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  1. Does anyone know what is happening with the expansion draft this year? Are they waiting to confirm a 2020/2021 season first or is this all set already?
  2. I like what Muller did with the lines and the small changes had a big impact for sure. Evans is an upgrade over Weise and giving Domi some line mates worked out well - I though Oulette played well but we may see that change coming too. I'm most excited for Kotkaniemi! He is a totally different player than the one we had before he was sent down. Every single area of his game has dramatically improved and we may have a serious #1 centre here. How amazing is it that we are now strong down the middle! If Carey Price continues to play like 1986 Roy then we have a real chance here. I haven't seen Price this dialed in and this engaged in years. He is making champion level saves. I would not doubt if we take control of this series now. Philly could not handle 4 lines of speed coming at them and it was glorious.
  3. First and foremost I hope CJ is okay. As for Mete, I think it is absurd to play him on his off wing to begin with. How is Mete on his off-side paired with Oulette the best option we have? Give us Mete and Fleury
  4. Move Domi up to Kman's line and let Drouin be useless on the 4th line with Weise. I would like Drouin - Poehling - Belzile as the 4th line Fleury in and Oulette out please We hung in there but Philly controlled most of the play and had many dangerous chances. I feel like CJ is not playing to win but playing not to loose and CJ is too obsessed with line matching. Lehkonen is indeed cursed
  5. Agree with Commandant on Kulak and never understood why CJ benched him at times. Bizarre game so far with choppy plays and Lehkonen falling on a 2 on 0 LOL I have complete confidence that if Weise was in alone on a breakaway, he would dump it in the corner then bump the boards followed by a quick line change. Please play anyone else. I would consider switching Tatar and Drouin to see if a spark happens.
  6. Yeah I jumped off the couch and screamed at the TV. I wanted Columbus to win and frankly I hope they still do. It is hard to not like a team that just works their ass off. I do blame Torts a bit though. By overtime #3 the players were too tired to dump and chase but that is what they continued to do. They would dump but had no gas to chase so the play would go back the other way every single time.
  7. I have to give huge props to CJ for promoting both youngsters - I frankly didn't think that CJ had that boldness in him. We do indeed have a chance to win this series: -Price continues playing so well -Suzuki continues playing smart hockey -Kman continues to be involved in the play (he used to wait for the play to come to him). Kman continues to use his bigger, stronger body and he continues to go to the net. -Weber continues his high level of play -Petry continues to be the best player on the ice -Drouin continues to play smart instead of stupid (extreme high risk plays that never pan out or one man army of 1 vs 5 like he used to, high risk passes that result in play going the other way followed by a Drouin penalty to try and coveer the mistake). He was better in game 3 and 4 - use your skill and work hard Drouin (when you do this, you are very dangerous)! -if Domi can find his game (give him a better winger than Weise please). Philly is a 4 line team kind of like we are so this series will be fun. If Price finds that other level, I'm talking 1986 or 1993 Roy level then we can do damage.
  8. I'm not questioning the man's intelligence as a human being. When I call him dumb I do so in the context of hockey intelligence. If you prefer then Cucumber's analogy works just as well - Big hat no cattle... The frustration comes from the fact that he has incredible skill he just does not know how to use it.
  9. It was great to see hockey again even if it was a bit weird. What I saw was a continuation of the season for us. We run around in our own end like idiots and as long as that is happening we aren't winning crap. Price is such a joy to watch and he was very strong last night. I don't know how anyone can be defending Drouin. My position on him remains the same...he is too dumb to play in the NHL and relying on him to be a key part of this team is a recipe for continuous disappointment. My opinion on Domi also remains the same...a one season wonder that is nothing more than a 30-40 point guy. I know he was playing with scrubs on the 4th line but that was because that is precisely what Domi is. I hope we trade him this off season. Suzuki looks really frigging good. Both ends of the ice he is solid. KK looked much stronger on his skates and was clearly more involved in every play than he used to be. Danault line was great and I don't understand the heat they get. While I would prefer a chance at the #1 pick (we are not good enough to win right now) it is nice to see the young guys play so well.
  10. If KK is going to be a set up man then Caufield might be the perfect partner for him - lets hope!
  11. Yes for sure. I used to think that if we could get a second pairing Dman then we would be set but what we need is a true #1 LD - ideally young as that would give us real strength on the left side with Romanov there too. Byram would be the perfect fit I used to really like Chairot/Weber until you pointed out how they bleed goals. I really started paying attention to that pairing in the light of keeping pucks out of the net as opposed to how they smash opponents into the boards and they are awful together.
  12. I'm still a fan of drafting BPA then if you get a stockpile of talent in one position you trade some stockpile to address your needs. We have strong depth on the wing so we should sell some to get help on D - this is how it is supposed to work. I do think that Julien deserves some criticism for our defense beyond the idea that he is the coach so he is responsible. CJ is a chess player, he is a line matcher and I'm not sure if that is the best way to coach this team. We do not have a high power line like some other teams do, what we have is balance and depth. When our roster is full and healthy I think we have 3 second lines and one third line. With a roster like that we should be rolling 4 lines instead of trying to line match.
  13. I don't get to see many Rocket games but I hope I can find the time to see this guy play
  14. I agree that cap management isn't a major failing of MB at all even if he has made mistakes. I am very happy that Lucic didn't sign with us (even if it would have been fun to watch him thump Marchand). Think about that Parise contract....I'm happy we didn't sign that either - and he was considered a premier scorer.
  15. So the Dumba proposal seems to be a loser so how about some speculation. There was clearly communication between Sakic and MB and I'm choosing to believe that they already have a trade in principle that will be announced at this year's draft. When Colorado goes to pick we will get the big goofy grin of Bettman, "we have a trade to announce, Colorado trades 2020 first round pick along with......to the Montreal Canadiens for....." Crowd goes nuts and MB looks like a genius. My gut tells me it is Domi + for Kadri + There may be other players (Price?) or picks and prospects etc... What do you guys think would be a hockey trade between the two teams?
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