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  1. You obviously didn't read what I wrote so NVM
  2. It's almost as if you don't watch hockey every year. There are always teams that surprise, whether it's over or underachieving. There are NO locks to make the playoffs. Do I think this current roster of Canadiens will make the playoffs? No. Do I think that they can? Yes. There is alot more that goes into a full season than the team on paper on July 6th
  3. I always find it funny that when teams pick up players in the off season it always makes them better. People tend to forget the players they are losing, or that injuries happen, chemistry issues, players regressing, etc. Even the newly appointed Cup champ Maple Leafs lost Van Riemsdyk and Bozak, but because they added Tavares they improved the most. It's the same narrative every off season for every team. Everybody got better! So tell us, how is "almost every team" going to be better?
  4. Good call, I voted that they can. Do I think they will? If I was betting, which I usually do, no.
  5. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    The Habs already have 147 Duclairs under contract, signing this one isn't going to change the outlook one way or another.
  6. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    You're really complaining that they didn't offer a contract to Anthony "didn't receive a qualifying offer and is on his 4th NHL team by age 23" Duclair? Of all of the things to complain about, this is a point of contention for you?
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    You guys must have missed the part where I said it was dumb. And also to note, that if a team is taking Bobby Ryan as well, that will diminish the return for Karlsson.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    This is dumb and makes no sense for us to do, but whatever: To Montreal: Erik Karlsson and Bobby Ryan To Ottawa: Jeff Petry, Nikita Scherbak, 2019 2nd round pick, 2020 1st round pick
  9. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    We can't just paint every player with the same brush, Stamkos and Tavares are different people. It certainly helped that Toronto is on the upswing yes, but even if Montreal was in the same position, do you think he still chooses here over there?
  10. Could our lineup look like this

    I see you're well into your Canada day pops
  11. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    As much as I wanted O'Reilly, I think everyone can agree it was a great decision not to trade for him considering the cost?
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    And Duclair has to think about that?? Is there a better offer in the KHL? And thankfully the Habs don't want that guy at 5 mill per over 5. I'd rather give Alzner a raise than commit that much dough to him, no matter how much cap space is available. Man these are dark times
  13. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    And I'm certain better teams like the Lightning and Sharks would have easily paid him at least 11m per season. This was mostly about going home.
  14. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Sweet, picked up the Leafs best center from the playoffs
  15. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    In this instance is that wrong though?