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  1. I want Pavel BURE! When he is healthy, and wants to play he is very AWSOME!!! :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo: OLE! ole,ole,ole OLE, OLE! [Edited on 2004/7/13 by Fletch96]
  2. Would be neat to see alot guys play for the love of the game rather then just money.
  3. I still wore my Habs shirt to work, although people bugged me.....:-^ to them FIRE IT UP !!!!!! :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo: OLE! ole,ole,ole, OLE OLE! :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo:
  4. :?- not that i would like to what another year....:guru: [Edited on 2004/4/29 by Fletch96]
  5. and unlike the Leafs we have built our team for the not so distant future.....:/) not to say i have given up yet.....
  6. I guess you are a better coach then. [Edited on 2004/4/29 by Fletch96]
  7. Are you on crack????:mad:
  8. Maybe you should be GM, or better yet you put the skates on. I am tired of hockey fans bitching. The coach makes the calls, and its that way for a reason. Our job is to give support. Its like Leaf fans know sooo much, but alot of them can't even skate. The game looks and is a whole lot different when your on the ice.
  9. I would love to find a remix of "Ole" A techno one, A rock one, and A punk one.. :/) is there any songs in English? [Edited on 2004/4/23 by Fletch96]
  10. 3-2 HABS!!!:/) Goals: Kovalev, Ryder, and Ribs
  11. Thats because only Leaf fans are dumb enough to listen to him...A good friend of mine is huge Bruins fan *cough* and he HATES Cherry. Cherry is smart though, as he has made a living feeding load of crap to the Leaf fans. I would love to go toe to toe with Cherry, and ask him a few questions. like....... If you hate show boating then why do always wear the crazy outfits and strut around at charity events like its the second coming of christ? or If you know so much about hockey then why is it you only played one game in the NHL? :/) [Edited on 2004/4/23 by Fletch96] [Edited on 2004/4/23 by Fletch96]
  12. Cause they were so lucky to win, but now Philly is going to beat the HELL outta them. Not just on the score board either :/) [Edited on 2004/4/21 by Fletch96]
  13. I like the megaphone touch, just might have to go get one...and need a bigger flag too:/)
  14. Wearing my Habs Jersey, my hockey helmet and carrying my :hlogo: flag. I went down town Peterborough (where I live) Yelling "GO HABS!!!" and "How about those Canadiens" and Singing "OLE! ole,ole,ole OLE OLE!" too....I went down to a pub where a girl I know works at who is a :hlogo: fan, skated in gave her a hug then skated out cheering "GO HABS".. :lol::lol: It was Great...If (and when) we beat T-Bay there will be a few more following on bikes...:/)
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