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  1. It’s not just our southern neighbours. In Calgary they had local new showing people fighting over toilet paper rolls. The canned goods section is empty. It’s easy to point finger’s at Chinese or Americans for the predicament, but Canadians haven’t responded much better. we live in a global world. Pandemics aren’t anything new - they just spread faster now. In 19th and early 20th centuries, most of the pandemics came out of Europe. But hey they were all white, so no reason to say back than stop the influx of Europeans into North America. if you look at Trump’s response and earlier attitude toward COVID-19, it was much worse than China’s initial response. Italy has closed its borders a long time ago, yet they have had the more deaths than China. Reports now are that the USA will have the highest number of cases. most transmissions now are from non-travellers and people who aren’t following the rules most jurisdictions have set. when I got back at the end of February, I was feeling sick and got tested - was negative and just a common cold. I was told to go into quarantine until the results came back and after they were negative, when I went to see my family doctor the said to still self isolate for another week given the auto immune conditions I have and I did. Later, it took a lot of struggle with the online booking company who are not honouring the airline cancellation/reschedule waivers (justfly.com which is a Canadian company and are screwing people over - not Chinese or North Korean). At the end we just had to buy new tickets that cost us 4 times the normal fare to get my parents back last week and we are all following the quarantine rules again. Others aren’t. Are we going to blame transmissions and spread of the epidemic from people not following rules on the Chinese as well?
  2. This isn’t anything new. During the while y2k scare I had idiot coworkers who were hoarding canned goods because of the apocalyptic impact that was supposed to have.
  3. I have been to a grocery store and most of the stuff that’s sold out is from NA - not China. And if your weren’t such a dumbass, you’d realize that the shelves are empty because if idiots hoarding out of paranoia or trying to capitalize by selling stuff at huge markups. Go to Amazon.ca and look at how much people are charging for toilet paper.
  4. I didn’t realize toilet paper sold in Canada was made in china🙄
  5. the point I was trying to make is that Depeitro, may not had much of a career, but had a big part in a cup win and has a ring. Druce had one big playoff run, got a big pay day for that one big playoff year, but didn’t really accomplish much and was considered overpaid. if I had the choice, I’d take depietro’s career any day and every time. The cup is what it’s about for almost anyone who wants to make it to the NHL, or loves the game. He accomplished that. Not many people can say they accomplished their ultimate dream.
  6. Well at least dipietro’s career was much more memorable than John druce
  7. I think Trump already did that- and probably will even top himself a few more times
  8. I wouldn’t call it a miracle run. That was a damn good team. Roy, muller and Leclair we’re phenomenal, but it was a real good team. The OT streak made it look like a miracle run, but it was a really good team and we got lucky with some of the matchups - isles knocking of pens and hunter taking out turgeon. i thought 86 was more of a special run - that was totally unexpected, given the number of rookies, including a goalie that was talking to his posts and bobbing his head like a turkey. That was final cup win for two of the 70’s stars as well. in 93 there was still some hope and confidence in the team despite their issues against the bruins - who we managed to avoid. But it wasn’t an unexpected run like the halak run. There was always hope back than the that the team could win - not like these days, where all we have is waiting until they are officially mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
  9. What’s scary is that after the first two losses against the nords, some were calling for replacing Roy.
  10. I think in the 90’s, Neely owned Roy in the playoffs. I remember watching an early 90’a playoff game and almost overturned the table at a pizza joint we were at when Neely scores the over-time winner in OT. Until the 90’s the bruins could never beat the habs in the playoffs. Than Moog, Neely and Bourque ended the bruins playoff futility against the habs. I absolutely hated Andy friggin moog. He was the reason the oilers beat us in the playoffs in the early 80’s in their first or second year in the league. They didn’t have the habs-oilers playoff game broadcast in Calgary in the CBC (had the flames), so I listened to each game on the French CBC radio Canada. The only French I knew was el lans, el le but, be arraie. All I remember is hearing what I thought was “Handy Moog” again and again and though it meant great save by Moog.
  11. You mentioned the name of one guy who should forever be banned from every hab site - Mario Tremblay (unless its to insult or curse). There should be a special place in hockey hell for him and Ronald Corey.
  12. Starting watching in the 70’s: 1. Ken Dryden 2. Guy Lafleur 3. Larry Robinson 4. Bob Gainey 5. The one that got away - a very young Denis Savard and his spinorammas many more after that, but those are the ones that I loved as a kid
  13. You too. not much to follow right now.
  14. I thought you were the peanut gallery
  15. Sounds great in theory, but what if your Canadian and can’t get back home? I’ve got parents age 70 and 80 that are stuck overseas and we’ve been trying to change their flights for a week. We booked with Justfly.com and the still haven’t processed the flight changes, because they are awaiting in their airline waiver codes and the airlines while making all these great claims on waiving fees are only helpful if bookings were made on their site. even for flights booked with airlines it’s an issue. I’m trying to cancel flights to Toronto that we booked on the westjet site, but because I booked on westjet site using westjet dollars for a portion of the payment I can’t make change online and I have to call their toll free number - which is has a recording that they aren’t taking calls. its easy to say shut down the airport, trains, etc, if you are sitting safe at home and not stuck in a foreign country on vacation. But what do those people do that are out of country with pew-existing medical conditions and have no health coverage??? what they should be doing is doing mandatory swab tests as soon as you get off the plan and have a required quarantine - not this self isolation for 14 days bullshit. I had to go in self isolation until my tests came back negative - and I did stay home. but there are people that aren’t following the guidelines. There’s a YouTube video of a guy in the USA that is supposed to be in self isolation and is standing in line at a pharmacy to buy face masks and is being interviewed on tv about the long wait times and he told them he is supposed to be in self isolation. There are also people that have just come back from Italy and weren’t told to go in isolation upon arrival. govenrments business continuity plan has been poorly developed, too slow to respond and very reactionary. in Alberta on Saturday the education minister gave a detailed dissertation on why there is no value in closing schools and why it’s important to keep the schools open, with greater precautions put in place , the next day they closed schools.
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