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  1. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Didn’t you also think our D would be better this year and we’d be as good as last year?
  2. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    And will be at that cap hit when he is an old man. When I look at seabrook today, I get terrified at what happens if and when Weber’s play drops off.
  3. Habs claim Logan Shaw

    Character, grit, truclance, leadership? Was he ever part of the Chicago organization? Has to be at least one of those - given his face off percentage, it can’t be to help us win more draws!
  4. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Who needs scoring when you have so much character
  5. What, you’d rather be drafting a guy like Pasternak, with a late pick than the huge, massive physical players like McCarron and Tinordi??? What kind of Canadian hockey fan are you?? Truclance, character, grit, that’s what needed, skill, mill, who cares about that!!
  6. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    I’d rather do a real rebuild over 2 to 3 years than be a bubble team for another 5 to 10 year. we have a GM who destroys the confidence of guys who should be among his best players - Galchenyuk/ Drouin, while holding onto or acquiring the wrong aging players - pleks/alzner and I’d even add Weber to that list, because in another 2 years subban will be out producing him by a wider margin. Carey Price ,has managed to mask a lot of the deficiencies on this team for years, but with each bumbling move MB makes, that’s becoming harder for price to do.
  7. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    I like o’reilly, but the sabres have two top centres and are doing worse than us. Getting o’reilLu isn’t going to help turn this sinking ship around. Unless we can also Steal 2 puck moving dman along with another centre with a guy like o’reilly, I want a younger centre like Draisaitl. We need a tweak down of the core. We aren’t just a centre away from being a contender. We really only have one solid top 4 dman today and he is injured, aging and signed to he is 42. We have Petry, who really never has played on a winner, or helped his team contend. We have Alzner, who is a pylon. Than we have a some nice prospects that I hope we won’t screw up the development of. I would move maxpac, Price, Weber, to get a younger stud centre and another solid dman and 1st rounders. But other than maxpac, those are draft day moves. move pleks, Shaw, Petry- basically anyone over 26 is fair game and go for the top pick this year. before MB took over, we were are couple of players away from being a contender and had a D with a bright future in front of one of the best goalies in the world. Needed a top. centre anothe solid D. Even if we hadn’t moved Subban and let Markov and radulov walk, we were pretty close to being a contender of we had given galchenyuk a real chance at centre. If MT was fired the year of Price’s injury and we hired a real coach, things could have been different. Instead, 6 years of MB and close to 5 years of MT and now we have more holes than Swiss cheese. this team is tracking more like the Houle habs, than a team just missing one centre.
  8. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    Why would the sabres trade O’Reily for maxpac+ when maxpac only has one year left on his contract? Maxpac+galchenyuk IMO is too much
  9. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Minny Owner said that deal should never have been made. Considering Hanzal was a better player, I can’t see getting anything close to that for plex.
  10. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    We dodged a bullet in that MB didn’t get the guy he reportedly wanted and targeted.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I’d move him this summer - the older he gets, the lowers the return is going to be. We also don’t know if this year is going to be the start of injuries as he ages.
  12. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    A slow aging Fransen fits MB’s modus operandi perfectly.
  13. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    How the “Russian” grouped viewed the CH??? Really??? More like how the idiotic CH management group viewed the Russian group. Funny how it was management that moved or chose not to retain radulov, Markov, Sergechev, emelin and will probably move the American/Russian galchenyuk this year. Ironic that the Russian has player, radulov was probably our best player last year. who was better in the playoffs last year Radulov or MB’s boy Shaw??? I would rather have signed Markov to even three years than have signed the good old Canadian boy Alzner to one. Hell if vegas didn’t pick him, I’d rather have kept emelin for the last year he had left on his contract than being stuck with 5 years of that pylon Alzner. Funny how emelin is actually doing well with the preds, since he has a coach who knows how to use the strengths a player has, rather than harp on his deficiencies and make him into something he’s not. I would have preferred dumping Shaw and keeping radulov. Don’t care how Shaw is doing in a year we suck. If a Russian took as many dumb penalties as Shaw does, he would have been moved in his first year. It’s asinine a punk like Shaw got term and stupid money while the habs weren’t willing to give term or initially $ to radulov. If I was radulov, I would have looked at Shaw and said I deserve double what he gets and definitely more term. i would have preferred resigning Radulov and keeping Sergechev than trading for Drouin. Hated the deal at the time and hate it even more now.
  14. World Juniors/Spengler Cup Discussion Thread

    This season is done. Why let him get to 40 games and move up in the draft, when we are going to miss the playoffs anyways??? Do what the leafs did when they kept Marner and Nylander out to get a better draft position and iced a lineup they probably couldn’t win in the AHL. I don’t know if it’s its a positive, or an embarrassment, but with Weber out, Mete may be our best Dman.
  15. World Juniors/Spengler Cup Discussion Thread

    Agreed. But I liked that he showed the anger over losing.