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  1. Official MLB Discussion Thread

    START 2018 Baseball-- Blue Jays going nowhere fast- reduced payroll- waiting patiently for bargain basement sales to shore up pitching-- reminds me a lot of the Indians who would be competive once or twice every fourteen or sixteen years or so.-- I blame Ted Roger's lackey
  2. 8th overall and 4th or 5th in our own division--- tells me that we are in the toughest division in hockey-- as positive as the start has been we are still treading water-- Weber will help-- but still need to add
  3. Listened to the Detroit game last night. The commentators suggested that Detroit is quite happy with de la Rose, and he has made quite a difference to their line-up, for what that is worth.
  4. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Don't get too giddy-- Looks more like a recipe for the ""Hughes Sweeps"
  5. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    30-40-7-5 72pts 6th 10th 192
  6. Habs sign Joel Ward to a PTO

    Correct. Looks to me , like a pretty young team. Ward is just a little insurance. Maybe just for preseason games?
  7. Habs sign Joel Ward to a PTO

    Relax-- He is just here to balance the push back, if needed. Remember when young T went down and there was no response.
  8. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Both players need to be moved, agreed. They need to be moved with respect and professionalism. Not seeing it. On the other side, I see news every day that is preverted and diverted. i respectfully disagree with your second premise..
  9. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I don't know exactly what you are saying here, but I have long since abandoned the "media" for factual information. It would seem that two Canadian cities are simultaneously giving up on arguably their best players ; Patches Montreal and Donaldson Toronto . I do not like the respect they are getting from their organizations. Furthermore, it tells a lot why both these teams are sitting at the bottom of the pile.
  10. MB gets an F- grade

    Exactly--- Also leaving SLY in charge for so long TSK TSK
  11. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    Thanx Don
  12. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    Wasn't Armia drafted as a center?
  13. Habs hire Luke Richardson as Assistant Coach

    Yeah. So we agree, that no matter what he does ex the godsend of defensive hockey or the defensive coach of the decade; that any reward would not happen in Montreal. Seems odd to me that any team would set things up like that.
  14. Habs hire Luke Richardson as Assistant Coach

    What is Luc's chance of advancement look like? Could he become head coach at some point? This reminds me of Randy Cunningworth situation.
  15. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    We have been defense first as long as I can remember. We still may be. I do believe however there is recognition in the importance of a true number one center in the game that is played today.