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  1. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    Not that I don't believe you. Odder things have happened. We have to win some time. All we have to do is believe. You can say all that again! Great GDT friend..
  2. Probably just for having his name in it!
  3. Feb. 17, Habs vs Golden Knights, 7 PM

    What happened in Vegas?
  4. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    He's out because he watched an old Alfred Hitchcock movie??!!! YIKES!!
  5. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Markov and Rad both seemed to say that the deciding factor to resigning was the perceived indifferent treatment to these great hockey players of heart and soul. They may already have dogs but maybe there's something to that. What is more naturally bonding than natural bonds.
  6. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    I thought maybe a logo change.. something Canadian ya know.. like the evocative Canadian Map.... never mind.. Forget it. Just say no!
  7. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    I think we need a new GM who doesn't treat our beloved hockey players like unbeloved hockey players. Heart. I also hate the idea of the "rebuild" position.. which seems to me to tilted toward winning rather than playing and we play hockey. That is a philosophical or theological view not a criticism of the efficacy or short or long term win-loss consequences, which I don't think is the right way to look at the game. So I think .. if I remember correctly.. that I generally agree with your position. Critics have rightly noted however ..that since the series of concussions... my level of analysis could use either some retooling or perhaps a major rebluid.. . dllbeerrui.... rebluid.. blereuitdi.... drulibr,,,,
  8. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Hey!m Concussions never affected my thnknig.....knithng... gnthekking.. hthyteruuutsic...thancur.....thnkgni..
  9. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    Managed to miss the game.. had to drive back from London.. and didn't record it thinking I'd watch it. Was there a great PK..PK...PK... shout from all the Mtl fans at the beginning?
  10. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    I think the trade was made for the same reasons Rad and Markov were lost. They all connect. He traded and failed to show interest in the team. He was doing contracts instead.
  11. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    I think we most definitely need a new GM. It seems patently clear... .I listened to a Serge Savard interview with Chris Nylan (very likable guy) last night that we sold our soul to the Preds and let Rad and Markov and the world know ..by fax.. that they really didn't matter at all to anyone in Montreal. Except of course, for us fans. .the ones who love Les Canadiens and Subban, rad and the great Andre Markov.Whatever other competences he may or may not enjoy are irrelevant. We need someone who loves the Habs managing the Habs and les glorieux who play to our delight. We need this done now.
  12. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    Meanwhile at the winter frigid frisbee frolick... fans were thrilled to see...
  13. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    Feeling guilty. The team competed well and was fun to watch mostly. Fair's fair.
  14. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    I watched the first.. Pretty good play and kinda liked the game. But having more fun in philosophy discussions. It's more competitive
  15. Bergevin......

    Him or her?