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  1. Or Angry Hab fan: Bergevin is stupid for not spending available cap space Bergevin: Spends cap space on player we need Angry Hab fan: No, not like that
  2. Not sure if this was mentioned but Mikko Koivu intends to play next season. I think he would be a great fit on the 4th line and can fill in up the lineup in case of injuries. He's been a captain for a long time and the obvious Koivu connection make him a compelling option.
  3. Naw, we don't need a former Hart trophy winner strutting in here being our best forward putting up points that we need, I'm with ya dawg, overrated
  4. My only concern is that there are too many LD that not everyone can get in the lineup to increase their value for a trade. That has to be one of the better prospect pools for any particular position in the league, let alone all the veterans that are signed now.
  5. Bergevin trying to solve the LD problem by acquiring all of them
  6. I'll ignore all the other nonsense and agree on this point, as I think Domi for Anderson straight up is an overpay. Great for the team though
  7. Yes of course that was a factor, may have been others as well. No way we can pay a 4th line center (yes i know he isn't) a contract that starts with a 5 or or 6 for multiple years.
  8. Key words in that rebuttle was "next year". When did I ever say only for next year? Since you clearly agreed it makes our team better, why stop at next year? Why are we trading infinite draft picks in your hypothetical situation to try to prove a point? Asset management does not matter when improving our team when we have an abundance of assets. I can throw out whacky scenarios as well, does it matter to Bill Gates if he spends $100 on a coffee if it helps him secure a million dollar deal that day? Tell me more about asset management
  9. Can you further explain how a trade that makes the team better is a negative transaction? Keep in mind I've read here how David Poile is a genius for trading Seth Jones for Ryan Johanssen was brilliant because he traded from a position of strength.
  10. I swear we could have shipped Domi off for McDavid with Edmonton retaining salary and the same salty people would be complaining that it wasn't enough. Let's say it was an overpayment, is our team better is the only question that matters.
  11. Who cares about the 3rd round pick that was thrown in, does that make or break the deal? This trade was about trading Domi who had no place in the lineup, for a player with a defined place in the lineup. And as far as contracts go, you have to assume both GMs know what it is going to take to resign each, and that Domi's cap hit will be higher. I am disappointed he wasn't a part of a package for a star player just like everyone else, but before everyone dumps on Bergevin as usual, do you not think he tried? I do feel bad for Domi, he seemed quite happy to be in Montreal. But that excitement sure did seem to tamper during the playoffs when he was on the 4th line. He was my favorite Hab two years ago and I wish him all the best
  12. Love the trade based on team and positional needs. Although this might be a situation where you overpay to acquire such a piece
  13. Tampa is so good that their Captain and second leading scorer only played a few minutes in the whole playoffs and they still won the cup
  14. It must be a miserable existence to click on a thread that is stating that our potential #1 center of the future made the all rookie team, only to focus on the fact we haven't had a player like that in a while.
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