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  1. That is total sh*t. Anyone got tickets online?
  2. Exacty my opinion. Opposing coaches will have headaches because we'll have 3 good offensive lines and a very, very potent 4th. Image the energy line composed of Laps, Begin & Laraque!
  3. Ce sera tellement la bonne solution. McGuire est tellement meilleure que Pierre Houde pour la description! Et Dubé clanche tous les autres analystes
  4. Disons que ça s'améliore. Je ne pense pas qu'ils vont rejoindre ce que R-C était ou même ce que CBC est, mais ils sont sur la bonne voie.
  5. Je suis surpris que personne n'en ait parlé sur le forum. Kovalev va jouer dans la télésérie les Boys à Radio-Canada. Il apparaîtra cet automne dans l'épisode 9, avec quelques phrases en français! Le tournage a eu lieu dimanche le 31 août. Vous pouvez aller voir mon blog pour plus de détails : http://yann.lecorff.com/blog/288/alex-kovalev-dans-les-boys
  6. Didn't Carbonneau said something negative about player that join a team after the season has begun? Something about that kind of player never helped a team win the cup? I think that by saying that he'll decide after the season has begun, Sundin closed the Montreal door. I think that in light of Carbo and Pierre Boivin comments, the team won't wait after the season has started and will go for plan B from now on.
  7. I've read that Tender lost some weight too. 20-25 pounds for Price is not that much, because they say he was a little fat... It is Rollie that asked his to loose some fat! Imagine, he'll be even faster!
  8. C'est clair que le # doit être retiré! Ça a été "the face of the franchise" pendant 10 ans, avec deux coupes Stanley! Deux coupes ce n'est pas tant que ça si on compare aux autres grand de l'histoire du CH, mais si on tient compte de l'époque, ce sont les deux seules coupes du dernier quart de siècle!!
  9. In fact one pound of lean mass (muscle) gain per week is enormous. You have to be on illegal stuff or a 15 years old adolescent to gain taht much muscle. Seriously. Studies show that a grown men who trains hard and have an exemplary diet can hope to gain half a pound of muscle per week at best. So 16 pounds in the summer can leads to doubts. And pastas are mainly carbohydrates, which are avoided by informed strenght training athletes! Healty fats and proteins are key to muscle building.
  10. Je suis d'accord que c'est un move latéral... Dave Morissette aurait été drôle on aurait eu des commentaires spontanés assez tranchants hehe
  11. Well, that is exactly what Lapierre said recently; other players fear Laraque and will be more cautious when playing against the habs. I quite agree with that opinion. If a player chashes the net too much he WILL be on the ice with George later if Carbo decides so. Bonneau can't play at an NHL level. He was not even called up last year when we had no enforcer... I think that bob would have let him go anyways, Laraque or not.
  12. Enfin du sang neuf! J'étais tellement tané des commentaires sans pertinence et répétitifs d'Yvon... Reste qu'on écoute encore RDS avec dépis. Tellement que quand les matchs sont à CBC je préfère les écouter en anglais
  13. Can't wait to see Serge & André on the same line! One is a great playmaker and the other a more than potent finisher!
  14. Don Wadell was at the Bullogs game sunday afternoon... Who was he scouting? Grabs? D'Agostini? Valentenko? With all the scouting he did on the habs, I'd be surprised if we don't get Hossa, but who will go?
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