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  1. Did you not think I was F***ing with you ? I have a sense of humour. But, this is my last post., I'm gone. Lets hope we win the cup.
  2. I love when people, who know whats going to happen, let us know early so we can protect ourselfs. Thanks ...........
  3. I'm glad to have amused you. To answer your question its something I've trained myself to do. I find it annoying to read e-mails I get and have to scroll right and left to read them because they are so long. The same is true for other sites I visit on the interent. I know thats not a problem here, but its become a habit keeping lines short. I suppose going to the other extreme can be annoying also. The long post was partially in response to your post, but was also about something I'm passionate about. Keeping the core of this team together is going to be tricky. So many issues to worry about. Will Gillette still want to spend near the top end of the cap if the Canadian dollar continues its free fall. When the CBA expires you'd have to think most owners will want a new deal because most are having a hard time just meeting the lower part of the cap. How will that effect us if we start signing alot of our players to longterm deals.
  4. I just like to keep my responses short, less chance of looking like an idiot. I've been following this discussion and Gaborik would be one of the few elite type players I wouldn't want us to add. He seems to have chronic groin problems. Thats a BIG red flag to me. And I don't undersatnd why some would think we need to add an elite winger. Tanguay, A.Kostitsyn and Higgins at LW. Kovalev, Latendresse and S.Kostitsyn at RW. And Pacioretty coming as soon as next year. Thats not a position of weakness, IMO. In fact as soon as next year as some have pointed out, we're going to have serious cap issues. Better to stay young at wing, since we have nice depth there. Even D'Agostini is a possibility as a 3rd line RW. We'll have 4 major UFA's next season in Kovalev,Tanguay,Koivu and Komisarek. Just trying to fit 3 of them in under the cap looks like it might be a problem. I'm leaning towards not re-signing Kovalev because of his age and he'll take a spot away from some some of our youth. He'll probably also be looking for a 3 year deal. I love Kovalev and think he's our most skilled forward, but for the reasons mentioned above and a probable 5M cap hit, I pass. As for the cap, it might not go down next year, but I don't see it increasing and I do expect it to do down the following year. This is not a good time to be signing players to longterm deals. Yet, I would sign Koivu for a couple of more years, and sign Tanguay and Komisarek for 4+ years at around 5M per. As for Lang, Kostopoulos, Begin, Dandenault, Bouillon and Brisbois they can all be replaced by Chipchura, D'Agostini, Pacioretty, Stewart, Valentenko and maybe Emelin at a smaller cap hit. That might mean taking a small step back since well be adding so much youth, but longterm we should be ok. If we're going to make a deal I'd be looking for a dman. To be more specific I'd be looking for a right dman to play along side of Hamrlik. I'd want him to just have one more year left on his contract. And I want him to be a legit top 3 dman. Thats the only glaring weakness I see on our current team.
  5. I would hope the Habs stay away from Gaborik. Missing games because of groin problems the last 2 or 3 seasons, smells of chronic to me. And, we have to give up major assets. And, he's looking for a longterm deal for major cap space or he goes UFA.
  6. My thoughts on the upcoming season are. We are one of the the few teams in the NHL with legit depth. That'll carry us to first overall. But, for the first time in a long time, we will be molding team for a long playoff run. I suspect there's going to be one big deal made by the Habs to shore up a weakness. I also suspect we'll have more injuries than last year so they'll be some heated discussions on who our best top 20 are. Its going to be fun
  7. Thanks for the warning. Dude, I've never worried if I offended anyone if I think I'm right. Pacioretty will be a top 2 LW, in my opinion. I'm not so sure about Latendresse. Pacioretty will make us re-think Tanguay, Higgins and Latendresse as our top 3 LW's. A.Kostitsyn should move to RW, IMO. Speed, size, skill, grit, he's already a four tool forward :hlogo: And, he's close to ready.
  8. Yup, we'll see Gui with his added speed, or so were told make Pacioretty Hamilton depth. OH jOY !!!
  9. I guess its a feel with Pacioretty. I've followed the Habs since the early 70's, while that not mean anything. I think I know when I see something special. I guess its a judgement on my part , I suppose it'll be discussed when the debate comes down whether I'm an Idiot or genius, I'm neither by the way. I just feel Pacioretty is something special.
  10. Just imagine, the fool that thinks Pacioretty, is better than Latendresse. Right, No comment necessary
  11. Every once in a while a player like Pacioretty comes along. And, you want him to play in the AHL? I don't get it, and don't tell me he needs seasoning, he's already better than our top 6 wings. Are you guys blind or just ignorant, either that or my eye-sight is worse than I thought it was? And I never thought the same way about either Latendresse or S.Kostitsyn as I do about Pacioretty. The kids a keeper :hlogo:
  12. Weber had an impressive training camp. Pacioretty was amongst our best forwards in every game he played. Thats a huge difference, IMHO !!!
  13. Concering Pacioretty, and it is a Italian name, his father is Italian and his mother is both Italian/Mexican, the last name was changed from an I ending, to a Y. Only in America !!!! If he's good enough to play on your top 3 lines, then you might want to trade someone to make it happen. We're blessed with depth on wing, maybe we might use some of that depth to upgrade another position we're weaker at? I've seen Pacioretty, he's last years S.Kostitsyn or Latendresse the previous year. He's a player you make room for. Just my opinions, but I think I'm right.
  14. Make that 7 wingers that can play on the top 3 lines. Time to go to bed
  15. You know, I like Latendresse, and I like Pacioretty. Injuries will happen, we were lucky last year, so hopefully we don't have to make a decision that quickly. We have 7 forwards that can play on the top 3 lines. That smells trade and I not including D'Agostini or Maxwell. I have an idea of what Gainey will do, he's going to make a trade, he has to. And we'll get a top 4 D back, because thats the only position thats an upgrade.
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