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  1. I can't see markov signing for less than $4.5m. More likely he will want $5m+ given his stats
  2. i think it would be stupid to trade him for a dman. defeats the purpose of adding Drouin (especially if Radulov doesn't come back). Otherwise, we have another typical lateral move year by MB. We may as well load up on offence and rely on Price. I also don't like shattenkirk. No way, i'd give him that kind of money, to a dman who is never going to be "the guy" he's a 2nd pairing dman. We are already paying a lot for our other 2nd paring guy.
  3. Yep. Only in Montreal is this an issue.
  4. I don't recall anybody saying galchenyuk is doing hard drugs. There's a difference between partying, drinking and a young guy making a poor choice in who is going out with. the issue in Montreal is that the tabloid style media and rumour mill makes mountains or if molehills
  5. Backstom is a great centre, but the caps need someone who can help them get by their kryotonite (the pens).
  6. There's a difference between being critical of a player you have nothing to do with and a key guy on your team that you have a vested interest in and how you handle the situation. Every player that has played for Robinson has nothing but respect for him and how he communicates. He has never gone on a public tirade the way MT does. As a hall of farmer, cup winner (player and coach), Robinson commands respect. He has been known for developing dman in particular (Stevens, Blake, vlasic, neidermeyer) to name a few. He would have handled the situation with much more finesse. MT on the other hand was a bafoon at his best but more often than not simply a loud mouth baboon. He has zero credibility. He is probably one of the few coaches in NHL history who was responsible for his team losing a playoff series, because HE took two bench minors that turned around the game. If MT had to perform surgery, he would use a sledgehammer, where a scalpel is required.
  7. I don't mean that this contract will impact arbitration for others - I mean in general (his age group really isn't applicable for arbitration eligible players), when one GM throws money at a player stupidly and than other teams get screwed over in arbitration. I think they need a big dominant centre to go up against the pens. Ellet is big, but I wouldn't call him dominant. They could also use help on D with alzner going. I just think it's stupid money and term to throw at oshie. He scored over 30 goals, but has health issues. A 4 or 5 year contract would have been ok - I think he will decline big time after the third year. But another case of a GM being stupid.
  8. Agreed. That is an incredibly stupid trade and why I hate arbitration. You end up having to pay for other team's stupidity. if anything, the caps should be looking for another dominant centre.
  9. Part of the issue in Montreal is the tabloid style "journalism" and fascination about their personal lives. I couldn't care less about what a guy does away from the rink. I remember In the 80's there was a show "he shoots, he scores", about the Quebec nationals. And the aging star was bas d loosely on lafleur. And that caused a bit of an uproar. Lafleur partied hard, cheated on his wife, was drunk when he drove his Corvette into a power pole. Did I care about his personal life? No!! All I cared was what he did on the ice. Along with Dryden he was my favourite hab growing up. When we played ball hockey I wanted to be lafleur. Did I know about, or care about his personal life, or want to emulate him outside of hockey? Hell no! Was I pissed if he was forced to prematurely retire by lemaire and savard? You bet! I couldnt care care less what happened between galchenyuk and his girlfriend, whether she is a skank or not, or who she even is. I just want him to help us win the friggin cup!
  10. Barry bonds married a Montreal stripper. I didn't see the pirates rushing to trade him. He was still a 40-40 guy, or becoming the greatest hitter of his generation and breaking the all time HR mark steroids aside)
  11. How far away is he from reaching that potential? I actually think galchenyuk can be in that 75+ range.
  12. GDT

    I can't believe they are actually adding salary that isn't being paid by insurance!
  13. Are the top 2 centres available actually going to be that much better than galchenyuk? Everything I've read suggests that they maybe a few years away and are not even close to the Mathews level. I wouldn't want to give up that much and end up with radek bonk or Patrick Stefan.
  14. A gm's job is to build a team. MB inherited Price, markov, Subban, maxpac, pleks, Gallagher and was gifted he Galchenyuk pick. That's a pretty good core to build around. Name me a player they drafted and developed into a regular? Galchenyuk. A player who didn't play in the minors. Was drafted to be a centre, but was never allowed to play centre until DD finally got hurt. After wasting over 2 years of his development by not letting learn to be an NHL centre by actually letting him play the friggin position, once he finally learns the position and gets injured and struggles upon his return, he gets thrown back to the wing and Mgmt says he hasn't shown he can play the position. Is some of this on the player? Sure, but was he put in a position to learn the position? I don't think so! The only other player drafted by MB in 6"5 years that has shown any sign of being a regular is Lekhonan - and he was developed playing on the Swedish league. that is on MB and his Mgmt team. Someone should have been fired - it's inexcusable for lefebve to be retained two years ago, let alone this year. After the year MT had - complete collapse - no other GM would have retained his coach in that positon. No other GM would have traded for Ben friggin Scrivens with his team in a free fall when Price went down. When MB came, the habs lacked scoring and a true 1st line centre - if anything they are worse now that Pleks is washed up. They lacked depth on the top 4 on D. Today, they lack depth on the top 4, only older. Since he he came on board his positives: - turning Cole into Ryder - extension to maxpac - trade for vanak - trade for petry - Petry extension, which was more money than I think Petry is woth -I think he is a soft player-but he was a UFA, and most defence hot home runs as ufa's - -daneult, Byron, radulov and possibly Drouin move (if we hadn't moved Subban, I think it would have been a great move, but we have no blue chip d and are old) - negative MT hiring and than sticking with him too long -lousy Mgmt team that has not developed any players as mentioned at the outset - revolving door of failed stop gaps, like semin, kassian -Briere, Murray and most other signings in his first year -Subban bridge and subsequent trade -handling and development of galchenyuk in particular -hanging on to DD and Beaulieu until they were worthless The success we had is from having the best goalie in the world. Without the goalie, MB had the 3rd worst team in the league. NYR list lundquist for almost as long and were a solid team, but than their GM picked up decent backups and had a coach that did more than tell his goalie to stop the puck
  15. Everything is really hard for MB. I wonder if he used that phrase a lot in his job interview. "It's really hard being a GM, hard to make a trade, hard to develop players, hard to make the playoffs, and even harder to win the cup. The hardest thing so far has been firing his useless buddies.