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  1. It has been fun to watch so far regardless of playoff or roster implications. I jumped off the couch last night when he had the breakaway in OT. I want this guy on our team for as long as possible
  2. A pet peeve I have in these discussions is the assumption that Price and Weber will automatically decline so bad in the upcoming years to the point where they can't help a championship team.
  3. I'm just glad when I tune in I get to see what Kovalchuk in a Habs jersey looks like for a period of time. That's it, not much extra thought put into it other than that.
  4. I had to scroll back up to double check who wrote this because it is the most clear and concise post you ever wrote. Got your points across well and I didn't have to filter out any anger and extreme bias. 2020 new year, new Hab29
  5. I'm taking Budaj out and putting in Devan Dubnyk. I don't care if he never dressed for the Habs the whole time, Budaj isn't going on my all time list
  6. Trade proposal: To Montreal: The 1st overall pick in 2020 To the other team: Whatever they want
  7. As someone who missed the first period, thank you for your in depth analysis
  8. It is almost as if there are other factors that go into a player's decision where to sign other than the GM. *in the not so distance future somewhere on HabsWorld: BERGEVIN FAILED TO SIGN GARDINER!!!!!
  9. My cable box wasn't working when I turned my TV on, me with zero patience cursing and banging around for awhile, wife eventually comes down to the man cave and solves the issue. Immediately after it works the Flames go up 2-0 and she says "if I were you I wouldn't bother watching anyway". If she wasn't a saint, I'd kick her Bruins fan ass to the curb
  10. 3 lines that has someone on it that can score is much different than 3 lines that can score
  11. Please don't ever become GM of the Canadiens
  12. My problem with what we are currently doing is that there are only so many roster spots available. Drafting and developing players of course is the most important part of building a team, but at some point we need to move some of these pieces for higher end talent. Personally I like pretty much every current Hab player individually and you can argue they slot in very well where they are in the lineup. Our team kind of reminds me on Minnesota for the last decade, a bunch of really good players and not many holes but also not really any great players. We have a lot of players signed for market value or below, and a bunch of cap space for no particular reason. I'd love to trade some high end picks, prospects or roster players to go out and grab a superstar if one is ever available.
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