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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they are very well positioned in that area given the way they were manhandled by “heavy” teams at times during the regular season
  2. Nate Thompson re-signs

    Cheap depth Insurance. If one of the young guys excels in camp, he will be gone faster than you can spell “ Tomas Plekanec”
  3. I hope they pick Raphael Lavoie
  4. POLL: How do you feel about the future?

    Given Karlsson’s injury history I would prefer Gardiner. Weakening TO’s already suspect defense would be a bonus
  5. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    I am not ready to be so serenely Zen about the situation yet. But, should they lose tonight I will move on: after a suitable mourning period of alternating teeth- clenching rage and dark despair.
  6. First Goal for Mete

    He’s going to score in Columbus😎
  7. I am ok with Kotkaniemi sitting again and although I see the need for it— and agree with the reasoning, see CC’s post above— Niemi makes me nervous. Are we going to see good Niemi or are the Habs going to have to score 7 goals to win this game? Stayed tuned. It’s either going to be “the miracle in San Jose” starring St. Anti OR “San Jose horror show continues for Habs: why didn’t Bergevin get a better backup?” I am hoping, but not terribly optimistic, for the first one.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I have been thinking about that for a while. I don’t think the oilers would retain 40% though. i think it would be a worthwhile gamble
  9. Trade Deadline Planning

    Wiese was told by the general manager in Philly to stay home. Also, he said when acquired that he would go to Laval and work his way up-- that doesn't sound like a sense of entitlement to me.
  10. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    We will see. IMHO, Weise will be much more effective than the heartless or legless plugs you mentioned above.
  11. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    What’s not to like? Weise replaces Agostino, Folin replaces Alzner, Thompson replaces Chaput (I hope) and one of Hudon, Peca or Deslauriers goes when Byron is ready to return. ( I hope they keep Peca simply as his speed is a weapon) Presto, chango an improved 4th line and a better depth defense option with almost no assets given up. I hope that Bergevin has an impact move up his sleeve, but who knows maybe Montreal will reinvigorate Weise again?
  12. Bergevin gets Nate Thompson and a 5th round pick for a 4th rounder. Bargain shopping for sure but is Thompson much of an upgrade on Chaput? Also, what is the next move to clear a roster spot?
  13. Still niggling Berkshire after all these years— I admire your persistence
  14. Folin might be useful depth. Weise is already in Laval
  15. First Goal for Mete

    Saturday against the Leafs. Thursday against Nashville