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  1. I have no idea if Kovalchuk wants to play here beyond this season. If he does want to be a Hab next year then it is pretty tough to turn down a ppg player on a short term contract. I was thinking about our lines when everyone is healthy: Tatar - Danault - Kovalchuk Domi - Suzuki - Galagher Drouin - Kman - Armia Lehkonen - Thompson - Phoeling Flip players around as you wish but that is a pretty deep lineup
  2. I would without question look at bringing Kovalchuk back next year. -I think he has inspired the team - AKA leadership -he will help Romanov feel more secure (language, culture) -I think he will benefit Kman. They have a very similar shot but Kovalchuk's compete level is much higher and he is all over the ice because he wants to get the puck to control play. Maybe he can teach Kman to do that. -He is the most talented, skilled player on the team, even if he is over the hill. -he likes playing here, likes the city and likes his teammates (I think he was surprised at playing in a market like this). Ideally if we could trade him at the deadline and bring him back next season at a decent price
  3. OMG I jumped up and yelled, "what the fudge are you doing". Then watched a solid fight by the Kman - it was nice (once I got over my panic) to see the emotion out of him.
  4. Whatever happens to Price is totally driven by Price. He has the no movement clause so he decides what is going to happen. MB saying he isn't trading someone is nothing but PR speak - ask Subban I also believe that Price is tradable for a good return. I expect the return to be a first plus a strong prospect but we would also have to take back a good amount of salary and that likely means an Alzner type coming our way. I suppose it is possible that Price agrees to let Seattle take him in the way that MAF did. I love Price but i believe trading him is a smart move for our future.
  5. Awful game but when half your roster are 4th liners or AHLers what do we expect. I found Julien's comments about Domi interesting. Paraphrasing here of course but CJ said, "It doesn't matter who we play in Domi's spot because it's not like Domi is going to score a bunch anyway." Domi's penalty was indeed stupid and I'm happy that CJ called him out for it. I wonder what CJ and MB really think about Domi? -Phoehling is NHL ready and I expect him to be a regular next year. -when the roster is healthy I really want to see Kovalchuk - Kman - Armia. Kovalchuk makes insane passes that Cousins just can't handle but Kman has that heavy wrister and all three players are skilled. -I'm probably in the minority but I like Kulak much more than Scandella -Lindgren is not NHL ready -I don't like this team but there isn't any one player that I don't like! Everyone works hard but we have too little skill. -I don't like the speculation about Petry being traded. Who the hell is going to take his spot? I believe he is every bit as important to us as Markov was to us. -I wish Molson would either hire a smart president or sell the team. -2 amazing performances by Price gave me a spark of hope again but this team is not making the playoffs. Largely due to injuries (half of our top 6 are injured at the same time not to mention all the other injuries) but MB still should have gotten this team help in the summer.
  6. While that site looks like a click bait fest I am all for trading Price and both Calgary and Colorado make sense. The only way this happens IMO is if Price does indeed want out of Montreal and the consistent "build for the future" that never happens. We have been a crap team for the majority of his career and we haven't been anything close to a contender since his early days. Maybe he will accept being a bottom dweller/bubble team for the next while because he believes that with our prospect pool we will be a contender in no time. Maybe he is sick of MB's bullshit and is ready to move.
  7. I agree that trading Domi would be a mistake. We would never receive back more than we would be giving up in him (unless he was a key component for the 1st overall pick which is a pipe dream). It is also a mistake to trade Weber and Petry. We need them both desperately and they are both key cogs for defensive stability. Weber's leadership and presence would be missed in a big way. We can trade Tatar for a (potentially) amazing return and we can afford to do that because we have solid winger depth in the Habs organization.
  8. Since the day he started playing for the Habs the entire strategy was to let Price stand on his head, game after game, season after season. Here we are with an older Price who is facing even more dangerous shots and way too many odd man rushes every fricking game. I suspect that Cucumber might be correct that Price is tired and needs more rest. I wanted the playoffs bad this year and MB should have helped the team during the summer but he waited too long. Our injuries are severe and we are looking at very little chance of playoffs. I am officially on the tank train. We should be strategic sellers and start stockpiling for the future.
  9. Don, I agree with everything that you said about Price and I don't want to trade him because of performance. I brought that up as a consideration because I'm wondering what he will look like in 3 years. Will Price be an elite goalie when we are ready to compete? My argument for trading him is that he won't be an elite franchise goalie by the time the rest of the team is ready so lets get some assets for him. Primeau can tandem with our trading partner's goalie until he is ready for full time #1 status. I also agree with what you said about Tatar which is exactly why I want to trade him now. His value is high but what will his value and performance be in three years from now? We should be able to get a very strong return for him (I'm thinking perhaps even better than the Pacioretty trade). If we are going to run the course and continue to draft and develop players then why not add to our draft pick and prospect pool?
  10. As we get closer and closer to not making the playoffs again (I still hope we do but things are looking bleak) why keep assets that won't be part of the future? I'm thinking that Price would currently return us a 1st, prospect and cap garbage - I would consider eating some of Price's cap for another 1st. Price is struggling now and I'm not sure what he will look like in 3 years. Tatar is our top scorer, playing top minutes including PP time. I think that his value is much higher than his actual worth is so that is why I think he should be traded. This is not scorched earth (that would be Weber, Tatar, Gallagher, Petry, Price etc). What I'm proposing is asset management to maximize our chances for the near future.
  11. Cucumber's point is that MB should have done something to improve this team in the summer and he didn't (even if he tried). We played teams hard and had success when we were healthy, and if MB had made the needed upgrade our season might have been very different. As it stands now, considering our injuries and the apparent plan to wait until we are rescued by our youth sometime in the future (if that day ever comes) we may as well prune our roster at the deadline. I don't want a scorched earth rebuild but why hang on to players that won't be part of the future? Trade Price - Habs29 has a good case for Calgary being a logical fit for Price and I could see a deal being made there. Tandem Primeau until he is ready for full time duties Trade Tatar - We have plenty of depth on the wings and I think Tatar's value is fairly high (I frankly think that his value is higher than it should be) Look at trading some of the depth guys like Byron, Weal if there is interest.
  12. He may not make it here either but it is a small price to pay to find out. What happens if he finds his game? This costs us nothing and if he can't make it then he gets put on waivers.
  13. I wonder where they will play him? I can see him with Domi but that would mean no Lehkonen on that line and I think Domi needs a digger/board guy Not sure if Kovalchuk can play both wings or is strictly a left wing? Maybe Kovalchuk - KK - Cousins for now?
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