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  1. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Go Habs Go!! Tonight we will both dominate and destroy the Leafs who's fan will say it was because Matthews was out. 7-2 Habs is what I predict. It can't all go wrong every night and we are due for a payout. (warning, I am 1 for 2 on these predictions this year and last time I called for a 4-0 win we lost by that score, just saying....)
  2. Niemi picked up on waivers

    Maybe we are all wrong and MB just wanted to add a cup winner to the looker room. He is a character player!!!!!
  3. Niemi picked up on waivers

    I also see McNiven is filling in in the AHL and D'Agostini is the lone goalie with The Beast. We are short goalies, didn't see that one coming.
  4. Niemi picked up on waivers

    This makes a lot of sense as I just asked myself who is playing in the AHL, Nobody on their site, so cam back here to take a look and this thread is up. He is emergency backup. Fucali goes down and plays AHL, Montoya may be awhile and now I think what I thought all year is true. Price has a shot knee. His lateral movement is gone. I am afraid he does not have much NHL time left. I hope I am wrong. Lucky we have a decent goalie behind him. Neimi will be waived again when Montoya comes back.
  5. Reway on release waivers

    I wish him good health and hope he is able to play high level hockey in the future. Such a shame to see a young persons dreams dashed by illness.
  6. Oct. 26, Kings vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Second game of my 2 month home stint. I am going to say the signs of life in the last game continue tonight. Price stands on his head and shows his true form and we get a couple dirty goals and 2 beauties. 4-0 Habs
  7. Oct. 24, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Sorry to say I return to Europe mid December
  8. Oct. 24, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Tonight it all turns around because I am finally back in Canada to watch a game. 6-1 Habs. Let's get this train back on the track, Team is not as bad as it has looked.
  9. Oct. 5, Habs vs Sabres, 7 PM

    I like the lines. looks like potential to get goals from all 4. Go Habs Go.
  10. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Trade deadline deals have not been bringing in much lately and that is what I am basing it on. Last few years nobody overpaid for rentals and that is all he would be. A signed Taveres is worth a fortune, a pending UFA not so much. So no, not shaking my head
  11. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    How about we look at this from a different view and see how it feels? Let's say that Markov had decided to retire at the end of the season, would that feel better? It is basically what he has done, so stop whining and move on. As for what to do with 8mill in cap space, that is a no brainer. What until trade deadline and use it on rentals, Pleks and pick to NYI for Taveres at deadline seems possible. You kind of need that cap space if you plan on doing any deadline purchases.
  12. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Thank you for your time and service General. I will miss you in the lineup but only hope your future in the KHL is enjoyable. One of my favourite players of the modern era. Sad to see you go but am happy it is to the KHL and not another NHL team. You will always be a Hab and a true Montreal citizen! Hope to see you back for a jersey raising ceremony in the near future! You deserve one! (Not getting into the doom and gloom BS here. thread is titled tribute, not woe is me, shaking my head. so some class fellow posters)
  13. Fire Bergevin

    Just watch him go out and sign David Desharnais again.
  14. Fire Bergevin

    Absolutely shocked he couldn't close the deal on Radulov. He should have been signed before the season ended. One word for this guy, Putz!!!
  15. Free Agent Day Thread

    I would give Markov the terms he wants but without a no trade clause allowing him to be salary dumped if need be at the end of the season. He is an important piece still this year. Radulov same thing. Give them their asking price but refuse any form of no trade clause.