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  1. I agree that MB has some serious decisions to make with next years contracts and not much $ to do it with
  2. I am simply excited because our crap GM finally did something to improve this team. We are a playoff team and I haven't said that in years and that makes me say well done MB. That list that Tomh has is a GM that finally believes. Lets go baby
  3. Thank God that this distraction is gone and the numbers are not awful, even if a bit much. We are on the edge of the most exciting season and we didn't need this distraction.
  4. I like X-CK-X's forward lines The thing with Armia is his lack of finish drives me nuts - it is similar to Lehkonen's lack of finish and that drives me nuts too. Both players show skill and the fact that they both get so many scoring chances is proof of their skill and hockey IQ to get into those positions to begin with but they just can't finish! I honestly think Kotkaniemi may be a late blooming beast that needs to be used in a certain way - think of John Leclair and what he was with the Habs vs what he became in Philly. I want KK to have great wingers and Armia is not that.
  5. I want Danault and Gallagher to stay and would only trade either one of them only if the contract demands were absurd. Danault is underrated and under valued and I think his comments were blown out of proportion. I can't imagine Danault not getting a deal where as I'm not sure with Gallagher. Tatar is gone IMO - I hope we get an asset for him but if we head to the playoffs looking great then I guess we just let him walk.
  6. This must be due to Seattle. Not a bad contract though
  7. What does Vancouver have that would entice us?
  8. Too many people have Armia with Kotkaniemi and I don't want that line held back by him and I would indeed prefer Byron there instead. Maybe Fanpuck is right and Armia is a 4th liner?
  9. A 6 year deal is fair for both parties (a bit more than the Habs want and a bit less than Gallagher wants I'm sure). What $ value though? $6 million per year?
  10. This is an interesting take. If Armia is a cap casualty then I can see your top 9 working well but if Armia stays then is he wasted on the 4th line? I'm also curious about Kulak. I thought he was really good paired with Petry so why make the change?
  11. Everyone loves Gallagher and we all want him to be signed but would anyone here be good with an 8 year contract? At 7.5 million no less? I love him but if he thinks he is worth almost what Pietrangelo got then he is crazy. Based on the contracts that we have seen over the last week then Gallagher has no hope of getting anywhere near that even on the open market. Either money or term needs to be drastically reduced or we should trade him
  12. It is a really difficult thing to figure out a reasonable contract right now. I'm not sure that I would want 7-8 years for Gallagher but surely that is what he wants. I think 4 years at 6 million is what I want.
  13. I wanted to add this from another thread because I like these lines too
  14. I haven't heard a single "expert" (TSN, Sportsnet) say anything about this either way. The TSN guys gave their rendition of Hanb lines and Toffoli was LW on second line so Im assuming he does play LW (or you are right in your assessment)
  15. There are several threads where posters have posted their lines for upcoming season. I thought we could put our heads together and come up with CJ's opening night's line combos. Hell, I am super excited for the season to start. I am going into this with the assumption that Byron will be a salary cap casualty so I'm not going to include him. Drouin - Suzuki - Armia - This line had great chemistry in the playoffs so we should see if that carries over to the regular season Taffoli - Danault - Gallagher - Taffoli brings a better shot than Tatar and also brings some grit Tatar - Kotkaniemi - Anderson - I'm hoping Anderson can mentor KK in the ways of a power forward. We saw glimpses of what KK can do when he uses his size and goes to the net. Lehkonen - Evans - Weal Chairot - Weber Kulak - Petry Edmundson - Romanov This is a significant upgrade to our team and I can't wait to destroy this season. What lines would you do?
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