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  1. Petry has always been gaffe-prone. We're seeing that Chiarot is of a similar mould, maybe worse. Weber too, to a lesser extent. Maybe our best defenders are just good for a few glaring miscues per game.
  2. Yep, we're a bunch of one goal games from being in wildcard contention. If Price has even an average season that's a huge difference right there, he lets in an iffy one most nights.
  3. Let's give Price enough rest so he can rehabilitate his value down the stretch and into next season. He's not exactly hindering the tank at this point, but there's no need to run him into the ground. Weber and Gallagher should also be protected from playing too many tough minutes.
  4. To Phoenix: Brendan Gallagher To Montreal: Barret Hayton salary filler
  5. We had an awful start in this one, but after those Tatar goals it was smooth sailing. Winnipeg's D is a turnover machine, Beaulieu being one of the prime offenders.
  6. If it's Lekhonen by himself shooting the puck point blank, our mildly fat fan might think he should have scored, but he'd never expect him to.
  7. Chiarot almost gave the game away by inexplicably moving from the wall to the front of the net before the final faceoff.
  8. If Carey plays that well every night then we're a playoff team. Nice to see Domi with a little pep in his step.
  9. It looked like perfect placement, off the corner of the post and crossbar.
  10. Is it already a done deal that we should have taken Hughes over Kotka? I hope Kotka can return to the lineup soon, and I also hope we didn't draft another Philip Danault #3 overall. Love Danault, but he's not quite the star we want with a top pick. Who would you rather have going forward, Pettersson and Hughes or Eichel and Dahlin? Those are the top two young #1C and #1D combos that came to mind (I suppose you could do Matthews - Reilly, but Reilly isn't as young anymore).
  11. It seems like we often have players trying to play through injuries - it looked like Byron was another (unless he is well and truly washed in the first year of his extension). There's no reason for anybody, especially our youngest players, to do this at this point in the season. I hope it's not a part of our team culture that guys feel they have to do this.
  12. If Bergevin gets fired for missing the playoffs 4 out of 5 years, I don't have much faith in Molson and co. to find a replacement who is much better. We'd probably get some old fogey with ties to our past Cups to head the search, and of course language would likely rule out many of the best candidates. The game was so different when we were winning Cups and Quebec was a major producer of talent. Our organization is unique in its backwards-focus and stringent language requirements, neither of which are helpful in winning three decades into the 21st century. That said, looking at our situation long-term, it's possible that a major course change is what's required, ie. unloading Price and Weber at an opportune moment. Bergevin is clearly committed to those two and will go down with the ship.
  13. Finally got lucky in a tight game. Can't say we really deserved it, we owe that win to Carey - we basically to need him to play like this to even sniff the playoffs. Got a decent number of shots but not many dangerous opportunities and only managed to draw one penalty against the worst penalty-taking team in the league. But a win's a win, and we still had some defensive breakdowns but not an egregious number. Chiarot had a tough one after some solid outings, but it seems like he's earned Julien's trust by now.
  14. I wonder if Philly still wants Byron.
  15. Really should have buried those two points early on. Looks like the same old lack of finish rearing its head again. Price had another strong outing, but we should be taking care of the freakin Sens. Three unfortunate losses after a couple games that we were lucky to steal.
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