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  1. There isn’t much creativity in nicknames anymore. I think they’d be more likely to come with something like byro, (like some of the players have called Price, pricer or pricey), than one than one that makes sense.
  2. Yep. Or he would get a ridiculous number if breakaways, but wouldn’t be able to finish most of the time. When Byron was in Calgary, he reminded me Courtnall. He would get a breakaway almost every game, but would rarely finish. I haven’t looked at the stats, but I’m pretty sure he got a lot more shots and had a higher shooting percentage, in Montreal, just from an eye test.
  3. Courtnall has the jets, but his hands rarely could keep up with his feet. If his hands and feet matched his speed he would have been a 50 goal scorer. From what I’ve seen of Caufield, his hands, shot and hockey smart are probably better than courtnall.
  4. Right. Does your data show what the average point totals were earlier in MB’s reign as GM, when he still had the core he inherited vs the performance after he put more of his stamp on the team? Does it show the difference in the playoff performance in the first half of his reign vs when he changed the core. Raw data without context is crap. To come to the conclusion that his an above average GM bases on a overly simplistic analysis is crap as well.
  5. Yep, We have some promising prospects, but I want to see how they develop. But frankly, MB should not be the one to get that chance. Like I said earlier. Most GM’s in his position get fired and would have been fired by now. The fact his bum buddies MT, Daigneult and Lefebve kept their jobs as long as they did alone should have been worthy of firing. The only other franchise with this level of ineptitude was the islanders where Milbery and Snow kept their jobs because of an idiotic owner. The isles finally aren’t a laughing stock - but it took an ownership change to finally tire of snow and replace him with respectable, experienced management. the scary thing is that our choices were Bergevin and McGuire. Not sure if we ended up with Dumb or Dumber.
  6. Bergevin’s been a GM for 7 years. The team has missed the playoffs 4 of those years- including 3 of the last 4 years. The previous seven years before MB, they missed the playoffs 3 times. The 5 years prior to MB being hired, they missed the playoffs once and that was the year they made cunneyworth coach and then Molson cut off his balls. before MB, they were an average team. With him, they are clearly below average - now that is a fact.
  7. I think after 8 years on the job the lack of success should already been enough to define what Bergevin is. A mediocre GM who has managed to hang onto his job because of where he was born and the language he speaks. In any other market he would have been fired two or three years ago.
  8. Yeah and I’m dreaming that I win the lotto super max tonight - but won’t be holding my breath for either of these dreams being realized.
  9. In today’s NHL, can you really afford to have a $8m of cap space tied up in a “supplement player”???
  10. I don’t get the attitude of many just being satisfied with being a bubble team and than feeling anything can happen in the playoffs. last year some of my friends had asked me if I was happy with the habs in late October/early November and I told them I had yet to watch any hockey - just tired off the same old promising start and than the usual collapse or fade off to end the season. the only thing that got me some hope for next year is when I heard about Poehling’s in the last game of the season. I’m not expecting him to score anywhere near that pace, but if he can come and even be half the player Wheeler turned out to be it would be promising. But there’s been a long string of promising young players that started well and faded into oblivion, or got horrible injuries - Zednik, savage, Higgins, Ak46. Et el. the Aho rumours also really got me excited and hoping we were going to make a real push for next year - until I saw what the offer was. Bottom line is, that given the age of our two top players the habs either have to go all in within the next two years, or move them. Can’t keep trying to push forward with one foot in the water and the other on the shore.
  11. It’s on the sportsnet July 11, 31 thoughts podcast. I haven’t seen in print. Habber31 probably picked it up on a French site that transcribed a translated version. Just cause you may not have heard it doesn’t mean you have to doubt someone.
  12. Yeah big loss if credibility when you are on an iPhone and get autocorrected We’re posting on a hockey forum not the Washington Post.?
  13. I’ll grant that the Suzuki deal Is looking good. I had zero expectations of Tartar and Suzuki’s play translates to the next level the deal is definitely a home run. However, I’m not going to give props about the offer sheet or willingness to spend when no one - not a single analyst that follows the game thought it had a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. I was extremely excited when I heard Montreal was offer-sheeting Aho - I was hoping we’d go after Aho or Marner and would have been willing to give up Four 1st rounders for him, but the offer was too low for the Canes to turn take the meagre picks in return. Hell, a lot of analysts said Montreal did Carolina a favour for getting the deal done from them. Aho was seeking $9.5M, but was more than happy to take the $8. Because of the front loaded component where gets around $22m in the first year. two get a sense of how lousy the offer was, you have to consider that the annual average wasn’t much higher than what Weber got 7 friggin years ago (granted it was for a much longer term, but it was one of those back diving deals that the player isn’t expected to play the last 3 years). as for as fixing the holes those were self inflicted and he’s had more damaging signings than good (Alzner is one of the worst UFA contracts in recent years).
  14. They have got Gallagher, Domi, Drouin, Tatar, Byron. Having said that if a trade was made, we’d probably have to give up one of Drouin or Gallagher along with some like Weber if it is a trade, Depending on how Poehling or suziki look like in camp, we could try him with one of the kids as well. If a trade doesn’t work, I’d be perfectly fine with putting forth a 1 or 2 year offer sheet for $12m (I believe that is what Mathews is getting over 5 years) and lose the 4 picks. That may force the leafs to take the picks, or make a trade. Marner could of potentially be better than Mathews. Need another couple of years to figure that out. He is a franchise player. I hate I really hate right now is the leafs have 3 franchise player and a dman that is close (again more time is needed to make the judgement on Reilly).
  15. Marner was reportedly looking for Mathews money, so doubt $11m would get it done.
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