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  1. Disheartening game. We can dominate a period and come away with nothing, but a team like Toronto will get a few goals from a stretch of dominance. We haven't assembled the D corps to compete without the top tier offensive talent of other contenders. I know we lost, but this was the first game when I felt like Allen was taking the starting job from Carey. Would it have been this close with Price in nets?
  2. Really needed a goal that period. The D started making gaffes near the end, but Allen has stood tall.
  3. Even with Weber's declining performance, his Team Canada grit and decreasing salary will still have positive value to cap floor teams over the coming years. No need to expose him for nothing (not that Bergy would ever do it).
  4. He also made five or six big saves. No way was this loss on Price. Awful defending from the whole team.
  5. Petry with a brutal giveaway, Price completely screened. As bad as the scoreline looks, Price has been at fault for maybe one goal. Just a gong show in our own end.
  6. Been a while since we've seen Anderson beasting. what a sight to behold!
  7. Not focused at all in our own zone this game... then again, we've been a spotty defensive team for years now.
  8. Horrible defending again... twice in a row we neglect to cover both the puck and the man in front of the net.
  9. What a snipe by Anderson, coming off some big saves from Carey. Terrible defensive coverage right afterwards and the Sens have the lead again.
  10. We're getting plenty of prime chances, we'll be fine if Price shuts the door. Was fun to see Daddy Weber teach a lesson to Tkachuk, but his luck changed after he went for the back of the helmet punch too much. But really Schwebs should not be risking injury, he looked to be favouring his hand after. I hope KK becomes the type of player so that we're not watching Tkachuk ruefully for the next decade.
  11. The Habs getting too cute with the extra pass a few times when they should have shot it, most notably Danault off a nice play by Petry. It looked like Price needed better rebound control there, but it was a tough shot through a screen..
  12. When we signed Toffoli we knew we were getting a 0.6 gpg player.
  13. It's a shame that Lekky took that penalty and Allen's shutout was ruined. Nice dummy by Nick Paul on the goal though.
  14. Evans is playing like he doesn't want to be sent down.
  15. When it's the Maroons vs the Metropolitans, playing a glorified game of shinny with a piece of frozen elk meat for a puck, I tend to not take much stock. I do appreciate the Cup's long and storied history, but a title when there were only six teams isn't worth as much as one with thirty. Honestly I feel like the media gases up these pre-expansion Cup numbers because that's when the Leafs won all of theirs.
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