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  1. has ne1 heard the status of steve begins knee???? :?- :?-
  2. Wat is the name of the song they play at the bell center its much different than the original soccer song
  3. In the words of pink floyd "who let all this riffraff into the room" we have a team packed with underachieving bumbs get rid of them all and keep the hard working rookies that come out and play every night
  4. he was looking great out there even tho i had my head between my knees throwing up the whole time.
  5. Morrison would be a good fit in ribeiros spot. maybe somehow we can swing a deal to get morrison and bryan allen
  6. rumour has it that theodore might be heading west if thats the case i would wanna see montreal get a star player in return. I also wouldnt mind seeing Luc Bourdon in the deal
  7. Some1 siad that montreal has scheduled a press conference for monday on the canadiens.com forum is there ne truth to that????
  8. I dont like how ribs is taking kostys ice time. when ribs was scratched kosty playd 12-13 mins today he played 8 kostistyn is a much better player than ribiero hands down please trade ribiero so kosty can play and show julien why we drafted him.
  9. Well i guess if this keeps up we have a shot at phil kessel or eric johnson
  10. We suck soo bad it makes me sick
  11. if bonk sucks all season can we take him to arbitration and restructure his contract?
  12. hahahaha sorry boys didnt mean to be soo harsh im glad my point was felt
  14. If there was a trade for sykora to be made i think this long week off would be the time to do it. having the ducks @ home on sat will make the travel a lil easier wouldnt u think? All im saying if there is a deal to be made with the ducks all signs point to this week being the week
  15. Im glad u guys like my nickname for dagenais he is a pussy
  16. Give burke Ribero and Vaginais for peter sykora and ill be happy promote perez to 2nd line IMO we dont need those 2 flakes nemore
  17. Good so its not just me:lol::/)
  18. We need to get bonk scoring so in the kovalev absence move him up to a top line so he can play with more skill. I think with a couple goals under his belt he might get some confidence and start shooting the puck more and creating himself some scoring chances. just a thought.
  19. to tell you the truth i wouldnt mind a 6th rounder for his slow lazy ass
  20. am i the only one who thinks dags if f***ing useless, hes slow he takes stupid penalties and all he does is shoot. Wat is taking gainey soo long to ship him away
  21. im watchin the canada russia challenge and i noticed that there were 2 latendresse's on 1 line maybe another kostistyn situation on our hands. i wouldnt mind 2 latendresse's.
  22. We played with em im not dissapointed a couple lucky bounces and we could of pulled this one out but we gotta win tomorrow in ATL
  23. wat was playing when the habs hit the ice vs. boston???
  24. Does RDS play any preseason games and can u listen to rookie tournament games on the radio
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