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  1. If KK is going to be a set up man then Caufield might be the perfect partner for him - lets hope!
  2. Yes for sure. I used to think that if we could get a second pairing Dman then we would be set but what we need is a true #1 LD - ideally young as that would give us real strength on the left side with Romanov there too. Byram would be the perfect fit I used to really like Chairot/Weber until you pointed out how they bleed goals. I really started paying attention to that pairing in the light of keeping pucks out of the net as opposed to how they smash opponents into the boards and they are awful together.
  3. I'm still a fan of drafting BPA then if you get a stockpile of talent in one position you trade some stockpile to address your needs. We have strong depth on the wing so we should sell some to get help on D - this is how it is supposed to work. I do think that Julien deserves some criticism for our defense beyond the idea that he is the coach so he is responsible. CJ is a chess player, he is a line matcher and I'm not sure if that is the best way to coach this team. We do not have a high power line like some other teams do, what we have is balance and depth. When our roster is full and healthy I think we have 3 second lines and one third line. With a roster like that we should be rolling 4 lines instead of trying to line match.
  4. I don't get to see many Rocket games but I hope I can find the time to see this guy play
  5. I agree that cap management isn't a major failing of MB at all even if he has made mistakes. I am very happy that Lucic didn't sign with us (even if it would have been fun to watch him thump Marchand). Think about that Parise contract....I'm happy we didn't sign that either - and he was considered a premier scorer.
  6. So the Dumba proposal seems to be a loser so how about some speculation. There was clearly communication between Sakic and MB and I'm choosing to believe that they already have a trade in principle that will be announced at this year's draft. When Colorado goes to pick we will get the big goofy grin of Bettman, "we have a trade to announce, Colorado trades 2020 first round pick along with......to the Montreal Canadiens for....." Crowd goes nuts and MB looks like a genius. My gut tells me it is Domi + for Kadri + There may be other players (Price?) or picks and prospects etc... What do you guys think would be a hockey trade between the two teams?
  7. Many threads questioning whether MB is competent or not? Maybe fans are fed up with him?
  8. Yet we are still a non playoff team...and our record is roughly the same...the year of the great collapse not notwithstanding. Robbing Peter to pay Paul - We had a hole at D but it wasn't there as long as the hole at C so we trade our best D prospect for a winger and convert him to C and expect that to be what saves us. MB is an excellent trader but this move was short sighted and poor judgement and it didn't address our needs and created a bigger need. This has nothing to do with Drouin as the player or Sergachev as a player, it was a poor move. If you want a good steak then you have to pay for it. You aren't getting a good steak for cheap and definitely not getting a good steak by buying a good piece of salmon. This is all we are asking for. Please bring us help! and no MB, bringing in another Cousins or Thompson (I love them both) is not good enough. This team needs some real help.
  9. Thats the trade off to get Dumba for cheap. We seem to have lots of cap space year after year and Dumba is a 25 year old beast. Would we be able to swing this for a low pic?
  10. Enough doom and gloom lets figure out how to get better for next year and beyond. I wonder if we could swing Dumba out of minny for taking on Parise at some point (maybe next season if he struggles badly)? Parise is 35 years old with 5 years left at 7.5 ish cap hit. We might be able to land a beast like Dumba for cheap?
  11. The other thing is that we don't know what direction came from Molson. It is possible that Molson came to MB and told him that he can't trade Tarar and Petry because he must make the playoffs next year. I also wanted to clarify that I don't want to trade either one of them. I have posted that Petry is the best player on our team and is every bit as important to us as Markov was. Tatar is our leading point getter. Despite loving both of these players, I wanted us to take advantage of the opportunity to help the team long term even if that meant sucking next season.
  12. Some of you are missing the point! This has nothing to do with draft picks, the picks were a sweetener or the cherry on top. This had everything to do with the high end prospects that would have come our way. High end prospects that would have had an impact on our team for years and the picks were extra. How do we know this kind of deal was available? There is always some level of speculation but look at the picks and prospects that were handed out over the last two weeks, we haven't seen a seller's market like this in years. Add in the fact that avalanche and Habs scouted each other at least 3 times in the past few days. It was a missed opportunity but lets see what happens this summer
  13. Lack of vision in this context was about not seeing the incredible opportunity to springboard this reset and stock the cupboards with young talent that will impact the team for years. Instead he stuck to his plan that will give us the same team next year with likely the same results. His plan in general is flawed as it makes no consideration for aging players that will naturally decline. We will be stuck in this endless loop of being a mediocre team - drafted players move up and replace the aging players. Our only hope in this method is to strike gold with the lottery or "get lucky" with a draft pick or have an unlikely reclamation project turn to gold.
  14. I agree that it is too early and much of what I have said comes from frustration and disappointment - we will see what summer 2020 brings... I consider you to be an incredibly well informed poster and you present your arguments in a clear way that makes me understand how anyone would support your position - even if i disagree with it. I do not consider you a MB supporter or a hater so your opinion is from a fairly neutral position. If you take MB's plan out of the equation, do you think yesterday was a win for us? or was it a missed opportunity?
  15. There is no confusion. MB is a skilled trader but he lacks the vision to build a team to compete in today's NHL.
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