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  1. The Habs in three years: a heavy-duty Cup threat?

    I watched a video on YouTube where a guy adjusted every NHL team to reflect if every draft pick went back to their respected teams. The results were interesting, as you can see the composition of the rosters. Boston would be a powerhouse, Nashville would have the best defense of all time likely, for example. I didnt verify anything here and I dont know why he has Juulsen and Weber up front, likely most prolific to choose from. So either Montreal needs to draft and develop better at forward, or MB has been making great trades and signings, or both.
  2. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    I look at it this way; if Montreal misses the playoffs they have around a 3% chance of moving up in the draft. And if they do make the playoffs, they have a way better chance than that to go on a run. I know which way a winner would pick and which way a loser would pick
  3. I was there as well Little did I know at the time how long the actual whole event was, double fisting $12 beers x approximately 6 hours = I don't want to know what I spent that night If I was to guess my all time record watching the Habs I would say 7-2-1 at the Bell Center and 1-3 on the road. Not as good as you but I "Ole" the best I can
  4. Well I wasn't too far off. Habs outshot the Sharks by a good margin and Niemi flopped around. Call up anybody for backup please
  5. Habs outshoot the Sharks 37-6. Niemi falls down to make 2 saves and 3 just happen to hit him as he wobbles around the crease. A solid Niemi game
  6. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    I'm going to predict the curse of Matt Duchene continues and the Blue Jackets miss the playoffs
  7. Habs vs Rangers 7:00pm

    Most people after trading Pacioretty and Galchenyuk
  8. Deadline Day Discussion

    I think that Bergevin is very value oriented, so if that means locking Domi up soon at a salary that is reflective his career now, or if it means waiting to see some production from him into next season, or if he waits till Domi is RFA, he will do whatever seems like the best deal at the time. It also falls on the shoulders of Domi's agent and his expectations.
  9. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    The Athletic just released a poll of 198 NHL players on a variety of topics. https://theathletic.com/840226/2019/02/28/the-2019-nhl-poll-best-player-most-overrated-players-weigh-in-on-the-best-and-worst-in-the-game/ Best All-Around Player: Crosby - 48% McDavid - 25% Bergeron - 11% Barkov and Kucherov - 4% Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final — who do you want starting in goal? Price - 28% Fleury - 16% Vasilevsky - 15% Quick - 7% Holtby - 6% Who is the most underrated player in the NHL? Barkov - 26% Backstrom and Point - 8% Spurgeon - 6% Giordano - 5% Who is the most overrated player in the NHL? PK Subban - 23% Laine - 9% Ekbad - 6% Phaneuf and Erik Karlsson - 4% Which coach, aside from your own, would you most want to play for? Cooper and Gallant - 23% Trotz - 11% Maurice and Tortorella - 6% Which coach, aside from your own, would you not want to play for? Tortorella - 30% Hitchcock - 28% Babcock - 15% Carlyle - 11% Boucher - 3% What is the most fun city to visit on the road? Las Vegas - 26% Nasville - 19% Chicago - 13% Vancouver - 12% New York - 10% What is the worst city to visit on the road Winnipeg - 38% Buffalo - 15% Ottawa - 12% Edmonton - 8% Raleigh - 5% Which team has the best fans? Golden Knights - 28% Habs - 18% Preds - 11% Jets - 8% Hawks - 7% Which team has the worst fans? Panthers - 48% Coyotes - 18% Canes - 12% Flyers - 6% Isles - 3% Should the NHL’s current playoff format be changed? Yes - 60% No - 40 Should NHL players play in the Olympics? Yes - 99% No - 1% My noteworthy takeaways from that poll include: *Price still being viewed as the best goalie in the world by his peers *Habs fans have been knocked off their perch as the best, I can agree with that based on what we've seen so far from Vegas. But let's see how they are after a few losing seasons *Subban is the most overrated player in the league
  10. Habs vs Wings 730pm

    I thought he played okay, he found some open ice a few times but the puck didn't find him. My favorite part was when he took a wrister from the top of the circle and Price's glove was already there waiting for it, and then the look on Zadina's face. On another note, Weber looks bad out there, he has to be playing through an injury. As we've seen before, this is what he does
  11. First Goal for Mete

    November 21st, 2023 against the Quebec Nordiques
  12. Will there be trade deadline moves in 2019?

    Was hoping Bergevin would surprise us with a blockbuster. I didn't want a pure rental, although acquiring Nyquist for a 2nd rounder would have been easy to swallow. I had a hunch that whoever got Stone was going to also sign him to an extension, and I think I would have been okay sending one of our best prospects to make that deal. I would have liked Simmonds as well but only if he resigned. Other than that, not much out there that I feel we missed out on. It's too bad there weren't any high end LD available that we could have got our hands on
  13. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    "He s**t his pants, he was puking, he was doing everything" -John Tortorella on why Panarin is not playing I'm not witty enough to come up with a joke here about relief but there's definitely one there
  14. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Another post, another Subban reference, Habs must be on a losing streak. "They are reliable and low drama players who perform night in and night out. The result is a better overall team". That sounds sort of like the reason why I prefer Weber 😆
  15. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    I don't understand the "squandering" of Price's prime, you say that as if we would have kept Subban and Pacioretty the Habs would have hoisted cup #25 already. "Incompetent GMing" didn't give those players away, they were traded for similar value players. The only difference between now and then, is that there is a crop of high end young roster players and prospects in the system. Habs still have prime Price, Weber is showing no signs of slowing down, Petry is having a career year, and their best forwards are all between 18-26. Add in Suzuki, Poeling, Brook, Romanov pushing for a spot and the cap space available to add an elite UFA if they want. This is not the same situation as any of the previous times you've mentioned.