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  1. They can take our site, but they cannot take our FREEDOM! Anyways, hackers suck. [Edited on 12-22-05 by Fanpuck33]
  2. Who is Owens? Do you mean Michael Owen?
  3. Best way to keep track of new posts is to click on "Today's Posts" along the top of the window. Not sure if this is what you mean, but I hope this helps.
  4. Let's see: One forum is for Moderators only, concerning the forum One forum is about the HW website itself One forum is about HWL One forum is for a fantasy league some of the site owners are in
  5. Shawn Gree, that's who I meant, not Eric Karros.
  6. Interesting. I was just watching a show on TV, not sure what it was, and they mentioned how few Jewish people are in pro sports. I think the show was about how Jewish people, until recently, felt pressured to hide their faith, especially in Hollywood. It's sad that such things have happened, and unfortunately still happens today probably. The only other athlete whom I know is Jewish is Eric Karros, formerly of the LA Dodgers. I know some other baseball players in the past have been Jewish, as I recall hearing about a pitcher who couldn't pitch a playoff game because it was the Sabbath.
  7. I'm getting really sick of all the BS that is going around these forums. Accusation: I edit threads and have people banned because I disagree with their opinions. I find it extremely hurtful that any of you think this. If this were true, then I can think of a few members who would no longer be with us. I disagree with a lot of opinions, but I fully support their right to post their opinions. I will attack their argument and defend my own position, but I do not use my Moderator powers to suppress my opposition. If I, or other mods, were trying to suppress opinions, we would delete posts.
  8. I think you should reread the thread. If you do, you will see Leafs Suck's personal attack against. That is why I "jumped down his throat." I could care less if he thinks Belfour should retire. My only problem was that he attacked me, instead of my opinion. Did I ever say that I'd rather have Belfour than Theo right now? Not at all. I simply pointed out that Belfour has done nothing to prove he needs to retire. I simply pointed out he is still as good as a number of other NHL goalies. Ok, so let me get this straight. It's ok for Leafs Suck to post his opinion, but it's not ok for
  9. How about you act like a man and defend your position, instead of acting like a child? Is Belfour still an elite goalie? Heck no. But he's still putting up better SV% than a lot of guys today, including Theodore, Esche, Osgood, and Nabokov.
  10. While I don't think this team is as bad as you do, I agree that it will unlikely medal. Personally, I like the D. A good mix of offensive PP guys and defensive guys. The thing that worries me is overall team speed. I don't think this squad will be able to keep up with other teams. As for Miller getting snubbed, can you blame them? He's only played 29 games against the level of talent he'd be facing in the Olympics.
  11. RIP, Phyllis. The hockey world's thoughts are with you, Wayne.
  12. They already had enough offensive D-men with Liles, Schneider, and Rafalski. Hatcher is far more valuable than Leetch as a defensive first kind of guy. On teams with so much talent up front, you know that a forward is going to be playing the point on the PP, so really only a couple D-man need to be QB type guys. Btw, Grahame's numbers are equal to Theodore's, who everyone seems upset about not being a likely member of team Canada. If you think Theo should make the Canadian team, which is so deep at goal, then surely Grahame deserves to be on the US team, which has no true, stud goalie. Al
  13. Hehe, a day old thread. Go check out www.theahl.com for any info you like.
  14. Oh man, I bet your friend's brother cries every time he thinks of it. Back when I used to collect card and would buy entire boxes, I pulled a Jeremy Roenick first day issue card out that was worth 50 bucks according to Beckett magazine. Two weeks later, it was worth 4 bucks.
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