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  1. Hal Gill is comparatively slow there is no doubt. But his size brings a needed dimension to the defense. Is there no way via a concerted physical training program to improve him on that front? If part of an athlete is training, and no one has ever scientifically tried to augment him in this regard, who is to say he couldn't improve his skating 20 or 30%? A skating trainer would need to first ascertain why he is so slow - slow acceleration? stride that causes too much drag? leg muscles not strong enough? bad balance? Would figure skates help him to find his centre of gravity? Yes, it's come
  2. first time as a habs fan where I have not looked forward to what the new guys would bring us. this is a horrid trade in every respect.
  3. i clicked on that link yesterday because the user name seemed familiar to me for some reason. i thought it was some russian hockey news accessible only by inputting that code. lol i must have been sleeping. anyhow i did some research and it posts to it being prorat trojan. this apparently is pretty dangerous but as far as the info available, only affects xp/2000 systems. i work on vista but i did a full scan and then restored my computer to an earlier date. i'm kicking myself for being so dumb.
  4. There is a law in Quebec that the language of the workplace must be french. Playing, coaching and managing the Canadiens should therefore be dictated by this mandate. What occurs in practice however in an entirely different thing. Given the necessity of fielding a multi-national team in order to compete, there is a difficulty in communication between players, between players and coach. In practice, only english, being the language of business, can be used in the context of modern sports teams to learn to play together. The only requirement would be that a coach speak english and that all
  5. I'd like to see Tanguay back with Koivu and Kovalev. Even if Laraque is negating Chara, he is obviously no offensive threat negating the overall effect. In any event, we are losing because of our penalty kill being completely at the mercy of their power play. That puzzle must be solved for any possibility of victory. Attempting to avoide penalties simply leads to frustration and pointing fingers.
  6. someone has to be blamed - isn't that part of being a habs fan? i too wanted to say price should maybe could be a bit more agressive (ie have been out more). but i've only played goalie briefly. i think we may all be a little annoyed with how things are going atm.
  7. The RFA compensation under the new CBA: 660,000 or less: none 660,000 to 1 million: 3rd Rd draft pick 1 million to 2 million: 2nd Rd pick 2 million to 3 million: 1st and 3rd pick 3 million to 4 million: 1st, 2nd and 3rd rd picks 4 million to 5 million: 2 first rd picks, 1 second and 1 third Over 5 million: FOUR 1st round picks I think no GM would offer big #### more than 4 million a year of the 4-5 million return compensation. Gainey would however most likely match unless an uncoming draft was particularly rich imo. In any event, most GMs are aware how Lowe ostracized himself
  8. Looking at past NHL drafts one can't help but stop in the year 1997. That year, we had the 11th pick and chose Jason Ward. The 12th pick was Ottawa's who turned out to be Marian Hossa. I find it strange the thought of rectifying that gross error by trading 4 of our players to rent him for several months with no guarantee on future service. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe fate itself is balancing out the evil hand it dealt us in 1997 by allowing us to avoid him now so many years later. I personally don't want Hossa at 8 million per year. It's obscene for a player who reminds me of
  9. Look, Pittsburgh paid an awful lot for a player they may not be able to sign. If 2 young NHLers, 1 prospect, and a 1st rounder is what was necessary, why would Gainey make that trade? Higgins, Latendresse, Emelin and our 08 1st for a guy who may demand 8 million a year and go wherever the bidding is highest? Please let's be reasonable. Pittsburgh is obviously putting everything on winning this year, and it is an extremely poor decision. As for Huet, I'm not sure what the rational was but I'm sure Halak's great play impacted on that decision. Plus am I the only one that felt there was unhapp
  11. Smoke needs to be benched permanently. We indeed should recall Chipchura to take the spot where Smoke has simply floated around the ice doing little to nothing. We must also remember that Price and Chipchura are roomies in Montreal and that in itself may have an indirect effect on Price's mental preparedness/relaxation. I am of the camp that we should trade Huet now and take a gamble on a Price/Halak tandem. It's not that Huet is a bad goalie - I just believe that he does not have an intuitive sense of the net as evidenced in great goalies. If we look at the past, Huet will most likely rem
  12. The Hossa rumour seems to have some weight. The latest rumour on the radio is : RECHHI AND HOSSA for EMELIN and McDO If true, I will cry heavy tears of pain. -John
  13. Koivu appears to be unhappy. While he has always been a liability in the defensive zone, it has become more pronounced with Higgin's disappearance and Ryder's meandering play. Koivu has been hooking opponents all his career, but more so now from what only be speculated as frustration with his loss of strength and speed, discontent with the relegation of his line to number 2 and/or general malaise. Koivu's penalty minute total at this point of the season equals that for all of last season at approximately 74 minutes. How do you inspire a captain to regain a past physical finesse and mental acum
  14. Hi guys, my second post ever here. My first post concerned avoiding the flu to repress the mid-season swoon represented in recent years by our club. Early second hand reports suggest that the team is very aware of how the cold/flu can slice a team apart and have taken measures to quarantine team members and personnel exhibiting such symptoms. Great job. Hopefully, they will continue to be on guard as the peak of the flu season is now upon us. Apparently, this next month will be characterized by a high level of flu penetration with a particularly nasty variety. Wash your hands! Don't rub your n
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