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  1. With the culture in hockey I really can’t see too many players saying they are going to “abandon” their team for the sake of their and their family’s health. With the culture they would be seeing as abandoning their team, not making a conscious health decision.
  2. It is an element of the CBA that the players were stupid to agree to and frankly surprised that a guy like Fehr who fought so hard against the cap would let the players agree to something that will always divide the union. I understand this “certain decision by other” and it was a STUPID decision that I doubt the players fully understood the implications of and is one that is always going to divide the union. Evidence of how stupid of a decision it was, is how many players constantly complain about it. It also stupid to exclude expansion fees from hockey related revenues. If there are going to have an escrow the expansion fees should have been also split 50-50 as well.
  3. I just don’t see how players would agree to this. Only league in the major sports that had escrow. players are always going to be in no win situation, because those with contracts will want flat cap to avoid escrow, those with upcoming contracts will want higher cap. what would make more sense is that cap is set at start of the the year and you penalize teams that exceed it afterwards (ie through buyouts), or bonuses.
  4. I really don’t get why players are coming back without addressing Escrow. It makes no sense for them to be penalized after the cap has been set for GM/owner stupidity, or In this case the pandemic. Makes no sense to me how they agreed to a cap system with escrow, rather than one that penalized teams for going over the cap (because of buyouts, or replace injured players that aren’t insured). NHL franchise values are going up constantly, so why so players get penalized on escrow? That should be part of the equation, as well as expansion fees.
  5. My only big complaint with drafting under Timmins is that he drafts way too many college players and has not done too well with European/Russians. Can’t remember if Kostitsyn was his pick or not and if that turned him off Russians- when there were so many better players to chose from that year - could have picked the centre we’ve always needed. if you look at a lot of our # 1 picks, a lot are from USA College and a lot of emphasis on character and size over skill. When compared to some of the players we could have had and some of the Europeans passed over, some of those picks are truly cringeworthy head smackers: 2003 - Kostitsyn- so many better players - I wanted Getzlaf, my brother wanted Parise 2004 - chipchura - Zajac was available 2005 - Price - I wanted Kopitar 2006- David Fischer- off the board puck, Giroux was available 2007 - home run year with two very good Americans - McDonough and pactioretty 2008 - no first rounder, but American Kristo in the 2nd - Henrique was available 2009- Leblanc - local French kid With skating issues, over the speedy Power forward Kreider 2010 - Tinordi- big slow American with bloodlines over Kuznetsov 2011 - Beaulieu - has a French last name, could have taken Klefbom 2012 - Galchenyuk- American with Russian heritage. Forsberg was an option in November, as was Grigerenko, but their stock fell by the draft, so Galchenyuk really was the BPA 2013 - michael fxcnk McCarron big American oak tree - but slower than the tree. Theodore went right afterwards 2014 - Scherbak - another hit and miss in a Russian - this one playing in the WHL. To bad the bruins took Pasternak one pick earlier 2015 - Juulson- Because if injuries, too early to see if this another WHL busy or a good puck. at least he was supposed to be a puck mover 2016 - Sergechev- great puck, but MB fxcked up 2017 - Poehling- another American too early to say what he is yet - he’ll of a first game though. Be interesting to see how he ends up comparing to Morgan Frost 2018 - Kotkaniemi - finally picked a European. Too early to say if it was right pick. But after trading Sergechev, would have been nice to nab Hughes 2019 - another American in Canfield- but given how far he’s fallen, had to pick him thats 16 drafts and 8 American with the first pick made by the habs (kristo was 2nd rounder, but was their first puck that year).
  6. It’s precisely what the GMs did afterward that really make that draft year seem like such a waste. I think it was probably the habs best draft year since 1984, when they drafted Svoboda and Corson (although better players were picked after him), In the first round, Richer in the second round and Roy in the third round.
  7. Yeah, so he can trade away Romanov for joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau.
  8. I think Wilson belongs in there. He won a norris, was an all star in an era with a lot of good dmen. I think he should have been in years earlier. I hate the Lowe induction. Mogilny should have been in by now. But the Hockey hall of fame is probably the most fxcked up HOF in sports. I like baseball, where you rarely have someone selected who doesn’t belong and it truly is a best of all time, with better ways to measure and determine HOF worthiness with much better transparency. hockey is still run like a private old boys club.
  9. That should have been a franchise altering draft, but stupidity prevailed after picking up two top pairing dmen and a top winger. Had we build around them Price, markov and pleks, we might still be an elite team. Could never find a centre that was as even good as Koivu was after he blew out his knee.
  10. Scary thing is that mad mike also trades Luongo in another similarly stupid trade, but somehow managed to keep his job for a long time. only other GM I can think of who has kept his job that long dispute ineptitude is MB.
  11. That was right up there with Luong Frankly I didn’t like either moves - the devils moving a top 10 pick or the isles moving down. yea, the player selected - Schenn was a lousy #5 pick and the players picked after him sucked. Bailey is not the type of player I’d hope to get in the top 5 or event but top 10. Only 3 out of the top 5 players selected were franchise type players, but there were much better players picked that year outside of the top 10. If you look at Yzerman last year, he picked a guy who was not ranked in the top 10, with his 6th puck. He didn’t move down, just because the player was ranked lower. You do your scouting, make your list and puck the best player available when it’s your pick. You don’t move down and hope someone else doesn’t take him. It’s one thing to try and move up to get some who is a higher rated player, but I don’t like moving down in the first two rounds. As far as the Schneider trade, I liked Schneider, but if I’m going to give a top 10 puck for a goalie it has to be someone much better than Schneider. 2nd round pick for him fine. 1at round, no bloody way. I don’t even think any goalie is worth picking in the top 10 (why to this day, despite price winning a hart and being the top goalie in the world for at least. 2 or 3 of his years in the league, I don’t like the Price pick). Goalies are too unpredictable at that age and there are a lot of really good goalies picked later in the first round and in the 2nd to 4th rounds. Lots of vezina winners are later round picks, but much fewer Hart and norris winners (yes, Subban and kucherov were second rounders, but that is not the norm). it is usually much harder to get a top line centre or dman later than it is a goalie - which is why I can’t understand the panthers pick last year, or thise analysts that are saying that that Russian goalie could be a top 10 puck this year. Anyways, I’m not a fan of trading top 10 picks or moving down from those positions. I don’t have a problem with giving up #1 picks to sign a elite young RFA that is a franchise type top line player or top pairing dman. But not for middling support players. We did that too often going after guys like Tanguay who were past their best due date. If you are going to move first round picks it has to be for an impact player who has a lot of good years ahead of him.
  12. Those turned out to be brilliant moves!
  13. Hell I’d be saying “you know what this Eichal kid is going to be a distraction and make your life difficult with all his whining and complaining and shooting off his mouth to the media. And you know what you LT owner is asking you to cut costs, I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse paizan, I’ll take that salary off your hand a and give you 3 great players who are nice quite kids, you’ll have there potential 1st line centres in KK, Domi and Poehling.”
  14. If there is an asterix for a cup winner it should be for the stars, scoring a goal on what was obviously and illegal rule at the time, or the bruins for winning the cup when Chara should have been suspended for the remainder of that year and been in jail for attempted murder.
  15. I think he should have been in the AHL earlier this year and he was rushed. But given their may not be an AHL season, I’d say you bring him to the camp and play-in and use him if he looks good. It’s at most 5 games and than they is almost a 5 month layoff for the NHL and longer if there is no AHL season. May as well let him okay and get though the injury butterflies now. It’s not like there are so many great players ahead of him and i see the play-in as a mini camp anyway unless Pittsburgh really screws the pooch.
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