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  1. All of the sudden, I feel like I am back in 90's.... I was so happy when Gainey came and we started to get out of rebuilding mode... Darn it - it is hard to be Habs fan
  2. Yes, the link leads to the site that was reported for attacks and spreading viruses/malware... Don't open!
  3. Thank you very much for all your advices, guys! I am really looking forward to it - I am sure it is going to be a great experience for me! I have been wanting to visit Montreal for so long and there is always one thing or another. But it seems like finally it is going to happen. My wife is looking forward to it as well - she has been in 30+ countries and loves Europe - her friends told her that visiting Montreal it is like been in Europe so she is all for that!
  4. Don't know yhet - we are trying to figure out where we are staying. I, probably, would know better in 2-3 days.
  5. Thank you very much! That sounds like something we would be interested in (don't know about sh*tload of money, though
  6. I think I might be able to wantch the whole game tonight on internet (if Center Ice would not screw me up) - very excited ! Go Habs Go !!!
  7. Hi Guys, Question for those of you who live in Montreal. My wife got us a trip to Montreal and tickets to the game (Jan 5 vs. Capitals) for my birthday. I have never been in Montreal and very excited to see the game at the Bell Center. Since we are there for a weekend I though it would be nice to take her out. Could you, guys, advice any good restaurants in downtown - she is kind of ethnic food person but would not eat seafood. Thank you in advance !
  8. It might not be a greatest idea but, on the other hand, it will give other people a chance to see NHL teams - I lived in Russia for 27 years and never had a chance...
  9. Hi guys, According to Russian newspapers Sport Express NHL and IIHF reached the agreement to create new tournament. It is called Victoria Cup. Sport Express says that the first team to play in it will be Montreal Canadiens taking on European Leages Champion. They say it will be in fall of 2008. I will try to get some details on that later on. Here is the link in Russian but Sport Express has English version as well (switch is in right top corner) http://www.sport-express.ru/art.shtml?138636 Here s the English language link http://english.sport-express.ru/summary/1_1279/
  10. Hi Guys, Probably should have started new thread, but... Found Russian website devoted to Kovalev. It seems like they post all his interviews to Russian newspapers and other stuff. It also has a "translate to English" option which might come handy. Here is the address (I don't know how to put the link in yet :?- ): http://kovalev27.ru/news.html
  11. In a way, it is sad to see him go - I liked the guy. But it might be better for him to play couple of years in Russia and get hungry for playing in NHL again (if we keep his right).
  12. I'd be happy to translate what I can (especially if it is an article about Stanley Cup Parade) As for Kovalev's rumors - they don't really have anything about him lately. Plus, he is too popular for what he was and is doing to help kids hockey (during the lockout he was flying his plane from town to town with equipment he had bought and was giving it out to hockey schools in need, you know...).
  13. Sport Express is usually O.K. They normally don't write things they are not sure about. But, I guess, you ever know...
  14. Thank you for warm welcome. I hope it is not true as well - maybe it is just to negotiate better contract. But, that is what I read. Sorry !
  15. Hi Guys, I am new here (I have been reading forums for a while, though) - never signed up but finally decided to do that. I am originally from Russia (although I live in the US), so I read Russian sport media quite often. I was reading Sport Express today and they are saying that Perezhogin signed in Russia. Seems like and old news, right? Well, they are saying he signed with Salavat Yulaev and not Avangard like everybody was saying before. According to them, he originally committed to Avangard but at the end signed with Salavat Yulaev from Ufa. I can provide link but is going to be in Russian. Just though you might wanna know.
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