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  1. At that price point, Bergevin should have made the deal yesterday. I’m also not opposed to giving up Byron in a deal for a younger, bigger forward
  2. Isn’t Belzile still hurt? I would give Veejdemo a shot just to give Poehling more time under Bouchrd’s tutelage.
  3. Well done, JoeL. I expected to see her a little sooner. Go Habs Go
  4. I really hope that we have seen the last of Rielly. I had some hope when he was acquired because he was still young, but I haven’t seen much development from him. It’s time to cut the cord.
  5. Actually in the cap world it is possible to make those kinds of deals if you are taking an unfortunate contract back.
  6. I also hate Ole. The Habs are not a soccer team 🤢
  7. Ouch. I would think that if the Wild continue to struggle they might want pics more than players. I think your proposal minus Tatar plus another pick might do it. I don’t think trading Tatar this season would be in the team’s best interest
  8. I actually thought that Fleury had a decent game last night and even if we disagree about that he is still a much stronger option than Folin.
  9. I agree with the fresh legs but I would not take out Fleury
  10. Dare I say that the ADD line wasn’t paying attention? Yes, I dare
  11. I feel your pain. I guess the curse of Vlad is not as strong as the Curse of the Bambino....too bad
  12. What a coincidence. Although to be fair, Mete did have a good goal disallowed due to goaltender interference (Shaw) last season
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