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  1. Bergevin......

    And why I always maintained ..leadership starts from top down and starts by respecting the tradition of players that come by once in a decade or longer..and honour their loyalty and commitment. MB shows his true colours.. He was quoted on Radulov " ...loyalty you only get from your dog...and no loyalty shown.." Well he turns around and roles reversed on Markov. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/report-andrei-markov-felt-disrespected-canadiens-bergevin/ Perhaps this is in back on current minds of the team or potential future members. But from top down.. 1. Molson should step down as President and appoint a hockey / or career sports executive ( Toronto, Chicago, and so forth .) Not many owners are also Presidents of their team. 2. Bergevin has lost all respect and integrity on this. And the tipping point of the fortunes of this team.. He will trade #27 for depth players I am sure and his so called more " Character " He should lead by example and he himself should show " Character " in this case how he treated or perceived to treat Markov, a Career habs.
  2. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    http://www.tsn.ca/habs-sign-d-streit-to-one-year-deal-1.813160 Enough said.. UNBELIEVABLE Markov should just go out and say back to BERGEVIN " if you want loyalty go and got a dog " wow What is happening to this organization. You take care of your own backyard and leadership is from top down. For the first time in my life ..I am saying I have more confidence in the Maple leafs leadership group than the HABS clowns.. Wow I didn't think I could ever say that. Just mind blowing how far down this team has come. A simple class act of reciprocation to sign Markov.. Wow
  3. I have lot to say on this, and you hit them all to topic! Thank you. Here is one that has been on my mind and I had read long ago, I finally found the article. In reference to 1 of 5 drafts , now 6 drafts, only 1 centre taken...in the top 2 rounds... Bergevin is 2 months in GM role, but if he had his way and not let his scouts decide, he would NOT have picked that centre .. "....Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin hinted to an audience at the PrimeTime Sports Management Conference , that if it would have been up to him, he would have drafted Rielly third overall that year. Or, if Ryan Murray had been available (he went second to Columbus), it would have been him...." Here is the full article...: https://www.thestar.com/sports/breakaway_blog/2014/11/habs_considered_taking_morgan_rielly_at_third_overall_in_2012.html Perhaps that is issue he is regretting it since and taking it out on Alex Galchenyuk.. It all starts from top download his reactionary decisions are far from proactive! More later... but this has always bugged me and finally found the quote. Take it for what it is worth!
  4. 2016-17 NHL Season Thread

    ....continued.. As you continue reading the article..few things start showing up, nor by coincidence , that was one of shortcomings of HABS. don't get me wrong, Weber is an excellent player.. But for this team at this moment and going forward, we all know the trade doesn't work for the Habs, they way at least the team is structured... "......The interesting thing to note is that Subban doesn’t seem reliant on playing with any one individual forward. If you follow the red bars – the numbers that indicate Subban’s performance away from a given forward – you’ll notice that they are incredibly close to around 55 per cent of the shot share, which is dominant...." By TSN Yost
  5. 2016-17 NHL Season Thread

