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  1. Exactly, the blue harkens back to the very beginning of the franchise and I think it looks great. In total contrast, to the lame laughs effort😎
  2. I think Winnipeg would do this in a heartbeat but it would be a disaster for mtl to pay that for Perrault. If it were Perrault and a pick coming with 1/2 salary retention then I could see it maybe but I don’t think even then it would be a good move
  3. Actually, I would have liked Thornton on the Canadiens at that price, but I’m still holding out hope for a veteran center of less reputation that can still skater.
  4. Nope. That is a recipe for disaster. You don’t spend decades trying to acquire / develop center depth and then squander it by gambling that a rookie is going to replace a player like Danault. I predict that he will be signed to an extension soon...if Danault is traded in the near term, Bergevin and all of us fans will regret it.
  5. It might well have, but that trade does not improve the team next season like the Anderson trade should. I know that you, and many others here don’t care for the Domi trade version 2, but that doesn’t change two things: 1. It was a trade made with the intention of immediate improvement and 2. Despite his issues Anderson was coveted by many other teams around the league by all accounts. I would have liked MB to use an asset to get the 21 or 22 pick and grab Lappierre. No matter what our GM does no one is going to be 100% happy with all his moves unless, and until we win a Cup.
  6. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. An injury prone 30 year old for KK and the 16th? No, Non, ten thousand times NO
  7. The flat cap giveth and the flat cap taketh away, so sayeth the Bettman
  8. I hope that the last part of your post becomes true
  9. I would not be upset to see them take a chance on Hendrix Lapierre at 16. Assuming that a player they have targeted doesn’t drop like last year and they keep the pick
  10. You must be bored,trying to stir the pot with comments like that
  11. First team to score has won every game so its safe to say that the first goal is crucial tomorrow.
  12. Lavoie reporting that Gallagher does indeed have a broken jaw. ^%@!*&^%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niskanen, Vignault and that POS Chris Lee. I wonder if he will still play?
  13. Tough to do when you are not scoring at all, but to win today Montreal simply needs to score first and play as well as they did in Game 1.
  14. It is long past time for Poehling or even Hudson to replace Weise. I loved DW in his first stint with the team but he is done. I know Hudon is ill suited to a 4th line but is CJ must be the only one watching these games that cannot see that Weise is bringing nothing. And Ouellet? 🤬
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