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  1. Just watch him go out and sign David Desharnais again.
  2. Absolutely shocked he couldn't close the deal on Radulov. He should have been signed before the season ended. One word for this guy, Putz!!!
  3. I would give Markov the terms he wants but without a no trade clause allowing him to be salary dumped if need be at the end of the season. He is an important piece still this year. Radulov same thing. Give them their asking price but refuse any form of no trade clause.
  4. 440 am, Work at 9. Worth every minute!
  5. Listening in on Rags radio in Italy and they called that Kreider trip a penalty.....
  6. I was speaking tongue in cheek there. lol. Didn't think they would ever mess with 'merica's pass time the way the have with Canada's passion. Maybe now they can fix football and have a field goal competition to end ties, or maybe bring in tires for the QBs to throw balls through. #iftitaintbrokedontfixit Just imagine the PGA ties being ended with a round on the local mini-putt course. "Woods is stepping up the the 6th tee. In the past the windmill has caused trouble for so many golfers..."
  7. What I don't like about baseball is the way the game can drag on for hours in extra innings. I have come up with the perfect solution to this problem. I suggest that if after 9 innings the game is tied the teams play one inning with 6 men on the field and nobody allowed to line up outside the infield before the pitch . If after that extra inning the game is still a draw the game should be decided in a home run derby! Now that would be exciting!
  8. Trade

    Lots of bottom line tweaking but where is the big gun?
  9. CJ knows we need a nasty line to go far in the playoffs. We have been soft in the past for sure. We know can put out a bottom line of Ott Shaw and Big Mac that should mess with teams heads. If we land Vanek or Duchene we are in the running. See how the morning pans out. Filppula would fill the bill too and the fact he said no to Toronto make me like him.
  10. Habs win the next 40 games.
  11. Wait, Desharnais is not the top C? Where's the love?
  12. He's back....
  13. .We should have kept Roy over Trembley, enough said? You don't throw away your franchise player, ever.
  14. He should have been fired 14 months ago and every day he continues to hold his job is a mistake. IMO. He seems to have no problem winning out of the gate but has no idea of how to conform as other teams figure out his system. I wish it was not the case because I like the guy, but he has to be released and the sooner the better. Let Kirk take over. Yes know he doesn't speak French.... Whatever. Not sure if I would expect better results with Jullien. We need a change behind the bench and we need to bring in 1 or 2 more top tier players if we are going to make a run this year. If we aren't making a run then MB is a fool for bringing in Weber.
  15. GDT

    Go Habs Go! Streaming in the English Channel