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  1. 1. Patrick Roy 2. Mario Lemieux 3. Pavel Bure 4. Jeremy Roenick 5. Eric Lindros
  2. Just once, once, post something that isn't taking a shot at the organization. A picture of Weber missing an absolute haymaker and you have to comment about a trade that in your opinion is bad. Just an awful existence you must live watching what is supposedly your favorite team. I suggest getting another hobby, talking to a therapist, or both
  3. I am a watch-at-least 75 regular season Hab games a year kind of guy no matter what. I had this one on record and once it hit 2-0 I gave up and looked up the final score. I was glad I made the right decision
  4. I must say with the injuries, demotions and recent trades, that is one ugly looking lineup.
  5. Price looks locked in, like he has the last month or two. I enjoy watching this
  6. I'm just quoting so I have a historical moment captured on my profile
  7. I was all on board to keep Tatar, but my god, if Coleman gets that return what does Tuna bring back? I'd work on signing Kovalchuk and Petry
  8. I'm sure whatever happens Bergevin is the worst! Can I get a hell yeah?
  9. Props to not caring about facts and just spitting negative feelings everywhere
  10. Like the butterfly, you have to pick your spots while back checking. Nobody is flying around out there for the standard minimum 3 minute shift.
  11. I love Domi as a player and he seems like a great guy, but the thing I have noticed over the last month or two is that when he is on the bench he separates himself from his teammates. I am unsure if he always did that or not, but it is noticeable now. Usually when a player does that they are frustrated either with their team or themselves.
  12. As a beer league player way past his prime, I'd like to state that we do hustle but are way too out of shape so it looks like we aren't hustling. And our shitty passes are because we are too tired and are scared of having a stroke
  13. That is without question one of the top 50 worst penalty calls I've ever seen
  14. Surely even the most pessimistic tank loving fans must have enjoyed that result.
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