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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    It sure is, but I figured since we were throw out crazy deals why not... LOL I have always wondered what it would take to get Crosby in Mtl. His favourite team, etc. You can bet he would be motivated to bring a cup to Montreal if he wound up a Hab. Mind you, he would never come to Mtl. if Price was going the other way.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Then why not: Pacioretty, Galchenyuk and a 1st to Pittsburgh for Crosby.
  3. Should we care about Radulov?

    Edwin Encanarcion
  4. The answer is - 'obviously we do' - by all the posts on the subject and the calls for Bergevin's head after failing to sign him. But should we? Let's keep in mind he has been a problem player throughout his career, who knew the minute he signed with Montreal a year ago that he was fighting for his next contract and some big $$$. He became a fan favourite in Montreal for a few reasons. First the Habs suffered offensively last season (last decade!) and second he was a superstar in junior just a short drive down the 20 in Quebec City. But seriously - he scored 18 goals! 18 GOALS And Dallas gave him 5 years and over $30 million. And we think Plekanec's contract is bad now? Chris Nilan scored 21 goals in 1984-84, and averaged nearly 19 goals a season for the three years that included that year. Sure it was a different team and a different era, but let's put it in perspective. Heck, Paul Byron just scored 22 goals and we aren't talking about making him the NHL's next Steve Austin. So why Radulov? Seriously, why Radulov? Who cares. Good riddance. We just saved ourselves over $6 million a season – FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS! Obviously the Habs have problems…serious problems if they are to come close to competing for cup #25. And really – they WANT to find a way to do it with Carey Price. Otherwise why sign him to the historic contract they shelled out on the weekend? I think it starts with replacing Bergevin. And there are plenty of reasons, other than not signing Radulov, that make this crucial to the team’s future success. Just look at his track record and it is easy to see he has failed miserably. There is no salary cap for anyone else in the organization other than players. Identify the best there is and GO OUT AND GET THAT PERSON. I hate to say it but that is exactly what Toronto did – and the results speak for themselves. On one hand, Molson has all summer to figure that out. On the other, every day with Bergevin is another day that has the potential for a serious blunder to the team. Somehow signing Markov, or a replacement, needs to be a priority. If Bergevin hasn’t already burned that bridge – or is five minutes late with his offer again. Some more scoring is crucial as well. And that is more than Radulov’s 18 goals. I hope they get Galchenyuk extended and take a stab at Yakupov to see what the two of them can do together. And it won’t come close to costing us the $6 million dollars Radulov got. And just to add one more piece of perspective. That Galchenyuk kid, who everyone seems to want gone as quickly as possible – in his down year scored 17 goals! 17 goals – that is ONE LESS than Radulov – and he is almost a decade younger with his best days ahead of him! And I bet Galchenyuk’s extension, and a flyer on Yakupov (which is exactly what we did with Radulov last year when no one else wanted him), won’t add up to the $$$ and term that the $6 million dollar man got from Dallas! Perspective! Something we all need to think about. And to quote Oscar Goldman by replacing Radulov with Galchenyuk and Yakupov – “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him…Better than he was before. Better…stronger…faster.
  5. Defence woes

    I know there is a need for a number one centre, but has this team ever had a worse defence corps? Weber Markov (39 and slow, but still the smartest player on the ice) (Side note - is there a better long-term defenceman playing the game that has never won a Norris?) ..... Then nothing, Petry - overrated (by a long shot) Emelin - really...at that $$$$ Benn... Anybody... We need HELP on the blueline. Desperately! Yes, we could use a top-line centre - but WE HAVE Galchenyuk...if we let him play!
  6. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Agree 100%. But I think the only real contract at questions that matters is Galchenyuk's. Get that done, and then we have a clearer picture. Man, I'd love to land Vlasik...
  7. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Let Beaulieu walk, or holdout then. Not worth worrying about. And if we need a little more for Galy, we tweak somewhere else. Don't sign Gagner for example, move Danualt to second line centre. Gallagher takes his spot on second line wing and we find an option for third line wing. I get that you have no hope for the Habs - but offer some options... Do you want to get better or do you think the status quo is ok? Because all I hear are excuses, or reasons we CAN'T get better. I am offering scenarios where we can. Maybe they work, maybe they don't, but they are options. Instead of only saying "That's Impossible" find an option the works! One thing is for sure, I am tired of being a 'so-so' team with a great goaltender. And there are options out there that work. Am I an NHL GM (I wish!). There are much smarter hockey people out there than me. I just hope they are looking at ALL options to WIN. And not settling for... --------------------------------- Two top-line centres - now that is dreaming big! How do we make it work?
  8. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Cap numbers come directly off Habsworld.net. I sued actual salary instead of cap hit. I see my mistake now, but the overall difference is only $.75, so an even $70 million. We are still under the cap by $2 million. Not ideal, but if we lose Beaulieu (for example) then we are $3+ away (from my projections - since I have Beaulieu at $1.25). My number for Price is because we renegotiate his contract now, getting him at 10 instead of 11 or more but starting it this season. And we send a 2nd and Emelin to Vegas to get them to take Pleks. Something like that.
  9. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Could we work a deal to get Marc-Edouard Vlasik (Montreal born) out of San Jose? Hey they can have Emellin, Plekanec and/or Beaulieu...
  10. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Brendan Smith?
  11. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Karl Alzner?
  12. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    That is the question...
  13. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Completely agree Commandant and Cucumber. LD needs to be the focus. And as for a top line C - I believe the Habs need to give Galchenyuk the entire year to prove he can be that guy. Before he does it with someone else. Otherwise it is a waste of an asset. Tell him you are going to qualify him, maybe get as high as $4.5 and tell him to prove he deserves more! Hey Pacioretty is only getting $5 (I know team friendly contract now). If someone else steps in and makes him an offer -0 we'll be more than happy to take the draft picks and move on... (I just want to be clear - a 30 goal scorer is NOT someone to just give up on - I am just tired of the Habs not using their asset properly... I also don't believe we should be overpaying for 'potential' that hasn't happened and is never going to happen unless we use the asset properly)
  14. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Cap $$$ Pacioretty - $5 Galchenyuk - $3.5 Radulov - $6 Byron - $1.2 Gagner - $2.5 Danualt - $.95 Lehkonen - $.925 Shaw - $5 Gallagher - $2.75 King - $.925 Flynn - $1 Martinson - $.675 Mitchell - $1.3 Weber - $6 Shattenkirk (or someone like him) - $6 Petry - $6 Markov - $4.5 Jeraluk - $.925 Benn - $1.1 Beaulieu - $1.25 Nesterov - $.75 Price - $10 Montoya - $1 Total = $69.25 (Cap expected to remain at $72) (Left off the list - Emelin (Vegas), Plekanec (Vegas), Davidson, Sergachev) Juggle the number a bit if you want, maybe Galy gets $4.5 but Price ends up with $9.5) - but they work. For discussions sake, who could we land as a top pairing D if Shattenkirk ISN'T the guy...
  15. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    Not looking for a fight, just looking at options (do we want to win or not? Or are we happy to say - oh well it is the best that we can do) but if you took the time to read my post, I clearly said - Maybe Shattenkirk is the guy, maybe he isn't - what we need is a top pairing D to play with Webber. And we have 6 or 7 million a season to find one if we play our cards right. (And yes, still sign Carey to 10mil a season. And have $$ for Galchenyuk. 2018-19 might be a little tight, but the cap won't stay flat three years in a row. And Markov will be retired by 2019-20.)