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  1. Koko showing flashes of the 1st line centre of our dreams! Danault and Lekhonen is such a great shutdown line. Lek deserved an assist on Armia's goal for his tireless work keeping the puck in the zone.
  2. The refs in the Bruins' pocket, what else is new.
  3. Carey had to be perfect and he was caught sliding on the Faradee goal. Philly missed a couple open nets where he was out of position as well. The powerplay finally scoring was a good sign at least. Hopefully kotka and domi can develop some chemistry, we're going to need offence from wherever we can get it this series.
  4. Was a joke, I'm like you in that it wasn't specific players but the team that got me into hockey. The Habs of that era was the first squad I became deeply invested in, and it was funny to remember how much I cared about these scrubs.
  5. Radek Bonk: Solid defensive C who sadly never got the Selke consideration that was his due. Mike Johnson: The Robin to Bonk's Batman. Jan Bulis: 4-goal game! Who could forget. Steve B├ęgin: All heart. Mathieu Dandenault: Mastery of all positions on the ice, up and down the lineup (mostly down). Should have gotten a shot to fill in at goalie to cement his legendary status.
  6. For some reason I had my hopes up about this guy about a year ago... can't recall why. Hopefully he's another Lekhonen.
  7. In this uncertain moment we're experiencing, it calms me greatly to know that the Habs have Alex Belzile under contract for next season.
  8. No need to rush Caufield, especially after we apparently rushed Kotka.
  9. Game 6 was a dominant 1-0 game where we were completely stifled and outclassed physically. Overall, there were 3 games where the Rangers were clearly better, two OT games that were split, and one game where we were better with our backs against the wall down 3-1 at home. We got to game 6 which was as far as we deserved. The revisionist history is saying that we lost because Price was hurt when Tokarski stood on his head and we couldn't score in the final game.
  10. That's heartening, hopefully the guy we saw at the WJC's is the real Romanov.
  11. I maintain that we were clearly outclassed by the Rangers in the Kreider year and it's homer revisionist history to blame the loss on Price's injury. Tokarski stepped in and stood on his head so we didn't miss Carey that much - we were losing that series either way (and would have gotten steamrolled by LA in any case). That was a clear illustration in my mind of the divide between almost elite and elite; we were perhaps only one player - a true #1C - away from elite, but it was obvious we weren't there. In the Halak year, most people forget that we barely squeaked into the playoffs with 88 points and a negative goal differential. That was a mediocre squad that was eventually stopped by a forgettable 7th-place Philly team. So yes, that year we caught lightning in a bottle and outperformed expectations after making the dance, but we were among the worst conference finalists of this era of the league.
  12. Is Romanov back to playing 6 minutes a game in Russia? It's a weird trajectory for a prospect to knock it out of the park at two consecutive World Juniors but we barely hear from him the rest of the year.
  13. Fun ending even if it hurts the tank. Lindgren with the last second glove stop to force OT, Petry our 3-on-3 killer. I'm rooting for a rematch of last year's series in the Metro, so a point for Carolina helps as well.
  14. The Sharks have twice as many deep runs in the playoffs, along with a Presidents Trophy and a finals appearance, and had a murderers' row of forwards that eventually aged out of their prime. We're closer in achievement and league-wide profile over this period to teams like Philly or the Rangers that had a deep run or two, along with a bottom-out or two, but are an afterthought when considering the era in the NHL. And those teams actually made the finals.
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