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  1. Nichols swung at his rebound when Laps shoved him. So its not interference. However it certainly is a penalty and suspension worthy. He should have hooked the stick from above and tried to pin it down to prevent nichols getting the rebound. Don't be shoving guys from behind at full speed!
  2. Spacek has been terrible in every aspect of his game with maybe the exception of his skating. Terrible zone coverage. Shot is next to non-existent. Bad passes leading to giveaways. The thing you so easily dismissed as a stats anomaly or biased stats recording. I have watched every single game the habs have played this season, and that stat does not surprise me in the least. Then we go with the plus minus. Hes playing with our top six forwards almost all the time. Not only that hes always paired with Markov or Hamrlik. So the decent plus minus doesn't surprise me. Stick him with the bottom six and he will have a plus minus similar to Mara. I am very disappointed in his play this year. Much of can't be blamed on playing the wrong side. Like all the brutal giveaways you seem to have forgotten or ignored or the awesome shot the doesn't seem to exist. Some like his zone coverage can be blamed on playing the wrong side.
  3. 2 times already this year with out a single pp and another 4 games with just 1 pp. Amusing. Believe what you want, but there is clearly a double standard happening this year.
  4. Maybe Quebec should defect from Canada and join the USA. Maybe we could get some almost fair reffing then.
  5. LOL pp with less than 2 minutes left and a 2 goal defecit. How incredibly predictable. Only way to get pps is by losing by more than 1 goal
  6. Half the game with no pp. Just won a bet. Another half to go and i will be up 50 bucks
  7. yeah theres cleary no double standard in regards to reffing here. MAB hold was barley a penalty if it happened on the first day of the new NHL, but several holds and an interference goes uncalled against minnesota.
  8. Thats because they were clearly playing for the tie. Good idea when the defence is as bad as it is. Most of the habs talent is on the top 6 forward positions, yet we play a system that relies very heavily on our defenders. I hate to have to say this, but even carbos system was designed with the players skills sets in mind. Martin is trying to make a passive defense team with guys like bergeron Hamrlik spacek and Obryne. When i think clearly we would be better with an aggressive fore check. hell we give up 2-0 and 3-0 in the trap system? wow
  9. Not that I'm defending Price because there is just no excuse for gloving a puck that is that far over haed and on an angle to leave the zone does he not glove it, but that play was offside by about a foot.
  10. wow a ticky tack call went the babs way? Write it down on the calendar. How do the habs play the cleanest team in the league every single game. 25 consecutive games with 4 pp or less. How do teams that give up more shots while taking fewer shots wind up with way more pps on a regular basis than the habs. Can't find a team with a streak longer than a few games going without 5 or more pps.
  11. Metro gets slashed, slashes back gets in a fight and he gets the extra for the retaliation slash. The slash on him was just a good hockey play, i guess? Really we should have been down 1. But like it's been said here already, seems the refs are just waiting to call a penalty on the habs, and if they can't find one, a ticky tack one will do. Every time the habs get pressure on the other team it's seems one of these incredibly ticky tack calls go against us slowing us down and confusing our players. They don't even know what they're allowed to do anymore. At any moment they can get a penalty for something that happens all game long and goes uncalled. How long did it take the ref to blow the whistle after halak had it covered in the first preiod? would he have waived the goal off if buffalo sdug the puck out and scored?
  12. Were on pace to smash those stats, and i do mean smash with -132. Like most of said it's not the calls against us,but the abundance of non calls compared to some of the very picky calls against us. How do we play the cleanest teams in the league every single game. http://www.nhl.com/ice/app Goto Teams-GamebyGame-Montreal and check it out. Almost every single game habs haves 3 or less pps. Now select another team, any team team doesn't matter. now look at the pps column, almost every single game more than 3 pps per game. I can understand streaks but this is beyond a streak.
  13. This would still apply to other teams around the league. Not like Habs have the only players that yap or are small. Every team(from the top teams to the basement dwellers) have similar time on the pp over the last ten games, ranging from 60 - 75 minutes of pp time. No team in the league even come close to Montreal in regards to pp minutes with an embarrassing 32 minutes, that's less than half the league average. I have no doubt that this trend continues all the way back to the beginning of the season. Even if you use the Habs season stats compared to other teams last 10 games, Habs can barely compete. Teams with more than 8 minutes of pp time. Habs 3 time this year. Carolina 6 time in their last 10. Colorado 3 times in their last 10. Florida 4 times in their last 10. SJS 4 times in their last 10. Phil 5 times in their last 10. Minnesota 3 times in thier last 10. Good or bad, the quality of the team seems to not matter.
  14. Nah something fishy with the reffing this season for the Habs. If you can't see that you're just naive. I can understand being upset every now and then with the officiating but it's almost every single game this year. I can only recall 1 game where i felt we benefited from the bad officiating. people keep mentioning puck possession as an "excuse" for the ridiculously out of whack pp\pk ratio. Ive compared them to teams with worse shots for against ratio. Not even close. Closest is Atlanta with 13 more pps in three less games.It gets worse if you look at the actual amount of time spent on the pp. Colorado manages less shots per game then the habs at 25.5 while giving up more shots at 32.8 but manage to have 33 more pps. Wonder how many more shots the habs could muster with a 33% increase in pps. Doesn't end there it gets worse if you look at just how much time the habs have spent on the pp compared to teams at the bottom feeders of stats like wins, losses, shots for, shots against. Seems the habs pps are always cut short with a penalty or split by periods or getting app with less than 30 seconds left. Seems like every time the habs start playing well, they start getting these ridiculous penalties that wouldn't be called even on the first day of the "NEW NHL", but when their losing by 2 or 3, and the game is almost over the habs finally get a few pps. Every single team in the top of the times shorthanded also have lots of pps minus the habs. While at the other end teams with the fewest pps also have some of the fewest pks minus the habs. 2 men short for pushing during a scrum after the play? Knee on knee trip to our puck carrier, no call? Stick speared though a helmet in the middle of the ice in plain view of every single ref on the ice including the linemen. High stick that draws blood after being shorthanded for 9 minutes? BS
  15. Why does no one say anything about hamrliks consistently terrible play. 5Mill for this bum. Hes not good offensively and his defense isnt any better than blunder obryne.
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