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  1. i wonder what we could get from the avs in return... draft picks? 3 or 4th? :hlogo:4life
  2. DOMINANCE tonite... havent seen that in a while against phillies.... i would of liked to see ribeiro take that penalty(i know it has to be the guy tripped)... habsworld punked my avatar hehehe i love it :hlogo:4life
  3. i have bad feeling about this game.......... philly is starting to come on..... hopefully they miss #37 gohabsgo:hlogo:
  4. even though my fav player on the habs is ribeiro.. i dont thnk he belongs on the all star game just yet .. a littl bit to inconstitent although he is hot right if you take that awaY then hes not a point a game player!!! :hlogo:4life
  5. just testing something
  6. THANKS MAN !!! :hlogo:4 LIFE
  7. hey whats up everyone, while i was watching the habs my gf was surfing the net and found this sick site thank god man i usually go to www.faceoff.com for the habs info but not anymore. but the thing i missed the most were the forums but ever since faceoff got bought out by canada.com(global). i ve been heavy searching to find good forums on the net to post my thoughts and talk with my fellow HAabiTANTS,,,,,,,,, AS FOR THE GAME montreal deserved to lose .... koivu did not play well at all looked slow the whole game!!!!.i think ribeiro and bouillen where the best players on the ice espicially
  8. Hi im new to this forum, i wanna change my password to something i can remember, but i can't find it ? Can anyone help me? :hlogo:4life
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