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  1. 2017-18 Line-up

    Yeah, but didn't you know paying them $10m is much better than risking damaging relations with other GM's by giving an offer sheet to a young player who has the ability to be a PPG player for the next 7 or 8 years?? That would be unacceptable - after all, how would MB be able to look his fellow GM's in the eye. And this way we are getting two players for the same amount of money!
  2. Fire Bergevin

    Hockey news came out of their team management rankings, Habs at 27th. Only the Avs, Canucks and wings rank lower. The last comment was on the mark - "Montreal has a good team, but they seem a bit misguided on how to turn it into a great team". And IMO, the only Price makes them a good team with the leaky faucet D and pop gun offence. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/front-office-confidence-rankings-part-2-fans-weigh-in-on-how-each-team-is-doing
  3. 2017-18 Line-up

    Like I picture you as a brainless moron who is content with losing.
  4. 2017-18 Line-up

    What else are you supposed to do with a dead dog? And MB has been following the Burke model of trading away picks and prospects, or drafting and signing truculent/supposed character players and really developing nothing himself and signing old has beens. With what we have to choose from I'd go with: Maxpac-galchenyuk-Drouin lekhonan-danault-gallaghar Byron-pleks-hudon shaw-mitchell-mcaarom We may have some hope if Drouin can play centre, in which case I'd try both galchenyuk and Drouin on centre and hope the some kids surprise as top 6 wingers, coz I don't see hemsky doing squat. At least Danault would be slotted where he belongs if by some miracle a guy like Schrebak makes it. On the other hand, if even Hudon can't make the jump, we are screwed in the top 6. D choices dont matter. No matter how you configure them, they will be a leaky faucet. I crack up at the old timer - retired references. I'm a long way from retirement and picked my avatar when the Habs FINALLY retired Dryden's number. Robinson and Dryden and Gainey should have been retired much earlier. Had they been French, their numbers would have been retired much earlier like Lafleur. The Habs should have retired a lot of the the numbers of Habs from the 50's, 60's and 70's dynasties MUCH earlier.
  5. 2017-18 Line-up

    He doesn't even have enough left to try an RFA offer sheet now for an RFA like Draisatl, having wasted money on taking flyers on Streit and Hemsky. he needed to do 5 critical things going into this summer: 1) get a first line centre, given that he and Julien don't think galchenyuk is a viable centre. FAIL 2) improve the offence. Picking up Drouin, would have gone a long ways, if he was an addition over last year, but as it is, Drouin, only replaces Radulov - who he failed to resign. Hemsky is a bum - another Semin, Kassian, Briere type gamble in hoping a washout will rediscover the fountain of youth. To pretty much keep status quo from last year, he gave up a significant prospect and our best draft pick since galchenyuk, Subban, McDonough and Maxpac - only two of whom are still with the team. If the two remaining, one (galchenyuk), will probably be traded by next year and we probably can't afford to resign the captain. IMO another FAIL 3) improve the defence - had he signed Markov, it would have been a marginal improvement IMO, and a substantial improvement to the Alzner fans out there. Given that all he did was replace Markov with Alzner (Markov > Alzner), Emelin with Schlemko (schlemko>Emelin) and added a washed out Streit, while giving up the best defensive prospect they'd have seen Subban and McDonough. IMO yet another FAIL 4) get rid of the dead weight contracts of Emelin, pleks and IMO Shaw (i know the Brian Burke type truculence fans love Shaw). Given that he only managed to onload Emelin and he has mismanaged the cap by paying over $10m to useless or overpaid bums and has-been like pleks, Shaw, Streit and Hemsky, he doesn't have enough to make a big move. And he really is not sitting on $8.5m, when you consider there is no one of consequence to spend it on. He doesn't have enough to even offer sheet some - another FAIL 5) improve the coaching staff and development of the kids, which IMO required a changes to the coaching staff - namely clueless Lefebve, and teflon Daigneult. Needless to say, since he kept the bum hole buddies he grew up with - another FAIL Had he offered up a pick or prospects, he could have at least salvaged the need to improve the offence by dumping salary so he could make a $10m to $10.5m offer to Draisatl, he could have at least improved the offence and filled the centremam hole. Maybe, the oilers match, but he would have at least tried and could have tried to make it difficult for them to match. The D would still be weak, but with a vastly improved offence, we could have legitimately played run and gone hockey and relied on Price to mask the deficiencies on the blueline. As it is Price isn't going to be able mask a crap defence and lack of goals - at most we can only win 6 or 7 games 1-0. so, I know I've been accused of being a pessimist, but I'm even more pessimistic this year than I was after we finished 27th and drafted galchenyuk. That year was an obvious aberration and mismanagement by the ghost and cunneyworth selection and than cunneyworth being castrated by Molson. This year has me having the same feeling during the ineptitude of the Houle years, where it was painful to watch a Habs game. It's painful to see the perrenial laughing stocks of the past decade like the leafs, oilers and flames on the upswing, while we have turned into the rudderless Brian Burke leafs.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    And the jaws theme would be for us getting eaten up on that trade. Why would Philly want another bad overpaying/too long term contract with th Shaw??? I could actually see them taking pleks and draft picks to dump Giroux, since this is pleks last year. Giroux is making over $3m more than he's worth and even than, he's signed for at least 2 years longer than anyone would want him. Having said all that, I could see philly hanging on too Giroux this year, to protect patrick and than doing everything possible to dump him next year. Hextall has been dumping a lot of holgroms contracts.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    For the number of years he's still got left and what he brings, it's still a stupid trade. Philly might actually go for it to unload that horrible contract. It would probably make the French media happy, even though giroux isn't a Quebecer - at least he's got a French name.
  8. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    And in another year or two, there #1 will probably be better than ours.
  9. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    glad we finally agree about something
  10. Fire Bergevin

    thats because every f'in thing the habs do is to sign or trade for bottom pairing D, or 4th line players or "leadership". Some are satisfied with being one and done in the playoffs, others want the GM to make some moves that gives us a legitimate shot to win the friggin cup. You obviously are happy with just being one and done.
  11. Fire Bergevin

    i don't want good enough to play in the NHL. I want good enough to be help us bring the friggin cup home - which isn't going to happen with MB running the show.
  12. Fire Bergevin

    Brings back memories of having Chelios, Schneider, Desjardins, svoboda, Ludwig, daigneult, dusfrene, lefebve and odelin one year and than 5 years later left with odelin from that group and only decent dmen are odelin, brisbois and malakhov and his disappearing act
  13. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    I've said this many times, but I think galchenyuk will be moved and it will be another move we end up regretting.
  14. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    From lavoie NHL radio, it sounded like MB offered Markov $4m plus another $1m to $1.5m in bonuses on a 1 yr deal. Lavoie thought that was a good offer to Markov, bur why would Markov take that, given his numbers and comparables around the league??? Why should he take less ham Petry, when, despite being 38, Markov is still the better dman?? I'd be stubborn to. And at this stage of his career Streit is less likely than 1/100 of a dman as Markov is. It would have been better using That extra $700k toward Markov as a top 4, than adding another 7th/8th dman who is nothing more than a pp specialist/. It would have made sense to pick up Streit at the deadline to help with the PP in the playoffs, when there aren't many other her options. It makes zero sense to pick up 4 bottom pairing dmen, when you have holes in your top 4.
  15. Fire Bergevin

    I see them getting to the final 16 - which is the only goal that MB has and wouldn't be a bad goal if we were a little team from nowhere playing in the march madness.