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  1. He did just buy a $9m mansion there, so don’t know if the plan is for his family to move to whatever city he is going to be playing in next year.
  2. Samsonov won rookie of the year and than started declining while Thornton was dominating. Yakapov had a pretty good rookie year. So limited early success doesn’t mean he is going to become kopitar. Important thing is him getting ice time at centre with skilled players and not grunts,if he’s going to reach the potential we hope he has.
  3. Pacioretty’s development was helped by spending time in the AHL - which he said he preferred than being on the 4th line and getting limited minutes.
  4. You can move both and improve the return by taking bad contracts in return.
  5. No question that You need guys to mentor your young players, but in a cap system you can’t be spending $18M on mentors that are it going to to be the best players on the team when it is ready to compete. when Scotty bowman was once told about a player that they were considering moving, someone said, but he’s good in the room. Scotty’s reply was than let him stay in the room. if a proper reset was going to be done, MB needed to have more draft picks that were ready to step in and be top line players that were going to have an immidiate impact and trade for top end players that would plug the holes - true top pair LD and a true dominating #1 centre. He did neither. this team needs a true rebuild and you have to trade your most depreciating assets that have high value now. You can trade for or sign other cheaper mentors. Mentors are most effective if theve actually had a history of playoff success and lifted the cup. Olympic gold medals are not the same thing.
  6. I don’t know why we are being the 80’s into the discussion. For the most part, this team has been a bubble team or worse since the Roy trade.
  7. Price is playing like he was just before Therrien FINALLY got fired and it this point I’m sure he’d wave to to a contender- particularly one in the west.
  8. Which is why you should be more conservative in bringing a guy back.
  9. If MB built a team that got as many points as TBL did and had a core of Hedman, Kucherov, Stamkos, point, McDonough, vasilousky all on brilliant team friendly deals, outstanding scouting and excellent farm and developing system, I’d want him there for life. Now if the playoff flameout continued, you fire the coach😀 they lost last year because they faced zero adversity until the playoffs and were coasting along until the playoffs. just like STL won , because while they had a solidly built team, they didn’t come together And sucked until they had the coaching change and new goaltending, but needed to gel and the adversity made them stronger once they finally got a goalie and coach that played to their strengths.
  10. The gainey 2010 team got hit for one friggin run- that is not what I’d called a contending team that goes from zero to 60 one season and than back to zero the next season.
  11. Were the Avs really a contender the year they won their division with Roy? Building a contender is building a team that is constructed to be a sustained contender for a 3 to 4 year window - not fluke out every 3 or 4 or 5 years, but be a bubble to crap team in between. That was the type of teams we had when we won the cup in 86 and 93. in today’s NHL that’s what you need to aim for have at least 3 or 4 elite top-end players surrounded by good/great secondary players and a good supporting cast. No one is going to build the 70’s habs, or 80’a Isle or Oiler Stanley cup teams anymore. id be happy to have a team like a Wilson built in San Jose (before their core got old - though they still have a crop of good young players) or yzerman built in Tampa. Those are good well constructed teams that made it to the finals just didn’t get hot at the right time or didn’t face the adversity at the right time to win it all. I know Don likes to say yzerman has the same number of cups as MB, but give me a break those are solidly built teams. You do need some luck and have timing go your way as well. Unlike the MB model need to get hot and lucky and have price steal every game.
  12. And you don’t that MB has done the same with Galchenyuk, De la rose, Julsson mete, Kk, Poehling, fleury, and id even argue Suzuki (who could have benefited with some top line minutes in the AHL first). I’d rather the habs try and ice a strong AHL team and give the young guys top minutes there and develop a winning attitude there and have a championship minor league team for now, rather than ice at best bubble teams at both levels that are regularly missing the playoffs. That how you develop a losing culture. i liked what the leafs did during the Matthews draft when they iced pretty much an AHL team with NHL/AHL journeymen in the NHL and kept a lot of the better prospects in the AHL. They than screwed thing up by letting go of Lou and promoting Dubas who proceeded to offer high contracts without even buying enough UFA years.
  13. The issue we don’t have anyone with even half of McDavid’s skill level.
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