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  1. Beat me to it! Glad to see I'm not the only one who over analyzes
  2. So based on assumptions if the Habs would have been in the lottery the pick would of gone to Nashville. The NHL dropped the balls in alphabetical order so having Montreal in there pushes those teams behind them back a slot. The fifth dropped ball would have been Nashville instead of New York. Just another piece of mind showing the Habs would not have won it. Pittsburgh not winning also helps. Now I haven't studied how the logo size on the ball would of messed with the weight or aerodynamics. Maybe pushed some balls ahead of others. I'll leave that to someone else 😜
  3. So who are we cheering on in the lottery? My Preference (in this order): 1) Wild 2) Jets 3) Preds While the other 5 I do not want to see win, the big no-no's are the Pens and the Leafs. Pens because it would always be said the Habs could of had Lafreniere. Leafs should be self explanatory.
  4. Habs were 0-4-0 vs Tampa this season Habs were 0-0-2 vs Philly this season Both records weren't very good but at least we played close with Philly
  5. Bring on Philly or Tampa!!!! I'll be cheering on the Flyers tomorrow.
  6. Tristan Jarry gets the start this afternoon for the Pens.
  7. Plus our Chicago second round pick is slightly better at 40, compared to likely 47th or 48th if Chicago wins. But your reasons much the same reason I want the Leafs to win their series. I do not want them anywhere near the 1st overall pick.
  8. Forgot what its like not to breathe during the end of games. Nerves. Big win! At worst case we pushed it to 5 games which is a huge accomplishment in itself. Now can they move on? I have to assume Pittsburgh will come out strong in game 4.
  9. Seattle expected to announce their name, logo and colours tomorrow. Some rumours out there expecting it to be the Seattle Sockeyes. I think we can also guess that green will be an element of the logo. I would love to see some yellow as well to keep with the old Supersonics theme. Always found the Golden Seals jerseys to be interesting.
  10. Just another tidbit of information is that Team E of the play-in teams won the lottery with a 2.5% chance at the pick. Team E had the 12th best odds which if you go by points percentage would have been the Jets. Believe you me I would of been upset if team A (The Habs) would of won it. Now the way I look at this from a Habs perspective is that we are playing with the houses money. If the regular season would of played out we likely never would of got to 12th last in the standings. If they would of just ended the season with the current standings we wouldn't of got those 12th odds. Even if they don't finish the playoffs we still have a 12.5% at it. Admittedly I was also at first upset that the play-in teams would of got equal odds at the won pick thinking that it still should of been based on win percentage (different odds) for the Stage 2 lottery but now I am content knowing we have a free shot.
  11. Habs now have a 12.5% chance at the #1 overall pick if they lose their play-in. Tough break for the Wings. Fourth year in a row they have dropped. 4th was the worst they could finish and they did just that.
  12. Let's say hypothetically the Sens end up picking 5 & 6 tonight and the slots 1, 2 & 3 are all play-in teams. Do you throw your play-in knowing you have a 37.5% chance at a top three pick? I know players don't throw games but teams could maybe not put their best line-up out there. This scenario would be worst case for the NHL as I think it would make teams ponder.
  13. Santa Clara County just banned gatherings of over 1000 people due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in that County. This ban is set to last three weeks. The Sharks happen to play in that County so one would assume they are going to play in an empty building or move the games elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and if this gets adopted by other regions. Hopefully they get this virus under control. The Sharks next home game is March 19th vs the Habs.
  14. Surprisingly this was the first game that we got shutout all season (technically we got shutout twice in preseason). Getting to game 69 is actually a pretty good feat.
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