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  1. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    Are those poems? They don't rhyme Maybe I'm not smart enough, or don't have the time This may be the strangest game day thread that I've read And this Habs game will surely make me lay my head on my bed Price is out and Weber is done for the season I wish I could be excited, but I have no reason We are passionate fans and deserve much more Than a team with no direction and the ability to score So now we must put up with a terrible ranking And hope they at least don't screw up on the tanking
  2. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    Trizzak on the ball today, I actually made a note for myself today to make the GDT so dlbalr wouldn't yell at us again
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I would say that the odds of him resigning after being traded would be low, as it doesn't happen very often at all in this scenario. That being said, I don't really care one way or the other what they do with Plekanec. Either extend him for around 2m for 2 years or trade him, either way is better than what he is getting paid to do now. The only way I'd be upset if he gets resigned for more money than he is worth.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    My logic is based that we seem to be able to develop goalies no problem at all. We likely don't have a Price in the system but surely one of Lindgren, McNiven, Fucale, or Primeau can become a starter for the Habs down the road. And Galchenyuk is playing on the wing, which we also seem to have an abundance of. Two areas need improvement on this team; down the middle and on defense. Enter Giroux and Gostisbehere. Even if we say that we were to agree that we lose the trade slightly, the overall strength of the team will improve in my opinion. I don't foresee another plausible scenario where we fix the holes on this team without trading something of value. Unless of course we win the lottery (low chance no matter where we finish) and sign Tavares (low chance, and combine the two happening and it's near impossible).
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Giroux is tied for second in league scoring. Gostisbehere is tied for third in league scoring among defensemen. Giroux only has 4 more years on his current contract and he is more than earning it this year. Price will be earning 2.25 million more than Giroux per season for 8 more years after this one and has not come close to earning that amount based on this season. I agree in the sense that Price > Giroux based on talent, but when you factor in the contracts and the organizational need, that evens it out. Gostisbehere is on pace for 69 points this season...never lived up to rookie production?? He can have all of the defensive warts in the world but if he putting up 69 points as a defenseman he can play on my team any day. He is also locked in at a great value 4.5 million contract for the next 5 seasons. When you compare that to Galchenyuk who only has two years remaining on his deal before becoming a UFA, it's the worse of the two contracts. And again, when you factor in the organizational need for a left handed puck moving dman, it's a win in my opinion. Trading a second round pick to get Elliott who could start a majority of the games is not going to hurt the team at all.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    More of an off season move but a deal that could make sense for both teams: To Montreal: Giroux, Gostisbehere, and Elliott To Philly: Price, Galchenyuk and a second Montreal gets a scoring center and also a puck moving LD. Lindgren and Elliott battle it out for the starting goalie position next season, plus lots of prospects in the pipeline. Giroux, Drouin, Danault down the middle, Pacioretty, Lehkonen and Hudon on the left Philly finally gets an elite goalie and replaces production on the wing. They can roll out Couturier and Patrick at center moving forward
  7. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    If it was back in my gambling days, I would have live bet the Habs to lose when there was 5 minutes left. The payout would be pretty good and it's easy money.
  8. Injury news

    Funny enough, I've finished second in the league the last two years and I've had the best goaltending. The guy that finished first both those years had the worst. He drafts the best skaters and then picks up random goalies each week until he gets one that catches fire, like a Hellebuyck. He has already picked up Mrazek hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. Perhaps I am butthurt at people thinking that that trade was a disaster and the reason why this team sucks. Or maybe because Subban is brought up more than most Habs on a consistent basis nearly two years after the trade. I get that you initially made a joke but you kept going on about point totals and Norris trophies. Weber and Subban are both studs, and also different players, it has been debated to death. Montreal sucks for many reasons, and that trade wasn't one of them.
  9. Injury news

    I am sorry that you are butthurt about the trade. I just find it strange because this is a Habs injury news thread, and we were talking about Shea Weber, but yet you for whatever reason feel the need to talk about PK Subban. He is having a great year on a much better team, perhaps you'd like to look up a Nashville thread and circle jerk with your fellow fans.
  10. Injury news

    I'm sure you realize that Weber was on pace for 19 goals and 31 assists playing on an injured foot before coming out of the lineup...otherwise your comment could be considered dumb. And yes, goals and assists are only 2 of the 9 stat categories in my league.
  11. Injury news

    Depends on the league settings, but in my league Weber is a better player than Subban. Maybe if it measured donations, team success and Subby-doos it would be the other way around.
  12. Injury news

    Bring him back, I need him on my fantasy team. I've held his spot on my team all this time and have turned down trade offers thinking he'd be back. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes, get back in there Shea!
  13. You guys realize we are talking about Molson cup winner Nicolas Deslauriers right? The very best Hab for the month of December. I'm half sarcastic but yet half serious sadly
  14. In a season full of non stop crap, this signing actually makes me happy
  15. Injury news

    I remember we had a guy named Weber on the team, I wonder whatever happened to him