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  1. Starting to feel now that maybe I was a bit optimistic.
  2. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    Fire Bergevin before he does more damage to this team.
  3. Mark Streit on waivers

    Not so fun really... it really proves what a bad gm MB is. Claiming to go for the cup and being a contender and then not being able to use all that cap on important parts of the team? Unless Molson is short on cash (wich I dont think is the thing) and has told MB to keep low on salarys this might be one of the worst off seasons by a habs GM in the salary cap era of the NHL. I hope he is fired before he does more damage to the team but it seems unlikely. Im sure Galchenyuk will soon be traded at his lowest ever value and then he will be a constant 25-30 goal scorer for another team while we continue to sink.
  4. Heres hoping for a catastrophe season for the isles and chaos in their lockerroom and Tavares being traded to us at the deadline or earlier. 🎉
  5. 42-30-6-4 94 pts 4th in division 9th in the east 201 goals
  6. Sept. 29, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7 PM

    Did they even concider trying Chucky with Pacs and Drouin? He scored 30 just a year ago and still management treat him like dirt. If they are going to trade him then at least give him a chance to work on his trade value.
  7. 9/25, Habs vs Leafs

    At least Lindgren will have a great chance to show himself tonight if he have a good game...
  8. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Reading about Hudon here makes me feel really happy Vegas didnt pick him. I hope they will give him a real chance this year.
  9. Maybe Molson is broke.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Im just scared Giroux will turn into another Gomez. But at this point I guess we cant afford to not take a risk. As long as we dont give up Chucky for him.
  11. Fire Bergevin

    Maybe we have the cheapest top6 forwards in the league? And the most expensive bottom 6...
  12. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    Im scared thinking it might be Chucky for Giroux and I wouldnt be surprised seeing MB adding valuable pieces as well... Mark Recchi trade all over again.
  13. Soooo 4M/year + the 1M wasted on Hemsky + the 700k on Streit is 5.7M. I would rather have Markov for that than the other two.
  14. Resigning Markov for one year makes no sense?
  15. Fire Bergevin

    8.5M in caproom, Markov willing to accept a oneyeardeal and MB declining? He better have a Tavares or something coming in before season starts or he should be fired.