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  1. Post Game Format

    A terrific bunch of guys here with just enough smartassity to add some occasional drama! I personally put the vacuum in vacuity! On a more serious note... Just a second here.. I don't have a more serious note. Seriously.
  2. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    Sounds like I should be glad I missed it! Hurrah! And CC's advice seems appropriate unless you really just want to watch the prospects of the prospects. And good also to remember that the past isn't and neither is the future. They don't exist. We get fooled on that because of Newton and graph paper. And as mom used to say as she handed me my lunch pail and a bus pass to another city.. "Son, she'd say... eschew metaphysical univocity.". "OK mom". I'd say.
  3. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Hahahaha... how did I not anticipate that! Sighs matter!
  4. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Mete looks like a lot of fun in a small package.
  5. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    I remember Streit so much more favorably from his stint with us, but its also really early.... May the Force be with him...
  6. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Agreed but I suppose its part of a matrix of pluses and minuses. One important variable with a centre. Which reminds me.. where'd I put my bag of important variables.... gotta go look for them..
  7. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    When I paid attention he lost the draws. I'm surprise too that he was at 46.. but who was he facing? The tryout crowd? It would be nice if one of these guys could excel and flourish at centre but if not.. c'est la vie.
  8. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Great ... or at least well above mediocre comments guys! I got my RDS $59. package here by Lake Huron (Goderich, On.. the city that time forgot..) and luvved my first Habs fix. Meanwhile the armed forces are having a practice day at the closed teen rehab centre and we're off to a house shaking explosive start to the season! EDIT: When I spoke of house shaking explosive starts, I was not , repeat, not referring to farts. But come to think of it...
  9. Sept. 18, Habs vs Bruins, 7 PM

    Hahahah... US Open tennis ended.. (when the Fed crashed) and I've been on distraction starvation wages ever since. Working on the Thomistic refutation of Sartrian existentialism via Augusto Del Noce and Socrates!! !!! Help!
  10. Exactly... Focus people! Any Habs seen shopping around town? Bergeron have any home renovation tips? Investment tips for people with negative bank balances?
  11. Welcome to the new HW Forum


    This just in... trainers seen sharpening skates... Unconfirmed, but keep posted..
  13. We get free ticks around Lake Huron. Although some pay deerly...
  14. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    The whole idea of captain does raise interesting lines of thought. What "is" a captain? I kinda get captain Beliveau. I think its a useful thing and probably necessary in human organization.
  15. 2017-18 Line-up

    I like the part where all you brave, brave souls step up and actually put point totals and win-losses on your prognostications. I would do that too but for two things, ignorance and cowardice.