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  1. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    First practice, KK on wing . https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/platform/amp/latest-news/2019/4/1/18290574/canadiens-lines-at-practice-jesperi-kotkaniemi-moved-to-wing-montreal-tampa-bay-oh-no-not-again
  2. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    It's simply stating in today's world we tend to " pamper ", it's not an overreaction, but simply stating all players and people deal with adversity, and stress, and exhaustion, champions and leaders dig deep , and go beyond... How can a player or person learn when they are taken away from such situations, regardless if it's being tired.. Just being on bench, and feel the intensity and isolate the athlete to be in position to succeed is experience mentally and " feel " that is worthy if the athlete has the inner fabric and is wired to succeed, better than watching from " the press box " and be simply a spectator instead of a participating spectator and isolated role, if he is fatigued ( mentally or physically) .. We are assuming, How else do you learn or so to speak " muscle memory" I was on a national team, sport unnamed, but we learned from " muscle fatigue " that over time became muscle memory, we would never have reached that high level if we weren't given to experience it first hand , and by the way I was 17! And grateful I had a coach that did not have me as a " healthy scratch " Best! Champions learn, but without that experience one never attains the height of being a champion!
  3. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    Healthy scratch again! Peca in, KK out https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/jesperi-kotkaniemi-will-healthy-scratch-critical-game-jets/ Carolina Svechnikov is playing, In midst of the pressure of playoff The " if scared of being hit by a car " don't leave the house mentality, leads to this team to miss playoffs, Keep playing the grinders! For team sake , hope Julien looks like a genius here and they win tonight!!!! And this doesn't have KK lose his confidence. To many examples in past that Habs have hampered the development of young players being doing very same things. Learn from your mistakes, gain valuable experience by being in the thick of the situation! Period!
  4. https://www.hobeybaker.com/vote Top 10 will be announced on March 10 to go to next round. Given his performance to date. Lets all vote him into top 10 fan vote 😁 and he would be the top NCAA goalie for the Hobey Baker finalist Just also wins the Beanpot's MVP award and Eberly award for Best Goaltender, after he stopped 59/62 shots through two games last few days. https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2019/2/12/18221175/habs-headlines-primeau-beanpot-mvp-weise-nate-thompson-christian-folin-ann-sophie-bettez-team-canada
  5. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    His article says it all.. total character.. the right type of character this team needs. Without reading into it. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/nhl-max-pacioretty-were-going-to-vegas This team has very little identity left and first time ever..i have been a Habs fan since I was 2 years old. Even when I started kindergarten in Toronto I wore a Montreal jersey. And as an 11 year old in Edmonton. Not wanting to see Oilers win the cup. As I always was hoping was the Canadiens. When the team won in 1986 I gave it to my friends in Edmonton. Always true Montreal fan ever since I can remember. And this being first year I have lost a lot of that passion for the team. Because most important the way this team and MB treats the players that have put in their time and other than Plekanec.. all are put aside and as max on the above article says..looks forward to the enthusiasm and excitement of a new team. The excitement that the Habs should create to foster in their own team. NOW THAT IS CHARACTER MB has no business being the GM of a once CLASS and ICONIC franchise.
  6. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    " Team need " us what MB and this management team and scouts have been directed to search. Obvious by this draft year and all the C And 2017 and the D They are hitting darts at a target hoping that some will be the home run. That maybe so.. If they are lucky. Now few 100km's away.. Check what Toronto and their GM is doing: " NOT team need " BUT elite talent..and in draft choosing best players available. .. https://sports.vice.com/en_ca/article/xwmn7k/kyle-dubas-helps-toronto-maple-leafs-land-star-free-agent-john-tavares-from-islanders Dubas prioritized elite talent over team needs by bringing star free agent John Tavares to Toronto. It sounds simple, but few teams operate this way. "...Not long after Kyle Dubas became general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs in May, he was asked what he was looking for in this year's draft. Defensemen? Forwards? Perhaps a goaltender? What's the game plan? "I like good players," Dubas said. "So we'll try to find those. That'll be priority one."...." That's our rival number priority.. Whereas the Habs search for Team needs.. Well Team needs are always changing ..what can be a team need today isn't tomorrow. IF one chooses best players available. NO Lateral movements ( Subban for Weber.. Domi for Galchenyuk....) MB is being reactive instead of proactive. The world has changed, hockey has changedone has to be progressive. And another bottom five year..and draft lottery and if they are Lucky for 2019 an land Jack Hughes and in 2020 Alex Lafreniere Luckily MB and the Habs are relying on luck , it's like all of us relying on lottery wins. Could happen . . but, I rather choose what is under our control and minimize risk. Pick and trade for best players available, sign FA with elite talent and not positional need to start. Go after the missing piece and needs after you have solid foundation. And today we don't.. Well Price, Weber..... And if he stays Pacoretty..
