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  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3035979 Michael Luongo, I know you think you're important, and playing hockey in Vancouver has inflated your ego, but here's a reality check for you: You play hockey. In the NHL. Nobody outside Vancouver cares if you retire, and nobody outside of Canada that matters even really knows who you are or what you do. You're a goaltender in a fringe sport, in a league that's struggling to survive against High School football, poker, and pre-horse racing shows on television. Maybe you just thought you were back in the 70s when your sport m
  2. Jose Theodore was the superstar that pushed these average Montreal teams to the playoffs for over the last half decade. Theodore was heavily overused, and now that he's been traded and is burned out in Colorado, the Habs see what life is like without an MVP Goalie. The Habs are an average team at best. Theo was what made this team a playoff team over those years. He made them better than they seemed. The number of games he played at high levels was amazing, and unless he played perfect every game fans would still abuse him. Now, without him, the true results of this team's lack of
  3. Halak was spectacular. Montreal just seems to shit out good goalies. And I was worried that for a minute, Perreault was going to score in the shootout. He's usually impressive when pressure time comes.
  4. I never said anything about the skill of white European basketball players. Read what I wrote previously, you idiot: Besides, I was referring to American caucasian players, when I said "white." They didn't get a big Russian guy to play Billy in White Men Can't Jump, so I'm not using a South-African born white guy when referring to "white" either. I remember why I stopped coming here for the past number of months. You were so stupid, it was incredible. The fact that you replied in threads which you didn't even read (or were too stupid to understand), became extremely vexatious and moroni
  5. It's pretty obvious that socio-economics and regional evolution play probably a bigger part in this then any specific skin colour or other dumb arse generalization about an overall race. There are more black players in the NBA because of the style of game, how it's glorified in their culture, etc. There are a good number of white American basketball players in the NCAA, there are plenty of white kids on their High School teams, so that's a load of crap. I gave a list of the last 10 white American NCAA drafted in the 1st round of the playoffs, and not one of them has ever made an Al
  6. http://realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/411..._two_prospects/ Even though Colangelo has a thing for recruiting and hiring Italians, he should make the obvious choice - Aldridge. The Raptors haven't had good low-post offense since...
  7. Venus just won Wimbledon last year. She beat Davenport and Sharapova in the process. She's a favourite this year too, so she's definitely still on the world stage. As for golf being established - tennis was too during the McEnroe and Aggassi days (to a lesser extent). But aside from Roddick, tennis gets little attention. Maybe golf will suffer less because more people play it nowadays, but I doubt it'll be near as mainstream when Woods leaves (which won't be for a long time). The NBA suffered after Jordan left, the NHL lost attention in the USA when Gretzky left, and both were more enj
  8. Wow, you totally missed the irony in my post. So, I'll explain it, as sad as it is that I have to: I was mocking Jetsniper for telling Theodore how he has to do his job better, and stop partying, when he's doing the exact same thing. I was cloning his post, telling him exactly what he said to Theodore, except I substituted their situations (Theodore's job--->Jetsniper's job, spending time @ clubs---->spending time @ Habsworld). Thanks for inadvertently proving my point in your post: it's absolutely "cool" for jetsniper to spend time posting here instead on working to further hi
  9. The first thing I think of is what the hell are you doing at Habsworld.net? After Thursday, you should have been training with your supervisors and management, talking to your co-workers, drivers, and getting in tune with them. Not randomly posting messages at a Habs website, wasting other people's times by being a fool, and telling a world class athlete how to do his job when you're afraid to truly say yours.
  10. What do you do for a living? What do you do for a living? Answer it so I can show you how illogical and unreasonable you're being (the both of you). Half-a$s job? He probably works harder at his job than you do at yours. Are you one of the best in the world at what you do? And he committed himself to the Habs, carried crap to two playoff appearences. And Management? They gave him 1 All-star (Souray) during this time - yeah, real commitment. Yes, God forbid someone try to look for fame. Damn hockey players trying to get popularity! They should be happy with
  11. How is that any of your business? It's his personal life, and if he wants to party in the off-season, that's completely up to him, and it doesn't involve you.
  12. So, he answers the question honestly, and logically. For some reason, he gets grilled for it? Why ask him a question, then get upset when it's not the answer they liked.
  13. Theodore had a bad season last year partly due to injury problems, so of course Canada passed on him. And who cares if he didn't play for Team Canada? Roy wasn't part of Team Canada for a numer of occasions. Playing for Team Canada means nothing - that team sucked anyways. I'm glad Theodore had nothing to do with that embarrassment. Writing...learn to do it. Actually, Colorado did that trade because they believed Theodore was a Stanley Cup worthy goalie. Also, many were saying that Montreal trading away Theodore was Roy (part 2) in the making. And Roy was definitely a T
  14. I think they could be worse. Many openly supported Bertuzzi's violent acts, and igorantly believed Cloutier would be their savior, when it was obvious to everyone outside of Vancouver that he wasn't. There team is full of aholes and guys who think they're tough: Bertuzzi, Cloutier, Ruutu, Cooke, May. I used to live on the Westcoast, and liked them. But their image and players have ruined it for me. Worse fans in sports: 1. Toronto Raptors fans (for the most part, they're clueless) 2. Vancouver Canucks fans Theodore is better than Luongo. Some Quebec Habs "fans" just do
  15. Not popular anymore at least. It used to be popular, back when USA had the best players (Agassi, Sampras, Chang), and more so before that during the McEnroe days. Golf's growing popularity in the US in my opinion, is based completely on Tiger Woods, and a bit on Mickelson (both Americans). But we wouldn't know the latter without knowing the former. And once Tiger's gone, the PGA is going to have problems...
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