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  1. Bergevin......

    Just a thought that has been bugging me. How come the Penguins are sucking as bad as Montreal this year but we don;t hear talk of them trading Crosby or Malkin yet we all are talking about trading Price and Pacioretty? This teams roster is not that far removed from the one that placed near the top last year. Take the season as a right off, draft high and move forward. Don't be stupid and blow up the core or ditch your best youngsters. Relax, it is a bad season, we had one a few years back, went top to bottom scored Gally then went back to top. Deal with it.
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    All I am hoping is that MB is fired before he makes another trade. Mr Gainey, are you busy for the next few months or would you mind stepping in until we can find a permanent replacement?
  3. LOL. No, she is a pianist on the ship with me. Tall beautiful and blonde. But that was a good question.
  4. Hey, there is nothing wrong or unnatural about ##### one's self. Masturbating is a normal healthy act and if any of you are not #### yourself you are either fibbing or don't have use of your hands. You should all go ##### yourself, and put smiles on your faces! Merry Faux-Christmas one and all. I fly to my ship tomorrow so am celebrating with my kids. Probably #### myself later tonight so I am not overly excited and shoot too fast when I see my beautiful Russian girlfriend on Saturday!
  5. Yes, there was actually a very good write up on that in here not long ago. The avg draft only nets teams something like 1.5 players that get an substantial NHL time.
  6. Dec. 9, Oilers vs Habs, 7 PM

    I wonder if the fans give a warm salute to Davidson for his return? Do you think there will be a highlight video of his play with the Habs before the game? I sure hope so! Be so heart touching to see him tear up before the game. Ok, I am in one of those moods today... 1 week and I return to the warmth and escape this damp cold weather. YAY!!! GO HABS GO!!
  7. You are quite wrong here. Montreal's percentage of draft picks making the NHL is actually above average. What we have to do is keep the kids we draft longer. We are too quick to give away top prospects.
  8. Problem is very simple PQ and the media. We are not allowed to hire the best coaches and GMs for the job because the media runs the city and would not put up with it. The same media forces GMs to make moves sometimes that make no sense but the are being pressured heavily in the media to do something, anything, to make changes. Once Montreal accepts the fact that to be a competitive team in 'today's NHL you need to operate in English like the rest of the league and hire the best men for the top jobs regardless of their linguistic ability then we can once again become a serious contender. IMO
  9. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Go Habs Go!! Tonight we will both dominate and destroy the Leafs who's fan will say it was because Matthews was out. 7-2 Habs is what I predict. It can't all go wrong every night and we are due for a payout. (warning, I am 1 for 2 on these predictions this year and last time I called for a 4-0 win we lost by that score, just saying....)
  10. Niemi picked up on waivers

    Maybe we are all wrong and MB just wanted to add a cup winner to the looker room. He is a character player!!!!!
  11. Niemi picked up on waivers

    I also see McNiven is filling in in the AHL and D'Agostini is the lone goalie with The Beast. We are short goalies, didn't see that one coming.
  12. Niemi picked up on waivers

    This makes a lot of sense as I just asked myself who is playing in the AHL, Nobody on their site, so cam back here to take a look and this thread is up. He is emergency backup. Fucali goes down and plays AHL, Montoya may be awhile and now I think what I thought all year is true. Price has a shot knee. His lateral movement is gone. I am afraid he does not have much NHL time left. I hope I am wrong. Lucky we have a decent goalie behind him. Neimi will be waived again when Montoya comes back.
  13. Reway on release waivers

    I wish him good health and hope he is able to play high level hockey in the future. Such a shame to see a young persons dreams dashed by illness.
  14. Oct. 26, Kings vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Second game of my 2 month home stint. I am going to say the signs of life in the last game continue tonight. Price stands on his head and shows his true form and we get a couple dirty goals and 2 beauties. 4-0 Habs
  15. Oct. 24, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Sorry to say I return to Europe mid December