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  1. Exactly Add in the fact that he shows up to camp in less than ideal physical condition year after year reminds me a lot of Hudon
  2. If we could get a first for Poehling I’d jump for sure. He will struggle to make 4th line and not sure he will ever be much more.
  3. Friedman is saying leafs are looking for a forward and with the quarantine rules trading in Canada makes a lot of sense. I wonder if we might be a fit? Maybe Poehling?
  4. Part of this is how teams are trying to handle us. The Danault line plays the other team’s top line The other team is playing their best shutdown line against Suzuki line That leaves KK line to shine and add in a really strong 4th line and we are scary.
  5. Yeah don’t mess with the forwards they are perfect. With real cup contention in mind, I think Kulak needs to play with Weber and Chairot with Romanov. Chairot Weber are too slow together and will be a liability in the playoffs
  6. We bring constant pressure and it’s glorious. I love me some Perry and he fits well with KK Chairot and Weber are not mobile enough. I’m in favour of swapping Kulak and Chairot. Evans is a very, very smart player. Romanov is not ready for more yet. I love him but he’s not ready. Keep rolling 4 lines
  7. Domi gets a great winger. Not sure Laine and Torts will get along. Im happy that we didn’t pay the price
  8. Okay just watched the highlights That second Armia goal was beautiful. That is a smart player showing real skill. The hit on Armia is disgusting. Should be multiple games. Completely vulnerable, head down, he left his feet, this was a clear attempt to hurt and send some kind of message for next game.
  9. Firstly how is it possible that there is no way to legally watch this game outside of centre ice? -RDS is blackout now -I live in leafville so I’m not allowed to watch other hockey -can’t purchase games from Habs website - why can’t I just purchase Habs games? I don’t want all of centre ice - is my only option to steal illegal streams? -this is crazy I listened to the game on 590 but that is not the same! Who said Armia was an offensive black hole? I hope he is okay long term and doesn’t suffer concussion symptoms long. I
  10. Evans has been incredibly good for a 4th line centre. I would go so far to say he has 3rd line potential. I hope that Allen plays really well again. Not stirring controversy but Price goes through stretches where he is awful and he has for years. Maybe having another capable goalie can push Price a bit. Again, not suggesting anything big here. Stay out of the box tonight
  11. There is no worry about Price but he was not near good enough. Salary is irrelevant, his performance was not good. Penalties are hurting us even if some calls were nonsense. Happy for Toffoli Hate these late games
  12. Dubois may be an off-season move. Why mess with this roster? MB may have struck gold here
  13. Only saw the third so not many comments but we need to rein in the penalties or it will eventually hurt us. Happy that Allen was good and congrats to Romanov who is quickly becoming one of my favourite players
  14. Count me in the Allen camp. The whole idea was to keep Price rested. Allen should start
  15. Test for us will be Monday, if we can dominate again then we might be as good as I think we are. Still don’t like kk line and again I know it’s only 2 games. At some point if things don’t click then drop Armia to 4th, put Toffoli on the right and move Lehkonen up. Same kind of line but Toffoli will be on his natural side. Overall a magnificent performance by the Habs
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