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  1. I love the seat tribute! I cant believe how much someone I never met has had such an impact on me directly, even more so today. He inspires you as a habs fan that, class and sportsmanship are truly above records and stats. RIP #4
  2. Farewell my habs world friends, this sport is too corrupted to watch anymore. So dis heartening.
  3. The nhl badly needs challenges. The officiating has been completely pathetic this series yet again. I'm getting sick of saying that.
  4. This is one of the worst officiated games i've ever seen in my life.
  5. It seemed like we were killing penalties all period leading to the unbalanced ice time.
  6. pathetic officiating so far. Dictionary definition of a double standard .
  7. I got the same sickening feeling yesterday seeing Eller laying face down motionless as I did with the patches hit from Chara. I think either hitting needs to be completely tamed or full cages need to be worn by players. One day some poor player is not gonna get up. Sorry if people don't agree, but fighting and big hits need to be taken out of the game. Other wise the "hockey play" excuse will always be there. What happened to Crosby is what you call a hockey play gone bad, and still it is hard to watch. Anyways Go habs Go...........Lets get one for Larry! Price doesn't have to be great, ju
  8. Maybe for whatever reason the Cole trade messed with Price's head a bit, not saying its a excuse. It's more of a observation, as that is when his game slipped a bit.
  9. I'll make the obvious pick and say patches gets goal 20,000. Although Markov deserves it.
  10. A game like this is acceptable considering they just won 5 straight.
  11. Most annoying is definitely the leaf lovers on sportsnet O. Everything they do is "HOLY MACKINAW"
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