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  1. Looking forward to being SPOILT this season. Thx to Del Johnson & all other contributors.
  2. As much as I agree that Gomez has most likely played his worst year of hockey, to me this undoubtedly points me in the direction of believing that he has nowhere but up to pad his stats. Therefore why trade or give up on a player when in all likely-hood his value for trading can realistically only go up in value. I'm not Wamsley, or so my psychiatrist says , but I say keep him.
  3. I hope to gawd that the 'Ockey Gods have your ear and this is where you heard it?
  4. Monkey see, monkey do...see He who occupies the field of battle first and awaits his enemy is at ease; his enemy rushes into the fight, weary. ~Sun Tzu~ Translated by Google into 'Ockey Speak... Make the iceholes play our game.
  5. rofl Unfortunately all me gots is CBC... The Cherry-Booins Corporation... So to make the best of it. I take a swig of the nearest anti-freeze whenever they say anything negative towards the Habs or positive for the Booins. Needless to say I do not get up very often after the puck drops as there are to many empties on the floor and I really do not want to trip over them... falling flat on my face... yet again.
  6. Les Tri-Couleurs have played as consistent as my viewership was the last 2 games. I therefore take atleast half the blame for my lack of support. Tonight I will have my game face on, hopefully this will send enough positive signals to my storied 'Ockey Team. GET THE PUCK OUT!
  7. I predict 2+ overtime and a Montreal win. Price with the winner 'a la Brodeur'. + one loser Booin's player gets sent to the hospital because of dehydration.
  8. NHL suspends neanderthalic behaviour! For me it was the NHL's denial of reckless intent in Chara's supposed 'hockey play'. This suspension shows to me that they are finally taking this issue for what it really is. Not 'hockey play', but reckless endangerment of a colleague's livelyhood... never mind life. EDIT I meant starting to take issue seriously... And with that I am starting to take the board of governors more seriously. I should hope they actually believe that a player's health is a little more important than protecting Gronks.
  9. Da Habs I just can not believe how this team manages to pull on my heart strings. Da Habs We need to steal this second game... and nothing would be better than Eller and Pouliot pulling their proverbial heads out of their own @$$es by playing some desperate 'ockey. GOOOOOOOOOO! Da Habs
  10. ROFL! I must say that that is the best clip I've seen in a long time. Maybe we just witnessed the conversion of a young booin' boy to a 'FULLY' matured Habs fanatic... gawd I love 'ockey.
  11. <br /><br /><br />Hee Hee... Now that there shyte is some powerful optimism... May da Cup be filled with Du Molson... preferrably Rickards Red.
  12. Thanks for that Brian, it really emphasizes how negative some have become. I believe in my Tri-Couleurs until the end, even if you 'belive' it to be bitter.
  13. I think the players will be itching to go tonight, especially with the rags creeping up. Get the puck out. Skate the puck in. Shoot the puck. Le But.
  14. Thx BrenDittero Yes a win tomorrow would ease the current sand in the ears crisis. (see ostrich remark) Even though we have what can be argued as the best team in a good long time, some of us fanatics go overboard, crying meltdown. Our season numbers do not suggest any of the sort. We are supposed to plug the holes and bail water. Stand by our team. Give our troops some support. We send them to the rink to win a war. Maybe just maybe... We should not be looking at our players as the walking dead, even if the gronks do. We should see them as battlers, willing to put it all on the line for us, for this great game. I for one am not ashamed of our players, nor am I of our team. Anybody got some way of getting rid of sand fleas?
  15. Loosing one or two games in the NHL when a playoff round is all but locked up is not a cause to ashamed. Especially when a great percentage of players are injured. Injured in part because the protection of players with armament is preferred to establishing rules to prevent cheap shots and actually enforcing them in a consistent way. I am proud to behold the Habs in my fancy. I am proud that Recchi, an iron-man, past Canadien and future Hall of Famer, has enough wherewithal to apologize for being led to state mis-information by the media. I am proud that les Habitants are one of the few teams that believe head shots is not an 'hockey play'. Mostly, I am proud that I am able to keep my hand out of the sand long enough to post this.
  16. Ouien, ou bien fawk. Yes, I knew that. I was referring to smart people always find ways to circumnavigate so as not to offend the faint of heart... just look at at the NHL spin doctoring vicious behaviour as hockey play, for a prime example. That said, Brian is one smart cooookie and his français is not something to shake a stick at.
  17. Oui... mais les français savent bien comment sans sortir des règles... Non!!! Congratulations on your nomination, by the way.
  18. Ron Maclean is actually putting it all out there in a very cryptic way. He states that he has lost interviews because he does not agree with the old guard. He also refers to his pal, a psychologist who believes suspensions are in order when a players prime directive (read~finish all checks) becomes a liability to the health and well being of a player. His pal strongly supports disciplinary actions to prevent even more injuries. Unfortunately, Ron goes on to misappropriate a true statement about life in a wheelchair. Sure it can be a blessing in disguise, but this in no way alleviates gronkishness. It is a mistake I'm sure he will rectify. As I believe him to be one of the very few gentlemen left in this sport never mind society in general. CHEERS!
  19. Good cause! Personally I would not wear this, but I might buy it for my grandpa to use as a diaper... Speaking of... somebody should make toilet paper with team or player identifiers... then we could really show them love as we see from our eye... LOL... browneye that is!
  20. Well this weeks goings on, the end of Patches for atleast the season and most likely never the same again, have caused many tears and disheartenment. I could argue it is for not winning the cup this year, but reality dictates that most of these tears are the product of the dinosaurish mentality of the old guard who are mostly made up of gronks sprinkled with few true gentlemen. Now I storm out of the room... err forums... looking for some soft tissue to console my fragile emotional human mind, with barely a noticeable whimper, 'Long Live Gronkishness'.
  21. Thx Diana, I firmly believe that we should not let this rest in the swampy back waters of the indescribable NHL Boardrooms. Those callous enough... to believe... that no disciplinary actions are to be taken when blatant actions cause injuries to unsuspecting players should have no right in deciding the intent of said action. It should be quite obvious that an independent review process needs to be put into place. The integrity of NHL, players and fans alike should be of the most importance. The NHL SHOULD NOT protect the despicable careless actions behind the play. To me the NHL is acting carelessly and even recklessly. My personal integrity dictates that I will forsake any game that showcases Chara, not because he was the careless numskull, but because he represents to me all that is wrong in my favourite game, namely the lack of discipline shown by those in authority. If my Canadiens had any gumption they would default all games with the Bruins as a statement of solidarity for Patches. Maybe even start talking about starting a new league.....FAWK!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Gary Fawkmeman, It is the Information Age, we live in society where there is the Rule of Law. Let the same Laws apply to all. I truly hope that our supposed democracy does not sit on their (our) hands on this. For Gawd-Sakes, isn't this the 21st Century. My Facebook post. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. The Chicoutimi Cucumber I'm pretty sure there is hardly a word in all of your posts... and I've read most... where I would outright disagree with your points brought forth. That said, I really do not believe that PK is a crash and burn type. I happen to think Subban is rather stable, especially being a rookie. Ever since Robinson left for the Devils, I've been forever dreaming of his return. I would welcome the Bird in any capacity. As a stallworth mentor to Su'per'bban or any of our Hockeyeurs, Larry would be the perfect bearer to pass the torch. Whatever issue(s) is holding back this dream of mine of coming to fruition, I truly hope that PG works them out. If he does I will wrap his name in a , like all my favourites. Just so you know, I hate Gomer's contract not the numerous skills he brings to his team.
  23. Yep, a great read for sure. What I like about it is, the writer states the fact that the game and L'Hockeyeur calls for skill above gronkishness. That is right, I invent words!!!
  24. Thanks for the link. I like pain and I take it like a man. As a solution for minimizing this turmoil of watching MY Habs, playing like Speedy Gentlemen of the Ice and getting pummeled like rag dolls by uncivilized pit-bulls from centuries gone by (read neanderthals), is getting a bigger screen. Now there is justification, Thank You Corvina. I have no problem with Hockey having its own code, but why this insistent belief that it should be an unwritten, hard to understand and even harder to change code of 'honour'. Simple answer, it is because it is better to serve and hide unprofessional misdemeanours. Never mind outright birdbrained nincompoop behaviours by gronks who are only pretending to play Hockey, but actually only venting their jealousies at the Professional. This hidden/unspoken code leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It also leaves many players injured. Sometimes beyond repair. Kariya's is the one that really stands out for me. Just freaking abominable. Brutality of this sort has no place in this Society. It is the 21st Century. The Information Age. A Land of Law.
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