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  1. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Balanced scoring from the Habs, Weber the only player with 2 points on the night. I wish I didn't miss this one, looked like fun. Nothing better than seeing Kotka score beauties like that.
  2. Good ole Joshy, always left everything on the ice. It probably broke his heart when Bergy dealt him. Remember how he was basically Gallagher's dad/big brother for his first season? I guess Weber or Gally could fill that role for some young player, but it's hard to imagine it happening again.
  3. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    Danault is such a good defensive forward, and of course he would fit in best as a 3rd line C. He seems to be more engaged than Eller at least to the eye test, but is he better than him overall? I'd certainly take Danault but I'm not sure if that's my own bias.
  4. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    I'll be ready to say that if he makes it to the end of the season without a reversion to his early season form. He certainly was cool and collected tonight, but the Bruins missed the net on many of their best chances. The OT ended up being a nice bonus. We want Boston in that 2-3 matchup against the Leafs anyways.
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    He usually anchors the bottom pair, and is often asked to step into the top 4. I'm with Don in that we could be inviting disaster if we try to rely on Juulsen at this stage. Not sure a third is worth the risk.
  6. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    I apologize to Byron, he hasn't lost a step yet! What a goal!
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    What could we even get for Benn? If we're trying to make the playoffs we might as well keep him, given his importance to the D corps. Would anyone even give a 2nd?
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    You'd shell out for Jake Gardiner? He doesn't strike me as the type of player to be worthy of a big cap commitment.
  9. First Goal for Mete

    Time for Mete to pop that cherry,
  10. I feel like he's maybe lost a half step, I don't see him on as many breakaways lately. He's still really fast but is he as fast as a year or two ago? And that will only decline with each year. Nice to hang on for the win, but I still feel like we're closer to the Detroits and Arizonas of the league than the Nashvilles.
  11. That contract looking worse and worse. No need to extend him at that point. Without his top end speed Byron doesn't have much to distinguish himself as a player.
  12. Here's the chance for our offense to get their mojo back. I'd like to see Hudon again. And what has Armia done to earn a top-6 spot? I guess he sort of covers for Drouin's foibles.
  13. That was probably his thinking, but I thought he had time to try to fight around the obstacle. Might not have worked anyways, but it just seemed like he gave up on that immediately.
  14. Not a fan of using a timeout there with 30 seconds left and giving the Minny defenders the chance to rest. Throw on a fresh Kotka and co. against a tired defense, it's not like our main guys were lighting it up anyways. Petry's giveaway was terrible, but Price seemed to give up on stopping the puck as soon as he touched the Minny player, who was well out of the crease. How often does Drouin just throw the puck to the open ice without checking if there's a teammate there to receive it?
  15. Hudon open to being traded

    I had higher hopes for Hudon than this, but it seems clear that CJ doesn't like him much. And since the team has outperformed my expectations, I'm inclined to give CJ the benefit of the doubt. Hudon seems to have the vision and touch that would translate if he were more athletic. His defensive troubles are a little surprising; I anticipated that he would be more of a two-way player. Again that might be a function of his lack of speed and strength.