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  1. Bergevin......

    The doubts about whether or not he will be fired or not simply indicate that we have a bigger organizational problem; namely, Geoff Molson needs to appoint a real hockey lifer( although one with a handle on the pulse of the NHL in 2018) as president. It seems to me that, gasp, horror, we need to follow the model of other teams like the Leafs or Tampa
  2. We Have A Trade To Announce

    Or a picture of Habs fan hell
  3. Very well said, that is what I was alluding to in much less erudite way when I said poor, old Reggie Houle. Annd, Habs 29 is right Corey really to blame
  4. Love/Hate X players

    He pissed me off a lot more in Montreal
  5. Well, that was just an example of the mindset that decimated the Houle era Habs. We went from cup winners to laughingstock in 3 seasons and some might argue that the organization has still not fully recovered from his reign of error.
  6. Eric Engels via Twitter reminded me today why I still hate poor old Reggie Houle after all these years: Read about the time when Habs were going to claim Briere off waivers but didn’t because they wanted to protect Juha Lind. JUHA LIND?!?!?
  7. Love/Hate X players

    The only players I really hated were Kovalenko and Murray Baron both because the trades that brought them sucked and because neither wanted to be here. F'ing Houle
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Right now, with Lindgren being essential to our success I can’t see it happening. Also we are giving up too much depth so either Gally or Lehkonen needs to come out for me to like this deal. Not so sure Arizona would take it though
  9. Niemi picked up on waivers

    I think you are right, but "a safety net"?! His numbers as per TSN indicate more of a safety sieve. Maybe he will rediscover his game under Waite, steal a game for us and we can trade him to Vegas for a d-man Niemi appeared in two games with the Panthers, both in relief of James Reimer, posting an .872 save percentage and a 5.08 goals-against average. The 34-year-old Niemi played in three games for the Penguins earlier this season, recording a 7.49 goals-against average and .797 save percentage before getting waived.
  10. Nov. 9, Wild vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Can’t believe that the Habs second goal by Hudon was overturned. What BS this goalie interference crap has become.
  11. Nov. 4, Habs vs Jets, 7 PM

    I think you are right... thankfully the Habs caught a break tonight
  12. Nov. 4, Habs vs Jets, 7 PM

    That really was a BS penalty on McCarron
  13. RANGERS @ HABS, OCT.28

    Whoa, the cucumber is extra bitter this morning. Danault is not nothing. He is a decent forward often asked to play above his ideal role due to our lack of centre depth. Not his fault. Give the kid a little credit. 4pt night; crucial goals, c’mon.
  14. RANGERS @ HABS, OCT.28

    They have lost when I post; and lost when I don’t. So here goes nothin: Go Habs Go!