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  1. To Mtl: Laine To Wpg Gallagher Romanov 2nd This trade would obviously hurt a lot, but Laine is a potential Richard trophy winner. Is this enough for Winnipeg?
  2. There's a decent chance that Lekky is the best forward we expose at the expansion draft.
  3. Does our boy crack 40 points in either year of this deal? I guess it depends on his linemates and how far he is down the depth chart. Very reliable player who will help any line he plays on.
  4. Happy for Lekky, would have liked more term.
  5. I agree that we're still a bubble team, and we don't have the top end talent to match the teams ahead of us (and a few behind). We're also in the weird position of having a good pool of young players and prospects, but our two best players are on the wrong side of 30. So we may end up in the same position next summer that we find ourselves today; stuck in no man's land with limited options to improve significantly, but too promising to commit to a rebuild.
  6. I guess we know that Bergy's still not listening to his stats guys.
  7. I agree with your last sentence, but it would suck to lose your 5th best forward. We were lucky in that we didn't have to expose anyone good. Maybe Chiarot will be our best player exposed when the draft comes.
  8. If you have four good defensemen, like Nashville did, then you're in trouble.
  9. I don't follow your logic here. Here's mine: he doesn't want to come to Montreal, even if we have the best offer atm. Our only hope is to blow the other offers away.
  10. No, because he's holding out for more money from a place he actually does want to go to.
  11. Gardiner still out there, it looks like we'd have to offer a lot more money than anyone else for him to come here.
  12. Talking about the Bruin here, who I thought had a good shot at the Hall but now that Carbo's in I'm thinking that he's a lock. Our Bergy wasn't a forward.
  13. I guess Bergeron is now a lock for the Hall. Any other defensive forwards of the last few decades that should be feeling good about their chances?
  14. I agree that's it's better for the long haul, but heading into next year it looks bad unless we add someone big.
  15. This trade will look a lot worse if we head into the season with a big chunk of empty cap space.
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