like it's on the way to really becoming a power house in the next few years. If they land Kopitar? would be huge for them not to mention opening up cap space by dumping the former "Wall" OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports the unsettled contract statuses of Antoine Vermette and Andrej Meszaros are making things difficult for Senators GM Bryan Murray. Meszaros is seeking between $3.5 -$4 million per season and has an offer to follow former teammate Ray Emery's path to the Kontinental Hockey League while Vermette is seeking $2.5-$3 million per season, leaving Murray little wiggle room to fit them under his cap and still address other roster areas, giving rise to plenty of trade rumors involving one or both players along with teammate Chris Neil. Murray and an official from the Blackhawks shot down yesterday's three-way trade rumor involving the Senators, Blackhawks and LA Kings whereby Martin Gerber and Meszaros would be dealt to the Kings, Anze Kopitar to the Blackhawks, and Nikolai Khabibulin and Brent Seabrook or Cam Barker would head to Ottawa. Vermette and Neil are rumored to have asked to be dealt, sparking strong denials from their respective agents.
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