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  1. Are any of you international fans able to recommend a good website where I can order good quality Habs merchandise?
  2. Giovanni - I had friends who travelled to Benfica for the game and had an awesome time in your city and at your stadium (they loved the eagle before the match!). They keep in touch with a hardcore group of Benfica fans who came to Anfield for the return leg. Tokyo- Much love to the hoops, but I would say that...being Catholic and of Irish ancestery Anyway, sorry for hijacking the thread. No idea where you would start with the poll G. What website do NHL fans worldwide visit? nhl.com is the only one i reckon.
  3. I think you will find that the vitriole directed at the Leafs is also mirrored outside of Canada. I am Australian (but living in the UK at the moment) and only know one or two Leafs fans. The reason for this (i believe) is because they are the butt of all jokes and, if you do not live in Canada where Leafs Nation rules the press and tv coverage, then Toronto is just another team that will not win the Cup this season. So, if you had no ties to Toronto and did not live in Canada, why would you subject yourself to it? Ok so that may not be entirely true as there a few around but they, by far, receive the most abuse. I ask my Maple Queef friends why they do it almost daily Oh and Giovanni, I was at Anfield when your Benfica knocked my Liverpool out of the European Cup in 2006 :nono: I have never forgiven you since
  4. I am not sure what the capacity of the Millenium Dome is for the NHL. I have tickets to both nights but they are in the mid level price range. Major rip off with the prices, plus booking fees but I guess they know there are enough starving NHL fans here to sell out no matter what.
  5. Thanks mate. Now, how do I sort a couple of tickets if I was planning to come over later this year?
  6. Aussieposse, Still looking for people to contribute? I am Australian too and can put a few lines together about making my own hockey stick, net and skating around our barn like a madman in 40 degree heat. What a saddo
  7. Chelsea are not interested being profitable, despite what Kenyon keeps saying. It is true that Manure have capitalised on their dominance of the 90's financially - some would say they peaked at the perfect time with all the money coming in to football with Sky and the like. Profitable does not mean the biggest club though. Then again, being a Liverpool man and an Anfield regular, I would say that
  8. B) That would be me. An Australian, living in the UK for a bit and a long time Habs fan.
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