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  1. We gave gained 4pnts on the leafs in 2 games. I am tired of hearing people say it is over. Mid season folks. RIELLY gone for 2 months. Lets see them handle a few jew injuries as our team gets healthy. Never give up. Go Habs Go!!
  2. How do you expect to replace Weber? Also I said 2 years. The retooling has been done. The prospects are in the tank. This team should be a serious team in a year or two. If not, that is when you trade away your assets. Nobody in contention this year has the cap space to take on Price or Weber. This is not ps4. I am fine with the road being travelled. I am become sick of the Montreal fans though and understand why no UFAs want to put up with them. Next time you post you should realise that NHL players have phones too. They read this shit. Would you want to play for the current fan base?
  3. Ok. Here is a cup of chill for you all. Did anyone on this board look at the lineup we were icing in September and think playoffs were a given? We are probably 2 years away from our bluechips giving us a solid shot at contention. Any move that jeopardises that should be the only thing to get the GM fired. We have managed to compete last season and so far this season in spite of our lineup being patchy. That is promising and we have secured some vets that will be key with our youth going forward. The idea of moving Armia, Tatar and the likes at deadline is asinine to say the least. These vets will be needing a needed going forward if we are to compete in the next 2 years. The future may not be now but I feel better about it now than I have in years. Go Habs Go
  4. Did nobody read what Kovi said when he left LA? He wanted to sign with a contender. So he sees us as,..... Ok stretching it. I am happy with MBs moves in the last 48. Improved D and we needed a finisher. Kovi does have a release. Again, not expecting much, but cheap moves that help and dont hurt our prospect pool are perfect in my eye. Go Habs Go. We are not supposed to contend in my opinion for another 2 years anyway. Did anyone look at the lineup in September and think cup? Then why are so many so called fans bitching now?
  5. Go Habs Go. We need to win the 2 games against TB.
  6. Go Habs. Wish I could watch. On sea and not covered.
  7. Mete? Really? You do realise how young he is and how far along he is in his development at such a young age? This is not a vid game. You would regret that in 2 years. We were not contenders in September. Had a great start. Having a bad slump. Hopefully they get hot again soon before the idiot fans railroad the coach that they felt should get the Jack Adams last year and up until 8 games ago. MB is not the problem in Montreal, nor is CJ. Problem is the presse.
  8. Not worried. Habs will bounce back. We arent the leafs.
  9. Came out flying then let up. Seemed to be hoping Dallas tired in the 3rd. Dallas came out hitting but couldnt match iur speed. Should have keep the pedal down. Just beat the Bruins and Flyers and we will all get over this one.
  10. Go Habs Go. Keep lighting up that red light and tighten up on D. We got this one!!
  11. Thanks Commandant. That clears it up for me
  12. So without me trying to figure that out, who if anyone could montreal do that with? If you say Alzner I will kiss you, but he should be bought out regardless.
  13. I am wondering why nobody, namely Montreal, hasn't put an offersheet in on Laine? Cost would be high but probably later 1st rounder not elite scorers. Also heard Stone was bought out and resigned for cap saving. How is that allowed? Leafs and Jets could theoretically do the same with a player and create room. Another loophole found?
  14. Injuries happen. You cant right him off. Price missed tons of hockey over the last few seasons but seems fine. If he will sign here it is a no brainer. If is the question.
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