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  1. Subjective... Everyone is just biased with their own opinions, it's totally natural and there's nothing wrong with it... Although it always cracks me up to see all the differents ''arguments'' people make based on their supposed ''objective view on things''. You argue with facts that complement your ideal, in the end what you all are saying makes sense because we can all see your emotions dictating your reasonning...but when someone else starts going at it from his own perspective, it's like we're running around in circles... The good thing about this argument is your calmness and ability to accept different views and facts. But you guys, just like Supreme Court judges, are prone to think in a ''pre-determined way''; the values that you have since you were able to read/speak and that have been modifided by the different social contexts in which you've been in throughout your life are too strong to ignore. So, here's my legal, objective, independant point of view on all this: BUSH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't know why, but the 1st time I saw the Mexican woman on that new show, I just felt this burst of ''must have her'' now! And these days she's on every talkshow, in the news, she's everywhere.... She's not THAT beautiful; just has a certain ''look'', that just... Is it just me or is she the nicest MILF you've seen in a long time? Wish I was the gardener on that show!!!!!!!!
  3. If you need somebody to write some good ol' NHL gossip and inside scoops I'm your man:D I could give you some info on my trip to Russia and the answer to the age old question: why do Russian hockey players act the way they do? Finally I could also write in a little personal journal about the managerial aspects of the NHL; the side of the NHL and the NHLPA: how to enter the world of the NHL without ever having played a game. I'm learning a lot very quickly about what it takes to work for the league office/teams/players and all I can say is it will be one hell of a ride:guru: It could be a little mini ''reality show about a desperate dude trying to make his dream come true''. Come on, this website needs something corny like this:clap:
  4. I was at the game and it was great to have everyone chating the national anthem. I also liked the fact we respected the U.S.A. anthem too. Exciting 1st but at times the game lacked a certain flow. It was amazing to root for Mario, Sakic, Heatley, Brodeur... Although I just couldn't cheer on Thornton that prick, I just couldn't.... And when Canada scored I was hi-fiving everyone but this one dude that had a Leafs jersey on... I just rejected the guy! lol
  5. I agree 100% Habs77. I think the Guerin incident during a practice 2 years ago was twice as bad as the Bertuzzi hit. It was just vicious and totally uncalled for. I love Guerin as a player, great power-forward, but man does he not care about someone else's personal health. Guerin should be in court before Bertuzzi if you ask me...
  6. I HATE GUERIN I HATE GUERIN I HATE GUERIN! I remember that SOB kneed Markov in a very cheap way in the 2002 playoffs..... At least a hit to the face isn't usually dangerous.... ######ing ex-Bruins!!!!
  7. I'm sorry but if Scott Niedermayer thinks he's worth close to 10 million a year and should be considered as good as Pronger/Blake/Lidstrom he's got to be smoking something good. As much as I love his style of play and everyone knows I respect the Devils, he has had ONE great year. That does not make him one of the game's most dominating players. He's a 40 point defenseman that had a good year. Yes he's an amazing skater and during the playoffs he plays with great patience and all that, but 9 million a year? Is he the guy you first think of if you're starting a team from scratch? I don't think Lamoriello will overpay for Niedermayer, just like when he didn't overpay for Holik after he had a great year. Add to that the fact that guys like Recchi and Hull are getting 2-3 million a year and the new CBA... He did win the Norris, but it was only his 1st ever year that he was amongst the best d-men.
  8. I sold 2 and still have 2 left with a parking ticket. Price is 250$ for the 2 tickets.
  9. Hey all I have 4 VIP tickets for sunday's tennis final at the Uniprix stadium. They come with 2 parking passes. The tickets are just 3 rows from the court, each one has a 150$ value. I am willing to take off a certain amount for them if bought all together, and a little less if it's only 1 ticket. You can email me at : malakhov99@yahoo.ca Thanks
  10. I'm going to shock everyone here.......................... My fav player is....tada........M-A-R-K-OV What a surprise! After that I'd say Francis Bouillon. If the guy was 6'4 or something he could dominate... Fav habs all-time: Roy.
  11. Hehe come on the Aussiepossie I was just kidding, there's no way in hell that the Habs even think about signing him! The whole city hates his guts!
  12. Hey all:) Wouldn't it be something if the Habs signed Malakhov? I clearly remember that Blackhawks/Habs game 4 years ago when Renaud Lavoie asked Malakhov (who was just traded to the Devils the same night) if he would ever consider coming back to Montreal... His response? ''never'' Bob Clarke did say he was his best defenseman in the playoffs! LOL Sorry but seeing Malakhov as a UFA I'm sure I'm not the only one who imagined how wacky and unreal it would be if we signed him:)
  13. Anyone here know their stuff about the differences between certain types of cars? I'm looking to buy one this summer and I'm a little confused.... Car dealers are all pricks ( for the most part, except if anyone here is one lol) and my friends all give me different opinions.... My email is malakhov99@yahoo.ca If you think you can help me in any way I would appreciate it a lot! thanks
  14. LOL what the hell, I never heard that one...hehe In Fedorov's case I just don't think he's up to par with the likes of a Modano or a Forsberg, who do deserve around 10 million a year... Although imagine how much Forsberg would have gotten if he was a UFA LAST summer...12, 15 million a year?
  15. Because of this ''Fedorov hits impass'' with wings crap (I still think he'll sign with Detroit, a friend of mine that works for Armani went out to lunch with Fedorov and his agents and Sergei said he absolutely LOVED Detroit and really wanted to stay there...he also said he LOVED Montreal because there are so many hot chicks and the city is beautiful!) I hope I won't be hearing ANY Leaf fans saying ''this is the chance for Quinn to get a real player'' and BLABLABLA!!!! SCREW OFF LEAF FANS, I BET FEDOROV WOULD EVEN RATHER COME TO MONTREAL THAN TORONTO! ( Although I think he's not worth 10 million a year...)
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