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  1. Pretty amazing that only Danault and Byron haven't scored out of all the skaters who have dressed through six games.
  2. I'm in no rush to unload Mete. We'll need him at some point this year, and maybe he can rehabilitate his value a bit, which seems low right now.
  3. Well we're flying boys! Vancouver looks like they have a lot of work to do to make the playoffs so maybe we shouldn't read too much into our domination against them, but damn we look good right now! Imagine if there were fans in stands to welcome the team home after that roadtrip to start the year.
  4. I thought it was at first, but it was.a delayed offside and Tatar didn't touch the puck across the line until Danault cleared the zone.
  5. Lol Perry scores without even trying to.
  6. Another puck over glass, gotta have one each game.
  7. I'm surprised CBJ was able to get two good players, as well as the best player in the deal, when it seems like their back was against the wall.
  8. It was more of a penalty than several of the calls against us in this series against Van.
  9. Great job Perry taking a dumb penalty.
  10. Joshy has to figure out how to stay out of the box.
  11. Yeah, it was almost like Myers felt bad and knew he should have been suspended. I'm always nervous watching players punch helmets and visors.
  12. A shame to see two of our guys go down in the third with the game already in hand. Hopefully Byron and Armia are alright.
  13. Myers should be suspended multiple games for that hit on Armia. Unfotunately that would probably help the Canuck's D corps on Saturday.
  14. Wow, Torts is really tanking PLD's value by only playing him 4 minutes against Tampa.
  15. Total domination. Maybe Weber can even take a little break for the third.
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