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  1. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    The “it” factor?? Have you bought into MB’s attitude crap?
  2. Max Pacioretty Watch

    He should actually have been even traded the year before after the team sucked in the playoffs, but definitely at last year’s deadline. But our idiotic GM was a moron and said his defence would be better with the pylon Alzner, than with the General Markov. he was also stupid enough to think we were a contender.
  3. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Yes - when he is acquired at 30 for a younger, better dman and is signed until he is 42.
  4. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Most goal scorers regress after they hit 29. I remember reading a report that shows statiscally MOST players - even elite players tend to have their best goal scoring years prior to age 28 or 29 (including Gretzky and Lemieux) and while the truly elite players may still put up big numbers, they tend to be lower than their career averages. Players that rely on speed like Pacioretty are more suceptible to a drop off as they get older. The old saying is that the hands and speed are usually the first to go. thats why I’d be good with giving radulov 5 years, but would be very hesitant on giving Pacioretty the same term, even though he is younger. Now if we were a top contender, I would absolutely give Pacioretty 5 or 6 years if the cap space was there, because if for 2 or 3 years he can help you win a cup, it’s wort it. Given where we are Pacioretty should have been traded last year along with Weber and Price. We are at least 3 years away from being a decent team - assuming MB doesn’t bungle away more assets and lose more trades before he eventually gets fired and I have zero confidence in MB not making further mistakes before he eventually gets fired.
  5. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Pacioretty has 2 or 3 good seasons left in him. We are going to suck for those years. Who cares if he does well than. He will then regress when we are ready to compete. Subban will be a better player in 5 years than Pacioretty just based on his position and style of play. I can but buy the Parise comparasion since he has a contract as bad and stupid as Weber’s and two years ago when healthy, he was still a good player. Pacioretty was WAY better than Vanek two years ago and has been for at least the last 4 or 5 years, so that would have just been a dumb trade any way you look at it. i also think in your hypothetical scenario, signing Subban would still make sense since he will probably still be an elite player for at least 5 more years and in 2 or 3 years if were ready to contend, he would contribute. In 2 or 3 years, Pacioretty will be close to being washed up given his style of play, what he needs to succeed (speed) and age. Lastly an elite dman is always more valuable than a winger unless we are talking a true game changer like a ovechkin or Kane.
  6. MB gets an F- grade

    I was listening to the NHL satellite radio GM report cards today. MB got an F and an F-. The host who gave him an F instead of and F- did so only because of the number of picks Montreal had at the draft and has accumulated for next year. He roasted MB on his trades, player development and drafting and the lack of overall plan. Rebuilding, but your two players that are signed the longest for the most money are old and getting older in a young mans league. They hammered him for the Subban and Sergechev trades. In all my years listening to their annual year in review shows, I don’t ever remember a GM getting an F-! I didn’t even think that was a possible grade. Neither of the two hosts could understand how MB still has a job, or what MB is thinking and think that the habs are going to be fighting for 30 to 31. Yet there are still some here that talk about making the playoffs if Price can return to form 🙄
  7. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    Well his dad wasn’t exactly the sharpest pencil around. Looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
  8. MB gets an F- grade

    Yep. I also said I thought they would be a bubble team because of Price and would need him to win 40 games. Price sucked and I was apparent how awful they are unless Price is a hart candidate. I also said repeatedly in numerous threads how bad the D would be.
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    He hasn’t had a true number 1 centre, but until last year he always had an elite puck moving dman.
  10. MB gets an F- grade

