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  1. True. But he has a kid named Subban
  2. What goaltender wouldn't?
  3. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    He and Tampa we at odds for most of his time with the team. it is pretty well documented.
  4. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Byron has had better seasons. Wouldn't you agree? And no one was saying he was the 'next superstar' or signing him to a 5.5 million dollar contract. Proven anything - I guess depends on your definition of 'proven'. How about he hadn't proven anything to warrant the hype when he arrived in Montreal, or the players given to Tampa, or the contract he was given.
  5. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    My problem with Drouin, even before we traded for him, is that he has yet to prove ANYTHING at this level. Sure he had a good junior career but so did lots of guys (see Angelo Esposito, Alexandre Daigle, there is a long list). Tampa was happy to get rid of him - and they got a real star for him. Then we signed him to a huge contract. Yet he had done NOTHING at this level to prove he deserves it. To be honest, I'd rather have Galchenyuk. Hope I am wrong and he finds a way to get it together but I really don't think that is a realistic expectation. One thing is for sure, he will never live up to the expectations placed on him in Montreal. On the flip side - K-Man looks like he could be the real deal.
  6. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    36-38-4-4 80 points 5th in Atlantic 10th in the east 243 goals
  7. digging through the dirt

    Wild thought. If we find a young D who fits under our cap (we've got lots of room) and shows great promise. Why would we worry about getting him ice time? I'd be more than happy to sit Alzner of Schlemko in the press box if that is what it takes. Sure it sounds radical to have a guy making Alzner $$ sitting, but it isn't like it will be hurting our cap and I'd rather move on - anyway I could.
  8. digging through the dirt

    OK. Not disagreeing. But who do you get?
  9. Injury news

    Well said. I am not against fighting in hockey but completely agree with MOLG.
  10. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Seriously? So you just used your keyboard to 'sucker punch' a young hockey player? I wouldn't even call what Domi did a sucker punch. He was looking Ekblad right in the ey (or at least the chin) Ekblad, the much bigger player, could have defended himself. So we have a young hockey player, who is willing to play tough and we call him human garbage? Wow! Welcome to Montreal, where we throw Habs players under the bus!!! Terrible.
  11. digging through the dirt

    The Habs certainly need help on the blueline. They have plenty of Cap room. A little over $7m. With room for bonuses, etc, even conservatively we can say $5m. But who is out there? What could we use to pull off a trade if one even existed? Do we take on a large salary to land a D (using the cap space)? Or do we look at what is left from Free Agents? The pickings are slim! Are older guys even worth a look at this point? That is mostly what we are left with. Kevin Bieksa (37 years old), Dennis Seidenberg (37) - or somehow convince Markov too come back (highly doubtful)? Can Cody Franson be brought back from the KHL? Why bother? Or is Luca Sbisa worth a shot? Like I said the pickings are slim, but we need some help! And are any of these guys better than Alzner and/or Schlemko? (Ugh) Why do I think/fear that one of these days we are going to sign Brandon Bollig? What am I missing? (I didn't consider RFA's)
  12. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    Subban (You did say Who SHOULD be Captain? Not who could be captain?)
  13. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    So much talk about our third line centre. I've always been of the belief that the third line centre is a 'key' defensive role - think Bob Gainey or Guy Carbonneau. That is where Pleks fits. Always has, and still does. And he doesn't fit anywhere else. Where most of this discussion seems to be trending is about which player is our third best 'offensive' centre. That is a very different discussion, and a very different role. The fear is that the 4th line hardly ever steps on the ice - making the 4th line centre almost a waste. In this case, maybe you put a tough guy there to add a little sandpaper to your team, and that is what contenders often did in the past (not as much today, but it still happens). Now on a rebuilding team (or retooling - whatever you want to call it - we suck right now and are building for the future), you roll four lines. When that is the case, your 4th line centre should be (and often is) a younger player trying to make the most of his opportunities with hopes of moving up to the second line (same for the 4th line wingers). IF the team (and with the Habs that is a big if, even if it is what should be done) rolls 4 lines - then 4th line centre is the perfect place for a player like DLR. A totally different role than 3rd line C (Plekanec). More like a line 2B. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if we actually had a legitimate 1C or 2C!
  14. Could our lineup look like this

    Good catch. Yes, it is Pacioretty on the first line (not Plekanecs). And I don't want Been or Schlemko either, we are just stuck with them until their contracts run out, unless we can trade them somewhere.
  15. I always get roasted for projected lineups, but what the hell. And I know landing Tavares is a long shot, but does the Galchenyuk trade actually give us the cap space to finally do that? Here are my thoughts (tear themn apart). The projected cap hit for next season is between $78-82 million, so let's round it to $80 million. As of right now, the Habs have $61.438 million committed for next season. That includes 22 players (see below), but doesn't account for RFA's - Danualt, Des LaRose, Carr and L. Shaw. My scenario keeps Danault, adds Tavares, Filip Zadina and Plekanec. And, although it doesn't trade anyone we currently have, it doesn't deal with DLR, Carr and L.Shaw. With my 'fantasy' scenario (or nightmare for some), we would spend $77.938 million, leaving us a little over $2 million for contingency plans. (I would love to get rid of A. Shaw, Alzner and Shlemko freeing up another $10.625 million but that is another story). Here is my projected lineup (it is far from perfect). Can we get Tavares for $12, or do we try Statsny, or someone else)? Can we sign Danault for $2.5 as an RFA? I am not sure? But here goes... Pacioretty ($4.51) Tavares ($12) Drouin ($5.5) Domi ($3.1) Danault ($2.5) Gallagher ($3.75) Byron ($1.16) Plekanec ($1) Zadina ($1) Deslauriers ($.950) Froese ($.650) A. Shaw ($3.9) Extra forwards - Hudon ($.650), Lehkonen ($.925), Scherbak ($1.063) Mete ($.870) Weber ($7.857) Alzner ($4.625) Petry ($5.5) Juulsen ($1.063) Reilly ($.725) Extra D - Benn ($1.1), Shlemko ($2.1) Price ($10.5) Niemi ($.950) RFA's not accounted for De LaRose, L. Shaw, Carr. I'd still like to find a place for DLR... Anyway, rip it apart. Certainly switch up lines and D pairings, but this is what we have right now, assuming we draft Zadina at third overall. The only additions are Tavares and Pleks (who seems to want to come back). I'd also love to add another D - but we need to find a way to get rid of Alzner or A. Shaw to even start thinking about that.