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  1. The Official NFL Thread

    Don't forget Brandon Jacobs. Thats an insane backfield. Not a fan of AJ Jenkins though.
  2. 2012 NHL Playoffs Thread

    Chris Higgins for Vancouver Willie Mitchell for LA
  3. 2012 NHL Playoffs Thread

    I think it's time for some 6 on 6 hockey. Goalies are useless anyways.
  4. 2012 NHL Playoffs Thread

    Pens - Letang Flyers - Giroux
  5. The Official NFL Thread

    I played LT in high school. And Buffalo isn't that far from me. So if you're still in need, let me know.
  6. The Official NFL Thread

    I keep hearing Riley Reiff is who you guys are targeting at 10. As for WR there isn't much left in top 2 WR's as free agents but Alshon Jeffrey, Stephen Hill or Mohamed Sanu should be available at your second pick.
  7. The Official NFL Thread

    Unless you can get Merriman to take his roids again I would cut him. He's been borderline useless since.
  8. The Official NFL Thread

    Agreed, terrible fit. Lets put one of the nicest guys in the league into a cancerous locker room with a rude, obnoxious and just plain asshole coach. This should work over well. But according to the news the Broncos gave Tebow the choice between the Jets and Jags. Yeah I really like the D-line they are building. Dareus and Williams were beasts on their own now add Mario Williams and Anderson. I think that's on par with the Lions D-line.
  9. The Official NFL Thread

    I knew you wouldn't be happy about this. I love Tebow, he seems like a great kid and he's got the heart of a lion. But he just isn't a good quarterback. I would be ecstatic if Tebow switched positions because he is definitely a football player and could excel at numerous positions. But he wants to stay at QB and I can understand that. What I would like to see happen is send him to New England to reunite with Josh McDaniels and let him sit behind Brady to learn and let Josh coach him up. And New England will send Ryan Mallett in return for Tebow. Mallett is similar to Manning in playing style, big tall QB who is immobile and can sling the ball. But I don't see that trade happening. I know for one thing as long as he doesn't go to the Raiders, Chargers or Chiefs I will continue to be a Tim Tebow fan.
  10. The Official NFL Thread

    I don't think theres anyway Tebow remains with Denver past this week. No idea what we'll get for him but it won't be much.
  11. 2011-2012 Trade Deadline

    The Canucks traded my favourite player away. I understand Kassian could be a good player too and probably fits better as we had too many C's and it would be impossible for Hodgson to beat out Sedin or Kesler to be a top 6 C. But it's Hodgson. Any player that plays for Canada in the WJC has a special place in my heart. And that year where Hodgson dominated . But now he's in Buffalo.
  12. Andrei Kostitsyn traded to Nashville

    So does Montreal have 2 2nds in 2012 and 3 2nds in 2013 now?
  13. Rick Nash

    My guess is....Columbus.
  14. HWL Looking For More GMs!

    Well thanks Blaze.... I guess we're done getting new GM's.
  15. The Traveling Thread

    Ummmm I'd like to visit somewhere outside of Ontario.