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  1. ...and I thought Lehkonen was our weak link last night.... Toffoli still not up to were I expected, but am confident he will get there. Armia not finishing, hopefully that corrects itself soon. Other than that, I thought or forwards were solid. Remember - we kept McDadvid and Draisatl in check all night.
  2. Nice to be able to argue about 3rd pairing d-men isn't it? Now let's beat the Damn Leafs!!!
  3. Hard to argue with that reasoning. it was a tough decision. Juulsen is gone. Time to move on. Wait until the expansion draft hits.....
  4. I think Byron and Kulak are both highly underrated. The point is the team had to gamble on their 3rd pairing of defence. Could they get cap relief by sending Kulak to the Taxi squad? Yes. Would he have been picked? Not sure because of his cap hit. Is Kulak better than Juulsen today? Yes. We still lost Juulsen for nothing. So, we lost the gamble..... If Kulak got picked up, we would have lost too. But, at least we'd be cap compliant....
  5. No need to be sorry for disagreeing. So, we lost Juulsen for nothing.... Are you saying a 3rd round pick isn't better? If the option was Juulsen or Kulak on waivers (it is one of those two or Mete), then isn't a 3rd round pick better than nothing? Juulsen could turn out to be a solid D-man. Kulak might just have had a one and done good season. Only way we'll know is to let it play out. I would have liked to see what Juulsen could do. Same for Mete, although he has had the ice time to show us a lot so far. The thing is I believe Mete is claimed, guaranteed.
  6. In an ideal world we would have traded Kulak for a 3rd round pick. The gamble is whether someone takes Kulak off waivers. We gambled on Juulsen instead, and lost. Kulak was HUGE in the playoffs (or play ins) last spring. I sure don't mind having him stay with the team either. Our top 6 is strong. I just think that, since we couldn't trade Kulak, if we wanted to keep Juulsen it would have been Kulak who would have been sent down.
  7. For me, it came down to Kulak or Juulsen. I would have waived Kulak. Saved the cap room and kept the prospect... Would Kulak have been picked up? Guess we'll never know. With all the praise for Perry, it will be too bad to see him picked up by someone. Then again, it cost us nothing and we didn't have him two weeks ago.
  8. This works perfectly with the Age theme. LOL. I switched Edmundson and Romanov to add some experience to each pairing. Romanov - Juulsen/Mete seems a little young...
  9. They are hoping for a Feb. 5 start, and yes they are planning a Canadian Division. The problem is there are only 4 Canadian teams (2 in Ontario, 1 in Manitoba and Laval) and they don't have government approval yet. I am skeptical at best they will get it. The NHL had a hard time. With the current situation in Ontario and Quebec I think it is a 50/50 shot at best....
  10. Hard to argue with that. I actually think people don't realize that value that Byron brings to the lineup. His speed alone is valuable. And he wears an 'A' for a reason. Too many posters quickly put - 'let's get rid of Byron'. Is he the Rodney Dangerfield of the Habs? (Just dated myself I guess).
  11. Don't disagree with most of what you wrote. Where exactly is Poehling going to play? There will not be an AHL. Roster is too deep for him to fit. Taxi Squad means he can practice and travel with the team and be called up. Still think that is the best place for him. I want him to play too.... Losing Kulak isn't great, but something has to give.... My hope is that we can trade him for a draft pick, rather than losing him to waivers. I think he could fetch a 2nd round pick (3rd for sure) without us having to send cash to sweeten the deal..
  12. I actually changed Armia and Anderson a couple of times. Neither one feels like a 4th line player..... And i switched Edmunson and Romanov to add some experience to each pairing. Romanov - Juulsen/Mete is a little young...
  13. Yep. Or if you are a Leafs fan - the Zamboni Driver who steps in to whoop your ass! (I hadn't heard the term EBUG before)
  14. Kind of my thinking too. But they could keep Frolik and Perry on the 23-man roster and put Poehling, Weal and even Kulak on the taxi squad with Demchenko??? The problem is if/when you call up Weal and/or Kulak your Cap Hit takes a bigger spike.
  15. Taxi Squads explained: Taxi Squads The Taxi Squad is a minimum of four to a maximum of six healthy players who may travel with the team (they don’t have too) and may practice with the NHL team. In the normal course of events, non-rostered players are not allowed on NHL practice ice. Not even if they are on that team’s AHL squad. This concept exists almost entirely to allow for on-site call-up players at all times in case a member of the regular NHL roster either tests positive for COVID-19 or has to isolate because of close contact. In the time between the start of the NHL
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