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  1. The Next Prime Minister

    I voted for who I believed in and feel that the lesser of two evils won.
  2. It was a hell of a punch to end that Souray fight though. I hope they show up Sunday. :?-
  3. We suck alright. And then some. C'mon guys, play like you want it!!!!!!!!! They're not even hitting. Might as well have saved their energy and stayed in MTL.
  4. My god. They look like the MakeBeliefs out there tonight. They need to come out hitting in the third. Pretend it's Boston out there, or TB will out-finesse them. GO HABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-^ FRASER :hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  5. Habs want to set the pace tonight. Sunny may be back tonight. 2-1 Habs in regulation. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  6. Why is Don Cherry against the habs??

    Old, ignorant wind-bag. (Might be 4?) :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  7. HW Playoff Pool

    I can't believe I'm sitting 3rd after the first round. I find this quite amazing. Haha. Go Rivals! :can:
  8. I think tonight will be another blowout by the habs. And Ryder will finally put one in. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo: :-^ Thorton!
  9. Go Sharks and Lightning!

    Stick your bad feeling in your ass. I think Ryder might finally score tonight. :ghg:
  10. Habs vs. Bruins | Game Thread | Game 5

    I have faith in them as well. As far as I'm concerned it should be 3-1 Habs right now. :/) Kovalev. I'm behind you. :hlogo::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::hlogo: :-^ BOSTON. They make me :puke:!
  11. Habs vs. Bruins | Game Thread | Game 5

    They darn well better win, I called in sick to work to stay home and cheer at my TV. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  12. Man did we ever come out flyin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo: :-^ BOSTON :-^
  13. Bruins vs. Canadiens | Game Thread | Game 3

    :clap: :hlogo: WIN! Kovi scores twice, all the bashers should be happy. I thought they looked awesome out there tonight. The last 3 goals Theo has allowed were pretty easy, but he's looked good otherwise. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo: LEAFS SUCK! :-^
  14. Bruins vs. Canadiens | Game Thread | Game 3

    The habs played so much better in game 2, but Theo let in a sloppy goal. Big deal. Let's hope they can carry some of the momentum they gained and kick some Boston ass. Habs 5-2 tonight. :ghg::ghg: :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo: ps. Quit bashing Kovalev! GO HABS GO!
  15. What's up with CJAD?

    Can you not just listen in from http://www.cjad.com ??? That's how I did it for the regular season. :ghg: