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  1. Habs @ Oilers | Game Thread

    I want to see a Stewart/Stortini fight.
  2. Habs @ Oilers | Game Thread

    What is Souray's status for this game?
  3. Here guys, haven't posted on here in forver, anyway, I thought I'd share this awesome blog I found. I encourage every habsfans to read this. All credit to J.T. ~here :hlogo:
  4. Will the interview be live on rds or ris? Or a radio station? CKAC?
  5. Habs @ Flames | Game Thread

    When BGL has the majority of chances, your team is flawed.
  6. Habs vs. Leafs | Game Thread

    Why are habsworld's GDTs so dead?
  7. Change a player!

    Just added a few more, I voted Price and Kost's heart to Kovy (that would be sick), and I was VERY tempted to give Boston NYI's record.
  8. Change a player!

    Just for fun. I made it multiple answer poll, but pick only your top two.
  9. Canadiens DVD box set coming in NOV.

    How is the quality? Outta 10 comparing to a modern day hockey game DVD.
  10. Why worry?? You think Bob has somehow forgotten about Komi? He will get it done. I just hope it isn't for more than 5 mil.
  11. Latendresse out 4 to 6 weeks

    One positive is that Patches will stay a while longer
  12. Henry Sent Back to Hamilton

    If Kosto faught Godard he would have woken up in the hospital bed. Henry is 10 times the fighter Kosto is.
  13. Who the Habs need?

    Anybody who has balls.
  14. Lang lost for season

    Tanguay can play centre no?
  15. Who the Habs need?

    Who the Habs need: CHRIS NEIL