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  1. Not sure where he fits. I do not like the idea of starting next season with an unproven NHL rookie as back up and I also was hoping they would give McNiven a real shot in the AHL. I do not like green backup goalies here; I do not like green backups there. I do not like them anywhere, Berge- I- am!
  2. When the coach says he has no answers and it’s up to the players, I worry that the coach and GM have differing views on the core of this team
  3. Is it a systems problem? How can they keep losing the same ugly way ? This season is like Groundhog Day.
  4. Jaded, conspiracy theorist Trizzak channels the negative hack, Brendon Kelly in way that is more entertaining than the original
  5. What do you guys think of this. It seems li a hell of a gamble. I would love to see Lafreniere in Montreal but I think that deal is a bit too much. From gohabsgo Norman Flynn confessed to Martin Lemay that he would offer nothing less than Nick Suzuki, Alex Romanov, Cayden Primeau and the Canadiens 2020 first round pick overall to bring Lafrenière to Montreal.
  6. Imagine how much better the Canadiens would be right now if Bergevin had canned Slyvain Lefebre two or three years earlier like he should have
  7. Bergevin: Ilya, Ilya, we really really like you. How would you like a chance to go win the Cup this year? Kovy 2.0: Uh Bergy , i’m not sure... you know, I reallly like the guys and the city... Bergevin: Yes, I know, but we need more picks; the draft is in Montreal this year. Look, I want you on this team. In July, I will resign you. How does 1 year at 5mill and a no move clause sound? Kovy 2.0: Dosvedanya! See you July 1st. You’re bringing the Stoli, right? Bergevin: Of course! ( inspired by Trizzak)
  8. As per Marc Dumont on the Athletic, if I am in Bergevin’s seat I am gauging the trade value of all of our pending ufa and rfa players. Eg., what is Domi looking for in a new contract? If he is seeking a number that I don’t like, as GM I’m looking for a major return. Similarly, I would start the auction on Kovalchuk, Thompson etcetera. What about Tatar? What would be a good enough offer to let him go? What if miraculously we are within 3 points of a playoff spot, do we suddenly become buyers? Bergevin needs to have decisions made now so that he is ready at the deadline. As much as I think a mini-sell off would be the best for our long term future I can’t help hoping for a playoff spot and the continued renaissance of Kovy 2.0 in a Montreal jersey. For once, I’m glad that i am not the GM
  9. Trizzak, your imaginative dialogues crack me up. They are often the most entertaining content on here
  10. My thoughts on Price have changed. At this point, I’m not opposed to a trade just a trade that doesn’t bring back a strong return. Interestingly on TSN 690 yesterday Pierre McQuire said it would be easier to trade Price than Weber while Gord Miller said the opposite. Given Weber’s strong season and decreasing salary relative to his cap hit, I don’t think that it would be difficult to move Weber. However, given MTL’s history of difficulties attracting top tier free agents, I think a full fledged tear down would be ill advised
  11. A few things: 1. As Pierre McGuire noted, " intention" is a very slippery word. 2. There is the question of value. There are a ton of good goalies available right now and even more for next season as UFA or RFA. Does anyone really think an outstanding return for Price is probable? 3. Is it in the Canadien's best interest to deal Price for pennies on the dollar while retaining salary? 4. There is no guarantee that blowing things up is a successful strategy. For every success like Pittsburgh, there are two of Edmonton and Buffalo's decades of futility. 5. If Joe Sakic really did lose his mind and offer Byram and Grubacker for Price, even with us retaining salary, and Bergevin didn't make the deal-- he should be fired immediately.
  12. I doubt that deal is really on the table but if it is, not taking it should constitute a firing offence all on its own.
  13. That would be a great scenario for the Habs
  14. I never said anything about a 2nd and a prospect. I only said that some contenders would be interested in Kovalchuk if he keeps playing well. I would be happy if he brought back a 3rd round pick and ecstatic if the return was greater than that
  15. He was cut by LA because at his salary and cap hit demanded first line production. Kovalchuk on an expiring contract and virtually no cost will be attractive to some contenders if he keeps playing well.
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