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  1. I hope he has Chirarelli's ear😎
  2. It might be good for those still bashing Bergevin and now holding up Poile as a model GM to note that he didn't win ( no Cup in 15 years) with Washington and that he has been building Nashville for 19 years. Yes, it was an expansion team, but re-building a depleted system also takes years and unfortunately, for everyone involved, player development is not linear. Again, this doesn't mean I am viewing Bergevin's work through rose-coloured glasses. For example, Poile traded a young, stud Dman (Seth Jones) and got a #1 centre (Johanson). MTL traded a young, stud Dman (PK) and got an older, stud Dman(Weber). The problem being we had a bigger hole at centre than Nashville. I would have been ecstatic at the PK deal if we had gotten a high end forward or even an outstanding prospect as part of the package. My point is that while Bergevin has his flaws it takes a significant amount of time to build a winner and at this point more change likely = even more years of futility. That said, if we don't have a new #1, and hopefully #2, centre by the start of next season my opinion will change. Bergevin' legacy will not be determined just by the PK trade, but also by what he does-or does not do - this summer.
  3. Shipochev looks pretty good, but I want Ryan O'Reily on the Canadiens. Mr. Bergevin, make it so.
  4. Speaking of any option what about Stephane de Costa? Surely he's worthy of an offer as a possible 2nd C that would cost nothing to acquire? Given that we all know that the farm hasn't been as productive as it should be we need more ufa acquisitions that aren't going to break the bank
  5. The time is right for Leonis to force his GM into a stupid trade... lets hope Bergevin is there to, uhm, capitalize.
  6. That's a fair question but given our utter lack of 1st or 2nd line talent at centre it's a risk that we couldn't afford not to take. If Bergevin doesn't make the right move(s) this summer it is not inconceivable that even Vegas will have better top-line centre depth than we do😢
  7. Bergevin not at least meeting Vegas' offer was a mistake if that is the case. Kovalchuck will also cost some assets to get his rights from New Jersey
  8. I would be an upgrade on Lefebvre As I said in a different thread, at this point I don't care who they hire as long as it is not Therrien
  9. Just heard on TSN that Lefebvre will not be with the Laval Rocket. Apparently, the Canadiens are conducting interviews for a new head coach. I am not sure why Lefebvre quit However, I would be happy with Vincent or Groulx but I think Dineen (didn't know he was French Canadian) would be an excellent hire if he would take the job, Pretty sure Jodoin is out of the running since he just left to " pursue other opportunitites" Actually, at this point, I don't care who they hire as long as it is not Michel Therrien.
  10. Just because not everyone wants Bergevin's head on a platter does not mean that we think the team or management team is perfect and it certainly does not mean that we are happy with over 20 years without a Cup
  11. Yes, Lapointe has some responsibility but it is Lefevbre, his staff -- and by extension, Bergevin-- who bear the primary responsibility for the on ice development of players or lack thereof. Just because I am not in favour of a scorched earth approach to organizational change in this particular case does not mean I am arguing for the status quo. Scouting and development must be improved and the first step in that process is canning Lefebre.
  12. Uh, we finished first in the division and lost a close fought series to team that could go to the division final and you guys want to fire everyone and revamp the team? Have any of you noticed how long teams tend to suck when they don't have stable management? Bergevin has his faults-- and player development is among them-- but this is a team that is a couple of pieces from a long cup run. You don't raze that kind of foundation, you build on it. I thought I was upset after the Rangers series but many of you are so angry I think you are still venting about the PK trade.
  13. I preferred what he did over selling the farm for a second tier talent like Duchene. I thought King would be useful but I couldn't understand why Julien kept playing him. How's Wash big ticket acquisition working out?
  14. That's the same thing that pundits said last season and we won the division. Some commentators eg., TSN actually rate Bergevin's work rather highly. The constant repetition of the idea that he has done nothing to strengthen the team is getting tedious not to mention that it is false. He has added Byron, Radulov and Lehkonen just to name three upgrades and we actually have depth on d now. Am I happy that Lefebvre is still in the organization? no. Would I like more centre depth, more scoring and better player development? Of course. Bergevin is far from perfect but he is not the complete incompetent that some here are claiming.
  15. I said that I didn't like the risk factor in a previously suggested Tavares deal but Chuck, N8 and a first, I do that in a heartbeat! Could even Garth Snow go for that?!