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  1. I think the 1pnt a game should get us 4th. Calgary doesnt look good, Van and Ottawa..no comment
  2. All I ask is that we clinch before the last 3 games. Don't want to be in a need to win situation there.
  3. Much better game, good effort, but we faced a tough goalie.
  4. Hopefully a much better outing tonight! Go Habs Go!!
  5. Fourth goal and lack of effort on his part, or second effort that should be did me in on the Price wagon. We need to take a chance, It's PRIMEau Time! Time to see what the future can do, teamed with Allen if he succeeds. I don't think anyone picks up Prices contract on waivers to be honest. If they do, we are off the hook. His play is anything but off the hook.
  6. I said to those watching with me last night, that is a new look for bergy, I say that is a you are done look, I was right
  7. Saw that in Bergies face after the 2nd goal
  8. I hate the Rangers jerseys, worse than the barber poles.
  9. Elbow, but yes the Meyers hit was worse. Love watching the replay and seeing Chiarot grab Dube by the nose and fix his look for him. 2 minutes for enforcement. Good penalty on his part Dube should have got at least 4minutes if not 5 and the gate.
  10. They exist in abundance. They dont get drafted in todays NHL. Instead teams take crap shots late rounds at small forwards etc. If the league does not correct their issue, I predict this will change.
  11. Seems to be a few too many. Maybe it is time that we started to look for that ability in our acquisitions? Forgotten talent that seems to be missing as teams are taking liberties that an enforcer did stop. I would rather see the game just be called right without the need for this behavior. But unfortunately it isn't
  12. Not to mention the run they took at Evans early in the game. He stopped short or was being decked mid ice too
  13. Explain Wilson in Washington to me? You can be a talented useful player and still be a feared fighter. The 2 are not exclusive to themselves. How many shots to the head does Washington take?
  14. ...and a missed major by a ref should equal a suspension without pay for them. Maybe a limit of blown calls and they are demoted to the AHL for eternity? Wouldn't it be nice to hear a call like that is under review and the refs are suspended until the outcome of the review board? They are far too untouchable. Make them call games by the book or find a new gig. If we were all that useless at our jobs we would be out of work. Last playoffs should have been a wake up call that there was a serious problem brewing with the leagues officiating.
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