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  1. You must be bored,trying to stir the pot with comments like that
  2. First team to score has won every game so its safe to say that the first goal is crucial tomorrow.
  3. Lavoie reporting that Gallagher does indeed have a broken jaw. ^%@!*&^%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niskanen, Vignault and that POS Chris Lee. I wonder if he will still play?
  4. Tough to do when you are not scoring at all, but to win today Montreal simply needs to score first and play as well as they did in Game 1.
  5. It is long past time for Poehling or even Hudson to replace Weise. I loved DW in his first stint with the team but he is done. I know Hudon is ill suited to a 4th line but is CJ must be the only one watching these games that cannot see that Weise is bringing nothing. And Ouellet? 🤬
  6. I watched the NBC broadcast because Hughson and Simpson are so putrid.
  7. In retrospect, I should have left that sentence at “ I don’t expect...”. Just my old aversion to everything Oilers bubbling up again 😎 Of course I would love all of that talent on the Habs.
  8. I don't expect, or even want, the Habs to morph in to the 1987 Oilers. But, if they are the reincarnation of the 1986 Canadiens--- that would make me ridiculously happy.
  9. Not sure where he fits. I do not like the idea of starting next season with an unproven NHL rookie as back up and I also was hoping they would give McNiven a real shot in the AHL. I do not like green backup goalies here; I do not like green backups there. I do not like them anywhere, Berge- I- am!
  10. When the coach says he has no answers and it’s up to the players, I worry that the coach and GM have differing views on the core of this team
  11. Is it a systems problem? How can they keep losing the same ugly way ? This season is like Groundhog Day.
  12. Jaded, conspiracy theorist Trizzak channels the negative hack, Brendon Kelly in way that is more entertaining than the original
  13. What do you guys think of this. It seems li a hell of a gamble. I would love to see Lafreniere in Montreal but I think that deal is a bit too much. From gohabsgo Norman Flynn confessed to Martin Lemay that he would offer nothing less than Nick Suzuki, Alex Romanov, Cayden Primeau and the Canadiens 2020 first round pick overall to bring Lafrenière to Montreal.
  14. Imagine how much better the Canadiens would be right now if Bergevin had canned Slyvain Lefebre two or three years earlier like he should have
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