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  1. I wasn’t impressed in his first outing. Let’s be realistic: we won’t make the playoffs if the backup goalie doesn’t win his share of games.
  2. Kinkaid 0-2 so far. Tough start. Let’s hope he’ll do better.
  3. Too many penalties again. Having said that, I was not impressed at all by Kinkaid. He should have stopped Eichel first goal. He is too slow to to move laterally. Doesn’t venture out of his goal. It doesn’t help a defensive corp used to work with Price. It’s just a first game and he might get better. I hope so anyway.
  4. I fully share the general pessimistic view expressed here. For me too MB should not be our GM anymore. He has failed to improve the team. He has no methods, nobody can look at what he has done so far and understand what is his plan, and -- worse -- if he has one. I am so disappointed by the way we lost to the Rangers, and by the lack of potential that I see in our farm system, that I truly believe that next season will be the beginning of a long stretch of really bad seasons. My prediction is that we are at risk of being eliminated from the Stanley Cup series for a long time. It's as bad as that.
  5. Plex looks a lot better playing less minutes, against less capable opponents. 6 M$ for a 3rd line centre is definitely too much, but at least he is doing a good job with new responsibilities. On the other hand, I don't see what Therrien will do with DD...
  6. Finally Therrien cut his ice time. It was about time. I was glad to see McCarron on the PP. Playing with better players, he will soon make us forget the no. 14.
  7. A bit lucky, but the Habs will take anything that comes their way...
  8. Without Carey Price, this team doesn't generate much offence. It simply takes too long to get the puck out of the zone. And let's face it, Weber is a good defenseman, but he does not have the ability to change the game all by himself. We had that kind of guy; unfortunately, he now plays in Nashville.
  9. Kind words indeed. He will be back pretty soon.
  10. As expected Sergachev made the team. The captain believes, like I do, that he deserves it because of his work in training camp. JJ Daigneault said today that he has never seen a defenseman as good as this one at 18 years old. I don't recall either, with the Habs, of course. Nobody knows how long this experiment will last. The pressure is on the youngster. Let's wish him the best.
  11. Amazing. No doubt that Galchenyuk should have been the first pick that year.
  12. Sergachev will start the season. According to Gagnon, he might very well get more than nine games if he plays well. The 41 games threshold, after which a player is entitled to free agency at 25 years old, is more of a concern to management, says Gagnon. In the case of number 34, management has not made up its mind yet.
  13. I would be very surprised if number 22 does not make the team. Very few players have a set of skills like his. He still has to learn a few tricks, but I believe that he is a quick learner. We will see.
  14. Sergachev will get a tryout. No doubt in my mind. He deserves it. Will he be good enough to remain with the team the whole season? It remains to be seen, but he will get his chance. It's up to him.
  15. Sergachev certainly needs to improve his defensive game, but he deserves a try-out anyway. Let me remember you guys that we have endure a lot worse than him in the last few years.
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