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  1. Didn't 'get to see it but it sounded like some fun. Should I sell the bus and rope I bought for our GM? No tarmac tour?
  2. God bless you Guy and may the good Lord grant a successful operation and great recovery. We love you.
  3. T'is an embarrassment for sure , over the years to lose to Leafs. Quite a bit better team this year in Toronto than in some time.
  4. Subban Markov and Radulov should be getting more ice time.
  5. Somebody call me?? Whut? Who is this? Mom.. is that you?
  6. What's the score.. I have to watch the Laffs.. .to keep posted... 3-1 Carolina over Toronto
  7. That's true. I assume the coaches have made sure that they know that a power play means they have a man advantage out there...
  8. 4 quick ones and we're right back in it!!
  9. Are we sure we want to play with a man advantage?
  10. Good points. Now can I go back to being depressed?
  11. Hasn't Weber missed 80 games since joining us?
  12. I like how we're tiring them out in our end so we can pounce later. Cagey...
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