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  1. New practice lines

    So why not put our best scoring centre at centre? Because CJ requires mistake free, defensive perfection and his system doesn't fit out current team.
  2. New practice lines

    This 100% amazing post habs29 I dislike CJ more and more every day. Screw him and his system of 100% mistake free defensive hockey that we aren't built to play!!!!!! It saddled the bruins and its now crushing us. Put Galchenyuk at centre and let him go score some freaking goals. Let the best goalie in the world cover his defensive mistakes and lets try and win some games FFS. This team lacks talent overall but CJ is not using what talent we do have.
  3. New practice lines

    There has to be more to this Galchenyuk thing than not being good defensively. When CJ is willing to use DLR as a top 6 centre instead of Galchenyuk at centre there is something seriously wrong. Galchenyuk produces at centre that is a fact! Not to mention that giving up on Drouin now when we are hurting for centres makes no sense either. MT was a better coach than CJ and I want Molson to clean house from top to bottom. We are a league joke at this point.
  4. Habs claim Logan Shaw

    I can see it from this perspective as I didn't consider Plekanec. At first glance I thought we put Galchenyuk at centre and call up someone from laval and problem solved.
  5. Best rivalries in hockey?

    I forgot about the Colorodo Detroit thing, that was one intense rivalry.
  6. Habs claim Logan Shaw

    We are down a Shaw so this makes sense... Not to mention that we haven't had a bargain bin 4th liner picked up this year yet and there are quotas to fill. He will probably be playing centre because there is no way possible that Galchenyuk is allowed to. Not bitter about this move it just doesn't make sense.
  7. Bergevin......

    The gist of what he said is that he is not making risky trades to help us make the playoffs this year but he will make trades to help us long term. That might mean Patches as part of a package for a young centre prospect for example. Where a risky trade to help now might have been Mete, Hudon, Galchenyuk and two firsts for Duchene. What he said about trades was reasonable and sane. He screwed the team last off season when he played hardball with Markov and Radu. Can you imagine how different this team would be today if we had both those guys here? Not to mention that the Drouin trade would have made sense as an all in, we are going to win now trade. We wouldn't have signed alzner and we would have some serious power up front despite having centre issues. I wonder how many Habs texted or called Markov and said, "WHAT! You aren't coming back"? Just to hear how MB treated him like shit during the negotiations, how he wanted to come back, how he was willing to take a one year deal, how much of an asshat MB is...Did that conversation have any effect on anyone? I know they are professionals but if a coach can loose a room surely a GM can as well. MB has not only failed to get us that centre (other teams have traded for them) in his term here but he royally screwed this team and we are in this mess purely because he screwed up.
  8. Bergevin......

    That was a great article that sums up what a terrible GM he is. Made my blood boil...What this team could have been... Yesterday he admits that Drouin is a winger not a centre. So he trades away a potential franchise defenseman for a top six winger. Trades our best prospect and possibly one of the best Dmen (future) in the league and still doesn't address our needs. He needs to be fired ASAP
  9. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    It is always a pleasure reading your thoughts I have been wondering lately if CJ can be part of this. I mean would other coaches use Galchenyuk in the same way? MT got more out of him but then again MT didn't see him as a 4th liner. Is CJ's thinking/style the right thing for today's hockey? He clearly coaches to not loose instead of coaching to win. I do agree that we can make a good mini rebuild in a short time frame if we make the right moves. I do however question if we need Price along for the ride. I guess that would depend on the level of return for him as I see his return being higher than most. People think his contract is an issue but I don't think it is, especially moving forward. As Commandant pointed out, Price's contract is comparable to other elite goalies relative to the cap.
  10. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    Yeah I don't see their relationship like that at all. I think Molson's only direction is to make the playoffs. I also think that MB lays out his ideas to Molson and Molson accepts them at face value. If Molson was truly involved or had any hockey inclination at all the Subban trade would never have happened. I don't see MB being fired and this relationship will continue as it is. If Molson cared about winning the way the fans do then he would hire a great hockey mind to run this team. As long as Molson is president I don't think anything will change.
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I have no problem waiting. Sakic waited a long time and his patience worked out well for him (not that I expect a similar return)! Not to mention that waiting might mean a different GM making this trade...
  12. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    As Cucumber said previously, this team needs a new core. We do have a few decent young pieces but they are not the foundation type players to build a franchise around. I love Price but I don't see any reason to keep him at this point. If we can get some good assets for him then do it, Weber and Patches too. We need a core rebuild and those three guys can help start the process.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Weber for a pre negotiated Karlsson Ottawa gets a franchise Dman signed long term at a comparably good rate. We get a puck moving dman that Ottawa can't afford to resign. I do wonder if he is damaged goods and his foot/ankle is worse than he lets on.
  14. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Excellent post and I agree 100% I thought that CJ would actually be an upgrade on MT but how wrong I was! When he started Galchenyuk on the 4th line in the playoffs I knew CJ was out to lunch. Starting him this season on the 4th line and his refusal to play him at centre is ludicrous. We need a gutting of management and coaches and we need to start over.
  15. Playoffs or bust?

    My worry is that Price stands on his head and we do push in to the playoffs. We loose in the first round and MB claims some sore of victory and in his presser we get the puck luck and anything can happen in the playoffs talk. Nothing gets properly addressed and we find ourselves in the same position for years to come. If we crap out then changes will be made - necessary changes. I don't want this team to be mediocre for the next 8 years while MB plays his whack a mole trying to fill holes all the while the real core issues don't get addressed. I think this team needs a deep cutting and semi rebuild and that won't happen if we squeak in to the playoffs.