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  1. I think we have to start thinking that maybe we need to get rid of Price and not expect anything valuable in return. That 10.5M/year is making him look a bit Gomezesque. Weber on the other hand should fetch a nice return. Sign Halak off season and let him and Primeau/Lindgren share time in net. 😜
  2. If he continue to produce good cant we expect more for him in a trade? he is basicly free from capspace so all teams could trade for him right?
  3. If you still own kovalev jerseys you just need to change a few letters. Tanking? Im sure if we tank we lose the lottery and picks third overall and get another galchenyuk. Better going for wins and hope for the best. Heres for Kovalev... Chucky... kovalchucky.... Kovalchuk to have a huge hotstreak with us and in best case helps us to the playoffs and worst case gets us something nice at the deadline.
  4. My crazy thought of the day, we should do everything we possibly can to get Lafreniere next summer. Is it worth trying to make a trade like the Lindros Quebec-Philly trade?
  5. Byron + Alzner for Kovalchuk? Maybe we have to retain som salary to make it worth it for the kings.
  6. James Neal last season 7 goals in 63 games. This season so far 6 goals in 3 games. 😄
  7. We only have 3 points out of four after two games played, both on the road. Lets push panic buttons?
  8. May 22 - 2003 Habsworld is a veteran among sportsforums run by fans. Im a happy member and I hope soon we will cheer for a stanley cup here.
  9. 49-25-3-5 = 106pts 2nd in atlantic 3rd in the east 271 goals
  10. Juulsen, Poehling and now Ikonen. We are still cursed by the same ghosts of the forum. Since Saku Koivu still same crap. 😖
  11. I would laugh a bit at Nashvilles cap situation if it was Weber.
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