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  1. I'm a nationalist that has always been for the parti quebecois but it gets me mad as hell to see them taking jabs at the montreal canadiens. I'm pretty sure Parizeau would've been smart enough to not go that road (if he had been sober when questioned on the matter). I'm a pragmatic person that voted YES in 1995 because I tought it was a plus expected value decision. I don't give a ###### if half the players on team are japanese, I just want the habs to win the most games possible.
  2. The only habs jersey I've ever own... Guess I should go with Cammy since he's going to be the first since Richer to score 50 goals next year.
  3. Jacques Martin glad to get the two points in the post game interview LOL
  4. Mike Cammalleri and Josh Georges almost fought this mourning. Apparently cammy dropped the gloves at centre ice... http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/286994.html
  5. Great interview I didn't know Plante was the first goalie to ever play the puck. Great stuff!
  6. Huet is not doing bad at all this year and chicago fans still hate him
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