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  1. CBJ vs Habs 7:30 Nov. 27 2017

    Absolutely. Things are looking rosy today. We are not good enough to just waltz into the playoffs. We got to bite and scratch all the way. The long season has a way of biting back. Go Habs GO
  2. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Now we are getting somewhere---- keep Marc ----- replace him with another Francophone ------ defeat the notion that he must speak French, and hire the best person available
  3. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Yeah-- MY first move is bye bye MARC ___ Sir Patrick is not looking too bad at the moment.
  4. 44-27-6-5 for 99 pts 3rd in Atlantic 7th in East 234 goals
  5. Habs invite Eric Gelinas to camp on a PTO

    Thanx Dlbair- better shape than I thought.
  6. Habs invite Eric Gelinas to camp on a PTO

    I think he anticipates to lose some on waivers. Laval can only have so many veterans. Must be over our limit by now? Dlbair need help to answer that question.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Exactly. I have been an advocate of keeping much more cap space if at all possible than we normally do; since the cap started. Teams have been rewarded some nice prospects and/or picks if you can help a team in cap purgatory. There is not truth to the rumor that you have to spend to the cap to be successful. We do know that you can spend to the cap and be unsuccessful.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    God, it can't come fast enough.
  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Rookie camp is probably a month away. Do you have the exact date/ Do you know of any more pending invites?
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Dynamo have released one way players, basically because they can not afford to pay them. Would there be anyone of interest to Montreal? - reference twitter HW - Slava Malamud
  11. 2016-17 NHL Season Thread

    The KHL is in dire straits according to the main board. Got to be a lot of people looking for a pay check next year. I think we can do a lot better with 10M. The ball is clearly in MB's court.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Given MB's affinity to Chicago players, what would it take to get him? Seems to me a step in the right direction, as far as filling needs.
  13. I would contribute, but you seem to be carrying the ball fine.
  14. Is there a new limit? Can you clarify?
  15. 2016-17 NHL Season Thread

    I would maintain that they have been undermanned at center as far back as 2003 and maybe as far back as their last Stanley Cup. You are right about MB's disregard for the center position the last four years. he himself may have thought he had got it right with Galchenyuk and Danault. He didn't. I believe that if he would spend half the time looking for centers as he spends looking for defenceman, that he wouldn't be in such a pickle.