    On other NHL news: http://www.tsn.ca/talent/p-k-has-helped-push-the-preds-to-new-heights-1.742579 Hmmmm..debated whether to put this post on here or " Fire Bergevin thread" ".....Subban takes the skating and distribution game to another level. This postseason, just about every regular forward he plays with is seeing significant upticks in his performance metrics. This has been a consistent theme throughout Subban’s career (and is generally true for most high-end first-pairing guys) – regular teammates, be it forwards or defenders, benefit from playing with this type of talent...." As evidence is now coming forward. HABS get slower on Defence as they trade PK..and Nashville gets faster. MB is " old school" ..new world of NHL hockey..size doesn't matter is the player with size is slow and not skilled .. But Size does matter if there is skill, speed and size ( GETZLAFF) Now if Nashville wins the CUP.. And PK is the conn smythe winner.. This post gets moved to " Fire Bergevin thread " Point here is not the trade, but how successful teams are built.. 1. Young and fast 2. Full forward transition The winning team this year will have that. Unfortunately, we are to far away from that reality. Where other teams promote their young players..we keep them in the AHL .. OR worse yet Trade them..( fear the worst that MB will trade Galchenyuk ..for another 30 something past his prime player..) MB is failing that he reacts.. Instead of being proactive. Weber would be an excellent trade ..if that was the missing piece to take team over top. I said that at the trade time. But on this team, NOPE..as there are too many other missing pieces. Instead he brings OTT and company..ols players from another generation and brand of Hockey. the final 4 this year..will have YOUTH, SPEED, TRANSITION..with GOOD goaltending. Great goaltending with lack of the other elements will not cut it anymore. Habs are a long way from Final 4. Competitive and top third of league yes. Win a round or 2 yes. Top 8 yes. Top 4 ..no
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Also read that MB wasn't willing to spend more on him and regardless Shipachyov as per reports has no interest in coming to Montreal. Curious how the sentiment changed from a year ago.!
  7. Finally in last 2 minutes #27 is there with Pacs and Radulov..and on the tying goal. Can Julien finally stop the BS. There is still OT. And must win . But certain players have to go off this lineup for game 3. Let's get this windward salvage something..
  8. 20 minutes left in the season for this team.. Before the playoffs for the first time since hockey pools started to my I didn't choose any habs. Absolutely guts me out since being a lifelong fan. The other team I didn't choose any players was St Louis. Reasons: 1. Montreal and St Louis are the only 2 teams in playoffs that don't have one single C over 50 points. 2. Danault..as your first line centre simply won't make you a contender ( awesome 3 Rd line C with a contender) 3. Shaw at C ? 4. The only player that is a C and avg per points total to get over 50 pts plus.. Is on 4 th line winger 5. Bergeron goes and year after year guts slow , 4th liners well documented everywhere. He over pays in contract and in trade ( Shaw...etc...) 6. I stated on Weber. Great on winning teams with great players. On a contending team that would take team over top to win it all. It's not in MTL 7. Not playing young players with skill or limiting them or buried in the AHL. Look around the league and the young players all around ( granted they are high picks with teams that have been basement dwellers for years .) But they found a sound team to bring pieces together.. KEY " BEST" regardless of their ethnicities.. ( no need to state which teams. Here..obvious ) 8. World has changed.. One has to go with philosophy of going with best possible team in management and coaching. So what happens Julien gets fired and Vigneault gets rehired .. Its a vicious circle recycle all because of have to being French speaking. So MB gets fired.. Who they go get : Carbonneau..get my point? 9. This team is reactive. Pacs, et al.. Look lost and confused. After the second goal. Cameras zoomed in on Price. His eyes said it all. I see it that he lost something.. Like he knows this team isn't good enough Now what: Trade more draft picks for Shaw type players and Lose opportunity to get the top OHL scorer that habs could have drafted? Shaw worked in Chicago because they had Kane and Toews and all. Weber works in National team for same reason. They take a team over the top that already have the high end talent. This team doesn't. You are only as strong as your middle.. DANAULT PLEKANEC SHAW OTT Doesn't cut it. Not even close. This team is on a downward spiral in few years they will be the basement dwellers. Ditch the got to have French speaking requisite to coach / manage team. It they do and are the best qualified. Great if not. Pick the best And rebuild and start to regroup. Or else this team will be ” pretend contenders ) finishing in the 5 to 12 spot. Perhaps win a round and make playoffs most of the time. If in today's hockey works. It's a business..fine.. But you need strong scouts..management and build . Take a look at the trades in past this team has made..many used to be high draft picks or some sort of pedigree. But have underachieved. I can list the names during off season on this topic. Well let's hope for the so called comebacks from the regular season where they led the league in comebacks. Perhaps they can tie it up. Hoping the do. But the issues are there.. Let's pull for the win..20 minutes to go
  9. Well after last night game. No wins in regulation time in February. And going back 41 games to end of November.. A quick glance shows about 11 regulations games in half a season equivalent. Despite all the injuries in that time period, and compact schedule is not a sign of a top end contender. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/teams/montreal-canadiens/scores/ Any trade in the next few days will be a short term solution that may solidify a playoff spot, and perhaps an added series win. But I can't see more than that. So if it adds dollars to overall profitability of the club. Sure. But at expense of future futility in few years in the 2020's An overall Long term strategy is best option always. Now, if we were one player away from being a TOP 4 contender ( serious semifinal team ) YES..all in. But this team is far from that unfortunately despite having a few solid key pieces to contend. You are only as strong as your weakest link. And there is a few .
  10. Injury news

    Radulov played a little at Centre in Junior and also KHL but otherwise always a winger. Found a slower motion video of injury posted on Twitter: In slow motion.. Right knee..LCL ..does buckle ..NOT going to speculate now. Hoping for the best..fingers crossed..but hmmmm..wish it's short term. I do have lots of knee injury experience.. And I know what I am seeing here unfortunately.. At best it's a Strain/ Sprain..or little worse LCL and buckles to MCL second degree with some cartilage tear..still 2 to 3 months in average cases. But on this video it's not via observation an ACL at all..just by experience in these knee injuries for 25 plus years. His leg wasn't planted and didn't totally buckle backwards..which would be an ACL if that was the case. ITS NOT THE CASE HERE..so that's the good news I am guessing. Typically there isn't much pain. When I tore my ACL ..no pain..did have some pain with cartilage tear and MCL another time.. And I personally see athletes with discomfort but not severe pain like a sprain or break. Well..its part of the game and today's advancements in medical surgery and recoveries regardless of severity he should be well recovered? Just needs time to heal and get back..in any event. Video is hard to judge and angles can be deceptive. I am giving speculation and an educated guess ONLY FYI
  11. Injury news

