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  1. Make sure that your Speakers are on! www.jupiternyne.com
  2. yes you're right! CJ has done a great job on his 1st full year. He installed a real system and players bought it Gainey should sign Julien for a 2 years contract. Julien as accomplished more than Vigneau & Therrien together. Next year - if there's a season, we will have a great years. I'm just hopping that Gainey will Sign Kovalev. Maybe one of our top rookie in Hamilton - Pleckanec or Perezhogin - Higgins will promote to the big club..... Claude Julien did some errors but he's a REAL ONE
  3. Question : What really happened to Sheldon Souray this year? Here's the answer : back in 2002 - August - In Boston. Souray had a surgery at his right wrist from the Famous DR. ZULUAGA at the Boston Medical center. During the Operation, Dr. ZULUAGA took a specimen of Sheldon DNA. He sent this specimen in Bulgary, at the W.M.C.C.C ( World medical clone creation center) Then, Sheldon missed the entire season in 2002 - 2003. September 2 2003. Just before the Openning trainning camp, Sheldon made a trip with his wife to England. What has never been said, is Sheldon was Kidnapped when visiting the city of London. They took him back during 2 days in Bulgary at the WMCCC. The scientist wanted to compare the Clone with Sheldon since they accelerate the growth Sheldon's clone. On september 4 - During an medical analysis, An eatquake occured and Sheldon's clone escape while the real Sheldon was still slept. The scientists decided to Keep hidden the real Sheldon because the clone escaped and they didn't want to cause an international crise. The clone has all Sheldon memories , PLUS , due the fact that the scientist accelerated his growth, Sheldon’s clone has some super capacities with his wrist since the surgeon that created the clone put a little bit of himself in the clone. Sheldon’s clone don't even know that he's a clone. He rejoined his wife that was terribly anxious and explained that he lost himself for 2 days. His wife didn’T believe him since he had a love affair a couple years ago. September 15 : Opening camp – the Clone went to the camp and made impressive thing. January 2004 – ALLS_STARS game - Sheldon gave some interviews about his Carreer season and tried to explained why he did so good this years. After all interviewers had quit, someone left in the player’s room …. It was DR. ZULUAGA.!!!! With the real Sheldon. The doctor hit the clone on the head and took him away. The Clone woke up alone in a white room…. The real Sheldon replaced the clone and nobody noticed this sequence since everybody was already out of the Locker room. Sheldon woke up in the locker room - alone… He rejoined the Montreal canadiens on next game but wasn’T feeling too good… He didn’T well for about 10 games before getting injured. He came back at the end of the regular season and did a lot of errors on the ice… as he usually did befor he was cloned In the playoff, He didn’t play at all when the fans were expectring to see the alls-star player.. April 29, - Bulgary, there’s someone called TAREK SABANEKH, that is looks exactly like Sheldon Souray, that running a normal life and working hard 8 hours a day that his neighbors saying that he’s looking familiar……. <i>Puck Edit: Fixed a typo in the title</i> [Edited on 2004-5-7 by puck7x]
  4. Okay here's the story... GAME 4 at MTL - Montreal wins 3-1 against - Theodore was awesome!! Koivu had 2 goals . The 3rd goal score by Bulis in Empty net. GAME 5 in Tampa - It's tied 1-1 when Michael Ryder score in Overtime. Montreal wins 2-1. Stillman is out for the rest of the playoff GAME 6 in Montreal Montreal wins 4-2 . The Crowd is going crazy . 2 Goals from Kovalev. SOlid performance from Theodore. GAME 7 in Tampa, Theodore get injured. out for the game . Garon is on the ice, On their 1st shot against Garon - Tampa Scores.... But Montreal came back and win 3-2 in overtime. < Montreal win the series in 7 games We have been informed that Theodore will miss the next serie against Phliy due to a Groin injury. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, this is just a dream...... But sometime dream comes true, but sincerly maybe not this time.....
