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  1. Trizzak, your imaginative dialogues crack me up. They are often the most entertaining content on here
  2. My thoughts on Price have changed. At this point, I’m not opposed to a trade just a trade that doesn’t bring back a strong return. Interestingly on TSN 690 yesterday Pierre McQuire said it would be easier to trade Price than Weber while Gord Miller said the opposite. Given Weber’s strong season and decreasing salary relative to his cap hit, I don’t think that it would be difficult to move Weber. However, given MTL’s history of difficulties attracting top tier free agents, I think a full fledged tear down would be ill advised
  3. A few things: 1. As Pierre McGuire noted, " intention" is a very slippery word. 2. There is the question of value. There are a ton of good goalies available right now and even more for next season as UFA or RFA. Does anyone really think an outstanding return for Price is probable? 3. Is it in the Canadien's best interest to deal Price for pennies on the dollar while retaining salary? 4. There is no guarantee that blowing things up is a successful strategy. For every success like Pittsburgh, there are two of Edmonton and Buffalo's decades of futility. 5. If Joe Sakic really did lose his mind and offer Byram and Grubacker for Price, even with us retaining salary, and Bergevin didn't make the deal-- he should be fired immediately.
  4. I doubt that deal is really on the table but if it is, not taking it should constitute a firing offence all on its own.
  5. That would be a great scenario for the Habs
  6. I never said anything about a 2nd and a prospect. I only said that some contenders would be interested in Kovalchuk if he keeps playing well. I would be happy if he brought back a 3rd round pick and ecstatic if the return was greater than that
  7. He was cut by LA because at his salary and cap hit demanded first line production. Kovalchuk on an expiring contract and virtually no cost will be attractive to some contenders if he keeps playing well.
  8. I really like this idea. Unfortunately, I don’t think rival GMs will go for it at the trade deadline.
  9. I would be happy if we got a 3rd for Kovalchuk. It’s found money
  10. I should have said towards better odds of a higher pick
  11. Nope. At this point I would be pleasantly surprised if they manage to win a game. A loss just moves us closer to a lottery pick
  12. I know. I was simply providing the link to a written source. I didn’t say it was a credible source. I would be: a. Shocked if Price gets traded this season; b. Shocked if he is traded and the return is as good as this rumour suggests given his cap hit in short,, I don’t believe that he is getting traded any time soon
  13. https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2020/01/rumor-carey-price-named-in-blockbuster.html?m=1 courtesy of Norm S. I wouldn’t be upset by this trade.
  14. You forgot Weise and Byron who are sure to get us a first round pick
  15. I cannot believe that we are going to miss the playoffs because we can’t beat Detroit, New Jersey or Ottawa- who are among the few teams in the league with worse records 😢🤢 I swore that I would not get upset at losing any more this season but !!%#@@@$&!!!!! this game pissed me off.🤬
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