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  1. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    Yes, I know they traded for him so that they had the Laval option but I thought-and still think— that Bitten will exceed expectations at the NHL level. That is why I was questioning the trade- that and a rebuilding team trading a wavier exempt 20 year old for a 23 year old. Maybe—hopefully— I’m wrong and Bergevin is right😎
  2. Why not? Actually, I have to be optimistic because if not I won’t be able to watch. Also, if the stars align they might actually make the playoffs. Ask me tomorrow how I feel. The season hasn’t even started yet and I am already pissed off due to MB’ s idiodic trade of Will Bitten.
  3. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    Why the hell would Bergevin trade a 20 year old like Bitten for a 23 year old with ZERO offensive ability who JUST cleared waivers??!!! Just when I think he might actually have learned something and actually developed a plan he makes this kind of boneheaded deal🤢
  4. I thought, the hell with it- i’m going to wait and then make the most optimistic prediction. However, after reading 25’s post, I realized I cannot top that. i am, however, still going with pie in the sky optimism. 45-24- 6-7 for 103 points 3rd in Division 5th in the East 275 goals
  5. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    I get the concern on term, but we are talking about a guy who worked his ass off in rehab to come back several weeks early from shoulder surgery. To me, that means he is going to stay in shape which lessens the chances of a precipitous decline. Plus, this is not a long-term deal to a player already in decline. I think Byron is a good bet to deliver value for the length of this contract
  6. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    Definitely not a Bergevin supporter, but I find it hard to criticize this deal. Byron is reliable, relatively low cost secondary scoring who can occasionally play up in the line-up and kills penalties. Even if we are “re-setting” we still need a supporting cast and some veterans. Byron ticks all the boxes. If you think Byron is overpaid check the comparable. He is value at 3.4 mill aav
  7. Not exactly. We need a hockey ops VP or higher between Molson and Bergevin. As I said, in a previous post, an owner who doesn’t realize he is part of the problem is more of a problem than a semi-competent GM
  8. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I like the return better than what we got for Subban
  9. I have been a Canadiens fan since I was old enough to understand hockey as was my father before me and my son and daughter are carrying on the tradition. However, there is no way that I can continue to watch unless Bergevin has actually learned from his mistakes and given his comments before, and especially after, the Pacioretty trade, it doesn’t seem he has. Molson is really starting to worry me as he does not appear to realize that he is part of the problem
  10. I don’t want either traded while Bergevin is still in change
  11. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    That may be true, but one of the reasons that the return was lower than it could have been were the circumstances that Bergevin created.
  12. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Why then did Colorado get such a haul for Duchene when his production and Pacioretty ‘s is virtually identical? And Duchene is ufa after this season? Answer: the Canadiens botched the relationship with the player—again— and had no choice but to get rid of MP ASAP. That is not good planning and it is not good GM’ing
  13. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    I really can't understand why people are so happy about this trade. If Pacioretty really needed to go he should have been traded at the deadline where Tatar netted three picks. An analogy: You need to build a house. Imagine you hire a new guy with a lot of experience who apprenticed in great organization. At first, all is well and he does some great work with some discount pieces. Then, he has a dispute with one of the most talented young workers and gets rid of him to bring in an older guy who has the “right attitude”. The new guy was great at first, but he is always hurt. Things continue to go wrong and the project does not progress the way that it was envisioned. What looked like an award-winning mansion in the making is now looking decrepit. Feuds with the work crew continue to slow progress--attitude is blamed again-- and your prized possession is losing its luster. Then, the cumulative incompetence, leads to a fire and your house is partly destroyed. Somehow, in the middle of that, your guy manages to move out one of your long term employees for some younger, potentially more skilled workers. Now, a mansion that looked to be just about done and ready to win is in ruins. Most experts estimate that it will take 3-5 years to repair the damage. Do you keep the same guy in charge for what he says is a "reset," not a full rebuild?
  14. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    Thanks😎 I like the clip also but I find the experience is more like this: https://goo.gl/images/YQMb1m It has a lot more angst and a lot less stoicism
  15. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    I am an addict. That and an undying optimism in the face of all rational evidence that the team will somehow be better. Hell, I’m still watching Alouette games