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  1. Came out flying then let up. Seemed to be hoping Dallas tired in the 3rd. Dallas came out hitting but couldnt match iur speed. Should have keep the pedal down. Just beat the Bruins and Flyers and we will all get over this one.
  2. Go Habs Go. Keep lighting up that red light and tighten up on D. We got this one!!
  3. Thanks Commandant. That clears it up for me
  4. So without me trying to figure that out, who if anyone could montreal do that with? If you say Alzner I will kiss you, but he should be bought out regardless.
  5. I am wondering why nobody, namely Montreal, hasn't put an offersheet in on Laine? Cost would be high but probably later 1st rounder not elite scorers. Also heard Stone was bought out and resigned for cap saving. How is that allowed? Leafs and Jets could theoretically do the same with a player and create room. Another loophole found?
  6. Injuries happen. You cant right him off. Price missed tons of hockey over the last few seasons but seems fine. If he will sign here it is a no brainer. If is the question.
  7. Tampa needs a playoff goalie. Time to make them an offer of one of our stockpile for some scoring?
  8. I am guessing Dons writing on the wall is not so clear this morning. Next 4 games should all be wins. See how CBJ fairs. If they drop to Van Isles Habs and Preds we could be looking not to bad headed into the close out of the season.
  9. Happy either way. Better year than expected and finish with all prospects intact. We will be even better next year and still have loads of cap space. Love to make it in but wont be sad if we bubble.
  10. We must have planned to lose. Otherwise Price plays Sharks. Neimi is done. I figure the thought was win 2 of the 3 out west so lose the hard one. Are we sure we don't stand a better chance with either AHL goalie?
  11. Columbus out. Only by wins otl total. Which let's habs squeak in to face Tbay. Yuck. Not what I was thinking 2 weeks ago when I had us facing Toronto or Boston.
  12. I propose a firing not a trade. In 2004 we acquired Yuppi from the defunct Expos. What has he brought us since we hired him? Did the Expos ever get a championship with him? He is a disgrace to the uniform and I think it is past time to cut the cord and our loses. He holds zero trade value so waiver him and send him to Laval or just buy him out ad be done with it.
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