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  1. I agree and number 11 is getting old. We need a complete over haul with the one two centre.
  2. Ya but Gainey st8 out sucks as a GM so far. Injuries ect early call ups rushing up Young price. It not the Lever Wilson Combo It the Gainey Carbo combo that ran team into ground. Lever well he wants NHL shot and not getting it. Wilson should have stayed on the Farm. Martin wants a whole new system that proves to exiT playoffs early along with already being a failed GM. Hate to say it faithful but things look dark right now.
  3. Phatz

    HWL GM Openings

    I am a newbie to Fantasy leagues but really want get in and give it a shot cut my teeth so to speak. if something comes available I will take it.
  4. Jacob Josefson drops threw the Silent Bob the Noob Gainey better jump all over it. Hate to say it but I luv Kyle but Chipper at the NHL level is 3rd liner at best. Jacob Josefson a wet dream I think but Holland and Leblanc are on my card for sure.
  5. I could not agree more. Heart won through with the Stanly cup Champs Pitt. Skill with Heart is what is needed to win today.
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