  7. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Unbelievable!! We are becoming the laughing stock.. Max Domi..36 goals in 222 NHL games at 5'10 LW 23 year old.. For Alex , 24 year old 108 goals in 418 games LW ( watch him be a C in Arizona now )...6'1 with higher skillset.. Another 1 for 1..as MB has his biased and attitude and stubborn ways that will destroy this team! I had saved this article long ago..and this is why MB needs to go as he holds grudges and is stubborn, old school mind set..NO ROOM in today's world and the NHL with Millennial age players! Habs are now in dark ages..simply unbelievable. https://awinninghabit.com/2014/11/17/marc-bergevin-says-wanted-morgan-rielly-alex-galchenyuk-2012-draft/ Montreal Canadiens general manager admitted today ( back in 2014 ) that he wanted to select Morgan Rielly in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, and not Alex Galchenyuk. According to Sportsnet reporter Chris Johnston, Bergevin said he would have taken Rielly with the third overall pick, as a rookie GM, but listened to his veteran scouts and elected to take Galchenyuk with the pick. If you recall, the Habs were coming off a putrid 2011-12 season in which they finished last in the Eastern Conference and 28th overall in the NHL. Due to their awful regular season they were granted the third overall pick in the 2012 draft. Bergevin was hired as the Canadiens general manager that summer, and his first major decision was who to take in the draft. Galchenyuk had been injured with a torn ACL, had knee surgery, and was actually held pointless in just two games in his draft season. Galchenyuk had scored 83 points in 68 games as a 17 year old, but the Habs were taking quite a risk adding a player who missed almost the entire season with a knee injury. It would have been easy for Bergevin to overrule his scouts and go with Rielly, but he had been injured in his draft year as well. Rielly, an offensive minded defenseman, scored 18 points in 18 games that season and added three assists in five postseason games. Rielly was eventually picked fifth overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs, with the Habs of course settling on Galchenyuk. Rielly scored 27 points in 73 games as a rookie last season, while Galchenyuk jumped directly into the NHL in the lockout shortened 2012-13 season, scoring 27 points in 48 games. Rielly is a good young player, and could develop into an excellent offensive defenseman. Had the Canadiens picked him, they would be lucky to have him on their team. However, with young defensemen like Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi, the Habs already have a bright future on the blue line. Considering that Galchenyuk appears to be breaking out offensively this year, with 13 points in 19 games, and an extremely bright future ahead of him, I think Bergevin made the right decision to trust his scouts on this one. ____________________________________________ FAST FORWARD TO TODAY..I guess MB gets his stubborn way..like he did refusing to honour Markov Loyalty, Radulov..and PK and all the " character " he brings in This will go a long way to reaffirm Carey Price will just play out his Contract, you think he went through their motions this past year..cant wait Now for the upcoming season.. Geoff Molson needs to go out and hire Bobby Smith as President ...and let him Fire MB and bring Damphousse as there GM , as a better alternative! Wow, at this time of year toward end of June way back when traded RM for Gomez ( another GM and group) but hilites our years of futility., last year losing Radulov and Markov..now this ..how many more decades without seeing the CUP!!? Unbelievable
  8. 2018 draft thread

    As it appears below top 2 consensus with Dahlin the obvious number 1 and number 2 Svechnikov Zadina, Hughes, Tkachuk... are close according to the recent feedback post Combine. And the more I am looking at it the more I am guessing MB will take Kotkaniemi. Fits what MB pattern has been despite his average skating. He appears mature and according to MB line of character fit his mold to the mark: https://www.nhl.com/video/combine--jesperi-kotkaniemi/t-277350912/c-60521803 I would go for the elite skater in Hughes and that D that is standing out or the best shooter in Zadina. Unless Carolina wants to unite Zadina and pick him number 2. Without a doubt MB has to take SVECHNIKOV. But otherwise the likelihood to my dislike and his track record : 1. Kotkaniemi 2. Tkachuk I would go with D and best skater in Draft in Hughes.
