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  1. He has to score four goals in a game first. But yeah, I'm becoming increasingly skeptical of his offensive ceiling. His shot rarely finds the net. When he's making defensive blunders like last night, he doesn't look like a very valuable player.
  2. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Is he a Team Canada lock?
  3. The Sens are the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. I don't think anything definite can be said about Kotka's ceiling at this point, there's a chance he's just solid two way player with nowhere near the offense of Boeser. I'd guess that most neutral observers would rate Boeser as a better prospect at this point. Surprised about Quenneville, doesn't he speak French?
  5. Nov, 3, Lightning at Habs, 7:00pm

    Great job, Link67, with some levelheadedness. We still have a roster that was picked a month ago to finish in the bottom 10. We look much better than that so far, but there's still a huge talent disparity between us and a team like Tampa. To beat them we have to play nearly flawlessly, or hope for a lot more mistakes on their end than what happened Saturday. I'm not ready to give up on Hudon, as he seems to have some hockey smarts and should be able to improve his defensive game. If he got faster that would be a big help too. Deslauriers, on the other hand, I don't really see a need for. Throw Scherbak out there with Peca and Shaw, that line should be able to score now and then.
  6. After an unexpected barnburner win over the defending champs, an even more talented roster rolls into town. Blood rivals and archnemeses Drouin and Sergachev face off in another installment of Who Won The Trade. The Lightning as always have a ridiculous group of skilled forwards, but their defense has a Hedman-shaped hole. Puck drop at 7:00. Ps. You don't have to listen to Lightning Crashes.
  7. A special All Saints Day edition of Habs hockey sees the Caps in town. Noted Saint Alexander Ovechkin has presumably not indulged in any of the Seven Deadly Sins since his summer of debauchery. Saint Lars Eller is so Christ-like and committed to non-violence that he allowed himself to be pummelled by the imp Marchand without retaliating in the slightest. On the Habs side, Saint Max Domi has never once let his baser impulses get the best of him. Saint Brendan Gallagher always maintains a cheerful disposition even when faced with the worst slings and arrows of the unbelievers. Captain of the Saints Shea Weber is absent while he convalesces from an injury comparable to that of Saint Denis: And of course, on a plane higher and more exalted (and better compensated) than all the Saints, we have in goal our one true saviour, Jesus Price. Note: the cast of apostles may have changed significantly since this picture, perhaps along with our faith in our saviour's saving abilities. Nevertheless, in our faith we find strength. Puck drop at 7:30.
  8. I'm pretty surprised with our performance so far, still half expecting the bottom to fall out at some point. It no longer looks like we'll be competing for a top pick with the likes of Detroit and Ottawa, but I'm afraid we'll end up in no man's land draft-wise with a 10th place finish. The best case scenario seems to have us squeaking into the playoffs and then being crushed by Toronto or Tampa. Sorry to be so negative after a very good start but this roster has too many glaring holes to have that high of a ceiling. That said, our youth is giving me reason for optimism for the future. I'm not sure where Kotka's ceiling is, but at least he'll be a reliable fixture at C. Domi's exceeding expectations so far. I still think we need a clear blue-chipper to round out our prospect pool, however.
  9. Maybe we'll be happy to have escaped without any points if the tank's in session come March. It doesn't seem like the ceiling of this team is much higher than what we're seeing now. Julien's got them playing pretty much to their potential, other more talented teams will catch up. I'd really like both Scherbak and Hudon to have a regular spot in the lineup.
  10. What's the deal with those ratings for each player?
  11. 2018 Bergevin Appreciation Thread

    *Lefebvre should have been fired ages ago *Our NHL centre depth is still among the worst in the league, we're evaluating by a different metric now that serious contention is far in the past The problem with our cap situation is that in 2-3 years when those young C's should supposedly be entering their primes, we'll still be saddled with Alzner's deal, Shaw's, and wrong-side-of-30 Byron's. Who knows where Weber's health will be, and the millstone contract in goal will hamper us as well unless Price is consistently in his MVP form. We have some major potential long term cap issues. I'm with you on crediting Julien - he's redeeming himself in my eyes, and last season's disaster seems to be less his fault than it may have appeared. I don't know if it'll be enough to take this roster anywhere but no man's land in the draft, however. Overall I agree that this last offseason was on the whole positive for Bergy, but that could all change if Chucky comes back and outproduces Domi. The return for Patches was pleasantly surprising, but it's hard to say that about his other major moves. Even if Bergy does some things right, I'm wary that he'll screw up again.
  12. I'd send Kotka back to Finland to get stronger, although without him around there's even less reason to watch this lineup on a given night. Detroit happens to one of the few teams that has less top end forward talent, what a disaster.
  13. Oct 11, 7:30 Kings vs Habs

    Kovalev elbow on Tucker memorial month.
  14. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    This is not where I lol
  15. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    We really need to find a rocketship to Mars for Alzner.