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  1. I hate all of the refs in that game. Thanks for ruining our season! Horrible bullcrap calls. 67' Leafs Kiss my @$$!!
  2. Inside i am crying, i cannot take this loss! man man oh man
  3. Take a pill son! Carbo, where did he screw up. Koivu get 3 assists. Kovalev may as well put on a leaf jersey for his pis effort. Carbo didn't screw up tonight, Huet is overated , he played like a lifeguard trying to stop a beachball. Horrible... cmon if it were not for Higgs and ryder this could have been a Manslaughter 6-0 loss. I'm so pissed. The refs I blame for their garbage. That's the only reason Toronto won. If that Jackson ever refs a habs game again, I will not watch. What a joke. Go Isles Go!
  4. YES YEAH HELL YEAH!!! 5-4 after two! Plz hold on boys! :ghg: p.s This could be the greatest 100th post in HW history lol
  5. We all know that Niinimaa is scratched for the big game, and Perezhogin is on top line with Koivu and Ryder, with Streit going to play Defence. But I think this is a bad move by Carbo, Perez is rusty along with Huet, people say this may give the other Habs more spark but I disagree. Anyways... Who would you guys like to rather see play tonight (If you had the choice)? :ghg:
  6. True, no whe is the leader.... but many HW members had mentioned this would be a very defensive style hockey game. Kovalev dosen't bring that to the table. I still go with Huet. Thanks for the votes guys... lets try to oget 92 :ghg:
  7. You make 'em great to spidey! Thanks to both of you guys. :ghg: LoL. Just hearing "Habs out Leafs in gives me goosebumps" Please win boys! :ghg:
  8. Since when are there fans from other teams on habsworld?
  9. Thanks for all votes so far... So far Saku is the predicted hero, but I expect more votes come gametime.
  10. Do you expect this game to become rough... like the last couple of habs vs leafs games? Or will it be a risk-free defensive game? Or a fastpaced exciting game with many goals? :ghg:
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