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  1. So just thought I would let everyone know, Mete is leading all Habs defenceman in goals scored for the season. Who would of imagined that?
  2. What a prick! Suzuki had to steal some of Mete's spotlight
  3. Two quick ones and all tied up! KK with his first road goal. Good for him to get it out of the way early in the season to stop that narrative
  4. 44-29-4-5 = 97 points 4th in the Atlantic 7th in the East 247 goals for
  5. Is it saving face or did he always want to go back? We'll probably never know
  6. We have an official ECHL affiliate with the Maine Mariners? Must of missed that news.
  7. But if you do a separate deal and give them an additional first rounder to essentially not match the current offer sheet, you are better off since you get Aho at a cheaper rate.
  8. Ya definitely played a huge factor in the outcome of the series. A healthy Durant and Thompson could of meant a Golden State championship. When those two were not on the court it was a pretty simple plan for the Raps. Stop Curry. While Green was good he didnt have the same kind of impact and wasn't as great of concern to the Raptors. Nothing should get taken away from the Raptors Championship. Beat some great opponents this post season and could never count them out of any game. Great resiliency. Took Canada and the city by storm. Now is the time to celebrate but they will have one big question this off-season. Can this season convince Leonard to stick around? The rest of the team will be relatively the same for next season before the following where a good group of their players become ufa's. If I were him I would take a one year max deal and stay in Toronto. Though I could see him trying to max out with years due to his injury history, I think you give the Raptors a shot next year within their window. At the end of next year you reevaluate and see if you like the direction they are going. He can always get to his preferred destination after that and still get great money if not more.
  9. Worked out pretty well for the Raptors so far. Also nice not having Lebron in the way. Raptors make the NBA finals for the first time in franchise history with yet another come from behind win over the Bucks. Heck of a series. Thursday will mark the first NBA finals game played outside the United States.
  10. Lucky for the NHL it is at least going to OT. Saves them some face. Vegas deserves this game. San Jose has no business being in this game except for a terrible 5 min/game call that should of at the maximum been 2 mins. Great entertainment value however.
  11. It's not over yet. Still holding out hope that we can find a loop hole and get the Habs in the playoffs. We have to find some evidence that would cause Columbus to have to forfeit some of their wins. Maybe they used an illegal player, deflated the pucks, or altered the ice conditions in their favour? Its gonna take lots of research in very little time. If all else fails and we cant find the evidence perhaps we can make our own evidence. Hopefully someone here has some IT knowledge that would be able to create a non-existent paper-trail showing Columbus has paid off some referees throughout the season. Or if we want to go after Carolina there may be an option. If someone can get in the ear of the Hurricanes owner Thomas Dundon, maybe we can convince him to fold the Hurricanes franchise mid-season. I mean he does have a history as earlier this week he folded his football league the AAF before the season was even over. **Caution** some the of ideas mentioned above are probably illegal. Once the plan is executed we will be relying on this post and any others to be deleted to avoid prosecution. The Habs will be 2019 Stanley Cup Champions!
  12. Toronto not doing us any favours as well. Carolina up 2-0 Armia!!
  13. Maybe not an opinion that Price would like since he's on a quest to get something I won't mention, but with a 5-0 lead wouldn't that be a good time to get Price some rest. Niemi should be able to close it out. Nevermind just lost the shutout.
  14. Think of how much better off we would of been had we not of bought Steve Mason out. Never made sense to buy him out with our massive amount of cap space available his year. Anything would of been better than Niemi. Lindgren has kind of put the Habs in a bad spot this year. The plan was for him to be able to supplant Niemi if he faltered but he has faltered himself.
  15. If that two second mark holds up it would be the fastest two goals (one team) in NHL history. I'm sure they will scrutinize to see if the clock started and when it went in etc. It was previously 3 seconds. https://thehockeywriters.com/fastest-two-nhl-goals/ Islanders also tied the then NHL record of 3 seconds in 2016.
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