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  1. You make the deal when you can get the best return. This deadline seemed like the old days where teams were willing to give stupid returns.
  2. Because they aren’t going to make the playoffs next year. They aren’t going to leapfrog the bruins or lightening. Can’t see them being better than the leafs or panthers either. I had them as 5th in the Atlantic at best this year and don’t see them being any different next year.
  3. So was not moving Petry and Tatar in a year where teams were overpaying for marginal players.
  4. Players don’t snd either do coaches trying to keep their jobs. But management can make moves to finish lower - such as trading Petry and Tatar, of keeping KK and Poehling in Laval fir the rest of the season- much like the leafs did for Mathews. th me big question for you is this, do you so this lineup being a SERIOUS playoff team next year - not a bubble team, if the answer is yes, you hang on to Tatar and Petry, if no you I’ve then and absorb half their salery to drive up their value more. if you don’t see this team being a serious contender for the next three years, you also don’t hold onto Price and Weber past this draft. i know where I sit, I don’t see us getting more points next year than TBL, BOS, TOR and FLA for sure, may even finish lower than BUF depending on what they do. But at best I see as 5th in our division. We need to build a new core - Suzuki looks like he will be part of that and the hope is that at a minimum, KK, Canfield and romonov hopefully will be in three years. Until than we should be maximizing high draft picks and high end prospects and using our cap room to do so. Enough with having a team of depth grunts and players with some tools, but no tool box.
  5. I’m. Not a fair weather fan. Been a habs fan all my life. But will not blindly wave Pom poms at stupidity, incompetence and Mia-management that we’ve had to endure for over 25 years. i do enjoy watching ovechkin, because like I said, he is the exact type of player that should be on the habs and is probably the closest to a rocket Richard player the nhl has had.
  6. If I told my boss at work that well need to be lucky to succeed, I’d be shown the door immediately. Some of his comments is where I have issues with the way stats are used today saying their is no statistical difference between a player drafted at 26 and 42 becoming an NHL player ignores what role the player is playing. Is he a 1st/2nd liner or 4th line scrub???? i want more quality over quantity. Timmons has drafted a lot of NHL players, but very few truly elite players and outside of the one big draft (maxpac, Subban) draft has been pretty damn mediocre. pqrt of this is on player development, but part of it is having either hard working plugs, skilled guys with little hockey sense, or guys with good hockey sense, but limited skills, and I don’t even know how to classsify the McCarron pick, other than. Idiotic. the caps have done a great job with late 1st round and second round pick, selecting elite players, ditto with TBL, ditto with the bruins. But with MB all I’ve heard for 7 years how hard it is and now how lucky he has to be at the roulette wheel.
  7. The hope, wish, dream, prayer may be to win a cup, but I don’t see a clear vision or plan how to get there. I don’t see a team that will be any better than 5th in the Atlantic next year.
  8. You enjoy watching the habs miss the playoffs again and listen to more excuses on why they didn’t make it AGAIN, I’m not shocked at all.
  9. Only joy I get from hockey these days is seeing ovechkin play. Love his enthusiasm, skill, physicality hickey players gap tooth grin and love of scoring goals. He seems like a player that was born to carry the torch in Montreal. It’s too bad he is in a hum dum hockey market. Glad he got his cup. Hope he wins another one with Kovalchuk - and I’m someone who has never cheered for any team other than the habs to win the cup - cheered against teams (bruins, leafs, flames, Philly)., but not actually hoped another team would win.
  10. I don’t look at the approach with kids as commitment to youth. It was hoping they were ready and only Suzuki was. Even with injuries, I’d preferred career minor leaguers up than struggling prospects. Let them dominate at the AHL level. Evans is the only one who looked like he belonged when called up. i look at this deadline and some of the players that commanded 1st round picks and i see wasted opportunity. It’s been a long time that GM’s were this stupid at the trade deadline and while there is. No hurry to move Petry and Tatar at the deadline, the prices being paid made it seem like they should have been. problem is that MB thinks he has a playoff team that was just unlucky and injured and whose star goalie played like a weak backup for most of the season. Reality is that while price shouldn’t be as bad next year as he was now, even healthy, the habs don’t stack up to the other teams in the Atlantic division - let alone the eastern conference. Boston and Tampa are clearly superior. Florida has way more talent and should be better. If the leafs aren’t better next year, Dubas will be fired for cap mismanagement and being as dumb as MB when it comes to backup goaltending. Hell, if they don’t make the playoffs it would not surprise me to see him fired this year (unlike MB who seems to have more lives than a cat). just looking at our division and conference I can’t see the team being a serious contender in the next 2 to 3 years. After that price and Weber are nothing more than decking assets and salary cap anchors. ottawa has three first rounders - with at least two lottery picks. MB should have moved Petry and Tatar. i know there are a lot of UFA goalies available, but they don’t have the aura of price. MB should be going to price and saying if you want win, give. Me a list of teams, Bcoz it ain’t happening here. the Avs and flames are potentially great fits. Tatar and Petry should be moved before the draft. Offer to take on half of their cap hits to increase the return. this tram is not ready and needs infusion of more elite prospects - not just a lot of good bhl prospects that are bottom line or bottom 6 and bottom pairing dman and depth dmen. Only potential elite young prospects I see are are in order of progression and potential are 1st tier Suzuki, KK, Romanov, and 2nd tier in Poehling, Brooke, fleury., third tier Evans and a bunch of others. We need an infusion of more 1st tier prospects and a better plan to develop them and not force them into the league before they are ready. Id like to see a Tatar, Petry, price and potentially Weber moved. We need to blow it up. For veteran help if Kovalchuk doesn’t have better sitters sign him as a mentor to Romanov and veteran presence. but let’s get serious, we are not going to be a playoff team next year and should have a plan to make moves accordingly to get us to being an elite team. after a sting start, I think the habs were one of the biggest losers at the deadline.
  11. I’d rather have their quality of picks than our quantity.
  12. I’m hoping we move him now or at the draft - just as long as bergevin doesn’t get fleeced the way Houle did.
  13. According to kovulchuck it sounds like there were better offer from other teams. Unless we are definitely gong to make a big push to resign him and know there is serious interest in returning on kovulchuck’s part, we should be going for the best available offer. The quote above suggests better offers than BOS/WASH were available.
  14. Given the return for Pageau, we should be moving Petry and Tatar. It looks like GM’s have gone back to the old deadline/free agency days stupidity mode.
  15. He’s only selectively nice, usually he’s a prick. Remember that if you want loyalty get a dog comment.
  16. If there is a strong intention of trying to resign him and a general interest on his part to return, it’s a good move, otherwise we should be going for the highest possible return. It’s not like he’s a long tenured player with us, that we owe anything to.
  17. I think it’s a great trade for the canes, unless trocheck is seriously in long term in decline mode because of his injury.
  18. Of discount the non complete seasons. Don’t allow for usual slumps. And he’ll, Koivu was either leading the league or close to it the first time he blew out his knee. Had that injury not happened, who knows what may have been. But than again, if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.
  19. I’m over sees right now - buy will love too hear the Toronto taking heads right now
  20. So he Should he the goalie carrying his team the highest paid goalie in the league or The guy in Winnipeg?
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