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  1. What a coincidence. Although to be fair, Mete did have a good goal disallowed due to goaltender interference (Shaw) last season
  2. Bill Guerin is going to earn his money the hard way. Pretty bad when Rask with one (1) goal is among your forward scoring leaders and your team has scored zero—yes, zero — goals off of the rush.
  3. Tonight, Oct 5th against the Leaves 🍁
  4. No surprise given his recent injury history that he has cleared waivers. Laval should be strong
  5. I just checked as I thought I joined in 2005 as well but I actually have been on here since 2004! Wow! 15 years! I should have more posts
  6. Wow, hard to out- optimistic Drive for 25 this year but here goes: 49-18-10-5 113 Points 1st in Atlantic 2nd in East 301goals
  7. C’mon gentlemen! I have a lot of, largely unfounded, optimism to display.
  8. Although I said previously that Poehling would make the the team if he played well in the last exhibition game, it might be prudent to give him some time in Laval given that he missed significant time in camp. I don’t think that they will waive Thompson at this point. I think Folin or Reilly are more likely candidates, if Poehling is not sent down, with Reilly being odd man out as his salary makes him less likely to be claimed than Folin
  9. Based on Bergevin’s comments today, I think that if Poehling is ready to go Saturday and plays well he stays, with Hudon, Riley and Lindgren getting cut. If Poehling needs more time, he will go to Laval and Riley stays. I’m still holding out hope that Hudon gets traded for a 7th rounder.
  10. If that is true maybe we could send Hudon and 4th for Honka and a 7th. Mtl needs to clear up a contract spot
  11. Uh, would you tear off your front door to repair a leaking window? Trading Danault now would cause far more problems than it would solve.
  12. I would love to see Bergevin wield some of his bargin basement magic to turn Hudon into Honka or, failing that, a seventh round pick 😎
  13. That is true...but it wouldn’t be my first thought 😎
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