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  1. There was always something deeply and profoundly amiss with having a "Domi" in a Montreal Canadiens jersey.
  2. Sure is shocking. I admired Byron a great deal. Wonder what the problem is with his production?
  3. Some wise words. There. I just offered some wise words. ..ya .. I know.. its the times. Or perhaps the post... Cheers guys.
  4. I'd add something meaningful to this conversation but I happen to be a dumb ass too. My ass is pretty limited too though at times its accused of being a little too cheeky. Just thought I'd contribute. See what I mean? Like my ass, sometimes I just throw stuff out there.
  5. Saw a nice public transit bus for sale this week.... a little rope..... hmm...
  6. I DID! But I sold it for twice what I paid to some Leaf fans! I'm trying to get licensed to drive a bus. In Montreal. They think it odd for a guy now living near Lake Huron. Then I show them my Habs shirt .. and they just nod and wink knowingly. ... 🤢
  7. A habs fan mentioned that there might be a bus available for sale soon and the tractor store is having a rope sale... just sayin'........
  8. With his simply gorgeous skating ability, its my guess that once he's really confident in the defensive aspect , he'll gradually start to use that deep skill offensively and probably do quite to very well at it. That's my hunch anyway.
  9. Didn't 'get to see it but it sounded like some fun. Should I sell the bus and rope I bought for our GM? No tarmac tour?
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