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  1. Alzner Signs With Montreal

    So sick of other teams---even Vegas-- being able to add C while we remain a donut team. And it seems like we are on the verge of being a donut team sans puck- moving D
  2. Alzner Signs With Montreal

    Why the F&@&$$)$&@!!!!!! are we not even linked in rumours to ANY of the FA centres available?! This is beyond a joke now
  3. Fire Bergevin

    No, but he hasn't signed Markov or Radulov, or Galchenyuk for that matter. And given our dearth of depth on D, a pre-emptive deal for a defenseman would have been prudent. And no, Schelmco is not nearly enough of a hedge. I'm afraid we are going to be woefully thin on D--not to mention centre--or worse sign Alzner to a ridiculous, albatross of a deal. In short, I see the good ship Les Glorieux headed for rocks if our GM doesn't get the course set right tomorrow. Pray God/ deity or non deity of your choice, I am wrong
  4. Fire Bergevin

    If the day goes the way it seems to be heading, this will be the hottest thread for quite some time.
  5. There is a reason why Button is an ex-GM on tsn. At this point they can replace Radulov more easily than Markov. He should have been signed the day after the expansion draft so that Bergevin could concentrate on other areas.
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I'm beginning to get a veerrry bad feeling about tomorrow.
  7. Exactly, as I said in a previous post, if the development isn't fixed and soon it could and should and eventually will cost Bergevin his job.Friends or not, continuing with Lefebvre is a big risk and I can't believe Bergevin went with it because I don't see any upside to this move. The only possible good is that Larry Carriere as the GM will see Lefebvre in action and can him sooner rather than later.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I can't believe this is even a debate. I'm surprised that there are even two people(Don & Bergevin) who think Lefebvre has done even an adequate job. Unless I have the chance to talk to Bergevin, I'm not even going to bother to list all of Lefebvre's failures. -
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    One for one, either of those deals could be a disaster. Play him at centre, play him on the wing but don't trade him unless you get excellent value. Keep him and let a good season rebuild the value that the organization has caused him to lose.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I don't think it's just your opinion. It's obvious that Montreal's development system is in disarray and if Bergevin doesn't fix it --it should, and eventually will, get him fired.
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Not that much. Markov has re-upped at 5.75/yr for several years. 2yrs at 6/yr is not an outrageous raise by any measure but does carrry a slightly higher risk at year 2 for Bergevin. That said, do we have any second pair options that would be as good or better that would be cheaper? I don't think so. Therefore, sign Markov now. Get Radulov signed on a 4-5 yr term (hopefully 4) before July 1st. Then we can move on to Alzner or whoever we need on d and at centre
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Grigorenko would be a better option than Yak
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Yes we need to take these kinds of gambles and given our GM has earned the nicknames "Mark down Mark "and "Bargain bin Bergevin" we hope that he will do it with a young forward who still has the glimmer of potential. Also, our Russian contingent might help him get on track
  14. Qualifying offers

    Actually not commenting on Matteau's value; just surprised that --since they traded for the POS relatively recently -- they didn't qualify him. I guess I should be happy that MB is able to cut his losses despite possible bad PR