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  1. Yeah call him up. He’s the real deal and could transform our team
  2. Come to think of it a line of Drouin - KK - Caufield Would melt the NHL
  3. Caufield is our season saviour. Call him up to play Tomorrow This kid has jam
  4. I knew Caufield was gonna score. Bring him up to be Gallagher
  5. First impressions of watching Caufield for one whole period: -fast but skates like he is running -high offensive IQ -it’s obvious that he is a sniper -he needs to overcome his size at nhl level. He is very very small and he needs to become a wirey, slippery, sneaky little bastard to survive nhl. For those that have seen more of him, how did he handle board work and defensive responsibilities?
  6. Caufield has been all alone and open to score just waiting for passes that never come. He certainly has scorers IQ
  7. I’ve only ever seen Caufield highlights so to watch him skate is interesting. He skates oddly
  8. Lol Frustrating thing is Drouin can be a dominant player. I don’t know what he needs to turn it around and work hard every shift but I don’t think it happens in Montreal. Kind of like Riberio getting it together after leaving Montreal
  9. Last year it was the opposite problem. We routinely got scored on in the final minute of a period. I thought we were improving under DD but he has roughly the same record as Julien. I’m believing that a very strong puck moving D can turn us around and I’m hoping Bergevin makes it happen
  10. Petry has been very poor for several games now. Is it Kulak or the loss of Edmundson? Petry has become a turnover machine and we need him to figure it out. I want Petry to win the Norris
  11. Yeah he did sit. He worked his ass off and was positionally sound but he was pushed all over the ice. He just couldn’t handle it and Romanov barely hung on
  12. Mete was so poor last night that he was benched in the third. I wish him well but I think last night’s loss coupled with Mete’s performance is going to get Bergevin to make a trade
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