  9. https://awinninghabit.com/2018/04/23/montreal-canadiens-news-congratulations-khl-andrei-markov-2018-gagarin-cup/ Andrei Markov with Ak Bars Kazan wins the championship. All reports shows he logged lot of minutes and key to the underdogs winning. attitude hey? MB was dead wrong here, you do not let Markov and his loyalty and wanting to remain in Montreal go. The exact attitude that is required to continue the Legacy of what is left of this team. Now how ironic if both these defencemen go on to win their respective championship titles ( PK Subban ) Bergevin,..now where is the attitude adjustment ? Is it the team or IS IT YOU MB? Well down Marc and bringing a once storied and class Team , now to its current state. With you at the helm, this team will sink further to an abyss that will take a decades to correct! Will we see this team win again for decades? Hmmm Go on and keep wearing your fancy suits and be proud MB what you have done, or NOT done!! ........
  10. The Market for Max Pacioretty

    In today's NHL and recent past more teams are going this route. With evolution of duties and teams and number of teams. Always Top down management. You are only as strong as your strongest leader. Look at today's business world and evolution away fr " Bricks and Mortar" companies to online " Amazon " etc.. Of the world. What worked in past doesn't work today. Molson has lot of other duties and can still be President or other label.. ( Re: akin to CEO vs Charmain vs President). All serving different functions. President of Hockey Operations would serve strictly on the Hockey end product and its channels. All I am saying. Molson is not a Hockey person trained nor should he be. But he should delegate and him knowing full well should look at such structures. And pass it to this person what to do with MB and analyze from a different point of view with full control and trust. Plus the GM would be accountable to the President Hockey OPs and not to the owner. My thinking , although other candidates Bobby Smith keepers jumping back at me for many reasons but including the tie to him winning the 1986 cup and keeping some b continuity of History back. Him then brining someone like Damphousse serves many functions including a French speaking GM ( which is another topic on its own and something again in today's world isn't as relevant.. But I get it ..( don't go there ) ) In any event.. Max Pacs..is market value... opportunity to fill needs.. Or else DONT trade him.
  11. The Market for Max Pacioretty

    No Dunn or Parayko will NOT be moved. But a starting point. And depends what Blues would be willing to give up.. One of their C prospects, D prospects ( not on their roster) plus a future 1st round ..( as point to negotiate once they say no to a Parayko) Kyrou has initially been a C, but Sarnia last year and most of this year has played as a RW given is strong skating and drive to net and they have enough Centers and lack RW.. In any event.. MB. ... I wouldn't be confident in his ability go be a " mini " version of Sam Pollock....more than likely he pulls his usual short term side way deals.. And keeps going for 4th liners.. Why I alluded to getting a President of Hockey operations ( Bobby Smith as one example ) and let him have full reign on what to do with MB. But back on topic Max Pacioretty.. Market should be significant for contending teams like the Blues and be in position for Montreal to fill lot of their deficiencies. But I do not see MB have that ability to do so unfortunately.
