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  1. I am illWill and I support this message If I am in the Habs locker room and see Armia having a career game in a lopsided affair get ended early due to an obviously blatant attempt to injure, I hold nothing back. A concussion without repercussion? Now you are playing with people's lives and you deserve what is coming.
  2. I'm thinking we unleash Corey Perry on the Canucks to send a message
  3. I may have to reread my posts as I clearly thought I was quite "chill". It was just a suggested minor tweak to the lineup which will happen a million times this season. Just because a team is playing well doesn't mean it is the optimal lineup.
  4. You're saying that it doesn't matter what side a winger plays on? Or even that it is better that he is on the off wing? Why do the majority of players play on their correct side? Typically the exception to this is for players with lethal shots who can rip one timers or based on necessity because of the composition of the roster. For once we finally have enough righties to balance it all out. I agree with everyone that the line is generating chances and that it is only two games. However I think switching Armia and Lehkonen is a pretty lateral move and it would benefit
  5. Nothing wrong with their game per se, but Toffoli and Lehkonen are both on their off wing. I think the benefit of having them in their correct positions out weighs any potential benefit of more upside from Armia on the 3rd line
  6. I think they should put Lehkonen where Toffoli is, Toffoli where Armia is, and Armia where Lehkonen is. These seem to be the players most lost and ineffective
  7. I don't care if Dubois is the mayor of Montreal, I'm not trading Suzuki for him. He is trending towards the best Habs forward prospect that I've ever seen. I do find it ironic that Dubois is the exact player that we've been needing for decades and now that a player like him is available, we don't really need him. I also think it is rare for a team to get fair value for a player who openly wants out of an organization, so I do believe there is a small chance we acquire him without it hurting too bad.
  8. Hell of a pass from Romanov on his first shift. I hate Price's gear and if I remember correctly he had a bad year last time he had red pads
  9. Not only am I optimistic about this year, I am also a numbers guy 😉
  10. 36-16-1-3 = 76 points 1st in the North division 3rd in the league 173 goals for 147 goals against
  11. Was he talking about how big his ego was and how it would affect any potential roster moves?
  12. Or Angry Hab fan: Bergevin is stupid for not spending available cap space Bergevin: Spends cap space on player we need Angry Hab fan: No, not like that
  13. Not sure if this was mentioned but Mikko Koivu intends to play next season. I think he would be a great fit on the 4th line and can fill in up the lineup in case of injuries. He's been a captain for a long time and the obvious Koivu connection make him a compelling option.
  14. Naw, we don't need a former Hart trophy winner strutting in here being our best forward putting up points that we need, I'm with ya dawg, overrated
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