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  1. How to Fix the Habs 2018

    This is great news! The code has been cracked! We can continue to use Benn on first pair and expect excellent break out passes with a little better attitude. The exciting news is that we haven't seen the real Schlemko yet either so expect elite break out passes from him as well. MB was so close but just missed it with Character...What we really needed was ATTITUDE. What really gets me excited is Molson declaring how much better the food will be next year as well. The fans were upset this year and grumbled a lot and SURELY this was due to sub par hotdogs. I for one am excited about a better fan experience. We were 30th in scoring this year but that was due to Price having an off year. Price needs a better attitude and he will score more goals next season. We are on the right track, we shipped out the player with the worst attitude already. Subban hated to win and would never do what it takes to succeed. They were right about Galchenyuk too! that scrub does not have the proper attitude to play centre and he never will. May as well ship him out and laugh at the team that tries to play him there. Attitude has nothing to do with the coach however, I mean what do we expect CJ to do with such a sorry lot? I did not expect much from this presser but holy crap this was the worse one ever. MB is a delusional egomaniac and Molson is a buffoon for continuing to believe in him. Bring on the new batch of bottom pairing Dmen and bottom six forwards. This is a farce and I truly can't believe what has happened to our team. Everything lies on this years draft and hoping Tavares takes a big paycheck from us. God help us all
  2. Habs Sign Verbeek

    If he is that fast maybe him and Byron could be hell to play against. Have to admit that when I read the thread title I thought we were talking about Pat and I was ready to loose my mind
  3. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Our team is much worse than the one he started with. He believes in a model that doesn't work anymore and after 6 years of working towards that outdated model he now understands that speed and skill is needed. He has had 6 years to address the centre issue He traded away a franchise defenseman, built for todays nhl He traded away a potential franchise defenseman built for todays nhl to see if a good winger can play centre He negotiates poorly with important players (Subban, Markov, Radu) and offers big contracts to support players (Shaw). He continues to live in the foxhole and he should have fired his buddy Lefebvre a long time ago How can anyone continue to support him? Please fire him now
  4. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    Niemi is bad for the tank. He is playing great and I hope he gets a good contract out of it (not from us)! Lekonen will likely be in the press box with a performance like that - a la Carr I too worry about Shaw and he should seriously consider another career before his brains give out on him. As much as I want to loose so we get that high pick, it is great to see our young guys playing well.
  5. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    Montreal Galchenyuk - Drouin - Lehkonen Scherbak - Carr - Gallagher Byron - de la Rose - A. Shaw Deslauriers - Froese - L. Shaw Reilly - Petry Alzner - Juulsen Benn - Lernout Niemi Lindgren Dallas Janmark - Seguin - Radulov Benn - Faksa - Pitlick Roussel - Spezza - Ritchie Elie - Dickinson - Shore Lindell - Klingberg Hamhuis - Pateryn Methot - Johns Lehtonen MacKenna Radulov with 9 goals and 4 assists?
  6. If we include the owner, the GM, the coach, the organization as a whole then this is the worse team we have ever had.
  7. GDT Habs @ Florida Thursday March 8 7:30pm

    Us Galchenyuk - Drouin - Lehkonen Scherbak - Danault - Gallagher Byron - De la Rose - A. Shaw Deslauriers - Froese - Carr Reilly - Petry Alzner - Juulsen Valiev - Benn Niemi Lindgren Them Dadonov - Barkov - Bjugstad Huberdeau - Trochek - McGinn Mamin - McCann - Brickley Haley - MacKenzie - Sceviour Yandle - Ekblad Matheson - Pysyk Weegar - Petrovic Luongo Reimer
  8. Habs Sign Pezzetta to 3yr ELC

    I thought it said Spezza and my brain could not understand
  9. 17-18 Players Poll

    Hey that was really cool thanks for posting this Don. Weber and Price getting lots of love! I like how close the voting for best goalie of all time was (deserved to be close) and happy that price even made that list. Bottom line is we have two elite players on this team....Wonder what we can trade them for
  10. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    I watched the Molson answer questions thing and he is genuinely convinced that we will compete next year and MB will make that happen...I was not surprised by this but still disappointed. on the bright side when Weber returns next year we will have a solid defense
  11. GDT Habs Vs. Delvils Tuesday March 6

    Didn't see a thread, never made one before and I don't know what I'm doing! Feel free to add stuff..rosters...etc...
  12. Islanders vs Canadiens

    Agree with this 100% We need a great return for Patches plus some luck at the draft to even make a dent in this. Our defense is in worse shape than our forwards and we need centres really bad. We do have some good young support players but we are in serious need.
  13. Islanders vs Canadiens

    Being a super star in Montreal is not easy and I'm sure Tavares has seen how the fans have treated Patches. Not sure why he would want to play under that crap when he can go live somewhere warm, have little pressure and make great $ The only way we get him is if we offer max deal and no other teams do. If his main motivation is winning and he will sign with the team that gives him the best chance, is that really Montreal? If he did sign here I'm sure he would play on Plekanec's wing anyway
  14. Julien vs Therrien

    Yes no doubt! Our team is poorly built and no coach can fix that. However if the GM and the coach are both living in 1999 then fixing one won't help the other. Both of these guys need to go
  15. Julien vs Therrien

    I agree that CJ does not believe Gally know how to play or at least not play the way he likes. It seems like we have a great race horse but CJ likes plow horses so he will force this great race horse to learn how be be a plow horse. MT had issues but CJ has just as many.