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  1. Well, I retract what I wrote: he is not finished. Definitely an improvement over the Miller Barbers of this world. Scandella is not a scandalously wrong acquisition either. 😆 Both additions won’t probably be enough to salvage the season, but they haven’t cost much. We’ll have to wait another year, I am afraid...
  2. Exactly. LA is second to last in the West. And hasn’t played for more than a month. This is ridiculous.
  3. I hate that kind of move too. In my view, Kovalchuk is finished. Money wasted.
  4. On Overdrive (TSN), they clearly said that he wasn’t playing a lot lately. McKenzie did say that Buffalo tried to trade him from the start of the season. They felt that they were overcrowded on defense and wanted to go with younger players. His salary didn’t help obviously.
  5. I guess that he wasn’t playing the last few games while they tried to trade him.
  6. Am I mistaken or did I hear on TSN that Scandella was a regular in the press box? If so, I am not sure that he will be much of an upgrade over Kulak or Riley.
  7. 😂 Si much for the good feeling. It’s one of those games I guess...
  8. It’s not over guys. Somehow I have got a good feeling for the 3rd.
  9. It’s always tough for a goalie to face a team like Tampa Bay. Good scorers find the net.
  10. It’s always tough for a goalie to face a team like Tampa Bay. Good scorers find the net.
  11. Well, with a line up of true scorers, you don’t need too many chances.
  12. Domi has decided to shoot. All the difference.
  13. I like the way Poehling is playing. Very mature. He just needs better linemates. He’ll get the opportunity.
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