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  1. Somebody crushed your Pontiac?! That's harsh! Oh well electrics will have taken over in 8 years anyway. How do you crush a volt?
  2. She'd have to be crazy pretty.
  3. Can't trade Carey Price. He's Carey Price.
  4. I have authority issues. But don't take that on my authority.
  5. Welcome.. God knows we need more Montrealers in Toronto! Beer's on me.. I'm a sloppy drinker......
  6. I find that by the time I drive to Alberta , quite often I'm better.. or worse. Or neither.
  7. Since we sucked at the end of the season vacuums clearly aren't the answer and indeed serious commenters or at least commenters with serious issues took issue with some comments issued. I need some help here.. As I was saying or naysaying, nay, saying in the comment at issue.. I suspect the forum ghosts failed to appear out of fear of the vacuum. All of which of course suggests a sweep which of course makes some bristle. If any of you could follow my admittedly obscure... nay impenetrable line of thought..please seek good professional help..perhaps in emergency rooms..
  8. As a good hockey analyst said to me the other day... "Shut up Toronthab.. you don't know anything." I'm still working on my rejoinder. I plan to start with something like.. "Oh ya!!". You know..something catchy like that...
  9. No insult intended.. but I agree with you. I hope this won't engender nagging self doubt.
  10. I don't mean to undermine your comments, but I agree with you.
  11. I think I kinda agree with you, no disrespect or personal attacks inviting public scorn intended..
  12. Price was excellent..made astonishing saves..impossible saves. Max was very likely hurt and giving it all. Gally should not have been on the ice while the men were playing. Lehtonen notched up. I don't think there was centre help available without packaging Price, Weber, Pacs and the little Irish terrier. So we got grindier. We needed more Gallup, more N8. I'm only mildly suicidal. We're still not Leaf fans for God's sake!!!