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  1. One question that I have is what is going on with Kotkaniemi's ice time? Thompson averages more ice time per game... I thought Kman was playing well and looking pretty good. Is there something that I'm missing?
  2. I'm not suggesting that we go and trade for a #1 LD (as amazing as that would be). A true #1 LD would cost us much more than we would ever give up (maybe Kman, Gallagher, first as an example). The LD I'm thinking about is probably on the second pairing currently. They are offensively minded, can carry the puck out of the zone with ease, is a good passer, good skater and can land shots on net. This player has a downside that prevents them from being a true #1 - perhaps they loose coverage, perhaps they don't back check well - whatever it is... This player would pair with Weber to drive offense and add another layer to the PP. I think that we could comfortably give up one of our wingers, take your pick other than Gallagher and combine with picks or maybe the trading partner wants one of our LD as part of the package. IMO the Habs are following the Vegas model and have a team with depth. Depth allows us to roll 4 lines and provide speed and fresh legs against teams that rely on 2 lines. I think that we are close to being a playoff team and we should take steps to get there.
  3. Fun game to watch for sure and we have lots to be excited about. -Jeff Petry is better than Weber at this point and is our second best player after Price -We get hemmed in our own end and run around a lot -I agree with Commandant that Kulak is a better fit with Petry -We need an upgrade on Mete -How amazing would a line of Drouin - Domi - Sniper be? That line is a sniper away from absolute greatness -I love our depth and we can roll 4 lines and have fresh legs all game long I think that we are closer to being a playoff team than people give us credit for.
  4. You are right that contending for the cup is not easy. What is easy is living the status quo and expecting the cup to come to you. We need this LD badly and as much as it will sting, we have the assets to get that LD. I like Suzuki and in no way want to trade him but we could live without him (this is an example not a suggestion). Would you give up Susuki and a first to get the right LD? I would because I believe that being a bubble team is not enough and addressing our needs move us forward. MB saw the holes in our team too. That is why Gardiner got an offer and Aho got the offer sheet. We can do better and we should do better
  5. It took the Habs a long, long time to get the centre depth that we now have and I really hope that we don't wait another decade to address the really clear need for a puck moving, offensively minded LD. MB tried to address this need with Gardiner but he simply didn't want to play for us. Some fans and perhaps MB himself will say that he tried to address the need so they shrug and accept it. Trying is not enough and it is the general manager's job to fix it. If free agency didn't work out then it needs to be fixed other ways - we can wait and hope on drafting the need (that may take a couple years or another decade) or we can go out and trade to fill the need. I don't want to mortgage the future...This gets said a lot and my question is, how close to a contender are we? Would a strong puck moving LD be the difference between a bubble team or a playoff team? Would that LD have an immediate impact on our PP? I'm not suggesting making really hurtful trades to address the need but we do have assets available to work with. The second thing that is clear to me is we need an impactful winger (sniper is ideal but I don't want to trade for one). Our wingers are moved up and down the lineup because in my opinion all of our wingers are roughly the same level (outside of gallagher). I propose an experiment where we move a very strong player in Domi (what a great trade) to the wing, centred by Kman and Peohling centring the third line. I can understand the strong argument that Domi is our best centre so why move him to the wing? My answer is simply that we need better wing depth and we have centre depth. I want to give up assets to address our LD needs so I don't want to give up more assets to address our need for a better winger because I believe that we have the players to fix this internally. The risk in my plan is that Kman and Poehling are young rookies that are growing and learning. I would say that the risk is mitigated by both of them being insulated by responsible, reliable wingers. I am excited about this team and enjoy watching them and I'm saying that we are close to being a playoff team instead of a bubble team.
  6. Tatar already has a needed spot so moving him does not help. Byron is "fine" but we need an upgrade there. Perhaps Pheolling takes third line C, move Kman up to 2nd line and Domi on the wing? We definitely need a LD but I don't see how you can be happy with our current top 6 forwards
  7. I agree that the left D is a pressing need but I don't see how you look at our right wingers and think that is fine. Byron and Armia are 3rd line guys but we will have one of them playing ont he second line unless something changes
  8. We all know that we need a solid upgrade at LD and top 6 forward (right winger or upgrade at centre). I want MB to address at least one of our needs if not both. My question is what are we willing to give up to get that upgrade? Drouin seems to be part of the new "Ryder, Halak and a 2nd" proposals that we keep seeing but Drouin alone is not going to get us the upgrade that we really need. Our current line up: Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Domi - Byron Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Armia Cousins - Thompson - Weal Peca Hudon Mete - Weber Chiarot - Petry Kulak - Folin/Juulsen Reilly Notable prospects: Suzuki Phoelling Romanov Caufield Brook Primeau Fleury I think that our defense needs help on the left side but when I look at our right wingers I am even more concerned. What can we realistically give up that will get us the return we need?
  9. Yeah my mind was kind of thinking along the lines of Mete and Byron or Kulak and Tatar type of comparison. Not sure which I would do
  10. If MB addresses this through trade which LD would you include in that trade (not saying we need to trade one of them but if we had to include one)? Mete likely has more value than Kulak so we would need fewer extra pieces but are we willing? I really like Kulak's game and if he was the D to go then we would need better extra pieces (more like Kulak would be the extra piece). I would trade either without question if it meant a true upgrade but all things considered which would you trade?
  11. Considering that Toronto paid a 1st to rid themselves of 1 year of Marleau....
  12. Does anyone else think that a line of Lehkonen - Danault - Armia would be one of the NHL's toughest lines to play against? Lehkonen is absolutely relentless on the puck Danault is strong in both ends of the ice and has a very high hockey IQ Armia is a combination of the other 2 While none of them are stars, all three of them have some offensive skill as well. They would drive other teams top lines crazy.
  13. While I agree that our overall need upfront is a sniper like Laine we would do very well to add a high end player like Mariner and I would not hesitate to offer 11M
  14. Count me in the nay! I would do Hudon (who has no place here) for Puljujarvi.
  15. I don't think Hab29 is alone in his frustration with MB. MB track record in the off season has been really poor with the exception of last year. Last year he did an amazing job and got great value back in the trades. So when he signs a couple of depth players it does raise red flags that this is the MB we all know and last year was a one off. I do think and have posted as such that we need to give MB the benefit of the doubt for now. We have time and cap space so lets see what he does with it. I also posted that if he does nothing else and we should rage. With our prospect pool, cap space and picks, we should be aggressive and add player(s) that we need. I hope he comes through
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