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  1. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    Pk Subban for Shea Weber...
  2. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    I didnt mean to be rude about the language issue. Sorry for any missunderstanding.
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I know its Eklund but us inquiring about Jonathan Toews wouldnt surprise me if its true... and it scares me... trading our 3rd overall for a 30+ player on a huge deal. 😩
  4. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    Sooo for us not understanding french... what did he say?
  5. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    The day MB is fired is also the day his actions will start to go to rest a bit. not completely of course but little by little...
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I remember Michael Nylander going to Edmonton. Even Edmontons official page reported this. And then he signed with Washington instead so I will not believe anything until... well until the contract is signed.
  7. Plekanec traded to Leafs

    2M for a third line c isnt the problem. 4.6M for alzner is... 2.1 for schlemko is...
  8. Plekanec traded to Leafs

    Im ok with if he comes back here for 2M/year. if we draft that czech guy at no3 it cant hurt having longtime captain of the czech national team here to help ease him in. and pleky is a good 3rd line C.
  9. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    If we draft Zadina I want Pleky back also so our top prospect will have a veteran fellow countryman who is also great defensively.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Now thats is a player I would support the fans for booing. Voinov I mean.
  11. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    Read somewhere that there is suspicouns of the KHL playoffs this year being set up... dont know how true it is but it is Russia after all...
  12. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    MB sold this teams hearts... all we have is Gallagher and a bunch of mediatrained zombies now...
  13. Apr. 13/14, Laval vs Toronto

    MB has done a fantastic job with this organisation... Was really Gauthier a worse gm than MB?
  14. 2018 draft thread

    Please please let us win the lottery... I need this after seeingmy swedish team lose and fail to qualify for play in the SHL next year and then the habs season down the drain.... seeing us drafting 6 or 7 would be so sad.
  15. How much for Danault? im sure around 3M/year...