    I edited and added the video. trying to be optimistic. i have had lots of experience with sport knee injuries and my own torn ACL surgery. the only positive from the replay is that there was no resistance. he quickly moved it up. if it had stayed planted or buckled thats an early sign of an ACL torn. but its not right angle and an educated guess on my part. very least he is out into New Year correct... and now the team has the worst middle in the league..... hmmm radulov moves there?
  12. Injury news

    His Junior ACL surgery was his LEFT knee. From the replay it appears this was his RIGHT knee though..but hard to tell from the angle of the video.. In any event.. There is probably swelling and needs to be Re examined when back in Montreal. He is out indefinitely at this stage. I suspect it's not an ACL but possibly a strain or some cartilage.. But he will probably be out for rest of December. But that is just an educated guess. Obviously can be less or worst case lots more in case of ACL Here is a link showing the injury: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/alex-galchenyuk-leaves-game-injury-will-not-return/ at the start and again at the 30 second mark. the commentator mentions a left leg injury but collision was right leg/knee The fact it gave way without resistance tells me early that not necessarily an ACL tear. but sure looks like a strain/sprain and cartilage issue. all this plus the team being very quite and stating out imdefinelty plus more evalaution by team doctor is not a good sign... i am guessing its not an ACL..but still serious enough to be out until New Year
  13. Subban traded to Nashville

    I am saying that unless MT and coaching staff change their strategy in the transition game and how quickly to move out of their own end, this team won't make the playoffs. They relied soo heavily on the 25 minutes PK gave them..Sure he would make mistakes..but given the frequency of times he moved the puck and transitioned from D to FWD..this helped greatly in their possession game. something WEBER seriously lacks..and he was left severely exposed during the SJ series.. And perhaps is the early signs of things to come as the game is changing and as it bares the results with Penguins winning the Cup. Well lets see how he does during WC with an all star cast surrounding him. Last 3 years Habs assist Leaders I believe ( I haven't totalled the numbers..but I am sure: Subban has been number 1 Markov 2 Plekanec 3 The whole premise has been the quick transition and counter and neutral zone play that MT utilizes. Now his most valuable peace of the puzzle will be missing That's 25 to 27 minutes a game that Weber slides into..where this is not his asset and skillset. Weber is a shut down.front of net clearance guy.. Now the team has to rely on Beaulieu and Barberio..? Unproven and inconsistent I am not confident that MT can change his strategy.. If he indeed has one With PK and additions of Radulov ..this team I would be more confident in.. But I can't see it with the loss of PK and much lesser extent of ELLER..which in my opinion was underrated and taken for granted.. And excellent 3rd line C ..who did well in transition and neutral zone play.. Shaw got overpaid and team paid too much in giving up 2 2nd picks. For a contender he may be the missing piece to..but not on this team.. Petry healthy helps a little But overall still think this team regressed. I SURE HOPE I AM WRONG! Perhaps MT will surprise us with a whole new approach based on his new additions but I am not holding my breath.. Losing 25 minutes of a higher paced D for a slower plundering D..with a boom of a shot.. On THIS TEAM .imho..doesnt work with this coaching staff that has a hard time adjusting their game plan.. Maybe Muller will surprise us..I hope so..normally I am very optimistic.. But so far not in this situation. Too bad MB didn't realize..the " Best trades are does you DONT MAKE" Best..here is hoping this team surprises us all!
  14. Subban traded to Nashville

    Without getting emotional and who is better or worse. It's obvious Montreal lost this trade. Now what is done is done. Question how is coaching staff going to address: 1. Transition game or lack of one? 2. A slower and older defense More time will be on the Habs end of ice.. Price stats will regressive can't do it all.. The offence will decrease..as the puck won't move up to them as quick. So what is MT and staff and MB going to change strategy to compensate this visible regression in their game.? Right now this isn't a playoff team again... Unless a change of strategy is implemented.. I can't see this team making playoffs..even with Price healthy
  15. Subban traded to Nashville

    CC THANK YOU!!!!!!