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  1. Since Bergevin took over, the Habs have finished 1st, 3rd, 1st, 6th, and likely 1st in their division. If that's not a sustained period of time of contention I don't know what is. I'd lump them in with San Jose, St. Louis, Washington, New York, Tampa, Anaheim and Nashville in being a team that has a shot each year but have yet to get over the hump in that period.
  2. If you told me 100% of his NHL goals have come against the Habs I would believe you
  3. I hope Markov plays with the Habs forever
  4. An absolute bomb from Weber on the power play. It's a thing of beauty to watch
  5. One of the best and simplest posts out of the thousands regarding the trade
  6. Some good points here. You touched on Plekanec falling off a cliff but without having the stats to support your claim that it was Subban feeding him on his transitional offence, it bears no merit. He is currently tied for 10th in team scoring after finishing 3rd last season. The guy has been awful this year, plain and simple. Brendan Gallagher is also having a terrible year for someone who was supposed to provide offence in the top 6. Danault as a top line center can't be good for offense either. Shaw's production is only marginally better than Eller's from last season. Galchenyuk isn't scoring as many goals as last year but is putting up more assists. I also don't care how Pacioretty scores, just that he does. Montreal's powerplay has improved from 25th last year to 13th this year. I know of a certain dman with a heavy shot that has helped in that particular category. Offence comes from many different places. Anyway we cut it, the team doesn't put pucks into the back of the net as much as we would like. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the lack of transition from the back end. Perhaps this team isn't scoring as much from the rush generated by the defense as before, but at the end of the day they are a tad above their pace from last year, and that's all that matters.
  7. Montreal scores 2.68 goals per game this season. Last season they scored 2.63
  8. I don't think mediocrity means what you think it means
  9. Seems that whenever these two teams meet up it is a boring game.
  10. I'm rooting for a Boston matchup because it's always a great series and to be able to beat them with the coach they fired would make it extra sweet. I also don't mind a Rangers series because we seem to play them well and as CC mentioned, it would be great to get some revenge from a couple years ago.
  11. Everything out of Gary Galley's mouth indicates he bet his house against the Habs
  12. "This is goaltending they call it" -Bob Cole
  13. GDT

    Gallagher has killed a few golden opportunities
  14. GDT

    Damn it Cucumber, you've encouraged him on his new coach nickname. Now we have to read it every second post until Julian gets fired
  15. When I seen the Habs in Calgary I would say the number was much higher. There are a ton of people from the east coast that live out there and have this game circled on their calendar. Unfortunately they lost when I was there and had to hear chants of " Go-way, go-way, go-way", so for your sake I hope you get to get the Ole chant going.