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  1. Habs sign Alexandre Alain

    Alain with a strong game last night, I think he’ll be a good player for the Rocket.
  2. 2018 draft thread

    Craig Button of TSN is saying that Kotkaniemi will be down to #5 on his draft ranking list by June and that Mtl should draft him at #3 overall. Hmmm.....
  3. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    I guess it comes down to drafting for position versus best available player. Kotkaniemi is getting comparisons to Kopitar and Toews - which is very good company, and everyone and their mother knows the Habs need help at center. Kotkaniemi is the top ranked center in this draft - I wonder if this will be a factor for Bergevin/Timmins? Then again, Zadina does look NHL ready and I would love to see him on a line with Galchenyuk - that would be exciting!
  4. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    After watching yesterday’s U18 final, I’m liking Kotkaniemi quite a bit! And he’s a C to boot. Is he a reach at 3?
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I cannot read Tavares’ mind. Therefore, I cannot answer your post.
  6. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    Exactly. Keep the pick. Trading it is stupid. Would rather MB make moves with current roster to acquire a LD or C.
  7. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    Galchenyuk was the best player taken in the top 3 that year.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Okay, I’ll bite: To MTL: - Tavares, C (sign and trade) - 2018 12th overall pick (draft a C: Kotkaniemi, Veleno, or Hayton) To NYI: - Pacioretty, LW - Galchenyuk, C - 2018 3rd overall pick (Zadina, RW)
  9. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    It just seems silly to me to have won the 3rd pick of the draft lottery and then trade it because we don’t need it. We need elite prospects and this pick will get us one.
  10. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    Organizational need? Habs need players who can score. Zadina can do that.
  11. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    Zednik, Zubrus, Zholtok, Zalapski - Zadina on the Habs just feels right to me.
  12. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    Zadina it is! He can play either RW or LW I assume.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    No way I’m trading Juulsen or Mete, they are the future on defense. I’d rather send Alzner, Lehkonen, Lindgren, forward prospect & 1st for RNH.
  14. I would gladly take Markov back as a third pairing dman and powerplay specialist. I would play Markov over Benn and Morrow. Schlemko - Weber Alzner - Petry Markov - Mete
  15. Nov. 5, Habs vs Hawks, 7 PM

    Okay, my first post on these boards this season. The start to the season had me turtled in my room, is it safe to come out now?