  5. Montreal deserved to win this one. But everything started before Lecavalier scored his goal. In this critical momment, please put your best player on the ICE. Kovalev - Koivu - Begin - Bouillon and Markov had to be on the ICE. This line was tired - take a TImeout!!!! Okay Julien didn't want to take his timeout to give som rest at Lecavalier - St-Louis and Richard. Okay.. But I think that we can better compete with Kovalev - Koivu - Begin ..... against Richard - St-Louis and Lecavalier How about Sundstrom..... he didn'T played against Boston and didnj'T play weel at all against Tampa... Julien put Sundstrom in this Critical momment because he his a veteran..... I prefer to have Koivu tired instead of Sundtrom This remind me 2 years ago against Carolina. T , At a critical momment, in game # 3, MTL was leading 3-0.... but Carolina came back at 3-2. Therrien send for the Faceoff in their zone .... Bill Lindsay.... instead of y. Perreault.... result = Caroliane tied the game and won in Overtime.... That was a Coaching error... Any i'm very disapointed . Tampa has a real good team but Montreal too. The difference is Khabibulin. He was BY FAR better than Theodore. I think Theodore his too nervous with the puck and the season he got 2 years ago was a dream season. he will never be as he was 2 years ago.. Damm!!! I'm frustrated!!!!!!!!!
  6. When Souray will be ready to play, I think that Komisarek will be on the press box. I was at Yesterday's game against the AVS. Quintal has made some errors, Komisarek did also some youth errors. But look at Brisebois.... I think 2-3 time, he did a pass directly in the middle of his own crease in front of Theodore. Okay you guys will told me , he's an offence defense player... okay, but I learned to play Hockey at 5 and we were told to never pass the puck throught our own crease. At 4M$ US per years, i'm just hopping that there's only one year left at his contract. Anyway, for sure, with Souray, we could add some strentgh at our power play units
  7. Finally, I’m very disapointed. Julien has changed his lineup for tonight’s game. Ward deserves to play on the 4 line instead of Dackell……. And I would have given a chance to Dagenais on the 3 line Anyway – I hope it will be a great game.
  8. I'm pleased with the line-up that Claude Julien will use tonight. Andreas Dackell and Joe Juneau will be in the pressbox. I think theses players should not play anymore. Juneau is at his last season in the NHL. Maybe he could ( help a young team ) on a 4th line elsewhere... but not much. He is not creative at all, and even his defense play is weak. From my opinion, Dowd and Begin are by FAR better than Juneau. Juneau was looking quite good when we had some Juha LInd, Johan Withehall and Jim Campbell in our team. I can compare him to a Old flat beer.... You drink it when you're desperate.. hehe Dackell : This is another player that doesn'T add ANYTHING to the team. He's skating, trying to win the 1 on 1 battles ( and lose them everytime). If is on Breakaway, ( maybe this happened 2 times in his carreer ) he will shot on the Glass... I think that Dackell's NHL carreer is almost over. Even on the 4th line, this guy is very average on denfensive. If we do have some injured players, I think that it could be a great idea to promote some guys like Perezoghin or Plekanec. Rookies are Hungry and brings energy on the ice. By the way , we won the cup in 1986 with a bunch of Rookies. Lemieux - ROy - Svoboda...... My prediciton for tonight AVS 3 MTL 2
  9. THE COLORADO AVALANCHE!!! Well, here they comes!! THE BIG TEAM!! wait a minute....... forsberg won't be there... Tanguay won't be there.... They have an inexperienced coach.... okay Sakic - Kariya have been very Hot lately.... Their weakness... They think they are too strong. And between the pipes... Salo - his carreer has dropped when he ( dropped) the puck againts Belarus.... Aebisher - Ok has doing well but not as Garon or Theodore did. Their main problem, they are not seem Hungry, They know that they can win but to win a hockey game, you have to be HUNGRY. If Montreal play as they did against Toronto, they will probably win against the AVS. It's HOCKEY FEVER in MONTREAL right now!!!
  10. Hi everyone! I read some articles in the newpapers - internet about the fact that Kovalev did ( Nothing) no points since is first 2 complete games. Some people are already negatives about Kovalev performances. Wait a minute!!!! Okay he didn't get an hat trick yet, but I think we should look deeper than the scoresheet. I agree, the first game against Florida, he was looking a litte bit slow, but has made some great passes, mainly to Ryder. Against the Leafs, he was looking faster and got several chances to score. Look how quick is his wrist shot?!?! The way that he control the puck when entering the the offence zone is amazing. Most of Canadiens players Dump the puck in the Offence zone. but with Kovalev, it's different. The defense player are a little scary of Kovalev cause they know that If they rush him too quickly, he can do a wonderfull pass or create a good chance to get a breakaway. Also, he's doing a good job behind the net in the Offence zone. He's able to create space and pass the puck, instead of gettting checked and lose the puck. When will he score?? I don't know , maybe against the Avs or the Devils, but one thing sure, he's a GREAT addition to the team and Gainey has made a great move. Look at Zednik, 3 week ago, we were ready to trade him against O'neil.... It's only a question of Momemtum, of time. I don't think that Kovalev will be the best scorer for Montreal in the playoff, but one thing sure, he can make a difference. :hlogo:
  11. I'm expecting a 3 - 1 win for MONTREAL GOALS 1 - Ribeiro - ( Kovalev - Quintal) 2 - Audette - ( unassited) 3 - Zednik ( Koivu - Markov) - PP 4 - Brisebois - ( Ward - Begin) Please ALEXEI don't get injured again... at least for the rest of the season..!
