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  1. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Think about previous off seasons where he signs garbage to patch holes and makes really bad trades. Not doing anything stupid for a change is a welcome upgrade
  2. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    Even though MB has done well so far this off season, I still want him and CJ gone. We need a fresh start with modern thinking and a death of "old boys club". I want players to want to play here
  3. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I agree that MB has so far done well. We didn't sign another Alzner contract, we didn't make a stupid trade for a band aid, the draft was good, got some picks for a cap dump. Hope he can flip Patches for something good and move Weber for a kings ransom. If he can do that then we are in good shape moving forward and could compete in 2-3 years.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Weber and Patches for Austin Mathews + cap dump Leafs replace JVRs goal production and they get their missing stud Dman. We get our centre
  5. UFA Day Thread

    Doesn't matter what he says, we are in fact rebuilding. I'm going into this season with that expectation so I'm going to focus on the young guys and watch them improve. Hopefully Domi can impress and I hope Price plays great. Other than that I don't care about our record.
  6. UFA Day Thread

    So far it seems: -not talking about Patches -Toronto is great and rebuild the right way (ironic that started with a change in management) -Why not Plex? -nobody was interested in coming here but so what -at the end of the day -we will compete for the playoffs -no body expected Washington to win so you never know what could happen to us -some good Quebec talent here now -not rebuilding -glass half full
  7. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    MB was handed a quality core and he completely screwed it up. This mess is 100% because of a very bad GM that is trying to build a 2003 contender because he doesn't know any better. This is on a GM that surrounded himself with foxhole buddies that were crap, including the coaches past and present. The result is miss use of players, poor development and shitass trades. This mess is 100% on MB and Molson for not doing anything about it.
  8. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    This is exactly where we are now - Empty and finally no short term band aid to plop us along for another year. The jig is up and we need to start over. We had a good draft and hopefully next year will be just as good. We trade a vet or two for picks and prospects and maybe pick up other's garbage for picks. We stock the cupboard and finally get young and fast and talented.
  9. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    The only other team that beats us in laughing stock is Ottawa. They are a bigger mess than we are
  10. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    Frankly the only UFA that did want to talk to us is our good friend Plex, everyone else is staying far away. We need new management and new culture here
  11. UFA Day Thread

    Pittsburgh won cups with crap defence and mediocre goaltending.
  12. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    Yeah I'm with Commandant's plan of picking up other teams problems for picks and trading Weber and Patches for picks and young talent. We are a league wide laughing stock
  13. UFA Day Thread

    Terrible news Leafs have solid centre depth and an overall very good team. They are legit contenders now.
  14. UFA Day Thread

    Absolutely true but he can't help us in anyway. Adding a Bozak just prolongs our mediocrity and I want this torn down not patched
  15. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    I'm happy to have him back. This doesn't hurt us in any way and it may not help us much either but I don't think there is anything happening this year that will help us.