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  1. I think ownership, for sure is part of it. Although, Davidson was supposedly the ideal team president- even though he had some pretty harsh comments about RFA rights and contract negotiations, that would probably rub players the wrong way. I just see Columbus as a town that too many young players would be attracted to. I think as players get closer to the end of their careers, they may appreciate it more, but for me personally, that part of the USA puke gold zero appeal to me, ditto, with Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Maratimes in Canada. I think Minnesota is a different case. A
  2. I went in 2001 and 2004 and then every year from 2007-2011, as part of annual photography road trip though Yellowstone, the Tetons, arches, canyonlands, arches, Zion national parks, monument valley slot canyons and Sedona . That southern Utah, northern Arizona region is a hiker and photographers dream region. only made 4 trips in last 10 years a d was planning one for last fall, before Covid hit.
  3. Yep, we have the type of depth we haven’t seen since 93. While 5 goals a game isn’t sustainable - unless there’s a systematic return to 80’s firewagon hockey across the league, and we don’t have 3 90 point a game rate guys, we do have 4 lines that can contribute. Byron is no longer on the 2nd, or even the 3rd line. We aren’t making deals for Jeff Scott and Steve Ott, or signing Prust (which for some reason as seen as a big coup). We also have temper expectations of being able to score at the same rate against teams that don’t have a big chunk of their D depleted. Having said that, on
  4. I’m into photography and that northern Arizona/southern Utah region is my favourite region in North America. And I’ll take the heat to the deep freeze in Winnipeg or Edmonton any day.
  5. Winnipeg also had their back against the wall - with both players they moved.
  6. Perry will get the reputation penalties that he dodged when he was an elite player.
  7. If your a pro athlete make good money and have the ability to have live where you want, would Columbus, be in the among the top 25 cities you’d want to spend a chunk of your life in?? I know I sure the hell wouldn’t want to live there. I’d want nothing to do with Raleigh, Columbus, Edmonton, Winnipeg, or Ottawa. Nothing to do with management of hockey teams, just not placed I’d want to live. I’d say the same for Nashville, given that I can’t stand country music. And this is just considering the city - nothing that to do with the quality of the team or the hockey operations departments.
  8. Question is, would PLD have had that same screw your attitude that forced their hand, if it wasn’t for the comments Torts made before the season started? Personally PLD’s performance made me even more resolute in my opinion that the habs shouldn’t trade KK (let alone Suzuki). But o wouldn’t want anything to do with a dick like torts either. I think most sensible GM’s would have fired their coach for screwing them over and Columbus may still do that. It would just be bad optics yo fire a coach because a player isn’t happy with him. Having said that IF a coaching change would have helped in
  9. That’s why I don’t get the deal - unless they think Laine can bring a better return than PLD, when they eventually have to trade Laine, or that trading Laine won’t be as urgent as trading Laine.
  10. NBC did well with their talking monkey Milbury and CBC made a killing with their Neanderthal Cherry.
  11. I think Torts is close to his shelf life anyways. I just can’t see Laine wanting to live in Ohio!
  12. I can’t see him being a top 5 centre. If he does, yeah, we missed out. But does anyone think that PLD is going to be better than the following: 1. McDavid 2. MacKinnon 3. Mathews 4. Draisaitl 5. Eichal 6. Scheifele 7. Barkov 8. Point 9. Aho 10. Pettersson and this list is only the young players and doesn’t even include the older centre that would be in the top 10.
  13. 100% agree. Even if PLD ends up scoring Suzuki by a wide margin 3-4 years from now, I still will not regret on passing on trading Suzuki+ for PLD. PLD has not shown enough, and if anything PLD is showing the same petulant behaviour as the other young Francophone local boy we traded for - and that trade looks bad. Suzuki on the other hand, looks like an extremely skilled, consummate dedicated pro with huge upside. I wouldn’t have minded trading a Poehling, Danault and Drouin, but no way do I want to trade Suzuki and Romanov. They are the type of prospects we’ve been lacking for a l
  14. Have been offline, so totally missed this! I don’t get this deal for either team. deal makes sense for the Jets IF PLD has no issue playing for Winnipeg. I like Laine better, but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be there and it’s a good holiday return IF PLD is willing to sign an extension at the end of the year. But if PLD also doesn’t want to resign with Winnipeg, they just exchanged one problem for another in the long-term. They also are hurt in the short-term, given its a condensed season, and they will have to wait until PLD completes quarantine requirements.
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