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  1. Even if Weber was exposed and not taken, I’d see if we could move him to Seattle, m exchange for picking another player that we’d have an interest in or picks. I think Seattle could move him and get a better return if they were willing to eat half his cap hit, with the assumption that a Weber only plays another two years and than retires. Not sure they’d be willing to take that cap hit for the all of the years he’s got remaining, if the feeling was that Weber wouldn’t any to retire and actually wanted to keep playing until he is 40, despite the low actual salary he is being paid during
  2. Oh, no real expectations. But it would be nice to have that kind of talent. Just extremely wishful hoping.
  3. I’m hoping Kariya is the comparable for him - although CC is more of a shooter
  4. Agreed. We’ve already rushed too many young players because of need, rather than their readiness. Having him play at least 4-5 games minimum in the AHL isn’t going to hurt him (unless he gets headhunted as a big name rookie). Rushing him might hurt him in the long run.
  5. I agree with that. What I’m trying to say is that if you have an Ekblad, Herman, Dahlin, Hughes type of d prospect, you have a better chance that the guy becomes a top pairing, or even top pairing D - and even that’s not guaranteed. Very few 18-19-20-21-22 year old dman are ready to be top pairing/top 4 guys at that age. Hedman was not the player at 19-20 that he is now. The guys we have are not even close to those types of prospects. They may become top 4, maybe even top pairing, but to expect them to be in the top 4 to fill our hole is unrealistic. An elite forward can let his offensive tal
  6. I don’t even think that is a viable core next year. In the absence of a superstar centre, we need better defence amd have to get consistent goaltending. Petry is what I’d expect him to be. Weber isn’t a top pairing dman anymore and we don’t have any stud prospects that are guaranteed to become top pairing or even top 4 pairing dmen. I don’t see any prospects that can be counted to be core pieces within 2 years. Romanov was the best D prospect we had and he is still adjusting to being a bottom pairing dman - and there is nothing wrong with that. Defencmen take longer to develop.
  7. If we don’t trade those prospects for another lazy ass winger 🤢
  8. Oh, I get that.or prospects would be much better if we had more Caufield calibre prospects together - it would probably also mean the NHL team was better if we had a lot of those types of prospects n the minors. I just think that Caufield and prospects like Poehling, Ylonen and Teasdale would all mutually benefit by playing with more skilled players.
  9. Palat is also much better than Johnson, and is now on the 1st line, while a Johnson is now on the 3rd or 4th lines. There is something to be said to having players gel and develop that comraderie and gel as teammates, which helps when they get to the next level.
  10. I’d rather see him with one of them. Both have more skill and I’d like to see the habs do more of what TBL did where guys like Johnson and palat played in the minors that and than progressed and played together when they got to the NHL.
  11. Petry is never a guy who I ever envisioned being the best dman in the team, nor have I considered him a very good defensive dman. I always saw him as a good offensive Dman, who was competent defensively. He started off having a career year and I think either played better, or looked better than what he is. He has come back to normal. Ideally he would be a solid second pairing dman. Which gets back to the core issue. We don’t really have a true top pairing. Weber is no longer a top pairing option and makes too much to be a middle pairing dman. To me the ideal situation going forward is as follo
  12. Not too many teams are going to be willing to pick up a guy at almost $8m, which is around double what he is worth based on performance. And no, I don’t think it make sense to pay an extra $4m for leadership ability. Especially at a time we have a flat cap and revenues are down. We’d be lucky if Seattle picked him. The only scenario I think they would take him, if they think they could move him to another team by retaining 50% of his salary in return for good picks or young assets.
  13. Is rather see him with more skilled players. I get putting him with veterans, but weal? That’s like saddling a Porsche with H rates tires.
  14. I think that’s pretty much guaranteed. We wouldn’t even be a bubble team in the old Atlantic - can’t see us in the playoffs. In the Canadian division, we are now guaranteed, because the Flames and Canucks are worse than us and have too much ground to make up U think everyone knew that the Senators would be horrible, with zero chance of making the playoffs. having said that, since all the Canadian teams have weaknesses, if we get a top pairing LD and our goalies actually play like they are being paid, we can do some damage. I am tired of hoping our goalie stands on his head for us to wi
  15. You do realize we’ve made the playoffs once and an additional play-in with the mountain man leader? I doubt if you can trade him for a real meaningful return without giving up picks, when his salary is lower, a floor team may trade for him, but we’d probably still need to include picks. if we do well in the playoffs this year (still think we need to add to the LD), and Weber was a factor, you keep him. If he continues showing decline you expose him, because the D needs to be rebuilt anyways.
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