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  1. Except...they don't. The Habs only have $4m in Cap Space left - and need some of that for things that happen during the season.
  2. All of this cap space sure disappeared quickly, and for little impact! The Habs currently sit 19th out of 31 teams in the NHL when it comes to Cap Space. That means 18 teams have more cap room than Montreal. In the Atlantic Division, ONLY Florida ($2.4 M) and Toronto (screwed!) have less Cap Space than Montreal. As for Canadian teams, ONLY Edmonton ($2.4M) and Toronto (screwed!) have less cap space than Montreal. I only point this out because it seems the conversation over the past couple of months (years?) has been all of this Cap Space that Montreal has. In reality, the Habs only have $4M in Cap Space. Factor in injuries, a possible mid season trade, etc, and there really isn't that much room!! Sure we are in better shape than the Leafs (when it comes to Cap Space), but they are SCREWED! (Did I mention that before?) So are The Rangers, Pittsburgh and Arizona. With Washington, Dallas and Vegas not far behind (so yeah, there is that!) Compare that to Ottawa ($20.6M), Winnipeg ($17.6M), New Jersey ($17M), Colorado ($16.5M), Columbus ($15.8M), Philadelphia ($13.4M) and Calgary ($10M) and we are far from swimming in Cap Space. Granted some of those teams still have pieces to sign, and the Habs are pretty much SET, but still the numbers don't lie. And the numbers say that, barring a trade, there isn't a whole lot left that Bergevin can do. EDIT: and the Habs Cap Space doesn't include $$ to bring up guys that surprise in camp and make the team!
  3. Unlesssss.....Carolina is bluffing If Bergevin does nothing else they wait until the last minute to match. Or....in the ultimate FU.....if he DOES do something...they don't follow through...... Then the Habs are in cap hell!
  4. Something! Anything! This was nothing!!!! The only good thing is that Carolina didn't wait a week to announce that they were matching the offer. What a waste of time that was. Oh yeah, and now Carolina is pissed at Montreal...
  5. This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors by Bergevin. He basically trades nobody (Shaw for picks). Signs nobody (KIncaid). And then tries to fool fans by throwing out a laughable offer sheet. At the end of the day, once again HE DID NOTHING. If by some miracle Carolina doesn't match the offer sheet we should all go out and buy lottery tickets. Don't be fooled by the 'offer sheet'. If he really wanted to make a ballsy move he would have done so. Don't get me wrong, I would love to add Aho to our lineup. I'd also like to win the lottery.... Now, if only Bergevin would make a REAL MOVE! Then we'd have something to be excited about.
  6. I wondered the same thing. Didn't bring it up here because of all the Subban haters. But you make some very valid points. We had the assets and the cap room to make it happen. Imagine having both Subban and Weber on the back end, with Petry and Mete - and of course Carey Price. With the ability to transition the puck to the other end of the ice quickly - our young, skilled forwards would have had more opportunity to create offence. But then what do I know... Time for the Subban haters to chime in...
  7. Is it even worth talking about Dion Phaneuf? Guys like him and Corey Perry will go for bargain basement prices now that they have been bought out - or will they? Is there any scenario that we take a run at him with a 1 year contract for say $1 million? EDIT: And of course he is a stop gap, not a long term solution. We have signed worse players to bigger deals... Karl (cough) Alzner. Ales Hemsky...
  8. and beg someone to take Alzner
  9. No rose coloured glasses here. We have done worse with $1 million. If we tried it, and it didn't work - Then move on. If it did - it is worth the gamble. We've paid more money for players NOT to play! Three words that make a lot of sense on a message board like this: Optimism, Pessimism and Skepticism. Don't be blinded by any of the three.
  10. I have a real problem with discounting a player solely based on age. That includes being too young, or too old. Am I interested in signing Larry Robinson for $10 million/year - of course not. But Markov is just two years removed from playing in the NHL. There are plenty of great examples of defenceman who play past 40. Yes, his numbers took a dip last year - but I have no idea how to compare the KHL realistically with the NHL. Seriously? All we really know is that he is still playing. He is a left D - and we sure need those. His game management skills and leadership are exceptional. His ability to quarterback our (terrible) powerplay - is, at least, intriguing. And then there are the intangibles. Do we have the cap room? Yes. Will he accept a deal at a reasonable price tag? Say $1.5 million? We should at least find out. It would be irresponsible of team management to not at least take a look at this. And it is foolish for any of us to so dismiss the possibility so quickly. Does it happen? Will it work? That we will have to wait and see. But again, we'd be foolish not to at least look into it. And this has very little to do with sentimentality. Sure it is Markov, so it would be nice to have him back. But not as a token 'throwback'. However, if he can play - and help the team - ...
  11. It is interesting. I find it depends a bit on your perspective. I always find a game goes by way to fast when I am there to see it live. Watching on television - it always seems longer.
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