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  1. You may have been intrigued, I felt like barfing and if I could have gone back in time I would have pulled out the hair I used to have.
  2. Malkin goes down, Crosby ups his game and carries the team on his back. Than Crosby went down and first game Malkin gets a goal and an assist. we don’t even have anyone comparable to Malkin or Crosby, let alone having two guys that can shoulder the load. I’ll take the top end skill over having more marginal 1st/2nd line players. bottom line is this team is not going to miss Drouin as much as the hole on LD that bergevin has left vacant since chasing Markov out of town.
  3. Really??? How successful of a farm team do we have???? What have they actually won??? We have some prospects that may one day become good players, but there is no one other than Poehling that you can say MAY be knocking on the door. I’d include Hudon based on recent play, but he must have screwed julien’s or something.
  4. Agree. I hate the Ole ole song and loved the Na Na Na song. Was watching the bloodbath game against the Nords from the 80’s that was included in the 10 greatest games box set a few months back and was thinking the same thing. Don’t know why we had to go with the stupid ole ole song.
  5. It sounded like Labatts had. Jew do do with the firing than Sportsnet.
  6. The irony with the mr blowhard is that yesterday he was saying he stands by his word and wouldn’t want to be be on if he can’t say what he wants. Today he said he was going to apologize on Saturday. He should have been fired two decades ago. Still remember him calling a finish coach the dog food name guy.
  7. Unbelievable they finally fired that dinosaur! Hopefully he won’t be replaced by other bafoons like Burke or Milbury.
  8. The boom was for the idiotic comment that Poile matched the offer.knowing there would be a recapture. turris has been playing better this and even Friedman said that he thinks turris will be moved if he is producing. I think we should trade Weber because he is going to be on the decline if and when. Our kids are ready and we actually ever have a potential contender. I’d try moving him to a team like Edmonton, but yes given the contracts, I’d rather have Subban. and as far as a poll who cares, most were happy with the Weber trade and the preds went to the finals and Subban was a Norris contender. Like is said earlier id happily take 4 years of Subban than keep Weber past 40.
  9. 1. Any GM in an expansion market, already having lost Suter would have matched. What was important was the no trade protection. And if you had a half a brain even you would have known he matched before the cap recapture penalty was put in place. It’s bergevin who was dumb enough to trade for a player with a cap recapture penalty- because montreal is now knowingly on the hook for the cap recapture penalty - a portion of which Poile was smart to dump. BOOM. To your first stupid point. 2. Nashville had 4 guys that could be on the first pair on any team - including Montreal, had Josi to resign - which is now done and other young promising dmen. Poile also recognized that he needed a top centre for a chance a t the cup because turris wasn’t getting the job done and was untraceable (he has been better this year and is actually contributing, but now can be moved if needed. Poile made a move from a position of strength to fill a need to be a true contender. MB on the other hand made the Drouin deal by creating a Grand Canyon wiz while on our left D. It was again MB who signed Subban to that stupid contract by insisting on a bridge deal, only to have him win the norris. He was also a top three for the Norris twice after signing the contract - how many times was Weber a top 3 contender?? For what NJ paid for Subban, our unused cap space and Swiss cheese ad, I would have picked him up in a heartbeat. And yes I’d rather have the 3 or 4 years on Subban’s contract than the 7 or 8 on Weber’s. 3. Why are other teams constantly able to trade for a top centre, or sign one (Poile managed to do both multiple times). while Man constantly whines how hard it is. Why didn’t duschane want to come to Montreal - one reason was a MUCH better guarantee of being in the playoffs and a chance at the cup. MB even. ####ed up the offer sheet by not offering more money to Aho which would have given the Canes more draft picks and made them think harder about taking the picks. Every friggin analyst said IMMEDIATELY that there was no way that the canes wouldn’t match such a low offer sheet with so few picks going back and that MB did the canes work by negotiating Aho’s contract for them.
  10. Certainly not by watching the habs at playoff time.
  11. Great response - proves my point. Both GM’s you mention got their teams to the finals. - Which MB hasn’t. both made bold franchise transforming deals and have been drafting wizards. They deserve to keep their jobs. Poile has always made bold moves starting with him fleecing grundman in the langway trade. With an expansion nashville team he has consistently drafted and developed first pairing dmen - very few with high draft picks. He went big game hunting to try and win in a new market by making moves for Forsberg, Kariya made a bold move to trading his captain on a stupid cap hit length salary to get Subban and a bolder move trading Subban because had a stacked D and needed to clear cap room to sign Duchane (which MB failed to do). wilson has consistently been one of the best GM’s making franchise altering trades to get guys like Thornton, burns, Karlsson among others. He has done a masterful job drafting and developing players. both Guys have build solid teams that are considered contenders. The best MB has done has done is built a number of bubble teams that the bubble has popped and have never ever been considered a serious contender or a team that is expected to make the playoffs very year. Not every ttime am is going to win, not good ones try and win. both GM’s you cited consistently made franchise altering trades, attracted top free agents and have shown a commitment to winning. MB showed his commitment the year that price went down and instead of getting a legitimate backup to give his tram a chance folded like a cheap suit. He may dress to dazzle, but he’s probably buying all those clothes with the bonuses he gets from not spending anywhere near to the max. When he spends money you see it being spent in garbage like alzner - who the entire hockey world new was a bad signing the moment it was signed. and you call not assessing the desperate need on left D as a brilliant execution of a plan????? It’s funny most of the clown MB supporters a kept on going on and on in July and August that don’t worry, training camp hasn’t started, he’s got lots of time to address the holes. Well we are going to be almost a quarter way into the season at months end - where’s the LD eceyine was so confident about. Poile and Wilson May not always succeed and haven’t won the cup, but they swing for the fence, we live in the home run era and MB just keeps trying to lay down bunt. He has picked up more 6th dmen and 4th liners to fill those positions for 5 teams. what do you expect me to open my eyes to? That our two highest paid players are on the wrong side of 30 and IF some of the prospects pan out, they may end up being seabrook and Quick??? Or to the fact that we have a Swiss cheese defence???? he has made some good moves of late, but even a blind squirrel finds the nut sometime. Problem is that our blind squirrel is to blind to see that even if we get into the playoffs, we have zero chance with the D he has assembled.
  12. The fact that the. media term for a GM is 4 years and Bergevin has been in 7+ years and won squat and still has a job is proof that serious winning is not a priority. the habs a re all about pageantry now. Celebrate the past the hell with the being bold to have true success again. They are the Minnesota Wild of 5 years ago.
  13. Is that because we actually stack well against them or they take as lightly and are focused on bathe next better opponent?
  14. Yep it’s a big difference having Doughty, kopitar, quick, brown, Carter, Williams, Richards and basically loaded at centre vs having price, one elite dmen a couple of forwards and. A bunch of maybes supported by AHL’ers for the past 8 or 9 years. It also helps making a coaching change at the right time MT shills have been fired qt most 3 years after getting hired. I won’t even go back to the old debate that he should never have been hired.
  15. Are there also numerous comparables to what MB did in similar situations - other than overpaying for his “prized French pickup’ that cost us our future left D? Where MB also overpaid on the contract to said French player who had done nothing to merit the term or dollars to appease the French media.
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