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  1. Bob and Trevor Timmons are the reason for this ineptitude, their infatuation with the USHL has set this franchise back several years, started with Komisarek then Higgins, then Fisher, then McDonough, then Kristo and it basically hasn't stopped, none, if any of their moronic American Highschool picks have gone on to be above average to very good, god forbid you expect one of your picks to be very good to great. There you go 5 1st round draft picks that are complete garbage, hit on 2 or 3 of those and you are not one of the worst teams in the NHL right now. http://www.hockeydb....dr00006929.ht
  2. What is his status, when did he injure his shoulder, camp? where will he fit in when he returns, does he bump Blunden up to the press box or do you play them both and sit Darche.
  3. It would be nice to add a legit physical presence who can play 3rd line minutes, does not have be a complete goon 30 seconds of ice guy, so one who won't let clowns like Thornton take runs at the likes of cammy and plecs. Next year they will be far tougher as a team, I expect PK to only add muscle and strength, give him two more years to fill out and he neutralizes lucic in the physical department, a scott stevens type, doesn't have to fight very often simply because no one wants to tangle with him, the few times he does will just reconfirm the reason not to play like a clown when he's in the
  4. dodge a bullet with Penner, would have been lucic's personal punching bag, the forward version of hal gill, big and soft!
  5. what would you give up (if anything) to get richards + only with a new contract? Gomez, Koysitsen, Weber, Kristo, Yemelin. Richards +
  6. Not sure what the substance problem is with Jordan Tootoo but if he can work through his problems (brothers suicide might be tough to get over) he is what I would want coming back in any trade with Nashville, not the top guy coming but find a way to get him as part of the deal, with him and Moen, there's no need for a heavyweight goon, he can play quality 3rd line minutes, chip in offensively and provide enough physical presence that players like PK can pick his spots when to fight or just not fight at all, let Tootoo clean up the mess.
  7. Big props to PK, the Lupols of the nhl are the ones that PK should terrorize, just needs to shut a few of them up and the rest will fall in line.
  8. Nice excuse, sometimes you have to fight, ask Benoit Pouliot. Funny you mention Jerome Iginla, if Precious had half the courage Iggy has, I be pretty damm impressed, Jerome fights to protect himself and most importantly to protect his teammates, Jerome does not yap, does not scrum and run, does not hit and hide, Precious should flip some tape on of Jerome and learn how to play the game properly. Anyone who mentions the meager 5 mins in the box or the risk of injury is do nothing more than making excuses for PK. I love PK, I just don't care for him yapping off then backing down and I doubt H
  9. They do not need someone to destroy anyone who get's within 5 feet of Precious Karnell, they need Precious Karnell to destroy the Mcquaid's, Boychuck's, Ferance's, Horton's, Campbells' of the NHL. Take the diaper of little Precious Karnell, the guy is 6+ 210 lbs, he is NOT Petr Fookig Svoboda. Time to take the bubble wrap off Precious.
  10. that's BS, thronton should get at least a game for the physical abuse of the official, you cannot beat up the ref on your way to beating up a player.
  11. there has to be at least a game for thornton, he rag dolled the ref just to get shots in on hammer who clearly did not want to fight, same goes for spacek, that was bush league by boychuk but if you can do it why not, boston got the two points and beat the crap out of the Habs, next game will be interesting, like most rematches, expect little retribution but it will be interesting to see if the bruins will get themselves a little extra space, a few liberties after the whistle, quicker passes and turnovers from mtl and a few extra runs at the smaller skilled players???
  12. and through it all paper tiger ended up in front of the net with that clown mcquaid who was begging him to go and just the head ref who was not going to intervene, typical pkoward, he declined. i do not advocate him taking on the heavies but he has got to lay waste to everyone else and earn himself and teammates some space and respect when he's on the ice and right now he has 0, his opponents know it, they run him, they run his teammates and it was never more evident than when he was hit from behind by the pos marchand earlier in the game, had he or anyone other than Ryder been afraid of the
  13. other than lucic, thornton and chara, there isn't anyone on boston who 6' 210 PK should not own physically, his biggest weakness right now is he is not physically strong enough yet, he needs to hit it hard this summer if he want's to dominate like he should be able to. that was just embarrassing seeing poor spacek and hammer have to take beatings. where is ryan white, pyatt sucks.
  14. they won convincingly, treated the habs like bitch's, that what happens to finesse teams with a mouthpiece who can't back up his yap, you want the refs to fight is battles for him, what a joke.
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