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  1. Seems like a fair number. If Anderson got 5.5 then Gallagher is worth 1M more than that. Danault has to be worth at least as much as Anderson too. In 3 years we'll have a lot of money tied up in guys on the wrong side of 30, so the window is definitely now. The squeeze will come in the next two offseasons with KK and then Suzuki and Romanov needing extensions. Gally is the engine of this team and his work ethic must be contagious. Here's hoping that he can stave off injuries and athletic decline for at least the first 3-4 years of this deal.
  2. Bergevin is the only GM giving out term in this market Another overpaid middle-6er.
  3. It seems to me that Bergy's core is middling in terms of talent, barring enormous leaps by both Suzuki and KK and a D prospect. Once Gallagher is locked in at big money our flexibility will be gone and we'll be hoping for a bunch of dominoes to fall just right to be a top 10 team, let alone a Cup contender.
  4. Wow this seems like a huge overpay for a guy with one good year.
  5. He's a bust if he doesn't maintain his 3 ppg pace with the Habs.
  6. Apparently Domi and Anderson were golfing together when they found out they were traded for each other.
  7. Can't help but look at the guys we would have got at #9, Rossi or Perfetti, and think how excited Tony Maranaro sauce would have been. A defensive defenseman isn't the most exciting 1st round pick, but hopefully he was the BPA and becomes a solid NHLer.
  8. We gave up a player with 70 point potential for one with 40 point potential. Coming off a major injury? And threw in a decent pick? At worst, this could be a Ribeiro - Niinima situation. Gonna miss Max.
  9. McDonagh and Sergachev about to lift the Cup 😪
  10. If Petry has another season like the last two it's a great deal. The only worry is if we start to see a decline next year.
  11. If we're talking mercurial wings, I'd rather Nylander at 7 than Drouin at 5.5, more upside.
  12. Assuming we strike out on Hall, who would you most want out of Granlund, Toffoli, Dadanov and Hoffman and how much would it cost?
  13. I feel so much better about this team than I did before these bubble playoffs. This is mainly down to KK's emergence as a top-2 C of the present and future. He's starting to show shades of Kopitar with his physicality and skill, and now I'm back to dreaming big about his potential. Suzuki is a stud and has a higher ceiling than Patches on his own, which makes that trade an even bigger steal. Danault is an elite 3rd line center, and we were able to carry the play against Philly largely due to our strength down the middle. We still need some actual star power up front - maybe Caufield can add some of that, but it's hard to see where extra scoring will come from in the short term. On D, our guys are playing about as well as we could hope. Ouellette didn't even hurt us much, but hopefully Romanov can step in and be effective, and Mete can learn to shoot (not holding my breath on this one). Overall, this team pretty much maximized their potential during this short run and played well against decent playoff teams - not the elite like Boston or Tampa. We'll still be a bubble team next year, but one with a recipe for playoff success.
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