  12. I'm just hopping that he will not get injured again...... I have a bad feeling about this... Anyway, against FLORIDA, Kovalev will get 1 point. - Pass.
  13. Hi everyone! Here are different possibilities : MTL vs Toronto Guys, i'm sorry but our Canadiens will have a bad time against Toronto. The only thing that could hurt the Maple Leafs is - Injuries ... Because I think the Leafs are faster - stronger - and Belfour could a be like a iron wall. They have talent - SUNDIN - Experience - Leetch - Francis, they have some bad guys Domi - dirty guys Tucker - Offence Defense - McCabe.... So Forget it . if Montreal has to play in the first round againt the leafs - Leafs will win in 6 games. MTL vs Philadelphia Ok , Sincerly, here we have a chance. Ok the Flyers are Big, they have a good Defence ,but remember, they are losers.... The were not able to score last year... I'm not saying that Mtl could win easily but with a 100% effort , Montreal could win in 6 , as they did 2 years ago against Boston.. MTL vs Ottawa I think that they expectations for Ottawa are too high. And it's seem to easy to say that they will win the cup... wait a second, The BIG problem with Ottawa, it's between the pipes... Lalime has not played as the goalie he was during last year Stanley cup games. This year, he's looking like... Don Beaupré. eheheh Not too bad, but not too good.. so... average. And you cannot expect to be at the Stanley cup final with an average Goalie. Again, Montreal could win with a 100% effort in 7 games MTL vs Tampa Bay Okay, here are the Hottest guys..!!! The Tampa Bay Lightning!!!! .. well I think Tamp has lost only 4 games in their past 25 games... But everything that is HIGH, has to go down one day... In Tampa, the key word is OFFENCE.. Look at Martin St-Louis, he's FLYING on ice.. They have Depth at the Offence department , a strong Goalie but a Crazy-silly coach. Remember, in the playoffs, The coaching strategies cuold have an impact on a series, remember Bowman.... Tortorella has made weird decision last years - by replacing Khabibulin by Grahame... But the best Strenght about the Lightning, they are not afraid too lose, so they score!! They have not a loser playoff reputation like the Flyers.... This team could be at the FInal. But remember, everything that is HIGH, has to go down one day... Hopping that they will start to fall at game 1 of the playoff unless, Tampa could win in 5 against MTL MTL vs Boston Boston, Boston he he he, here they are...!!! THe BIG BAD BRUINS!!! Ok the big bad bruins without an experienced Goalie..Patrick Roy has done some Miracles in 1986.. but Raycrofft is not Roy.. They add Gonchard at their line-up, are they better defensively? I don't think so. Thornton has been quiet this years, mainly after he was knockout by Lindros.. Murray has not play has he did last years, Samsonov, if he's not injured, could play well but like I said, if he's not injured... The worst thing about the Bruins, is their DEFENSE. I don't think this team go pass the first round... Vs Montreal, I think that montreal could win in 6 games MTL vs New Jersey The only thing about the Devils is between the pipes.. Brodeur is the Best Goalie in the League. And if you want to win the cup, you have to have one of the best goalie in the league. Pat Burns has experience , Elias has inscreased his plays lately but if this team doesn't give a 100% effort for every game, they will be on the Green on April .. They have one of the best Defense players of the league. But the question, Are the Hungry?? I don't think so. Definitly not hungry has the Lightning are.. So vs Montreal, The Devils will wins in 5 games ... For the Islanders, they will not play against Montreal because they will finish at the 8Th place, and will be eliminate at the first round. End of the Story! I don't think that there will be a team that will surprise everyone this years such as the Migthy Ducks - Wild - did last year. In Fact , I think the surprise this year, is that there will be no surprise. And as for our Canadiens, they will have to give EVERYTHING they have, 100% effort , they will have to be passionate, HUNGRY for Hopping a Stanley Cup final. GO HABS Go!!!!!
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