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  1. Called Up: Nikita Scherbak and Michael McCarron

    All 5 of the Oilers fans I know hated him. they said he was good in the year they went to the finals but was inconsistent since and also complaint about Hemsky not shooting more. One of them said, that he probably wouldn't shoot on the PP even if the coach held a gun to his head.
  2. Called Up: Nikita Scherbak and Michael McCarron

    I think MB is more like on plan "X" by now.
  3. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I doubt if we’re that lucky. I think we see at least one more lousy asset depleting trade before they fire the bum.
  4. Called Up: Nikita Scherbak and Michael McCarron

    Like I said in he summer - Streit and Hemsky are all washed up. The only ones who didn’t know it were the habs brass and the Pom Pom boys on this site, who thought he’d add to the offence and can play a 200 foot game. We should have signed Jagr. Despite missing training camp, and in fewer games he’s got more points than the worthless hemsky.
  5. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I said at the time didn’t like the deal. After trading Subban, we couldn’t afford to trade Sergechev. In fact when MB traded Subban, one of his justifications was having Sergechev in the pipeline. I have to to laugh at the usual MB Pom Pom boys and stat gurus who were going on and on why the habs couldn’t be as good as last year and were arguing that both the offence would be better (Drouin > radulov), and the completely wacko idiotic claim that the D would be better because of their CORSI ratings (saying that the useless slow Alzner, Schlemko > Markov and emelin). Schlemko has yet to play a game, but him and Alzner arent even good enough to clean markov’s jock strap. i thought the habs would probably be a bubble team that squeaks into the playoffs finishing 7th or 8th - i didn’t think they would be anywhere TBL and the leafs in the standings in our division, while the Pom Pom boys thought the habs could compete for top spot🤒😳 i will day this if missing the playoffs gets that bum MB fired and gets us closer to trying to build a true contender than a team that treads water will be worth it. If we get another high draft pick, I don’t want MB and his bum buddies developing that player and ruining him like galchenyuk. Hopefully we also get a new coach who doesn’t run skilled players out of town or put them in the fourth line, when you have a team that can’t score.
  6. Bergevin......

    Yes. Pretty much since Corey forced the chelios trade to increase the québécois content. We were lucky to win another cup (most teams don’t recover from a horrible trade like that - we had a lot of depth than - unlike now when we have dumped Subban and Markov in successive years). Corey’s next move led to the dark ages and that’s the same vibe I get under MB and the ball-less Molson.
  7. Bergevin......

    This year’s start and the last half of last year was what Weber was brought in to prevent. His mythical leadership and price standing on his head was was supposed to get this rag dog lineup over the hump. Two of the three players from the current era that should have retired as habs (Markov and Subban), we’re cut lose by MB, for his blood and guts dman (i.e. pre-lockout era slow footed) like Weber and Alzner. i have to laugh at those who suggested that the D was going to be better this year because Alzner and Schlemko was an upgrade over Markov and emelin. As unreliable as emelin was Markov was and probably still be better at his age as Alzner and Schlemko - yes I know Schlemko still has not played a game, but if this D is that bad without Schlemko, he isnt going to suddenly make them that much better - unless he suddenly becomes Bobby Orr. its only two weeks in, but without the usual strong October, this team may not squeak into the playoffs like I had thought they would. Juliens lived up to my expectations- regression of Galchenyuk. The only thing missing now from a total disaster is MB moving Galchenyuk for more of his blood and guts type players.
  8. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    He should have been fired a long time ago. Where are those now that said are D and offence should be better than last year??
  9. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I think maxpac is crumbling under the weight of the capitancy. He should never have been made captain. He should still be good for 30 goals, but I haven’t seen the fire in him for a few years now. I’ve been saying we should be trying to trade Gallagher as part of a package for a centre for a couple of years now. Now he is the only trading chip we have that we can afford to give up and may still bring a good return. The issue is it will need to be Gallagher+. I can see mb trading Gallagher and galchenyuk for a 2nd tier 2nd line centre at some point. Quite a drop for what those two kids were worth in MB’s first season.
  10. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I didn’t realize we traded Sergechev for Mete. All that stat shows is how horrible MB had made our defenc that we have to lean on a rookie dman so much. You do realize that despite limited minutes Sergechev has 4 points (albeit in more games), to Metes’s one and he has only 1 point less than Drouin right?
  11. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    he'll fulfill his potential as soon as he is out of here and playing for a staff that appreciates him and puts him in a position to succeed.
  12. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    which is not a good thing - since he should never have been signed. But hey he was cheaper than Markov.
  13. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    Their busy crunching the corsi numbers of the much improved D.
  14. Annual HabsWorld Regular Season Prediction Contest

    We scored two lousy goals against that lousy buffalo D, and they aren’t going to have trouble attracting dman as ufa’s, and have the assets to move to improve their D. What was the future of Edmonton’s D last year?? Two years ago in Calgary, all the writers were saying that the flames D will be washed up in two years with Giorodno getting old and nothing on the pipeline. They than traded for Hamilton and harmonic waives his no trade to come here. When you have elite players. It will attract UFA’s. With a Eichal there, Buffalo isn’t going to have trouble signing players. They also have assets and prospects they can move to bolster their defence. Who are we going to move to make use of our cap space? Tallon hasnt had had trouble getting out from bad contracts. Signing guys too bad deals and than dumping them is about the only thing MB learned from the hawks organization. Unlike the rest of the league, MB has the habs D getting older and is moving in the wrong direction getting “old school” dman like Alzner. Hopefully Mete pans out, otherwise we are screwed.
  15. Annual HabsWorld Regular Season Prediction Contest

    I never predict that they will miss the playoffs every year - never predicted that this year or last year. If you read above I’ve got them 7th in the east. I just don’t think they will accomplish anything in the playoffs with the lineup they have.