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  1. i can't see them moving Laine for a top 4 dman. has to be someone who is top pairing.
  2. We are not getting Laine unless one of two offers are made. The first would have to be an offer that addresses Winnipeg’s need on D and that would mean Weber (or petry - bit pretty sure Winnipeg would be on his no go list), would have to be involved. I’d be open to going this route as long as we could sign Laine long term - I don’t see MB moving either of those two. the second offer that the Jets may go for is one that at a minimum includes Domi, a prospect like Romanov and a first. Which I would not do - it hurt enough watching sergechev and McDonough win the cup with another team, without ever getting a chance to play in Montreal. Kulak is not going to be part of a package that brings in Laine unless we are giving up a lot more than just Domi and a first.
  3. If we keep him, i hope so too, but would feel more comfortable moving him to get a less risky upgrade.
  4. Happens every year though. Gotta keep with well deserved tradition.
  5. I was disappointed that they did they idiotic fake cheering through the playoffs and didn’t pipe in the booing. Glad Tampa won - they clearly are the class of the league. Though it’s tough seeing a veteran like Pavelski put everything out there and lose in what will probably be his last chance. At the same time, no tears shed for a prick like Perry. mad far as the ex hab Mgmt/prospects - McDonough two cup finals one win. Sergeche, first of probably a few more opportunities.
  6. It would definitely be a yes. But we are talking about Pat Hickey. He rarely has a good game article, or any insight in something he saw, so I don’t see him suddenly getting insight in what the Jets would take for Laine.
  7. You know I never appreciated richer. I saw this big guy, with a rocket of a shot and speed and skill one night looking like he could be the heir to Guy, and than we saw Stephanie for a few nights worried about the hair. Little did I know we would have Drouin who is 100 times more petulant and inconsistent and has accomplished 30% of what Richer did. Richer brought us Captain Kirk. there was a bit of an outcry of trading away a Quebecer for a Kingston boy, but I’m glad we made the move! Here’s hoping Drouin brings back as good of a return - god knows we gave up an awful lot for that bum.
  8. Early Pactioretty was a 30 goal scorer from age 23 onwards. Before that, he was misused as a 4th liner by Martin and when he was sent down to Hamilton, said he’d rather play 1st line minutes there than be a grunt in Montreal. I don’t blame him. He was one of the most consistent 30 goal scorers in the league. He had his cold spells, but that’s why he was a consistent 30-39 goal scorer, rather than a 50-60 goal scorer. It’s insulting to Max to have Drouin compared to him.
  9. The rangers would love Kakko for Danault AND Domi
  10. I agree you start the Drouin with Suzuki. But I’d put them with Gallagher. I think you pick up one elite winger and one more good winger for KK. Alternatively, pick up one elite winger for KK and add Armia to that line. My preference would be to put the two fins with Danault. the last line is a kid line with Byron. Evans centres line and if the Trump supporter shows up with his head screwed in right and plays well in training camp, you give Poehling a chance, otherwise if there is an AHL, he plays in Lavel.
  11. McDonough is nearing the end of his career, but contributing to a cup win, while Gomez is fishing somewhere. Sergechev while still making mistakes, also makes big mistakes and is getting better every year in the toughest position in hockey and is in top 4 in the best team in hockey. Drouin is overpaid, lazy and unproductive and a guy most would like to see get moved, but the return would be underwhelming unless packaged with additional assets. We can only hope that there is another dumb GM who will give something of value for him, or he at least shows up for half of his games. I think you can safely say we got fleeced in both deal. I also think both McDonough and Sergechev would still look great on our top 4 and probably immensely improve our pop gun power play.
  12. I really can’t see Gallagher taking less.and think Danault has to. I honk it will depend on how much they are asking and the term they want. I can’t see him not signing Gallagher, but with Danault it will depend on how much he wants, his role and how much KK and Suzuki progress. Personally, I think you have to trade some of the older core guys, unless everyone is taking a home town discount and even than, I still think we need to upgrade our wing and top pairing D. Domi and Drouin are not enough to get what we need.
  13. Actually we didn’t. We traded Subban before the NTC on his contract kicked in.
  14. I think the Jets get fleeced in that deal. dumba is not nearly enough for Laine.
  15. Kassian wasn’t a 33 year old at the time. The NHL is not a league foe old men. We have enough of them already.
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