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  1. KK looks like the real deal and Domi with 3 points.
  2. Getting weise of the 4th kind make it possible for them to score!
  3. About time! I think that’s the best start we’ve had in a while.
  4. Do you not recall Molson’s statements after the outcry when Cunneyworth was hired?? Instead of at the time supporting his coach and like most presidents/GM’s who would have said that the hiring is interim and we will evaluate at the end of the season, he pretty much castrated Cunneyworth by saying the habs will have a French/bilingual coach. I find it ridiculous that the habs even have to make a comment on language - and yes I know how idiotic the language zealots in the press are. But you have a guy taking over in a playoff series and you find you need to apologize for the guy coming into that kind of situation not being bilingual??? Really????
  5. You gotta be friggin kidding me?????? Really???? That’s gotta be something that no balls idiot Molson insisted on.
  6. There was a reason why he only played on 8 games - wasn’t producing and fitting in.
  7. Well. He was sat on the vegas cup run. Another postseason like this and he’s going to be known as the regular season stud, post season dud.
  8. I want nothing to do with him. One of those GM’s that throws stupid money at UFA’. Last year made zero sense. They pay stupid money for a UFA goalie AND use their top pick on a goalie. and yes. He fzcked yo big time with the vegas draft.
  9. What do you mean?? You can’t have refs deciding the game in OT can you by enforcing the rule book? That would be so bush league! 🙄
  10. That’s friggin incredible! its gotta be tough for the canes and Bruins being delayed - throws of their readiness. but man 5OT periods is insane.
  11. Hey, Jacques Cossette, Real Clouttier, and Pierre Larouche got more points than Guy Lafleur in the Q. We’re they better players? Larouche and Clouttier has some good years, Cossette was done in 3 years. im hoping Caufield will pan out and be a top line elite scorer, but there are no guarantees. But there is a reason #1 overall picks on average pan out more than mid-round picks.
  12. I read an interview with Langway in the 90’s. He wanted to be paid more than what the habs were willing to pay (there were tax considerations as well), but main reason was salary. When you consider that Savard was gone and Lapointe followed, it made no sense to not pay him with the turnover. washington had the same issue with scott Stevens in the early 90’s, when he wanted more money, but ownership was penny pinching (which should not have been a concern for the habs when Langway was traded). Apparently Savard was supposed to have a deal worked out for Stevens and than Stevens got the offer sheet from St. Louis and the habs deal was dead.
  13. You have to bring that up. Last time we had the #1 pick from astute trading and Friggin Grundman! Who knows, if we picked Savard, maybe we wouldn’t have made the idiotic deal to get him 12 years too late for Chelios. Grundman followed the #1 pick strikeout with the Langway trade.
  14. I’d be willing to take that on if we cost was low and maybe Philly even retains some salary.
  15. He’s a guy we should try and see if we can pickup in the offseason. - not sure what the flyers cap situation is, but would be good pickup if cheap. I’d be reluctant to give up to many assets, unless it’s another Dman that we don’t really have room for, since I doubt if we can protect too many in the expansion draft. Weber is a given, Petry, we don’t need to sign until after the draft, so don’t need to protect him. That leaves protecting 2 of Mete, chariot and Jullsen. I don’t think brook or fleury need to be protected and Romanov definitely shouldn’t need to be. That leaves exposing kulak and Alzner and hope Seattle wants the veteran character type.
  16. Wow. Unless their top 6 is significantly better than what I think, I think that’s a huge blunder. Hell, I know he’s fallen out of favour, but I’d take him in our top 4.
  17. So the rangers who actually made it to the finals, beat us the last two times we were in the playoffs and actually made it to the finals in 2013/14, had a stronger tram than us (mainly because of their ability to attract UFA’s), intentionally missed the last two playoffs as part of orchestrated sell-off/rebuild, but had been in the playoffs the preceding 7 years - including going to the finals and semi finals is the same as us, who have missed 3 out of the past 5 years while not being on a rebuild? the only similarity is that they were also built to go as far as Lundquist would take them (albeit built better than us), but decided you need more high end, young elite talent in today’s NHL.
  18. Caulfueld fell into our lap because of size concerns. Let’s continue to hope for the incompetence in drafting by other team’s so we can get a good player - great strategy. Kinda like anything can happen in the playoffs - let’s hope for the best approach. so we are essentially hoping that lots of teams make the same type of blunder as us, like when we drafted Kostitsyn at #10 in 2003 - which was one of the best drafts ever and passed on the following: - Jeff carter take a at #11 - Dustin Brown taken at #13 -Brent seabrook taken at #14 -Zach Parise taken at #17 - because if size concerns -Ryan Getzlaf the big centre we have been searching for 30 years and #19 -Brent Burns taken at #20 the only teams to make out worse than us in that draft was the horrible Atlanta Thrashers who took Coburn at #8 and equally incompetent Columbus who took The talented, but flaky Zherdev at #4 oh, btw, this draft isn’t nearly as deep as 2003. -
  19. If you can’t see the difference between a guaranteed top ten pick (with a one of the highest chances of #1 overall for a 9th place team ever), in a draft that is supposed to have a very strong top ten and the 15th to the 22nd pick we usually get, there is no further point bothering to discuss his with you. The Rangers who were a ahead of us a in the standings and in a playoff decision decided the hamster wheel of lower picks and not enough high end talent wasn’t worth it anymore and sold off their assets to rebuild - which included a number 1 centre better than anyone we had. Why, because they had tried the overpay for old UFA strategy and being a middling team hoping to get into the playoffs and have their goaltender stand on their head wasn’t a recipe for success in a league that is getting younger. Oh, by the way, the rangers actually had gone further and done better than us in the playoffs and beat us in the playoffs. guess who also just got the 1st overall puck after picking 2nd?
  20. Pretty sure he won’t be in the NHL next year.
  21. I agree. But the way I look at it now, next year we should be starting the season with Suzuki and KK as our top centres. I doubt if that would have happened if we didn’t play as well as we did. I doubt we go any further, but I like the opportunity to see how Suzuki and KK perform when the other team is going to be more aware of them. I just wished we’d also give Poehling a chance over Weise and also play one of the young Dmen over Ouellette.
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