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  1. Dec. 27, Habs vs Hurricanes, 7 PM

    I wonder what the excuses are tonite. Waiting for Patch....
  2. GDT Thread Dec 23 - The Fourth Liners vs. McJesus

    This team slowly fading into the abyss... Absolutely everyone has an excuse especially Patch... his comments are starting to become old.
  3. Sabres vs Habs 7: 00 Nov 25 2017

    Let's just hope they don't lose 4-0 and price pulled for whatever reason, then we should expect a press conference on Monday.
  4. Niemi picked up on waivers

    I'm getting a deja vu
  5. Montreal vs Ottawa 7:00pm

    tune to TVA i guess and mute volume
  6. Montreal vs Ottawa 7:00pm

    Huh... how can that happen ?
  7. Jan.26, Bleu Jackets @ Cursed Habs

    OK let's blow it up in the summer This season is in the https://www.flickr.com/photos/63269976@N00/shares/79o95s
  8. Nice run and it looks like they will stay in Tampa for a few rounds of golf.... and Therrien is full of it with his confidence speeches
  9. Feb. 8, Habs vs Bruins, 7:30 PM

    The savior (price that is) looked hurt after that save yesterday as he was favoring his left leg Any news?
  10. Boston vs Montreal 7:30pm

    The chances of Vanek signing here are nearing NIL from day to day.
  11. Feb. 26, Red Wings vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Bouddy in for Price ... P.S Price got injured during Olympics but did not tell anyone , he officializes it during one shot practice ...wonderful
  12. Dec. 31, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    OK so it's the second striaght awful officiating game with habs ? with a 2 loses to boot. I smell a pattern moving forward. I understand they are human but they do their best to be the worst.