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  1. I might have to photoshop my avatar to The Price is Wrong. I haven't felt this insecure about Price for probably a decade, every shot has a chance to go in now. And what the hell is the deal with changing pads and masks every game? Is the long hair throwing off his balance? Are his kids like mine and are up all night while he tries to sleep? Regardless, he needs to find his game because otherwise this team isn't going anywhere
  2. Just here to say that called off goal against Gallagher was one of the worst calls I've ever seen from video review. 1) Yes, Gallagher enters the crease, but he tried to avoid Murray and couldn't because he was steered into him 2) The point of contact was skate on skate, dropping Murray. For some reason he decides to push off and spin around backwards 3) While this is happening Gallagher has a Senator draped all over him on the ice, however he managed to not only get up but to make a play on the puck 4) How much time is reasonable for a goalie to "reset"? By the log
  3. Claude Julien's second term as coach of the Habs, Feb. 14th 2017 - Feb. 24th 2021. Now time to start the " When does Claude Julien get hired again" thread
  4. I am quite happy about this move. That's it, that's the post
  5. I'm not sure if it was the beer, but in overtime it seemed like the Habs were confused as to how to play hockey. No idea about positioning or who to cover, and so passive they looked scared to make a play. The more overtimes this team plays the more it seems like a coaching issue. If you aren't trying to win you are going to lose.
  6. Despite his Norris caliber season thus far and his dominance the last couple seasons, Petry remains criminally underrated. Being able to scoop him up in late rounds has been a big part of the reason I am crushing my three hockey pools.
  7. My first thought was it being a way to get him more involved with the team rather than a showcase.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the rules clearly state any sort of contact to the head was illegal? Was this changed?
  9. I understand where Mete is coming from, he will only see ice in the short term if there is an injury and in the long term there likely won't be a spot for him either. However, screw him and anybody who doesn't want to be a part of the Habs. If I am Bergevin, I don't trade him and continue on with the plan to use him when needed. I can't see any trade happening that would benefit us more than having him as a fill in. Also have to consider we lost Juulsen on waivers and the expansion draft in the off season. Invest in a comfy chair Victor and be careful what you wish for because you were a late
  10. Imagine thinking we lost that trade
  11. I am illWill and I support this message If I am in the Habs locker room and see Armia having a career game in a lopsided affair get ended early due to an obviously blatant attempt to injure, I hold nothing back. A concussion without repercussion? Now you are playing with people's lives and you deserve what is coming.
  12. I'm thinking we unleash Corey Perry on the Canucks to send a message
  13. I may have to reread my posts as I clearly thought I was quite "chill". It was just a suggested minor tweak to the lineup which will happen a million times this season. Just because a team is playing well doesn't mean it is the optimal lineup.
  14. You're saying that it doesn't matter what side a winger plays on? Or even that it is better that he is on the off wing? Why do the majority of players play on their correct side? Typically the exception to this is for players with lethal shots who can rip one timers or based on necessity because of the composition of the roster. For once we finally have enough righties to balance it all out. I agree with everyone that the line is generating chances and that it is only two games. However I think switching Armia and Lehkonen is a pretty lateral move and it would benefit
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