  11. MB gets an F- grade

    Not intentionally - remember our brilliant GM said he thought the defence would be better last year and that Drouin was a viable #1 centre. There were also a lot of people here who this time last year said they didn’t think there was any reason why we couldn’t win the division or at least put up 100 points.
  12. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    I watched very little of the habs this pat year and couldn’t sit through a single game from start to finish. I think it will be even less this year. This is a repeat of the last 90’s early 2000 until koivu’s retur from cancer and Theodore got me back again. being a lifelong jab fan for 43 of my 48 years (basically when I discovered hockey), I can’t help but follow them, but I don’t have to watch the crap team we have. it’s funny, an American buys the habs and the things start looking up. Damn Molson’s repurchase and the team is back in the toilet.
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Well it deflects away from how MB has ruined (galchenyuk) or traded away (Sergechev), or just messed up (Mccaron) our #1 pick selections.
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I’d do that deal in a heartbeat and have been proposing a deal like that for the last two years, when we probably could have gotten a lot more back without having too take on bad contracts. Only thing I’d add is try to get klefbom back as well.
  15. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I don’t think it really matters as far as the Habs go. Any sensible owner would have fired MB by now. It doesn’t look like Molson is sensible and probably isn’t willing to eat so many years of the idiotic extension he gave MB.
  16. Unless Price is a top 3 goalie despite are AHL defence, we are a bottom 5 team, potentially even a bottom 3.
  17. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Ahh, no. This management team does not have a plan. They are not even stumbling along, they are bumbling along. If this was the plan, they wouldn’t have been trying to trade Pacioretty for a pick, to move the pick and other assets for ROR. This is classic management by shitting your pants.
  18. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Weed isn’t legal until October, so wait to get high until than. We
  19. Injury news

    I don’t think so. Not if it’s because of an injury - I don’t recall the Hawks (Hossa) or the Flyers (pronger) we’re penalized. i think they dodged a bullet don’t dumping a declining asset, who looks to now be injury prone. They’re probably doing the balki bautalimas dance of joy that they got a younger more skilled Dman for him. We on the other hand are screwed. While Markov was good when he came back, he wasn’t pre-injury Markov. At least Weber’s game doesn’t revolve aroUnd his skating. Is there a worse defence in the league?? Great job MB!!! How you still have a job, I am dumbfounded!!
  20. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    A lot of trade acquisitions you’ve listed were free agents. Gainey’s team went to the final 4 in the Halak year. MB’s team went to the final 4 in the Price MVP year. Both years the only deep runs we had were largely on the back of the core from Gainey acquisitions and draftees. gainey inherited a much bigger mess than MB. Gainey/Gauthier (as AGM) at least set the table for a good core - MB replaced that core with mostly garbage.
  21. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Given where he was drafted, the Mccaron pick was worse than any of those and MB benefited from the lockout amnesty to be able to buyout Gomez. He than promptly replaced him with a just as washed up Briere. The year he should have given Subban an affordable 8-12 year deal (back when he could), he than wasted that money on Briere and Prust. MB also had much more backing from Molson despite having a lot more time to make stupid mistakes. When Gauthier fired Martin and promoted Cunneworth as an INTERIM coach, Molson promptly cut off both of their balls by saying the montreal canadiens would always have a French coach after the usual language out cry bullshit by the media idiots like Rejean Tremblay. MB's first coaching firing was even worst than Cunneyworth hiring, since it wasn't an interim move and he basically replaced MT with a balder clone. I didn't like Guathier, but I absolutely LOATHE MB. He has pretty much repeated what Houle did in destroying a pretty could up and coming lineup that he inherited. The difference is that Houle was basically a nice guy that was put into a role he had no business having by an idiotic president. ON the other hand MB is an arrogant bastard who on any other organization (with the exception of the Charles Wang Islanders) would have been fired 3 or 4 years ago.
  22. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Don't forget not having a succession plan for Subban who he stupidly traded away, after trading away the guy who he himself said was Suban's successor (Sergechev) less than one year after making that declaration. Oh and Sergechev as a rookie dman had a better year than Drouin who he was moved for.
  23. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    The Islanders even without Tavares have a MUCH better future than us. First of all, they have a solid management team now and could are rumoured to be a potential destination for Hunter as well. The past performance was a result of the idiotic Wang/Snow/Milbury unholy trinity. We have a clueless management team. Second, the Isles did quite well at the draft as some players rated higher fell to them. They also have Bartzal, who i'd pretty much trade anyone on our roster for.
  24. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Florida out because of soap opera with team management - that's been sorted out. TBL were out before because of major injuries, but were still a stacked team. Teams that were out and than got back in have a lot of good YOUNG talent and DOMINANT centres, or a game breaker (NJD - Taylor Hall). We have Price and that's it. If Price is hurt we're out. If price is bad, we're out. If Price is human we're out. Only way we get in is if Price is the Hart/Lindsey winner. We have more holes than any team that was out and got back in.