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  1. Sept. 26, Maple Leafs vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    For Petry??? Marijuana isn’t legal for another few weeks!
  2. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I can see gainey wanting him since Tinordi’s dad played for him. Having said that i don’t like the big emphasis on NCAA path players. We haven’t been burned yet, but unless you are getting a can’t miss elite player, I don’t like the risk of a guy who is Probably going to be in college for a years, being drafted, when he can essentially become a UFA if unsigned (like Wheeler).
  3. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I think most viewed him as a lousy pick in the first round when he was drafted. What’s comical is that a few weeks ago, MB was still saying that he seee’s McCarron as a big part of this team’s future. Scherbak on the other hand is at least a skilled guy, who hopefully will put it together. i also think part of the contributor to so many first round picks being busts is the lousy player development by the habs management and keeping a bum like Lefebve for so long as the coach of the AHL team.
  4. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    What I have to laugh at is before training camp, MB saying that McCarron is a big part of the habs future. That’s right up there with they we have a better defence line after signing Alzner last year.
  5. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Only if PACs and Galchenyuk are injured.
  6. digging through the dirt

    Moot point. do see the attitude man even wanting Markov back?
  7. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Beat them in the scoreboard??? That’s not the #attitude Bergevin is looking for. You only have to look at his acquisitions of Ott, Shaw, Alzner, Martinsen, Davidson, Deslauriers in favour of more skilled players to figure out the attitude he wants.
  8. Injury news

    Yes, I’m sure Emelin loves having a steel plate in his face - probably requested one even though it wasn’t needed so he wouldn’t have to fight 🙄
  9. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    The Apple didn’t fall to far from the tree.
  10. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    In college
  11. Could our lineup look like this

    Except that right now it seems the most injury prone guy now who missed half of last year and is going to miss half of this year is probably the biggest regular roster player in the team. Our big goalie also has been pretty injury prone the last few years.
  12. No. Domi is worth less than galchenyuk. I don’t need to drive a fiat to know it’s not as good as a Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio. i wouldn’t trade a corvette for an impala either.
  13. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    If you’re the oilers and if you’re not in his no trade list, you make the deal and have until the start of the season to get under the cap. Move nugent Hopkins - doesn’t have to be to the Sens- though they could also use him. I like klefboms contract, but move him if need be. Offer a team with room (Montreal?) high picks and prospects to take on some of the idiot deals he signed like that orangutan Lucic. Karlsson would have filled their biggest needs. This is like MB doing squat to fill the hole at centre.
  14. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    On another note, how and why the hell didn’t Edmonton offer more??? Sure Karlsson may not like Edmonton and you lose him for nothing, but hell, if I’m Chiarelli I’d gamble on Karlsson falling in love with playing with McDavid, more than hating the Edmonton weather.
  15. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    With the whole Montreal - thou shall have a French GM and coach rule, it’s ironic because that the two worst GM’s are French. Maybe a reason to rethink this rule?
  16. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Or move them to Quebec. I’d rather see the next nordiques start out with this sorry bunch than a Vegas type expansion team.
  17. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    MB and Dorion are doing all they can to make the west stronger - while sinking into a deeper abyss themselves. MB: sends Pacs to the knights, Galchenyuk to the desert dogs, Subban to the preds, while Dorion in one trade made the Avs and Preds stronger last year, allowed the sharks to get an extra/better pick in the Hoffman deal and than makes another deal to make the sharks defence arguably better, or as good as the preds.
  18. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    No, PACs had to be traded because of what MB turned the team into. It’s kust sad the habs squandered a dam good core that should be in its prime because of utter incompetence and stupidity.
  19. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Montreal has now traded away all 3 arguably franchise making players from one draft - probably their best draft since the 80’s. McDonough, Subban and Pacioretty. Good teams don’t make stupid mistakes like that. These three along with Price should have been part of a contending core while still in their prime today. Now 11 years later we are rebuilding pretty much from scratch - despite the narrative that that idiot Bergevin wants to spin.
  20. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    If that’s the case, let’s name Bergevin as the captain!
  21. Because by the time (or if this team), is in a position to contend again, you int want to be wasting cap space on an over the hill dman when you need to lock up your young players long term. when he comes back from injury he should be able to bring major assets back. By the time they are ready I contend he will be useless to us and untradeable.
  22. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Who created the drama situation to begin with? Read the articles about the habs trying to “plant” PACs making trade requests.
  23. Except when Price is the one factor that prevents us from getting a guy like Hughes. the issue with teams like Edmonton or buffalo after they draft their studs is they trade for a has been or roll the dice goalie. Idiots like Chiarelli was more focused on adding toughness and over-paying for Lucic and dmen that were bottom pairing guys rather than trading for an established gialie. Or making Bergevin type culture trades by moving a future Hart winner. On the flip side, the hawks, shore off the offence and defence and won without having a stud in net and didn’t develop Crawford until after they were already an elite team.
  24. Both should have been moved before galchenyuk and I’m betting both will probably request trades in the near future.