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  1. Spot on Commandant. Ryan White is exactly the kind of player to weave into this roster to add some grit. He can skate, he has some scoring ability, and he can hit and fight. Team toughness is valued far more than an individual enforcer in today's game. The players mentioned on NYR/PHI/BOS are all regular roster guys who just happen to be big and like to hit and fight. But they also block shots, take a regular 3rd or 4th line shift, and aren't huge defensive liabilities when they are on the ice. Try to catch a BOS vs. NYR/PHI game one night when they are matched up together. BOS is not
  2. That is also what I am worried about Brobin. Other GMs are keenly aware when a team is out of the playoff race and they all begin to circle like vultures. Don't forget that PG is most certainly managing for his job next year (although I sure hope not!) and he probably doesn't want to be making big moves to indicate this year is a lost cause, even though it most certainly is. That stubborn, never lay down attitude, even if it is transparent, is what keeps this team and many others from making the changes they surely need going forward around this time of year. To think that the Habs/Sabr
  3. I think the Lightning would take exception to your claim, what with their game 7, 1-0 loss in the third round. The level of knowledge on this forum is deteriorating, and it makes me sad.
  4. If he gets some more talent on the roster, I truly believe Cunny is a guy that can take this team places, sort of our version of Jim Harbaugh. He is a younger guy with a ton of respect around the league, and he holds players accountable for their play.
  5. Cammi is the MTL version of Phil Kessel. When he is on and playing well everyone loves him because he brings something that not alot of other players can, a natural ability and instinct to put the puck in the net. However, when they are not scoring, they are easy targets because both players bring very little else to the table. They don't kill penalties, they don't block shots, and their +/- is usually atrocious. Patrick Kane is in the same boat, however his supporting cast allows him to be 1-dimensional without hurting his team too often. I'm sure if either the leafs or the habs had Toe
  6. I may be in the minority here, but I truly believe that this whole Markov situation needs to just go away and stop being a crutch/excuse for this team. They need to be developing a roster assuming he is not in the lineup, and whenever he is there it is a bonus. At this point in his career it is very likely he will be a shell of his former self, if he ever plays consistently again. With 52GP over the past 2 1/2 seasons he is the news article that won't go away for this team, and as much as I like him as a man and admire how he played previously, he is a distraction to this team at this point
  7. This could be a Flames-esque disaster in Beantown if the boys don't show up ready to play a smash-mouth, fast-paced game for 60 minutes. Couple that with the fact that the MTL powerplay has been anemic all year, and the Bruins will have no problem running players and taking penalties to set a tone since they PP isnt dangerous. I honestly hope no one gets seriously injured.
  8. "We prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it's no wonder why we lose." "I'm used to playing 20 minutes a night," he told NHL.com. "I'm not playing as much, so I need to get a little work here in practice to stay in shape." That is some large talk coming from a guy with no letter on his shirt and who could be the most underperforming player on this team (maybe Plex) this year. His lack of performance has NOTHING to do with Cunny, moreover this is the first time all year that he is actually being held accountable for his shitty play and no-heart efforts most nights by rid
  9. The most concerning part of all of this to me is that we have a very well paid core of supposed veterans (Gionta, Cammy, Plex, Gomez) that have a habit of folding up shop when the going gets tough. While the youth on the team and in the system is comforting, the prime time guys on this roster just aren't getting it done night in and night out. And more alarming than that, they seem to have NO shame in dogging it and coasting out there while cashing their checks every week. That is not the kind of dressing room and work ethic that you want your future top liners to be molded by, and if the
  10. Two things from my POV: 1) Great move trading him at his high-water mark, he may never play like he did in the playoffs again for any other team but at least you got what you could out of the guy 2) Think of ALL of the pressure this is going to bring down on Jesus Price. He already had to sit on the bench and watch someone else do exactly what he was thought to do in MTL in the playoffs, watch the NHL commercials for the other guy, and now with all of that expectation shipped off to STL he owns this baby. Good luck Carey, you are certainly going to need every bit of it this coming seaso
  11. Lecavalier St Louis Stamkos Hedman Yzerman (GM) I'd take that slate of talent to work with any day of the week TYVM.
  12. To me he is the epitome of what the game has gradually become over the past few decades. A young guy that makes seven figures who has absolutely no respect for his opponents or how his own actions reflect on the organization. He certainly isn't the only one out there, we have Carcillo as a prime example on the other side, however that doesn't mean I have to like it or endorse it. Any man that pulls off the stunts he does, to the players he specifically targets so he can get away with it, and then refuses to defend himself when his own honor and integrity are being called into question
  13. Laps looks ridiculous because he plays 3rd or 4th line minutes and yet he tries to insert his influence above and beyond that through his childish behaviour. Kudos for trying to be effective in your own way, but that doesn't mean you aren't embarassing yourself and your team by doing so. Their stats for 2009: Lapierre - 76GP 7G 14PTS Carcillo - 76GP 12G 22PTS The main beef I have with watching Max is that he is a situational tough-guy. He is 6'2" and 210lbs and he likes to take runs at Briere and facewash those kind of guys after the whistle. Anyone coming close to his size or bigge
  14. Congratulations on completely dancing around the subject of my entire post. Plekanec - 0 goals Gomez - 0 goals AK46 - 0 goals Combined they haven't score in 39 games. They are 50% of your top 6 forwards currently. Enough said.
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