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  1. How did that WHO song go? Got a feeling 21 is going to be a good year.
  2. Not what I wanted to hear. Get well soon coach.
  3. Well I have to say this play in could not have worked out better for us. Worst case now is lose in 5 and pick 9th. The truth is right now they are showing we are a better team than people thought. Folks, the drive is alive. Anything can happen in the playoffs and I don't think there is a team watching this saying, "I hope we get to face Price and the Habs next". Really want to see Hudon or Poehling on the 4th over Waste (I think I spelled that right). Give Domi a fighting chance. Great game.Keep it going! 17 more wins would be quite the fun run!
  4. Thanks for the game day thread. Here's hoping you get 4 or more in a row. Go Habs Go!!
  5. My son summed this game up 5 minutes in. It was a beer league game. Both teams looked real bad. Some of the players were out for a skate at game speed it seeemed. A liitle slower than game speed. Our d was sloppy to say the least. Carey was actually very good and again, deserved better support. Toronto was closer to game form and have the talent to finish passses. Enough said? I would rather see any of the kids than Weise. On the point I think Fluery should have won the 3rd pairing spot. As has been mentioned, rather unnoticed and that was a good thing. Bottom line, play like that and out in 3. Maybe that is the plan? Pens also looked cold today but were getting it going as it went on. Glad I didn't buy that NHL playoff package. I wonder what Romanov thought watching our D? Bet he feels confident about cracking the lineup.
  6. Can't recall ever be so excited for a exhibition hockey game in July!! Go Habs Go!!!
  7. Honestly, why even do this in an NHL rink? They could do this somewhere like St John's NFLD with no cases. Not like there is any attendance to worry about.
  8. Well to me we came out of this pretty good. Worst case we lose the play in and draft 9th where we can get that much needed Russian goalie prospect. lol. In my eye next best we win and have a shot at the crap shoot playoff. Best case we lose to Pittsburg and win the lottery. I am ok with all 3 but not the goalie....
  9. Well I plan to cheer for the team winning from here in and hoping Toronto and Florida continue to suck. I will do that until we are mathematically eliminated. Then I will curse the Detroit losses again.
  10. I hope he is really better. I watched this guy take a puck to the kisser and still be all business. He may just be playing through pain. He is one tough man.
  11. Go Habs Go!! Was hopung Druian was in tonight..
  12. Read on hockeybuzz. Rumour. That is this thread right? A rumour is a rumour, nothing more.
  13. Byfuglien is appearing in the Habs rumour mill today. From what I understand he isnt skating yet, but if he is ready to resume I for one would welcome the big man.
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