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  1. Habs win 3-2 and turn their season around after this game
  2. Losing streaks tend to be the best thing for this forum. Hardly any posts during winning streaks
  3. The pieces are coming together for a deep Cup run
  4. I definitely agree he was alot of fun to watch. I've stated a million times I loved having him on the team. His highs were really high and his lows were really low, but either way it was entertaining. It's sort of like having an ex girlfriend who you'd have the most fun with out of anybody, but also who you'd fight with the most. Weber is like the new girlfriend who isn't as fun but you get along great. A bit of an exaggeration there. They are two different players, both have their pros and cons. We have a thread with a million pages detailing all of them if you'd like to check it out
  5. I loved PK's time as a Hab, I really did. But the key word in your post was embarrassing. There were too many times to count that he did something that was embarrassing. And coming from a geographical area that is saturated with Leaf, Bruin and miscellaneous fans it was alot to deal with. We rode the highs with PK and we also rode the lows with him.
  6. The jersey selection had nothing to do with him having the longest remaining contract among active players, thus making your jerseys relevant for a longer period of time? No, that's great to hear. We should all want these players to succeed, we all have a common goal here
  7. Did somebody really entertain the idea of trading Radulov in this thread? We want to acquire another Radulov, not trade one away
  8. Not that I disagree, but perhaps showing some love to the guy once in awhile would do wonders for making us believe you aren't completely biased. Thank god, I thought I was the only one that thinks faceoffs are completely overrated. As if a 45% guy is a liability on the draw, he wins a mere 10% less than who he is up against. So basically 1 out of 10 faceoffs is not a coin flip. Faceoffs are only magnified if they lead to goals, which is such a small percentage of the time that it isn't relevant in the whole spectrum of the game.
  9. So much to debate with here but not enough time in the world to do so
  10. Those line combinations seem perfect somehow
  11. A -6 score after only 10 posts is hard to do, we might be watching history unfold as he goes for the all-time record
  12. I thought it was because the refs ignored how Boston mugged and bullied their way through each series, and also Tim Thomas flopping around playing like god
  13. 13-7-4
  14. The Bruins won a cup with Seguin at age 19, so I'd say whatever he did was correct. He also played center and was stuck behind two better centers at the time in Bergeron and Krejci That being said, I'm still on the fence about how I feel about this hiring. I respect what Julien has done in his career but I dislike his demeanor behind the bench. He's the type of coach that makes excuses for his players and whines to the ref. The one thing that I did admire about Therrien, was that he kept it calm and business like. I'll stay optimistic that this change will light a fire under the players But unfortunately this is what I think of when I think of Julien....