  12. The Market for Max Pacioretty

    MB is stubborn and arrogant to his detriment. We have seen it with examples from PK trade to Radulov to Markov .. The extra cap space has nothing to do with Tavares ( he isn't signing with the Habs...period ) Pacioretty is one option to trade to try to fill needs of this team: 1. Prospect depth ( been a very long time since I have seen these few prospects to be excited about.. That is that one can see a future for this club ) ,2. Defense and Center position . Best market for Max and full market for current position of team is to : Get quality prospects ( risk factor as never guaranteed how they turn out ) PLUS fill the organization need for C and D. As the game was just played vs St Louis, I couldn't help but look at the Blues as prime trade candidate for Montreal... They have depth prospects with ' potential " at Center Position. : 1. Jordan Kyrou Strong skater, with decent size and all round game. ( #2 C potential) 2. Robert Thomas ..skilled but needs to work on his DEF and all round game..like many young skilled players his age. 3. Klim Kostin: highly skilled. Off the charts as close can get ..High risk / reward....MB wouldn't touch him. But represents a gamble to yield a potential number 1 C 4. Tage Thompson: disappointing season but good all round prospect with size. The Blues have 4 solid C prospects the Habs can look at PLUS a DEF: Ideally: and given that Pacioretty has been one of top scorers Last 5 years... 1. Vince Dunn. Young all round , good skater for the new NHL Or size : ( I can't see St Louis trade him buy worth a shot : ) 2. Colton Parayko Or one of their other D prospects.. A Pacioretty trade for as an example with Blues for a Jordan Kyrou, Vince Dunn or a D prospect and a 2019 or 2020 first should be considered ( blues don't have their 2018 first due to Schenn deal ) and blues get their LW for Schenn. An example to follow..instead of a trade for older players that this team still would havd holes to fill. Fill your cupboard.. Fill the gaps of team. On another topic I will post separately. Molson needs to hire a President of Hockey operations ( he continues his function as governor/ board / league Montreal President..). But get someone like Bobby Smith in that role of President hockey operations and let him review MB.. And perhaps interview others like Vince Damphousse for the GM role once and if he decided to fire MB. BUT Molson needs to delegate that to new President in today's NHL
  13. Bergevin......

    And why I always maintained ..leadership starts from top down and starts by respecting the tradition of players that come by once in a decade or longer..and honour their loyalty and commitment. MB shows his true colours.. He was quoted on Radulov " ...loyalty you only get from your dog...and no loyalty shown.." Well he turns around and roles reversed on Markov. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/report-andrei-markov-felt-disrespected-canadiens-bergevin/ Perhaps this is in back on current minds of the team or potential future members. But from top down.. 1. Molson should step down as President and appoint a hockey / or career sports executive ( Toronto, Chicago, and so forth .) Not many owners are also Presidents of their team. 2. Bergevin has lost all respect and integrity on this. And the tipping point of the fortunes of this team.. He will trade #27 for depth players I am sure and his so called more " Character " He should lead by example and he himself should show " Character " in this case how he treated or perceived to treat Markov, a Career habs.
  14. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    http://www.tsn.ca/habs-sign-d-streit-to-one-year-deal-1.813160 Enough said.. UNBELIEVABLE Markov should just go out and say back to BERGEVIN " if you want loyalty go and got a dog " wow What is happening to this organization. You take care of your own backyard and leadership is from top down. For the first time in my life ..I am saying I have more confidence in the Maple leafs leadership group than the HABS clowns.. Wow I didn't think I could ever say that. Just mind blowing how far down this team has come. A simple class act of reciprocation to sign Markov.. Wow
  15. I have lot to say on this, and you hit them all to topic! Thank you. Here is one that has been on my mind and I had read long ago, I finally found the article. In reference to 1 of 5 drafts , now 6 drafts, only 1 centre taken...in the top 2 rounds... Bergevin is 2 months in GM role, but if he had his way and not let his scouts decide, he would NOT have picked that centre .. "....Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin hinted to an audience at the PrimeTime Sports Management Conference , that if it would have been up to him, he would have drafted Rielly third overall that year. Or, if Ryan Murray had been available (he went second to Columbus), it would have been him...." Here is the full article...: https://www.thestar.com/sports/breakaway_blog/2014/11/habs_considered_taking_morgan_rielly_at_third_overall_in_2012.html Perhaps that is issue he is regretting it since and taking it out on Alex Galchenyuk.. It all starts from top download his reactionary decisions are far from proactive! More later... but this has always bugged me and finally found the quote. Take it for what it is worth!