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  1. No matter how you twist things around about Sundin or Hossa. We NEED A SNIPER. We have been lacking that for years. There is enough young talent on this team to survive a decent season and make the play-offs but a player that all opposing teams would mark and cover would really open up the ice for our kids and that's what we need badly. I'd match Vancouver's price and roll on with the season. 2 friggin years is nothing. Who else are we going to get? There is no-one. All guys that would make a difference are tied up for years. Go for it Bob!!!!! We can open up cap space next summer and only worry about that then.
  2. Looks like Jagr may be going to the Pens. That should open a hole for the Rags.
  3. There you go with your bets again. I'll have you running around Kingston wearing a pink speedo in no-time.
  4. He's on the verge of signing with the devils for just that. 5 mill four years.
  5. So.......... In an interview with Mat's agent J.P Barry, Barry talks about all the offers and says this about Montreal. Duthie asks is Toronto still in the equation. Barry said" all teams are still in the equation and that there was a lot of talk with Montreal but they seem to be headed in a different direction now and we'll see where that leads." Not sure if he was talking about Toronto or Montreal at that point. I'm guessing Gainey might be ready to jump off the Sundin wagon.
  6. That actually isn't bad. I read it as 4.5 million a season. It makes more sense now.
  7. You do? That's a lot of money for a broken guy who doesn't care anymore.
  8. That fool keeps getting so lucky. He sucks and keeps getting top dollar. Poor Washington. OV is going to have to keep scoring lot's of goals to win games. dumb signing!
  9. Jose Theodore signs with Washington. Wow!!!! Where does that leave Huet? and we have to face the fool more now. Interesting
  10. Well, Tsn has just pulled that little 10 mil blurb so it may just be BS, but definitely working in the Sundin camp's favor. Woops just refreshed.....it's still there, nevermind
  11. It would have been a smart move by Gainey. If that is in fact how the deal goes down. It's not Gainey's fault Mat's dcided to test the market and then sign with the Habs anyway. I hope the Leafs do get screwed again and again and again......
  12. Ek reports Montreal has offered a MAJOR deal as well in the tune of 10 mil per year
  13. EK is reporting it's the Habs that have offered 10 million. Gainey must really like Mats.....Yikes, we better win the cup this year.
  14. Start believing.......It's on TSN front page....... Rolston anyone?
  15. "Sources tell TSN as many as four teams have table offers for the 37 year old, including one undisclosed team who has offered a whopping 10 million per year on a multi-year contract." Who is offering that? Atlanta? I hate this dumb crap. I hope Sundin stays wise and not run for the money.
  16. It would just buy Gainey time. Filing doesn't mean it will see a day in court, so to speak, as long as a deal is reached before the hearing.
  17. Patrice Brisebois: Habs Michael Ryder: Boston Bryan Smolinski: Preds Mark Streit: Chicago
  18. 5 mil a season. He's never scored 30 goals. I think he's better than Ryder, but Mikey must be salivating right now at the 5 some team may give him......Boston? Sundin is bugging me with his "I need space and time" bull...........This is going to drag out past tuesday and he'll end up NYR. "Hey SUNDIN go back to the leafs, or join the Rangers. You suck anyway!" *jinx*
  19. The biggest problem with this article is........Anything Eklund ever says the complete opposite happens.
  20. They want last place next year........This is a good way to get it.
  21. Sundin doesn't strike me as going where the money is but at this point in his career to push for max pay-out I don't blame him. Gainey will play until it becomes stupid. He'll make the right call and match anyone if it makes sense. I would hate to land Sundin at 9 million or even 10 for 1 yr. Let the Rags have him or whoever else. Isn't 7 mil what the Leafs offered and he said no.....why would Gainey offer the same amount? There is a bit of crap in that article.
  22. Wow! I had no idea his head was so big. O.k. forget that idea.
  23. Anybody else notice Ron Hainsey will be a UFA. Haven't followed him much but couldn't he be a possible replacement for Striet on the powerplay. Not that Hainsey is the be all end all but he was stolen from us, Maybe he could come out of the shell in Montreal where he was drafted and not cost that much. What do you guys think?
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