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  1. I think Hammer can be moved as part of a package where we're taking back a similar salary up front. I just think that with Martin's comments yesterday Hammer especially doesn't fit into his plan of a puck-moving back end. Nor does Komi in a way and that grit and minutes will be hard to replace if/when Komi walks... and I think he will
  2. I just got another PM from him with the same virus link at 12:18pm EST.
  3. All the Habs need is a stop-gap for the coming season before the likes of Subban, McDonagh & Fischer are ready to push for a job. Emelin may be a big piece of that and Weber has already made the club imho so I see the need to address 2 issues. Komi is very likely gone and I'll be pleasantly surprised if he stays. Hamrlik has lost some mobility and is now closer to being a #5 than a #3. After hearing Martin talk about wanting better puck possession and the importance of puck movers I'll also be surprised if Hamrlik isn't traded before the season starts for someone with more mobility. Komi + Hammer = Bou money so it's doable while still having cap space to upgrade down the middle.
  4. I just got a PM from him as well with a link to some Russian website, likely an attempt to spread a virus. Ban him asap please.
  5. I check HabsInsideOut a few times a day and all I ever saw was a respone by Boone to a poster's "Imagine if you were Doug Wilson... would you.." trade idea. I never saw Boone reporting that McKenzie stated a specific rumour anywhere and McKenzie himself never detailed any trade rumours during his Team 990 segment. The most important fact is that McKenzie had a glorious opportunity to speak about the rumour on national TV, during a Habs game to boot and said nadda. I think that says everything about the rumour he supposedly discussed
  6. It's just false internet chatter with bogus sources. If a deal of this magnitude was actually on the verge of happening you'd think McKenzie would make a point of actually talking about it on TSN during a habs's broadcast. He didn't say a word because he never said it on Team 990. I listen to it most of the day at work and it never happened. And Boone never reported it either. With one more year on Saku's contract it's possible he may eventually get traded but before that happens I have to think Gainey will trade for a frontline RW to play with him first.
  7. The Marleau rumour is total crap. McKenzie never said anything like that on Team 990 and Mike Boone never reported anything either. Spector picked up on it but he never checked if the 2 sources actually said it. Gainey will do something but it won't be Marleau and probably not SJ.
  8. Yeah, I remember Gainey saying that if Lapierre wanted a job in Montreal it'd likely be as a RW. With Smokes being passed on the depth chart by Chipper and likely on waivers before the trade deadline, maybe Lapierre still has a shot as a 4th line centre. Any idea if Lever has been able to teach him how to improve on faceoffs??
  9. Now that Carle is healthy and playing again, can someone tell me who he and Valentenko are partnered with?? Thanks
  10. Quick question. I thought Lapierre was centering a line between Stewart and Ferland? If he's switched to RW, who's centering the line now??
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